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  1. FYI: You do NOT want to have your RCON port set the same as your Query Port. If you don't use RCON, it probably won't hurt, but still not a good idea.
  2. For global chat, here are a couple progs that people use. Require Discord. Cross Ark Chat https://github.com/spikeydragoon/Cross-Ark-Chat/releases Atlas Cross Chat https://www.accinfo.de/78.html
  3. The Server Grid Editor in Atlas Server Controller is outdated. Try loading your map into the official GrapeShot editor then re-export it. I don't know if that will fix your specific problem, but there have been reports of other map irregularities (like islands not showing land) when using ASC's SGE.
  4. v2.1.7-v2.1.9 Updates released containing several several bug fixes. Please update. Thank you to everyone for their bug reports and feedback!
  5. New Update! v.2.1.6 CPU Affinity up to 128 Cores | New Restart Grids GUI | Discord Status Updates now Grouped | Bug Fixes - Added: CPU Affinity support for up to 128 processors (Thanks to Infiniti for helping develop and test) - Changed: Discord status updates are grouped into one message for each update session (by default with every 10 second update check) (Thanks to Infiniti and others for requesting) - Added: Restart Grids now has a GUI where you can define a custom message or restart interval/time. (Thanks to @doublee313, @Nyt, and Infiniti for requesting) - Added: Grid Configurator: AddedEggHatchSpeedMultiplier, BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier values... for real this time. (Thanks to @Norlinri for requesting) - Fixed: All ASUU restarts will use a batch file to restart to hopefully fix improper shutdowns. (Thanks to AceMan for reporting issue) - Added: Max servers running limit can be set in config. (Thanks to Linebeck for requesting) - Fixed: Improved ASUU duplicate running instance detection. (Thanks to AceMan for reporting issue) - Fixed: When mods were updated, ASUU would sometimes restart servers immediately and again at end of timer. (Thanks to AceMan for reporting) - Added: Option to disable the "Skip Countdown Announcements When No One is Online" feature added to config. - Added: If a period is used instead of a comma in the config, ASUU will treat it as a comma (comma separated 00-23 ex.04,16) ###=03.15 - Fixed: Widened the "Running" and "Remote" buttons in main window. (Thanks to @Neitfall for reporting)
  6. New Update! v.2.1.3 (2020-02-23) Memory Leak Fix! Fixed params with spaces. Added Mod Update notes to announcements. - Fixed: Memory Leak! All output from RCON was not being properly dumped, therefore ASUU was buffering all RCON activity. (Thanks to @MeatShield for reporting and finding cause of memory leak). - Added: Mod update notes can now also be sent with Discord announcements. (Thanks to Doublee for requesting) - Fixed: Auto Update would restart the old version instead of the downloaded version. - Added: "Running" button to main window (in addition to the "All", "None", "Local", etc. (Thanks to @Neitfall for requesting) - Added: Grid Configurator: AddedEggHatchSpeedMultiplier, BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier values. (Thanks to @Norlinri for requesting) - Fixed: Grid Configurator: Several parameters were adding a space between param and =. ie. PlayerDefaultNoDiscoveriesMaxLevelUps =35. (Thanks to @MeatShield for reporting) NOTICE! Due to an error in v2.1.2, AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE AUTO UPDATE, ASUU will restart the old version. You will have to close ASUU and manually start the new AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v2.1.3.exe in the ASUU folder. Sorry. Then run "AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v2.1.3.exe" or the 64-bit version in the ASUU folder. v2.1.4 & v2.1.5 (2020-02-24) released.. Hotfixes.
  7. @Neitfall Good suggestion. I'll add an "On" or "Running" button. @ChupaA This issue was resolved on the Discord channel: It was due to having a space after the comma.
  8. @Blackavar Sorry. I do not know why it's doing that, and I'll try to reproduce your issue to fix it, but in the meantime, here's how you can "fix" it: ASUU stores the current ModIDs in a temp file. It scans the ServerGrid.json every 10 seconds and compares that with the stored ModIDs. If it detects a change, it reboots. (People requested this feature). For some reason, it doesn't seem to be updating the temp file for ya, so you can do it manually (while ASUU is shut down): Open \[ASUU]\AtlasUtilFiles\AtlasServerUpdateUtility_cfg.ini Put your ModIDs here: aServerModList=xxx Another way is to put your ModIDs in using ASUU's Grid Configurator (if you can keep ASUU from rebooting too quick): @MeatShield Thanks for the suggestion, but ProcessWaitClose() had an unacceptable delay.. that's why I ran the While... End loop in the old code. And now, after your discovery, it would cause the same memory leak issue. It appears that I have to perform the StdoutRead before the CMD window closes in order to clear the buffer... no idea why, but that's what my testing showed. Good thinking, though. I certainly am open to other ideas as your discover them. Thanks!
  9. @Neitfall Thanks for the log file. I'll take a look, although @MeatShield may have found the cause.. a memory leak. @MeatShield You found the memory leak! THANKS MUCH! After a couple hours of testing using: ... the "fix" wasn't the StdioClose() nor the $STDERR_CHILD, but rather the way I was getting the StdoutRead. The $STDERR_CHILD made no difference in memory. (I was surprised). Executing StdioClose() too early caused AutoIT to freeze. The "standard" way would of getting Stdout would cause ASUU to get stuck in a loop occasionally. So I tried a diff method in ASUU previously... Unfortunately, that way caused the memory leak because it never wiped the StdoutRead from memory. So now I have a hybrid that has been working great so far in testing: Old: Local $mOut = Run($aMCRCONcmd, @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD) If $mWaitms > 0 Then Local $tTimer1 = TimerInit() Local $tExit = False While ProcessExists($mOut) And $tExit = False Sleep(50) If TimerDiff($tTimer1) > $mWaitms Then $tExit = True WEnd ProcessClose($mOut) Local $tcrcatch = StdoutRead($mOut) New: Local $mOut = Run($aMCRCONcmd, @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDOUT_CHILD) Local $tTimer1 = TimerInit() While 1 $tcrcatch &= StdoutRead($mOut) If @error Then ExitLoop If TimerDiff($tTimer1) > $mWaitms Then $tcrcatch = "ERROR! " & $tcrcatch StdioClose($mOut) Sleep(250) ProcessClose($mOut) ExitLoop EndIf WEnd Return $tcrcatch Thanks again! Unfortunately, a work project took my free time this weekend, so I prob won't get the fix out for a couple more days. (I'm a hospital nurse. We're upgrading our main software (Cerner) next weekend. I had to develop a program to create an offline dump of all Order Sets used by our physicians during the downtime. http://www.phoenix125.com/downtime.html ) Thanks for understanding.
  10. @Neitfall This is the most helpful log for me: @MeatShield Thank you! I'll certainly give that a try! That code was so old I had forgotten about it. As for your grids that are "turned off"... ASUU shouldn't be trying to poll them if you have them off... therefore I'm assuming they're being run on a separate PC? If so, you could set them to Remote and disable "poll remote": It would stop polling on the running remote grids, too, but it would decrease the log spam and some time. Maybe someday I'll add a selection for which remote grids to monitor.
  11. @Neitfall re; memory leak: The following is from my 5x5 on my Dual Xeon E5 2680 v2 after running for several days. You definitely have, what appears to be, a memory leak. Someone else reported something similar a couple months ago, so I double checked all the document opening-and-closing routines in the code.. I found two that were opening, but not closing, documents and were therefore potentially sucking up RAM. He hasn't reported any issues since. I'll take another look for similar things. The log I want is the most recent Detailed/Full log when the system crashed. It will let me know what ASUU was doing last. One other person sent me his logs and it was inconsistent, but maybe after a few more logs, I may be able to narrow it down. I worked hard on that KeepAlive prog. Make sure you're running it, but assuming you are, I'm disappointed that it didn't work for ya. @MeatShield re; memory leak: Same info as Neitfall above: Could you send me your most recent detailed/full log also? It may help me narrow down what process is causing the lockups. I thought about "clumping" together RCON message delivery, but they generally send real fast. I can send a message to my 25 grids in about 2-3 seconds.. and that's while waiting for a response. If no response needed, such as sending "DoExit", it takes about 0.5 seconds. If I grouped the messages into a single text file, then sent that using one instance of mcrcon.exe, it might shave .2 seconds. Generally, the "slowness" is due to using old method of Discord messages. Try changing the config to :Use Fast Method to send Discord messages? (if problems, disable)(yes/no) ###=yes' I improved the delivery process in v2.09 I think.. it sends MUCH faster and more reliably now. Atlas has an issue with reporting active players: When a player travels from one grid to another, he/she often shows up on both grids. Therefore it is difficult to monitor true patient counts and locations. Therefore I am working to integrate with the redis server to improve accuracy. I had it working for me, but it didn't work for most, so I needed to gather more redis.db files to see where the differences lie. I hope to have this done within a month or so. Once I have accurate (or lat least MORE accurate) player reporting, then I'll consider adjusting affinity to surrounding grids. I realize I could do it now, but I feel it will be more useful after I get the redis integration completed. Just trying to prioritize my efforts a little. Great suggestion... thanks! -Phoenix125
  12. Thanks for reporting. I reworked the KeepAlive in the latest version (v2.1.2). The KeepAlive NOW should automatically detect ASUU lockups then task kill the froze instance and start another. I also worked on ASUU's detection process (to detect if it's already running), but I did that a few versions ago. FYI: If you have "Allow multiple instances of AtlasServerUpdateUtility? (yes/no) ###=yes" (YES), then ASUU doesn't look for existing ASUU instances. As for it freezing.. I do not know why it's doing that. If you send me your log when it happens, I can try to figure out what it was doing when it froze. kim@kim125.com Have you had issues since upgrading to v2.1.2? Thanks again, Phoenix125
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