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  1. @kasyhn The only time AtlasServerUpdateUtility (ASUU) makes any DIRECT changes to the GUS, Game, Engine, SG.json files is if you use the "Grid Configurator" or the Setup Wizards. BUT! Any changes made that can affect the command line used to start the Atlas Servers, such as password, IP, Ports, etc. will be added to the GUS, Engine. etc by Atlas itself. Try making your GameUserSettings.ini, Game.ini, Engine.ini files and the ServerGrid.json file READ ONLY to help prevent unwanted changes being made. Then, if you want to purposely make changes via the Grid Configurator, ASUU will ask if you want to make changes to a read-only file. Hope that helps!
  2. @Yet I may have an idea what is causing your memory leak thanks to AceMan reporting a "Error allocating memory" error... first time it's ever happened. It's possible that the util is not closing a file properly after reading it.. therefore every time it reads it, it keeps adding it to the buffer. It's the first thing I'll work on for the next release! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for posting. I have a whole Discord thread devoted to this subject. Here's a recent post I posted here: Here's a summary of my Discord discussion: I've had people tell me that Windows Defender reported my util to have viruses. So I ran AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v1.7.2.exe through www.virustotal.com. - The results were exactly the same as when I sent my tiny screen capture program, so the issue must be with AutoIT. (I've read everywhere that progs written in AutoIT cause false flags). - Nonetheless, I ran a couple virus scans on my AutoIT installation.. to be safe! It came back clean. Below are the www.virustotal.com results of AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v1.7.2.exe 10 / 70 reported it as suspicious... So 60 / 70 said it was safe. Rest assured.. I did NOT put anything malicious in there. I've put way too much time and pride into this thing to ruin it by adding garbage. - As I've always said, people can look at the source and compile it themselves if they wish to be extra safe...I'd understand! Source code on GitHub: https://github.com/phoenix125/AtlasServerUpdateUtility AutoIT DL: www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/
  4. @Yet Atlas Dedicated Servers have a built-in mod updater. Atlas itself is causing the "SteamCMD automatically checking for updated mods". To keep Atlas itself from updating mods, you need to add "-manualmangedmods" to command line. I guess I should've told ya last time Sorry about that! In summary: In order to completely manage the mods yourself, two changes are required: 1. In ASUU, change the following in the config to disable ASUU's mod updater: Use this util to install mods and check for mod updates´╗┐ (as listed in ServerGrid.json)? (yes/no) ###=no 2. In ASUU, add -manualmangedmods to the command line in the config to disable Atlas' mod updater: Atlas extra commandline parameters (ex.?serverpve-pve -NoCrashDialog) ###= -log -server -servergamelog -NoBattlEye -nocrashdialog - manualmanagedmods
  5. @Yet The option exists to manually manage mods (or let Atlas manage them) in the AtlasServerUpdateUtility.ini file (or simply click the "CONFIG" button): [ --------------- GAME SERVER CONFIGURATION --------------- ] Use this util to install mods and check for mod updates (as listed in ServerGrid.json)? (yes/no) ###=no It's down about 25-20 lines in the first section. Thanks!
  6. @Neitfall Great idea! I'll add it to my list. @Joew Alabel The util pulls the latest mod version number from the following website: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/[ModID] Sometimes the mod developer does not update their mods properly or it's also possible that your gaming PC is not updating the mod properly. No one else has reported issues with the mod updater, but if your problem continues, let me know. Post the ModIDs and I can test here. @ReilanT I completely understand your concern! Almost any software written in AutoIT (the programming language ASUU is written in) gets flagged as a virus by Windows Defender... even my 2 line mouse move prog gets flagged. - I submitted an exception to Microsoft and they added that version of ASUU to their SAFE list, but it only applied to that version and it would only take affect when people do their monthly virus definition update. Since I release updates far more often than monthly, it's essentially pointless for me to keep submitting to Microsoft. - In my Discord server, I have a channel dedicated to this subject: I have screen shots showing that the util is found safe by 60/70 virus scanners. - For those that are very skeptical, I post my source code to GitHub. Anyone can review the code and compile it for themselves https://github.com/phoenix125/AtlasServerUpdateUtility Thanks!
  7. Update! v.2.0.4 Bug Fixes and a couple new things. NOTICE! The Redis Integration for Online Players is temporarily disabled until I get it working for people other than me - Added: Optionally disable Grid Memory and CPU reporting. - Added: Disable grid process crash detection (for using util with ChromeSDK's Atlas Server Controller). (Thanks to @Neitfall for requesting) *WARNING! **Disabling crash watchdog is Extreme BETA!** For now, it will NOT RESTART grids after ANY shutdown, including daily restarts, mod/server updates, etc.* *In future release, I will have it detect running grids and restart those during daily restarts, mod/server updates, and skip polling online players for "crashed" grids.* - Fixed: Line 39838 Error. - Fixed: Line 39857 Error. - Fixed: Send Msg to ALL GRIDS was not working. - Fixed: Grid Configurator: AltSaveDIR was only accepting numbers. - Fixed: 64-bit version batch file wasn't updating properly. (Thanks to @Visual for reporting)
  8. When changing files, such as ServerGrid.json or GameUserSettings.ini, ASUU creates and saves backups in the same folder as the file being backup'd. For the Backup feature (backup save and other Atlas folders), it saves them in /[utilfolder]/Backups folder. It creates a new file for each backup. You can set how many backups to keep.
  9. Sorry for delayed response. I am not sure why it is not working for you. I will do further testing. You can look at the util's log file and see if the mods / password are causing errors, although not likely. ASUU gets the modIDs and assigns the password in the GameUserSettings.ini. You can look there for errors. Easiest way to get to the GUS.ini is using ASUU's Grid Configurator.
  10. Again, sorry for delay in my response. Started a new job this week and has taken up pretty all my time. Anyway... Thanks for the update on running ASUU with ChromeSDK's prog... pretty neat that you were able to get them working simulataeously! .. Well, mostly Re: Virus notice: Pretty much any program written in AutoIT (the programming language that ASUU is written in) gets flagged by Windows Defender... even my 2 line mouse mover program gets flagged. I submitted a version a few months back and Microsoft approved it within a few hours, but they said that end users will only get the exception added to Defender with next update.. approx. monthly. The except only applied to that version, so I would have to resubmit for all versions. Since I was putting out updates 1-2x/wk and users only updated Defender database monthly, it was pointless. In my Discord, I have a channel dedicated to the explanation with screen shots of various other antivirus programs saying ASUU is safe. As for the Crash Watchdog... I could easily add an option to have it NOT restart grids shutdown by ChromeSDK's prog. I've added it to my "Wish List". Thanks!
  11. Sorry for the late reply.. was on vacation (sorta). I have looked into this awesome idea, but there are a couple main problems: 1. Whenever someone logs out, the grid he/she was in would would have to remain running so they could log back in. With several players, you eventually end up needed most or all servers running. 2. Atlas does an awful job or reporting which grid a player is in or was last in. Quite often, Atlas doesn't "remove" a player from a grid when they cross into another, but apparently puts that player into a "sleeping" status. This causes the player to appear in multiple grids which is very hard to track when moving back into a previous grid. I am working on using the redis to get the last known grid and last online time, which will mostly eliminate this problem, but I just haven't had time to finish that code yet. If anyone reading this has a solution, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for the cool idea.. just not sure I can get it to work well.
  12. @shine brightThanks for the feedback. The util should only use around 40-50 MB of memory. Below is a screenshot of ASUU in Task Manager on my 5x5 test server (Windows Server 2016) managing 25 grids. If you are referring to the amount of RAM the Atlas server itself is using, unfortunately the util (ASUU) has no influence on that. The only way I know to reduce RAM usage for Atlas itself is to force Windows to cache some of the RAM to the HD using various utilities, such as Mem Reduct: https://www.henrypp.org/product/memreduct If ASUU is consuming a lot of RAM, please let me know. No one yet has reported a memory leak. Thanks.
  13. @Yet The only other thing I can think of, that I didn't include in my previous post, is I added a new beta way to check for online players. It works great for me, but many people are saying it doesn't work for them (I've fixed that in the next release), but check the following setting in the AtlasServerUpdateUtility.ini file or the [CONFIG] button: Check for, and log, online players? (yes/no) ###=yes Check for online players every _ seconds (30-600) ###=60 Check for online players on remote servers? (yes/no) ###=no Use redis-cli for improved accuracy of online players? (yes/no) ###=no Make sure that says No. Otherwise, I am sorry, but I'm at a loss. It is usually a NAT Loopback or firewall issue that causes that status to get stuck at "Starting"
  14. I do not understand what you were saying.. sorry. If you are wondering why it is not finding a grid, such as the [PID] -ERROR- Server 0,10 PID() NOT found... That means that the program was unable to find that server. ASUU scans all running Atlas servers and gets the server location from the title of the ShooterGameServer.exe process: If your concern is regarding the "Starting" status, then the problem is with RCON and below is some troubleshooting tips I drafted: What: The "Starting" status changes to "ready" when ASUU gets a valid response from the RCON "ListPlayers" command. - That's how it determines whether the server is ready For connections Or Not. Why: The cause is an error with RCON, which could include the following: - Wrong RCON port assignments. - Wrong RCON IP address. - Windows Defender firewall (or any any other firewall) is blocking ports. - No NAT loopback function with your router. - Wrong server password or typo in password. - The RCON ports are already assigned to another process (any other servers on same machine running same ports?). - Avoid using ports 27000--27100 because Steam uses them: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8571-GLVN-8711 The Fix: - Change RCON IP address in the AtlasServerUpdateUtility.ini (or click "CONFIG") to your local IP (ie, or RCON IP (ex. - Leave BLANK for server IP) ###= - Change the ports.. maybe some rouge process is using them! - In ASUU, click "TOOLS" then "Network Conn. Viewer" to display a list of all ports in use. Look for errors. - In ASUU, click "TOOLS" then "Duplicate Port Checker" to makes sure you do not have duplicate ports assigned. - Attempt to send an RCON command using the "Send RCON" buttons and observe the response: this might give a clue as to the cause. - Check the "Detailed Log" for responses to sending RCON commands. - Check the "Detailed Log" for the mcrcon.exe RCON commandline for correct port, IP, and password. example: 2019/08/27 14:48:16 [RCON] F:\Atlas Test Server\AtlasServerUpdateUtility\mcrcon.exe -c -H -P 25710 -p AdMiN_PaSsWoRd "listplayers", Response: