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  1. Sorry for my absence lately. Got very busy in work/personal life. I monitor my Discord daily, but neglected this site. I have an older version of the mod updater that I used a different compiler. It won't update newer mods, but I wonder if it would at least not cause your errors. https://github.com/phoenix125/Atlas-Mod-Downloader I know very little about python. I just took another guy's Ark downloader and tweaked a couple things to make it compatible with Atlas. I'll see if I can do something. Thanks for reporting! I've been asked that before. It would take many hours to do it. Now that I am am not adding new features as often, I may devote time to create language files (although I only speak English and would have to reply on others to translate). Thanks!
  2. Hi @Joew Alabel. I did not receive the email. Please try again using kim125@gmail.com. FYI: I'm working long hours on location, so I'm slower than usual with my replies. Sorry and thanks!
  3. The log files are stored in the \_Log folder. AtlasServerUpdateUtility_LogFull_2021-01-20.txt (or whatever date best represents the issue). Thanks!
  4. @Joew Alabel Thank you for the report. I am unsure what is causing your issue. To help me troubleshoot, could you direct message me, or email to kim@phoenix125.com, the Full/Detailed log file portion related to the mod downloader? I want to see the commandline that ASUU is using. Thanks and sorry for your troubles!
  5. @rocker18 All dependent files are hosted by my website (phoenix125.com) and github. I'm not sure why the download is failing, although probably due to regional restrictions. You can download them at either location, if possible: https://github.com/phoenix125/dependencies http://phoenix125.com/share/atlas/ Copy the files to the ASUU/AtlasUtilFiles/ folder. Good luck!
  6. New Update! v2.2.9 - v2.3.2 Bug Fixes - Fixed: ASUU now ignores various line errors when getting Player Count due to RCON "Authentication Error!".
  7. @SeppyNo. Unfortunately, it seems that GrapeShot contracted with the Nitrado hosting company for exclusive cross-play rights. In other words, you need to have Nitrado host your server. My program, for the most part, will not work with Nitrado.
  8. New Update! v2.2.8 Critical bug fix! Mods updater now runs while grids are offline. Added RCON IP per-grid assignment. Other minor bug fixes. - Fixed: Mod Updater: Now runs while grids are offline. - Added: RCON IP can now be assigned per-grid. - Fixed: Erroneous CRASH/"Not ready" Status/Discord announcements during restarts. - Fixed: Event Scheduler: The In-Game/Discord/Twitch messages were originally just for restarts, but now they can be used for scheduled announcements. - Changed: In-Game messages: Now limited to 500 characters to prevent errors. - Changed: In-Game messages: Removed Line Breaks from announcements. - Changed: In-Game messages: Removed Mod info from default update message. (New installs only! For existing installs, remove \d\l from the Mod Update in-game announcement) (Thanks to @Doublee for suggesting) - Changed: All RCON messages will only atttempt to send to enabled local and remote grids. - Changed: Log File: Changed New Line (CRLF) to | - Fixed: Line 46384 error due to error retrieving player SteamIDs.
  9. Hi @PitMonk. My program will help keep your server updated and running, among other things, but will not help with map creation at all. There is an active group on Discord: Atlas Server Owner Support. .gg/CSZavry (I don't know if posting links is prohibited here).
  10. The issue is likely due to an update from GrapeShot that requires you to either update the Grid Map Editor and re-export your map, or add the following "TradeDB" section to the ServerOnly.ServerGrid.json file:
  11. New Update! v.2.2.6 Updated to work with ModIDs > 214748364 -Fixed: AtlasModUpdater now works with ModIDs >2147483648. This was due to a 32bit limitation in Python. Updated code. (Thanks to @Infiniti#7259 and @Fosh#5862 for reporting)
  12. New Update! v2.2.4 Accurate total player count, bug fixes, & improvements. - Fixed: Total Online Player Count should be accurate now. The player lists are still unchanged and will still show duplicates. - Changed: Max player count for Discord is now Max players per grid multiplied by number of grids. - Changed: Checks for running grid before starting a new one.. even when "Allow multiple instances of ASUU" is enabled. - Fixed: Watchdog timers pause while checking online players & server starts to prevent false crash reports when player check and/or startup take longer than watchdog timer. - Fixed: When assigning CPU Affinity, ASUU would sometimes restart the grids, causing duplicate starts - Changed: GridParameters.csv: Added AutoDestroyOldStructuresMultiplier and changed CompanyMaxIslandPointsPlayer to CompanyMaxIslandPointsPlayers - Several other stability and bug fixes. Latest Version: http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/AtlasServerUpdateUtility.zip GitHub: https://github.com/phoenix125/AtlasServerUpdateUtility @Liljagare I will continue to update ASUU as needed. Thanks!
  13. I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but floating rocks, beaches, etc. is due to outdated map files. Create your map using the latest Grapeshot's ServerGridEditor: https://github.com/GrapeshotGames/ServerGridEditor
  14. I'm late to reply, but you can check out my AtlasServerupdateUtility (ASUU). I still actively support it. We have a strong community of admins who provide valuable feedback to improve the features and stability of the tool.
  15. New Update! v2.2.3 - Added: Players online Discord customizable announcement - Added: Wipe Server Option - Added: Firewall Delay. Prevent players from connecting while stacking mods are completing to prevent crashed servers. - Several other minor updates, tweaks, and bug fixes.
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