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  1. FYI: AtlasServerUpdateUtilty (ASUU) now has official Blackwood support.
  2. Another update: v.1.9.9a Minor tweaks. - Added: Blackwood Wizard: Added "AltSaveDIR" option. (Thanks to @Neitfall for requesting) - Changed: Wizard: Changed the "Coming Soon!" description for Blackwood to the intended text. (Thanks to @Neitfall for reporting) - Fixed: Util Update: The util wasn't completing the shutdown before running updated util. (Unfortunately, this won't help until NEXT update.) - Added: Added Blackwood icon to "Select Wizard".
  3. @Neitfall Thanks for the feedback. I'll add a "AltSaveDIR" option... Good idea. And I completely forgot to change the text on the wizard select window... Lol. As for the ServerGrid.json file: Since Atlas Blackwood does not use the SG file (ASUU does, but not Atlas), I do not have it backup an existing SG file when installing/importing a Blackwood server (it DOES backup when switching from ocean to Blackwood). I didn't even think of adding the backup. I'll add one just in case. Thanks again.
  4. For those interested, I finally added Blackwood map support to AtlasServerUpdateUtility! https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/47724-atlasserverupdateutility-asuu-server-manager-new-blackwood-backups-mod-updater-crash-detection-discordtwitch-support/
  5. New update... with Balckwood support!!! (finally!) v.1.9.9 New Blackwood Wizard! Try the new Blackwood map! v1.9.5 - v1.9.9 Highlights - New Blackwood Wizard! Start a Blackwood server the easy way. Automatically updates server and mods with Discord announcements. - Improved shutdown. Monitors save file to ensure saves started and completed. - Added Parameters Editor to Grid Configurator. Now even easier to modify GUS, Game, Engine files. - Several stability and bug fixes. - New startup logo.
  6. @Joew Alabel The utility is not yet ready for Blackwood. Most people have been able to get it to work using instructions posted previously, but I am working on the Blackwood Wizard now and plan to release it tomorrow. It has become a much bigger undertaking than I anticipated, but I wanted to make sure I do it right. So for now, just use the default AltSaveDIR naming scheme. If you need to, rename your existing folder. .. or just wait until later tomorrow and try the new version Thank you!
  7. Followup: Thanks to AceMan for helping Wicked.. the problem was due to using the router's IP address... for those having the saving issue. Thanks.
  8. V1.9.7 released. Critical Hotfixes! Stability release only.. no new cool stuff yet. Due to fixing these issues, I may not get the Blackwood EZ support done tomorrow.. might be Monday. Sorry. - Shutdown sequence had several bugs. - A few other minor stability improvements.
  9. v1.9.5 notes: - Improved shutdown. Monitors save file to ensure saves started and completed. - Added Parameters Editor (see below) to Grid Configurator. Now even easier to modify GUS, Game, Engine files. v.1.9.6 released! Hotfixes: Fixed Restart and Stop grid buttons, error if ServerGrid.json has "Templates Section. - Fixed: Rt-Click: "Stop Grid", "Start Grid", and "Restart Grid" were not working properly. (Thanks to Nyt, JOEW ALABEL, and others for reporting) - Fixed: If ServerGrid.json has " "serverTemplates": [" section, the util now ignores it completely. (Thanks to Daniel W for reporting and Daniel & Doublee for helping solve) Starting this weekend I plan to work on easier Blackwood support. Maybe even work on the Online Players redis integration! Just have a couple more busy days to get through.
  10. No.. unfortunately I haven't had time to get that done. I plan to have it completed by the end of the weekend. IN the meantime, here's the link to the previous post on how to get it to work with the ASUU:
  11. @Joew AlabelI did a major rework of the server shutdown process and I think I accidentally duplicated a variable. I hope to release a fix tonight. If not, it may not be until Friday afternoon Sorry. In the meantime, you can use "Stop Server(s)" Select button to close them. Starting grids and automated restarts fortunately work fine. @flex73The automated backups can only run every hour at most. You can choose day, month week, hours, and minutes, but only at most once and hour
  12. Thank you for the logs, but unfortunately the log was not very helpful since the program appeared to simply crash as you stated. I noticed, though, that the KeepAlive is noticing the crash but failing to restart ASUU (AtlasServerUpdateUtility). The KeepAlive log: 2019/08/06 09:28:41 WARNING! D:\AtlasServerUpdateUtility\AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v1.9.5.exe closed unexpectedly. Restarting program. 2019/08/06 09:28:41 AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v1.9.5.exe PID(0) started. Notice the PID(0). It's acting like it cannot find the file. Here's an example if what it should look like: 2019/08/06 23:09:49 AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v1.9.5.exe PID(36480) started. It's possible that Windows Defender or another antivirus is blocking. If not done so already, try adding the AtlasServerUpdateUtility folder your Windows Defender Allow list. It's also possible that the Windows Region (English vs Chinese) is causing issues, although I know of a couple other people in China using the program. If these solutions do not help, let me know. Thank you.
  13. @Yet I had never considered running Blackwood simulatenously with an existing map. I planned for running two instances of the util instead. I'll consider adding that.. thanks! As for your program crashing: I haven't had anyone report that before. Do you mind PMing me your AtlasServerUpdateUtility_LogFull_[date].txt file so I can try to troubleshoot? Thanks.
  14. @flex73The util has an automated backup option. It backs up the \ShooterGame\Saved\ folder (minus the ocean.A1.1500.atlas backup files), the redis folder, and the util's config files. It can also do full backups of your Atlas installation and any other folders you wish to add.
  15. @merlin66676 It works with Blackwood if you do the following. I will be updating it for easier integration, but it might be a few days. Here's a post I placed on my Discord server: For those wanting to use the new Blackwood Single Player, do the following until I update the util: 1. Use the wizard to install your server (even if an existing server.. this will create the temp ServerGrid.json file). 2. After Atlas installation has completed, make the following changes to the ASUU.ini file: [ --------------- GAME SERVER CONFIGURATION --------------- ] Atlas extra command line parameters (ex.?serverpve-pve -NoCrashDialog) ###= -log -server -NoSeamlessServer Map Name ###=Blackwood Import RCON ports from GameUserSettings.ini files? (yes/no) ###=no Server RCON Port(s) (comma separated, grid order as in ServerGrid.json, ignore if importing RCON ports) ###=25710 3. Then restart the util. When you get the following popup, select NO (to the prompt posted below). (Thanks Aceman, noelpy, and others for the info) 4. (Optional) Copy the \AtlasUtilFiles\ServerGrid.json file to the \Atlas Server\ShooterGame\ folder.