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  1. Cheers Phoenix, I've been testing out your program, very good thanks. I'm testing the game using the Blackwood map right now, but still need to clear up my concerns with map design before building a 3x3. Why is this info so darn hard to find... @Dev - PLEASE may we have some help - I have 20+ people who want to play this game but none of them want to waste their time if the map will be missing vital mechanics.
  2. A great thread. I've posted before, here are a few other changes I'd like. 1, Have the dock "snap" to a foundation to align it easier with your dock build area. 2, Paint to be less "washed out" on the ship hulls, walls and railings. 3, A huge increase in the number of place-able items on deck of the Galleon. I want to build inside too but often run out. 4, A large increase in ships carrying capability. (mostly to allow for the additional items from No.3) 5, Shaped walls that fit the ships hull shape at the edges.
  3. I found this tool today - I'll check it out later. Will this tool take away my concerns?
  4. Hello Drew, please take a read of my post: Would you be happy to meet up in a Discord chat one evening to run over the finer issues I have?
  5. We will have one soon. Just fine tuning our 3x3 map. You'd be welcome to join us.
  6. Hi everyone, This is going to be a lengthy post, but if you know how the maps are built correctly, PLEASE read on. When the game first released two years ago, we had a 3x3 running for my discord community to use. Everything was fine until after everyone had put in over 200 hrs only to find we were missing vital islands for all the power stones and/or resources. This naturally killed the game for us dead in its tracks. A few months later, we decided to run a Blackwood map instead, again finding some weeks later that we didn't have a Kraken and some other features didn't work. So we all dropped the game. A year has passed and we would like to start again with December 2020's main wipe and feature update and want to setup our 3x3 grid again, but we are fearful that we will end up wasting all our time again. I'm not a noob (least I don't think so) I understand the naming of the islands, the differences between the grid templates, how to plot a route for a trade ship or ghost ship and how to host the servers. What I can't seem to find is any reliable/complete information on how to check for: 1, That I have all 8 Powerstones (have assumed having 8x **_**_PVE islands is enough?) 2, That we have a Kraken spawn location 3, Confirmation as to where the Whales and Mermaid spawns 4, How to be sure we have the newer features such as SeaPorts 5, We have enough islands so that we have access to all the in game resources needed. My starting point will be this: 1, I plan to start with the 4x4 template supplied in the Server Grid Editor. 2, Then reduce this to be a 3x3, then clear the middle grid of everything (for the Kraken location) 3, Check all the existing islands and add any missing **_**_PVE islands so that we have x8 4, Set grid templates so that we have a good mixture of hot and cold zones 5, Setup a route for the ghost ship and merchants routes. After this is, I get stuck, what should I do next to make sure we have all the other features we will need ? I've seen many videos/tutorials (mostly 2 year old) adding lines of code.... and there is very little in the way of website tutorials either. If anyone knows of some useful links or has any advice to pass on, I would be eternally grateful. Have the @Dev released any detailed info on setting up a private server to cover my concerns? Is the Blackwood map updated to contain new features since it was released? We want to enjoy the game as a 20+ player community, but all nervous of wasting our time again. Sorry for the long read, many thanks. PitMonk
  7. To all the complainers, Has it been forgotten by many players that this game is still in Early Access? EXPECT WIPES EXPECT BUGS EXPECT LOSING ALL YOUR PROGRESS OR PLAY ANOTHER GAME This is an Early Access game - NOT a finished product.
  8. Hi All, I've been hosting a Blackwood map on my dedicated server for since it launched, but not been playing for over 6 months. Many of my Discord community have asked me to prep our servers for the Atlas update at the weekend. With the new map (as assumed content) Is there also an updated Blackwood map coming out too? I remember setting up our private 2x3 grid map 18 months ago and I cant bare to go through all that again. What other options do I have? I have enough server resources to only run a 3x2 grid but the work involved in managing that was too much effort, I like the 1x1 Blackwood compact map.
  9. I would like to be able to remove a deck and still be able to seal up the room. Likewise, building on the top of all ships looks very boxy. Some new shapes for placing on the top decks of ships to allow the walls to meet the planks would be nicer. On the same topic, slightly higher ceilings please, constantly feels like im hitting my head on the ceiling in x1 high rooms/ships. More building on Gallions please
  10. In your professional opinion, and as a Dev, should we bother trying to move our old (only 1 week old) data over to this new build or are we better off long term to just wipe and start again?
  11. Oh... But thanks for the fix guys Any ETA for the patch? Dedicated Server Owner of "BLACK SAILS - PVP X5 UK Hosted PitMonk.com"
  12. Same for us... newly motivated players to our server are getting put off already guys
  13. Going to give this a try: If you are using a non-seamless map (Such as Blackwood) follow the below steps instead 1. Find a mod that you want to use on the steam workshop for example https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652044230 2. In the game panel click on install/update mods and enter in the mod id (example 1652044230 if there are multiple mods seperate them with a , example 1652044230,1652044230)3. add the mods to your GameUserSettings.ini configuration file and save it (eg. ActiveMods=1652044230,1652044230 4. Upload the .mod files from your pc to the server5. restart your server.
  14. We have our dedicated server up and running just fine - The players love it. My question; To add other mods to this game, where do I list the Mod ID's? Normally they went into the ServerGrid.json file but Blackwood doesnt use a ServerGrid.json file, so which file do I list the mod numbers please?
  15. None of the links to the devkit, Blackwood map or anything are working for me right now. Might just be a local routing issue.... but is anyone else able to download this yet?
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