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  1. PitMonk

    Discord Webhook aint working?

    I'd like to have our servers post in discord as they boot up, reboot, update, not just company info. Does anyone know where/if I can have each grid server use my webhook?
  2. I agree with this. For us, the problem was caused by us having an active server in January. It got turned off for a couple of months. With the update Mega out, we chose to recreate our map from a 2x2 to a 3x3, designed a new grid map but used the same server ID number. Anyone who had played on our server before never got anything from bottles, new players did every time. I also noticed that the game had also started to use a folder named NewMapImagesCache even though the old folder MapImagesCache was still there, just no longer in use. Anyhow, resolved this issue by deleting all folders in both of the MapImagesCache & NewMapImagesCache folders (folders had numbers like 222111333) and relogging into the game, the current map was then correctly downloaded and the bottles started giving us maps again.
  3. @SparcMX A great tool, well done and thank you - first use today with a clean install. I have a 3x3 grid map but it's using over 7GB of ram per cell with no-one connected. Does anyone have a better 3x3 setup with all the latest features ingame which I could kindly copy?
  4. PitMonk

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    To my knowledge, there has been ONE rollback to all servers (just 5 hours) and this ONE rollback of 3hrs which only affected The Kraken's Maw. People do love to exaggerate.
  5. We had changed the hardness of the Ships of the Damned but reverted back to normal setting, but we still have lots of ships like the one in the picture. They all range between Lv160 and Lv 200+. Do we need to clear these from the maps manually or will they vanish after a time and respawn as normal level ships? We're getting our arses kicked lol Our server settings as of now. "ServerCustomDatas1": "NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult", "ServerCustomDatas2": "1.0,1.0,0.1",
  6. PitMonk

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

    Now that this dev kit is out, is there anyone here familiar with it enough to be able to find the player ships multiplayer commands for me please?
  7. PitMonk

    Q.O.L Suggestions

    Hi Dev's After playing 215 hrs in Atlas, there are a couple of things I think would be great to have changed a bit. 1, Please could we have the Smithy be able to access the items in the Ship Resources Box if one is nearby, so long as you have legit access to the SRBox that is. This would make crafting so much easier. 2, Too many of the radial option screens have options in different locations, please could we have the same options in the same location in every dial. 3, Ship Scuttle and Ship dismantle/destroy options to be AWAY from regularly used options. 4, The icons for craftable items is too faded, some brighter/bolder images would be nice. 5, To be able to carry more wood/stone etc, we spend more time running back and forth to the base to drop off harvest than we do harvesting it in the first place. 6, Be able to pick up a sail you've just placed, many times I have placed a sail, seen it's not quite even, but had to destroy it to replace. 7, Have a longer duration on the time to be able to pick up an item recently placed, 30 seconds is too short. 1-2 min would be better. 8, Be able to dismantle your buildings quicker, its very slow going on a larger build. 9, If I have a wall selected, changed to a rail for example, but then want to pick up the rail I've just placed, Im forced to select the wall hotkey twice to clear it before being able to pick up the misplaced rail. I then have to reselect my wall, press T multiple times just to get me back to the rails option. Takes way too long and is most frustrating. 10, When attached to a ships wheel, could we please have a compass in the top right of the screen near the ship command icons. 11, Ladders, what a pain in the back-side. Please could we have a larger hitbox to select, we see the "Hold E to interact" more often that Press E to climb option. I'm never going to need the option to paint my rope ladder whilst swimming in the water having my arse bitten by a shark, nor should I be able to retract the ladder whilst in the water, surly that should only be an option when at the top of the ladder. 12, It would be nice to be able to change the door opening direction without the need to rotate the door frame. 13, We've seen many players place a small ship yard in water, spend days building their ship only to see it smash to bits on launch because the water is too shallow. Please could these not be placeable unless the water is deep enough for all the ships its able to create. 14, Placing foundations under water is troublesome as well as building downhill. Please could this be looked at. 15, Window doors, same as normal doors, they place according to the direction of the wall. This means some door locks are on the outside... 16, Another player shouldn't be able to remove your diving mask/cloths when you're under-water. Maybe they can stop the air flow, but not completely remove your kit. Well, that's my list for now guys, feel free to add to my list if you have any suggestions. Dev's, we love the game, coming on well, still has a few issues but that's what we signed up for. Well done and keep up the good work. Many thanks.
  8. PitMonk

    Official NA PvP Rollback

    Good shout Dev's - what else could have been done. Well done for spotting it and acting quickly. 10/10 If you got them in all that 5 hours, it'll only take you 5 hours more to get them again wont it. Also remember, nothing you do in this game is guaranteed to be there tomorrow, it's Early Access testing. Don't play EA games if you can't except this deal. Always be in a mindset that it could all get wiped at any time.
  9. Can anyone point me to any documentation or videos which explain what I can and what I must NOT change in my map after its been used by players? For example, can I now add any new islands? Can I add more trade ship routes? I don't plan to remove any existing islands, just mainly want to add a few more but I dont want to risk busting my DB.
  10. PitMonk

    Atlas Admin Commands

    50+ lines for each colour plus some others.... that's more than a few. Maybe he should have posted a link too, but it's just a list of commands, not stolen anyones next best selling novel. Besides, this info should have already been posted here by the dev's. Thanks @JOHN W. BLACK
  11. Hi All, Can anyone point me to the server side setting where we can reduce or increase the gold requirements for the pirates salaries?
  12. PitMonk

    Lantern or Lights for Ships?

    Cheers Bad Penny. Funny thing is, I have hooks everywhere, just didn't know what to hand on them, lol.
  13. Hi All, Happy New Year. I've made a lantern but it seems to only be used whilst being held. Is there a way to place the lantern, say on a table to be used to light up my ship? or is there another light source I can use to place around my ship?
  14. We have our server working after todays update to V.7 All ok, 6 connected and playing. Trouble we have is that no-one can create a Company, if they do manage to create a company, they're not a member themselves and they cant add anyone to the company either. No errors. If you try to rename your company, we get displayed a 10 second cooldown. We have noticed as well that we can't use our beds either. Any advice going please?