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  1. No the project is not dead, I've been overseas working without access to ASC code, I'm back now though
  2. A single Atlas server requires 1 game port, 2 query ports and 1 seamless port. The hidden query port is always +1 to the actual query port (eg 5760, 5761). Seamless usually starts at 27000 and +1 for each shard. Blackwood does not use a seamless port or redis db. If you are trying to connect to your server, which also happens to be on the same machine your game is on, your router will need to support NAT Loopback (not all do).
  3. Have you tried reloading the ServerGrid.json in the "Service Menu"? I know of some sysops who have different ServerGrid files under different names, ASC currently only supports ServerGrid.json (for example, ServerGrid2x2.json is not valid)
  4. ASC Patch Released Re-coded all Auto-Update functions, deals with a range of issues Exposed save/shutdown/restart timers Fixed a bug in the Schedule that stopped restarts Added more server config options Minor GUI Adjustments Refactoring
  5. If the server ip address is not Internet facing (ie Private Address) and your using port mapping to allow the outside world to see your server, you will need to use the loopback ip ( This will happen mainly with VM based setups, barebone servers don't have this issue.
  6. ASC - Patch Released Refactored Auto-update functions and fixed a threading issue Added TileMap Server components (Territory Map) Fixed 'Cannot drag new island' on the Server Grid Editor Fixed missing properties in ServerGrid.json output Added 'Island Points' field to the SGE Island Instance dialog Added support for DLC maps Added more server config options Optimized the performance counters and graph Don't forget, when I release a patch, I also update the ASC-Setup.exe which is the Full Release. If you encounter any issues after a patch I suggest trying a Full Install.
  7. Glad you like it, still plenty of work to do Autostart is not implemented yet because I'm still not happy with the auto-update system which currently has its own version of Autostart. Hopefully this version addresses some issues I've been having and I can finally refactor the Autostart into its own class. If you've lost an instance but the Shardx-x.json files are still there, delete ServerShards.xml and restart ASC. I'll eventually write some code to flush this file automatically. If your running on LAN, use localhost ( or private address. If you bind Atlas to your external IP and dont have a loopback configured you won't be able to query the server.
  8. Constructive Feedback is a tool that is used to build things up, not break things down. 1. If you can't think of a constructive purpose for giving feedback, don't give it at all. I commend the development team and management for their perseverance and dedication to getting it done right. It's a small team, they don't occupy a large warehouse floor and the project is exceptionally complex. Hats Off
  9. To wipe the map you need to remove the savefiles from shootergame/saved/A1, A2, A3 etc (just delete the whole folder). And delete the Redis database (.db) file from /Atlastools I have fixed this issue in the upcoming patch
  10. ASC - Patch Released Added more Game.ini and GUS.ini configurable options Fixed the “WorldFriendlyName” getting cleared when running the wizard. Fixed the port spacing in the wizard (protecting the second query port) Fixed missing elements in the ServerGrid.json output Case ignored on true/false statements in Game.ini and GUS.ini Unlocked more config controls on the Shard GUI Restart ASC and the Auto Updater will kick in
  11. ASC v0.1.5.5b Released This should hopefully address the issues posted here, apologies for not replying sooner. When I'm in the dungeon coding, I read all the forums but rarely reply, I'm easily distracted. Let me know how you go with this version, you'll need to grab the installer again (too many changes for a patch) Grab it here
  12. Make sure you have the server path set in "Server Installation" dialog. Browse to and select the Atlas server folder, click OK. Exit the "Server Installation" dialog. This path will also affect Redis if its not set.
  13. Released a couple of patches to address bugs - &
  14. Make sure your Redis.conf password matches your ServerConfigOnly.json passwords, I'll be adding automatic Redis configuration soon. With regards to instructions, we're working on a wiki ASC wont report the players if your RCON port is not set or blocked by firewall. The main interface should actually say "No RCON" if this is the case. Most of the work setting up ATLAS needs to be done with the Map Editor, ASC will only manage the cluster. ASC Patch has been released Started work on the event scheduler Sync Server is functional, still more to do Changed the auto-update Versioning code Started work on the Process restart service Started work on Mod auto-update system Updated the Shutdown Broadcast to show every second Check all ASC settings before starting the cluster
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