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  1. Come join us on Discord and sail the high seas. - Managed Community with Active Admins - Increased rates (Currently fine tuning) - 3 PvP and 6 PvE Maps (Rule based) - Quests, custom maps and trade ships are plentiful - Dedicated Servers on High Speed connections Discord: http://discord.gg/snvc8Yj Live Map: http://map.piratenuts.com:8880/
  2. Hi guys, Just letting you know I'll have Commander 1.0.9 released very soon for ATLAS, lot's of under the hood changes (visually not so much, why change a good thing!) This time around, Grapeshot have provided a wealth of back-end information and software, not to mention Instinct Games Map Editor which will find its way into Commander as a forked project, all this stuff makes great 3rd party apps. For those wondering what Commander is, check out sparcmx.com/commander and the handful of fan vids on YouTube. If you haven't heard of it by now, you've missed so much in Ark life It's the premier spawn tool for admins, used by official beta testers of Ark and Atlas for the last 2 years and I'm sure top floor company would agree. If you love to build in Ark single player, Go Commander. If you need to surgically remove beasts from your path, Finger Cannon has got your back! (cross-hair vigorously recommended). Here are some Pictures for reference Latest ARK Mapping update for 1.0.9 All I need to do now is stop playing Atlas for 5 seconds and pushoff this barge.