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  1. Hello, i had to restart my server, for some way it was broken. but, now. only half of the islands are working. on some islands there is just nothing. on other islands there are annimals and trees and things like that, but you can not loot them and you glitch in and out them. somebody knows what can be the problem greets
  2. Hej, i can not select islands in the edditor. I have been able to get to get around the problem by dragging a square around them, and then i can move them, but i can not delete them, or eddit them. so if i have a island i do not want, i have to drag it down to sector 3 or 4 (my server does only use sector 1 and 2) think i am out after is in fact a spawn for giant tortugas. I added the island Mnt_AB_BO, i found online there sould be tortugas, but i can not find them, but, if i need to move all the islands down all the time, my map will become a mess. while typing this i realized i can just take a old save of the map every time i test a island, but annyway, question stands. Kinda extra question, is somebody sure about a island that has giant tortugas? Greetings, Tella
  3. Thanks, i gonna try it now, i see there is also a new version of the editor better download that one also
  4. Hello hello, I wonder how i can get the new ships on my server. I could see them once in the large shipyard, but then i did some server setting changes, and i changed my server from pvpve to pve, and i tought that made the ships disepear. but now i made one of the servers pvpve again (2 conncected servers) so i could make att least the ships in the other server. but it is not working. i still only see the old ships. Somebody knows how i can fix this? Bless bless
  5. we stoped playing on official, i think our island will soon come free It's in Polar, called penguin paradise. you can go live there.
  6. I think it's to reduce to ships to reduce lag, but yea, in pvp it would be a pain, coming back online, and see somebody just shot your shipyard with your galeon structure standing inside it.
  7. Arn't these developers american. Probebly these guys have a job beside developing this game, and is this game just a hobby of them. They probebly went to work just 2 hours ago. so i guess we will see a wipe in about 6 to 8 hours.
  8. when i sail back in to the zone, it still tells me i have a tame there.
  9. Unluckily not found your tiger, but i was moving south between I10 and H10. when traveling on my way to go finally breed my tortugas. off course my only female feld from the boat. I do not understand why i can not find it, they should float because when i trow my others in the sea they always float when not on follow. if somebody sees it, please message me.
  10. Oh yea, that is true, i forgot that, mmmm, ah, then i just have to wait until one gets empty thx
  11. Hej, I am trying to get a island for like mmmm, 2 weeks after the games got wiped .... can't manage to find one. I see a lot of companies own several, I guess they do that to sell them in some way, why else you want so many. because if you claim all the island. other players will eventually leave, and then you play by your self again like half a year ago. So... Does somebody has a island for sale, I would prefare a island in polar region. I will already start diving shipyards right away. CU Tella
  12. EU or VS, I can not answer your question, but if you live close to our base, you can come get some wheat seeds, We play on EU,pve
  13. Is level 127 the max level a animal can have?
  14. Ah, thanks, but i get them, just to breed with them. That's why it frustrates me so much, because it cost so much time to go get there, and then looking around to find level 29 or 30 ones. But well, i gonna stop dropping my frustration here it's just a game after all
  15. Wonderful, and it happened again. again traveling whole day to tame a pet, put it on the down deck now, do is could not fall off the ship. 2 zones before i get back home, i go down... to see nothing. Who thought you could ragequit on pve in Atlas.
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