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  1. Lost a tiger due to server wall today the server walls were F8--->F7--->G7 F8 was the top right hand corner through to F7 bottom right then into G7 bottom left it is a white tiger with black stripes called tiger if found please respond within the next 7 days please respond with exact coordinates if found after and you claim it please return to Buccaneers cove in i2 and ask for Casual infamy if were not there Carolina travellers can accept on our behalf No matter how its found i will reward with 500 gold for its safe return
  2. its another wonderful day. So i go to do what i have done everyday since the reset which is play the wonderful game that is Atlas,HOWEVER today is not like any other day after verifying my files TWICE before even getting into the game, i thought finally in time to quickly imprint on my baby bear and off to sail the seas,but nope game has other ideas i load in and get met with a empty hot bar and a empty ability bar and the inability to interact with anything. i thought hmm strange but maybe its a loading issue sometimes things like this happen when i first launch the game,so i waited a few minutes then outta nowhere i get kicked by battleye with the message " You have been kicked by BattleEye, Reason 'client not responding' tried every fix i could find but no luck getting in , trying one last fix as i'm writing this but i do not hold hope of it working which is a shame because i was really enjoying the game after coming back to it after over a year oh well.
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