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  1. I’ve set up a server as far as this ASC setup guide instructed. https://youtu.be/mcY8xX9L_sU I got the server running however when I look for the server both in game and on the steam server list I cannot find it. is there anything I have to update/change to make it opposite correctly? I’ve contacted tech support for my router and they said it supports NAT Loopback although they didn’t speak great English and it seemed like the first person I talked to hadn’t heard of it. I really appreciate any help or feedback
  2. We're having the same problem
  3. I’m having trouble setting tax rates. I play NA PVP on Xbox and successfully claimed our first sea fort, however when I try to set tax rate from the flag it does not show on my map. It does show my company name in green but that’s it. Unlike the other forts that have company name and tax rates in red.
  4. Hello me maties. My companies has finally taken a sea fort for the first time so I don’t know exactly how it works yet. I see on the flag I can set the tax rate but when I type it doesn’t show any tax rate on the bigger map like other sea forts. Also any information or tips and tricks on sea forts welcome as there is no information on them anywhere.
  5. We have a silo in our main base that provides food and gold to most of our crew on the island, however it seems in certain areas or possibly a radius from the silo we do not get coverage. However we can’t place another silo because there already is one on the island. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. I've read a ton of negative reviews so I though I’d share a positive experience with you all concerning the new land claiming update. Call me crazy, but I like the new claim system. I am a small tribe with two “active” players. We managed to get our land and harbor covered, about 1/3 Of a large island, as well as half of a smaller island we need salt for. We new that the update was coming this week so we prepped for it and were pretty successful. I think this system was actually good for small localized companies because we don’t have much land like the larger companies do so we were able to focus our efforts better.
  7. In case you guys haven’t seen yet we’re back on
  8. I agree they should definitely be more informative with their player base. For all we know the new system could be awesome but you’re right the problem still stands where we’re left in the dark.
  9. This must be the the devs beginning to implement the new claim system. Be ready my fellow pirates, we’re in for a hell of a ride.
  10. I like the idea of a new claiming system but 45 minutes to claim everything I own? I fear that will destroy small companies like mine while we sleep.. There’s got to be a catch 22 in there somewhere right??
  11. I’m having the same issue. Right before the update our warehouse was raided/destroyed. We removed all structures nearby and still we get the “can’t place structure here”. It’s been very frustrating.
  12. I am unable to place my ware house after it was destroyed. Prompt says “cannot place structure here”. There are no other warehouses nearby. Does anyone know what could be happening??
  13. Here’s a creative idea to play with, how about a Barracks style structure that reduces the food cost for NPCs. Any thoughts?? The Silo is great for our NPCs. We can stash a bunch of gold in there and we won’t have to worry about it for 2 weeks. However, our berries will decompose and run out in a few days. Not bad but it would be cool to have food last longer.
  14. As a single player I’m able to farm thousands of gold using the sextant and ship diving with a dive suit and lantern. My problem is just getting raided before I can use it.
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