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  1. hey guys is the metal nodes bugged on single player somehow ? like i been around 16 island to find nodes with only metal in, as there is on online servers
  2. A map that shows portal routes: Pathfinder Portals (Grey): Allow ships and everything on them to leave Rookie Cove. These are one-way, you cannot go back though them with your ship. If you need to go back you can talk to the NPC, but your character can only go through naked. Perpetual Portals (Green): These are free 2-way portals to get between regions. Damaged Portals (Yellow): These are one-way portals that require materials to activate (50 mythos and 250 gold) Does that mean u cant live in rookie Grove, and actuelly go down and lets sayt kill kraken, without u sacrifice u ship ? cuz u cant get back to rookie crove what a shit system
  3. hey someoen been playing single player within last 18 hours, who can tell me, if the metal is bugged ( been around 8 full grids and I didnt find any metal, when I hit the rocks, even it says when I press H, that there should be metal inside it. and those island I been on, none of them have been a free port
  4. hey dude yea we tried with all sort of sails dosent help
  5. hey guys we just builded a motarship ( we was tryign to change sails on it, so we demolish the one that was allready on the boat, and now we cant put new ones on its a bug or just stupid made like, u couldnt demolish the motar standing on boat, the demolish button was away on motar, if u cant change sails, why the hell didnt they remove the demolish button on sails if that was the case, really lack of info on those modular ships
  6. hey atlas for the furture we want a bit longere maintaince warnign than 15 min, been the same for 3days, it says dosent required restart, but 10-15 min after maintaince happens, the server crashs, would also love to find out, why are u making maintaince, ( like some sort of info ) why u doing maintaince
  7. eu pvp shark frenzy, going nuts aswell for almsot 3 ½ hour, I cant do nothing, I cant die not loosing stats, or anything some people dont got any problems, but if I get attacked whiled this is goign on, I get nuts
  8. hey I just sailed out to kill some SOTD, and then I saw some SOTD, I shotted 3 shots with my commen cannons, I hit them one, and I got random dc ( like the prob for last 3-4 season ) with random dc, showning up with a error, and now I lost another boat, same as last time, are u even looking into it I DEMAND A RESPONS TO THIS
  9. when are going to fix single player ? atm map is still as the same as the old one ( free harbour is in same spot as before wipe ) its not updated or anythign ? any fix
  10. company putao company, south island in c8, have overbuilded island ( all around island there is large shipyard, that block the entire island ( is a small island ), dont know how they manege to do that, but I think its a exploit, is normally a island where alot of tresure maps goign on, but atm, it seems I cant do anything, there is like 28 Large shipyard aroudn taht island, and 2 cannon towers on the island, someone who can tell me, if this a exploit, ( its unclaimed lawless )
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