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  1. Haha thx man your support is awesome
  2. You guys released a tweet saying everything was ok and the servers were back up 11 hours ago but nobody has been able to log into NA PvP for like 3 days yet discord is showing that we are losing tames and all kinds of stuff. I understand that you guys are working hard trying to fix the problem could you maybe let us know what is going on or how everything is coming along, alot of people are getting frustrated. Maybe tweet out that you guys are still trying to fix the problem or something?
  3. Even if they decided to take the servers down to implement the new changes why not inform us? How hard is it to tweet out a hey sorry for the inconvenience but we'll be shutting down the servers.
  4. We play official NA PvP sorry forgot to mention that. Sometimes it freezes there but most of the times after waiting for awhile you can log into the game just for a few seconds but you cant open any containers and then it kicks you out, it's not just us it's the whole company too, PC and Xbox players and allies.
  5. Hello all, me and my son are new to the game, been playing for a few weeks now. I wasn't able to join all day yesterday and so far today. We've tried to search what was going on via Twitter and these forums and couldn't find anything about it, we've also reached out to Atlas and asked why the server's are down and why haven't they come out with some sort of statement or a tweet but got no response, we even reached out to Wildcard and nothing, anyone got any clue what's going on and why there is a lack of communication to us the player base?
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