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  1. As of todays patch the Devs and their infinite wisdom have stopped same item trading.... So heres how to get around it and still hoard all your gold. So before you would do wood for same type wood 1.0 and just profit from the gold and bonus items. so now you'll just round robin wood for thatch 1.0 thatch for stone 1.0 stone for metal 1.0 etc etc... you get the idea and it will net you the same resources and gold and you didn't spend hours coding it into the game *yawn* I've been your friendly Black Pig see you on the flipside (EU-PVP)
  2. Does anyone know what button or button combination it is to bring out the oars on an Xbox Controller?
  3. So another day another problem it would seem, Our trade routes now say "No path". Anyone know what causes this as the markets they are trading with are completely fine and are not destroyed damaged or blocked.
  4. It's a Lawless Island the problem seems to be getting worse and spreading to more parts of the island. Its like the areas been corrupted.
  5. Ahoy! Since being raided by Sangre Errante ( part of the game ) in EU PVP C7 lawless grid. My crew and I have found that buildings that were once placed cannot be replaced, also building in the general area to where our previous base was is impossible, as we get the "Can't place structure here message." Not the "Too close to enemy foundations" or "building obstructed". Infact when deleting buildings such as docks or trade house to replace them it won't allow us to build them where they were or any foundations or pillars anything really. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Ticket Submitted weeks ago no response at all. Anyone with any solution to this problem (other than moving) would be appreciated?
  6. unfortunately not didn't see any.
  7. I've been thinking alot lately since the start of the new map on how this games balance night raiders and how a new player can actually find sucess without being sunk demolished in the first few game days of playing. I've come up with an idea and would like to get some feedback for it. What if we introduced Factions, 3 to 4 to be exact. When you create your character you then have to pick a faction (red,blue,yellow,green) lets say. Each faction owns a quarter of the map at the start, allowing new players to find an island in there chosen faction to build in and help the same faction players to defend. But to keep the factions balanced when you make your character you can't join a faction that has the 2 highest populations, forcing groups of friends to join one of the bottom two. The way factions work is much like an alliance you still own your own stuff but you cant attack each other. Now the interesting part what if the map resets when one faction claims all the islands on the map making them the winners. Give them a special cosmetic like a hat that has exp/taming boost for the next map. You claim the island the same but it becomes part of your factions collection making it important for your faction to build and defend. End game would look like Red faction owns 75% of the map, greens been wiped out forcing them to join either yellow or blue. Yellow and blue have decided to have a truce to reclaim some of there islands back from Red. When a factions down to its last few islands player population would be high and hard to defeat meaning you would need to tame end game bosses to help. The power struggle would last a long time until eventually one Faction wins reseting the map. you could even have safe ports in the heart of each factions for trade, you could have an election to vote for your factions Pirate king who would have the ability to place a marker on the map for everyone in the faction to see thats the next target to attack or defend.
  8. Lately I've been running into alot of Full Control Players asleep on the beaches all of them are over Level 102+, this is a new map and there age is 26. How have they leveled so fast? seems fishy to me.

    My ship sunk

    This has been a bug for xbox for the last 2 years, Logging in or fast travelling from a bed has about 5% chance to sink your ship, Ive lost many ships and was hoping this bug was gone with the new map. sad to see it still exists.
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