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  1. Chopa

    Resource Map Tool For Official Servers

    not working
  2. Chopa

    Blueprint craft machine

    comments?? ?
  3. Chopa

    Blueprint craft machine

  4. Please make the craft machine, in it it will be possible to create recipes, for example for gold. To create from scratch percent and also to duplicate. It is also possible to make pumping of the car for example for miphos. Please bring up the topic that developers paid attention
  5. Chopa

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

  6. Thats no fix problem
  7. It is very easy to destroy constructions with the gun and a bear if you build days that there come people with a bear and pull down for minutes 20 everything that you built, it is necessary to reduce a loss on constructions.
  8. Chopa

    The 3 Ship Meta

  9. hi, my company have a problem, 123 company on eu pvp server, (Live in b11) start stealing territory A12 (midsea key) and server restart and people can't join in the game (Big updating 5.2GB and crash problem), but contesting resuming and will territory is robt please return territory, A12 , midsea key left island to my company Kurosawa. This is bug.
  10. Chopa

    Sunken ships in peace time.

    Overbought and sunk, agree.