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  1. Need a ways of farming gold, or remove this shit of cost of ship creating.
  2. need a remove cost of ship building, if you play solo you cant build ship for 50k
  3. I have more than 3,500 hours in the atlas, during this season I did not swim at all more than on a schooner even once, full of sucks, before that I swam on a mythical galleon and rejoiced in battles
  4. We vote that the developers remove the cost in gold for the building of the ship. Please text + in this topic.
  5. I have 3,500 hours but I have no idea how markets work, too complicated mechanism, remove the value in building ship gold I want to swim and not farm gold, the game about ships and not about gold
  6. remove your cost gold of creating ship its ruined the game!
  7. please remove cost of ship creating, its impossible to create ship
  8. remove cost of gold, cannot build a ship
  9. need a remove fu...ing coasting for gold
  10. this improvement would work if there were ways to earn money, but except for the dripping of treasures unfortunately gold can not get and this is the whole problem
  11. do not sea f...ck on the sloop, this is the result of a good update (cost of ships)
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