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  1. Chopa

    Return Craft bonus

    Return as it was, you completely killed this opportunity. Kraft now gives such small percentages that there is no point in it. Hopefully the players will support me and you will return as it was before.
  2. Chopa

    Blueprint craft machine

    more ideas?
  3. Chopa

    Create PvP hotspots

  4. Chopa

    Atlas gaming on Androdi

    thanks man) is great
  5. Chopa

    Atlas gaming on Androdi

    what soft?
  6. its possible? and devs make this platform? because playing from android is very good and very mobile))
  7. Chopa

    Wipe finally announced

    good, waiting me on 8 october
  8. Chopa

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Create a blueprint craft machine, maybe drops from damneds fix, because if you want create nice ship need to fight damneds 24/7 1 mounth, but if you lucky, i'am fight 1 mounth and not get anything cannons, decks, sails, nothing. Very hard to create good ship.
  9. Chopa

    ATLAS Roadmap

    nice, wake up atlas, please
  10. Chopa


    +1 for wipe
  11. Chopa

    Resource Map Tool For Official Servers

    not working
  12. Chopa

    Blueprint craft machine

    comments?? ?