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  1. Myrmidon

    Xbox with PC chat

    There is a program on Xbox called Quarrel that will let you use discord through Xbox. Conversely, on PC there is an app called Xbox Beta that lets you chat on the Xbox network. They're both kind of a pain to use.
  2. Myrmidon

    Fix the weight exploit!

    Fully anchoring takes 15 mins. Its when you get the solid green anchor. If you recently stopped and overweighted it before the 15 min green anchor, then it'll still sink.
  3. Can confirm it happens. If you have a ceiling time right above a cannon and it aims up, it'll hit it. Same thing if you don't put the cannons over the back edge of your ship it'll hit the planks if it aims low.
  4. Myrmidon

    Please give us placeable roads.

    Or less land stuff more boat stuff?
  5. Myrmidon

    Will there eventually be splitscreen?

    Considering the strain it puts on xbox already I doubt it.
  6. Myrmidon

    Galleon target modes issue

    If your wheel is enclosed you cant use them. Is that the case?
  7. Myrmidon

    Does mineral oil exist in the game??

    Eh? Plenty of mineral oil.
  8. Myrmidon

    How can you support this?

    Had plenty of ladder glitches but still never got stuck. They did mention they were intending to fix ladders on boats in the near future(QOL phase i think). This is an EA game. You are a tester. If you want a complete and relatively bug free experience this isn't the place to get it.
  9. Myrmidon

    Tiny hitboxes and charactres

    Iirc, the hitbox size is the same no matter what size your char is.
  10. Theyre using na pvp as test dummies for the crossplay feature before the launch. Think of it as a 10 day ptr. The thanks you get for helping stress test is 10 days head start over console.
  11. Myrmidon

    "Interview Complete" ATLAS in event XBOX

    You know what would be cool to make ship building a little less painful? Once a ship has been made you can "save" the design so that you can just load the materials + pieces into the shipyard and it pop out.
  12. It doesn't take that long to breed a pretty good all-around tame. It only takes months if you're looking to squeeze out every little point you can. The one thing that I think is a must is some form of progression. Whatever is best should take longer to get.
  13. I'd like to see a progression from common hand tools, to tames, with very high quality hand tools being better than tames. Kind of an early to mid to late game thing. I think having a progression is important. Someone could also pick the option of skipping the mid game harvesting with tames and grind out the materials by hand and go find those good patterns. For sure, I don't think hand harvesting and tames should every be equal. One or the other should be better, and whichever is better should take more time to obtain.
  14. Myrmidon

    NPCs food and gold costs

    If you can't afford 30 minutes every other day then I can't help you. Start an unofficial server where everything is free.
  15. Myrmidon

    Merge PvP and PvE

    Yep. The area of the PvP and PvE zones would have to be adjusted to make sense. As I posted, that was just a rudimentary drawing.