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  1. That's happened to all of us Dave. It comes with the territory of grid servers. If this continues to be a problem for you, I would suggest lowering your sails right as you go into a new zone so you'll load in stopped and right on the border. This has solved my issue in the short term and I have yet to encounter a SOTD right on the border.
  2. Good rule of thumb it to build all of your custom structures first before placing the planks, this also expands what you can do on the ship as well because it prevents structure clipping issues. Decks>Sails>custom structures>planks
  3. Seems to have clipped into the shores that it's parked in and caused it to glitch. Think we've all had that happen once. Be careful with how close you get to shore lines. Stay out of the bright blue areas.
  4. Interesting notes, this brings up something that was missing. With that added information. What programs are you running the in background? Teamviewer? Any torrent downloaders? Anything P2P or file sharing might be causing an interruption with Atlas. Look through this post. We've done a lot one there already but you might see something you haven't tried. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008242814-Troubleshooting-and-Common-Solutions-
  5. Eh, I'll give you that one lol.
  6. There is a 'combat stance' per say. This is when you start to attack something. You are able to do additional things within this stance, but one thing you can't normally do is access the Y option. In order to get out of this stance, you need to press B and you will return to a normal stance. Hope this helps.
  7. Oils lamps on hooks change - allow inventory slot for oil to auto refill. Similar to wood on a campfire Player shops change - Allow salt or ice to extend timers on food so I can sell salted meat or recipe foods I take the time to make in large quantities. Similar to what a preserving bag already makes. Preserving Barrels - Exact same thing as preserving bags, just bigger inventory slot. Ice Chests - Allow food to be stored in them and extend the timers as normal as long as it is ice. NPC crew - Allow auto harvesting by crew, unsure of how to make this happen. Maybe 'assign' to store cabinet and they will indiscriminately harvest surrounding area and place items in chest. Similar to how some tames from Ark would harvest surrounding area when placed on wandering. This of course would increase the amount of gold they cost just like it already exists with different tasks.
  8. You play on an official server, right? If so, I would uninstall the game completely. Afterwards I'd manually go through all the files where the game is located and ensure every single file is permanently deleted. Might be a file that is corrupt that remains even after the uninstall process if that makes sense. If this doesn't work, maybe someone else can chime in. I'm unsure of what else to try without sitting in front of your computer. I'm sorry I haven't been more helpful.
  9. So obviously I'm a bit new to the Atlas game. I've been looking into getting the power stones, but like most information about the game what I've found is outdated and all guides as of recent just show people naked running to collect the power stones. Is there a good source or guide to getting the power stones? I think the general concept is go to Golden Age ruins, defeat the Drake or Hydra to get the Artifact Key, take said Key to Alter and claim power stone. All while battling creatures and trying not to die. I see under water caves that may or may not house a powerstone, it is unclear to me. Just any information or clarification would be appreciated.
  10. I felt the same way about the Brig until I put all handling on it. Might try the Galleon with all Handling to see if it's better for PVP. Haulers will definitely have all speed and 1 handling. Love the paint job George, that took some work. What kind of sails are those? Are those skins for the sails? Still relatively new to the game.
  11. Have you set your headset your default output?
  12. But it still applies, regardless of how many times you've heard it. We all know what early access means by now.
  13. Have you ran tests for your RAM? I had a stick go bad when I played Ark on the PC years ago and had the same issue. RAM was causing this exact crash.
  14. https://www.minitool.com/backup-tips/kernel32-dll-error.html Make sure all drivers are up to date for all of your hardware. Run System File Checker on windows as well. The Kernel32 file may be corrupt. Here's a fix someone posted to another form about this. Not sure the outcome but it seemed it fixed one person's issue. "I accidentally posted one of my fatal errors in discord and someone said to add -fullscreen to the launch options"
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