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  1. Fine i was preparing now good wipe come
  2. i have moor Picters of ships haha that youtube from that game is great there the have normal cannon on left or right not on the back LOL
  3. Come people no about the NPC. I want to no if people ar interesting like riel live wen your in war that you have NPC ship that your ship have you built that npc teaking over ship that he helping you and support you and follow you and if you give sign like Red Flag that npc ship will attack a ship but you need level that ship to 1 and npc faster Repairing en faster gunner and faster turning on the wheel. Funny part of thise is I was hoping on thise like NPC Fleet Coming attack your island that will be great that computer player attack player island some time not yast player but computer players if that’s working wil be great. And NPC fleet on sea that you can attack them. That the have like some time gold transport or Special Crew that you need to have good ship support on your fleet and Npc dock that npc dock automatic there wen your on your home location. - Moor actions Sea - Moor Levels system. - New NPC skills. - Moor war on islands from computer NPC - Moor fun. - And moor action Land I am wondering if people have some idear on thise. i hear of it.
  4. i was looking For moor ships interesting i have some idear and i willing show picters from old ship what i remember wil be great place them in Atlas Chinese Ships : smal / Medium / Big Merchants Ships : smal / Medium / Big Battle Ships : smal / Medium / Big Navigations Ship some people ar Interesting to Have dose ships in Game I hear it
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