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  1. Mike L

    Devs how can you call this a pirate game?

    Yep, I've put in suggestions for some of this stuff, my idea for making ships stealable is to make the steering wheel and sails of a ship, as long as there's no npc on the station useable by anyone. Which as you could guess would have the effect of being able to drive enemy ships you board out at sea. They have at least changed the claim for ships at sea, from days to hours, but yeah I think it would feel more like ship stealing and a pirate game if you had the ability to drive the enemy ship, but not unanquor it, so it wouldn't effect offline ships.
  2. Grenades have definately become, alot of players solution to everything, I do hope they can offer a vaunerablility for them, maybe not limit how much you can carry, but make them active while carrying them, so you have a bar full of grenades? Somone shoots you and they all go BOOM. Get flamed while carrying them, all should go boom. Give them a 5 min equip timer, and make that change would be a fun solution.
  3. Mike L

    Tears of a Bear Cannon

    Glad to see some players considering boat docking, and Freeport bank as an option. I've been posting about it for a couple of weeks. Bottom line, if there is no Freeport bank, or safe storage of some kind for items and boats, only near max size companies will be left in the end. My suggestion, is much more limited than yours, in order to help smaller companies more than large companies, but even a bank that stores everything for you would be an improvement over what they have now.
  4. I mean , it's kinda of exploity because you dont see all the cannons and dont expect the fire power,but once you realize it, I dont see how it's any different than a ship with full gunports in and some extra cannons on top deck. Only the cannons slotted in the gunports get weight reduction. Due to this exploit, they have a small element of surprise, and slightly better protected cannon npcs, on an otherwise non meta ship.
  5. This is a suggestion asking that you reduce the amount of weather that makes the game less playable. Low wind- whenever the wind is at the lowest level, your sailing at less than half of normal speed. This constantly turns a hour long sail into a two hour long much more boring sail, and there's not much its adding to the game to make it fun. Take it out. Fog- foggy weather can be a thing, but cold fronts shouldn't have any fog, and even regular fog still happens too often. We have had multiple ship battles ruined by fog, it's almost impossible to keep fighting in it, for the most part the fog is just annoying, it's not dangerous, it just makes the game less playable. I really love the game your making, but there's things like this in it, that take up so much of your play time, you begin to ask yourself, if the devs even want you to have fun playing it, and pvping in it. Just removing low wind weather, and fog entirely would help your game alot, however just reducing it would help the cause. Help us players love and play your game! We need more action and less 4 hour sails that end in an objective that only takes 10 minutes to complete.
  6. Mike L

    Sunken ships in peace time.

    Bases are raid bait, unless you have online players defending there, which is why I'm pushing for design change, alot of companies dont have enough members to be online 9 combat hours of the day, despite the devs efforts offline ships are still sunk easily, which is why I'm pushing for a Freeport design change, so that very small companies/solo players could maintain their things in freeports, and exists in the pvp world as just a ship with whatever they have with them. It's the easiest way to play currently, and it's pretty fun, they should just make it part of the games design.
  7. Mike L

    Tames in Freeport last one week

  8. I'm posting this suggestion that a critical change that could help the progress of smaller companies, and help make the game more fun in general. Currently no one knows if the Freeport settings on live are on purpose or an accident. Tames, last 8 days in the Freeport, only requiring that you render them in, and feed them to keep them pretty safe, other than players trying to gather wild Freeport animals to kill them. Mine have been safe at least. You can keep anything on their inventory safely essentially saving your progress in the game. Ships in the Freeport, at first seems unmanageable to keep them floating until you increase resistance levels, my brig at 220% resist has been fine, and would take about 16hours to sink. So currently if you dont want a claim you can manage keeping everything besides a farm in the freeports. Saving my progress this way, knowing other players cant ruin it has been FUN. Knowing that if I steal something cool, or do something difficult in the game, I can save it. I cant be online for 9 hours everyday to keep a claim. This is the only way I can play atm as a small company, there are still huge advantages to having a claim like infinite non decaying ship storage, so that you can have more than one or two ships. So what I'm proposing is that you make the Freeport more of a sanctuary for small companies. Introduce a Freeport bank npc that can hold like 25 slots, no weight limit, for small companies. Do not link the bank npc together, we dont want people teleporting resources across the atlas. All this would be is a small cache of items that is personal to each pathfinder, and has nothing to do with the company. Not enough to save everything but enough to pick what's important to you to save. You have already introduced a nice trading, and shop system, which has little merit to small companies that have no where safe to keep their items, except for Freeport tames right now. I do like the settler system, however big companies aren't struggling with upkeep, so while they probably wont mind having settlers, the settlers arent of much value, so there's not much incentive to protect their stuff on your island, also bigger companies will just push that you merge with them rather than be your own company, while they cant MAKE you do this, they CAN however, evict you and wipe all your progress. However this small personal Freeport bank could fix alot for solo/small company players allowing them to do buisiness with big companies without fear that the big company will decide to wipe all their progress. I LOVE YOUR GAME, and I hope you can consider a Freeport bank a possibility for its future. That way each fight/ battle doesnt have to end in someone wanting to quit, or realizing big companies are the only way to play it at all.
  9. Mike L

    Sunken ships in peace time.

    This is so funny, you guys think defences work. Lol player ingenuity will still win. Ballistas- SUPER slow bolts and laughable to dodge at any distance Puckles- 25 dmg a shot, will only shoot tames no matter what settings there on. There's no point to either of those defences. I can't tell ya what works though, because nothing I've tested so far is very good/effective.
  10. Mike L

    Anchored ships should not sink

    The point of this post is good. I see some replys asking why he wants to make the game even easier? It's not that he wants it easier, he's trying to create maximum pvp engagement to make it MORE FUN. Which will bring more players to the game making it even MORE FUN. Which creates a positive feedback loop, which in itself creates the success of the game. Progress is EVERYTHING in this game, so losing that progress to start over just because someone found your stuff while your offline. Creates no sort of creative difficulty of any kind, it causes you to repeat things you already have, like building another galleon, that's not difficult it's just time consuming. Also I've done a test, of the games defences, there all terrible. So if your logging off at all during the 9hrs your risking all your progress that's on that land. There just needs to be something, to save the progress of small company players. The whole settler idea is good, but big companies dont struggle with upkeep, so there's not much incentive to protect their stuff as the island owning company. I think ships not being able to be sunk, and even a small personal Freeport bank npc would go a long way in helping the little companies make this game fun again. There WERE a lot of players in this game wanting to do small companies, alot of them have quit, and the only reason I've been able to keep my progress since the wipe is Freeport tames, and a brig at 200% resist takes 16hours to sink in Freeport. Since my progress is relatively safe, it makes game progression fun. If I was progressing on a claim, it wouldn't be, because I know everytime I log off in battle time, I should expect it all to be wiped when i come back. So whenever something is working towards this saving progress of players that want to play with themselves and some friends, and not have the entire game done for them by a big company. Why I think they should model it around small company, no land claiming, and just living on lawless and freeports, then up to bigger companies keep land, and can have settlers. Do a small Freeport bank, and make ships unsinkable ,but raidable while offline, and smaller companies have a way to play the game. Atm if your not in a Freeport, as a small company, your stuff simply isn't remotely safe, doesnt matter if your defence cost 10000 gold a day, it wont stop players
  11. Mike L

    Best ship

    3 speed sails will be the fastest. Which is usually the best, it needs a little weight leveled, maybe 2000 for more speed, then I'd do resistance or dmg if you dont need more crew.
  12. Not a formal bug report, just wanted to point out, if your trying to keep your ship from sinking, it doesnt matter if you throw the water off the ship or not. It counts either way.
  13. Mike L

    Again no balance. Blackjacks and liquid flame

    I think OP is focusing on his tame not being able to be mounted so much ,the ones who knocked him off with the blackjack is killing him, focus on killing the player, also just whistle neutral so the tame fights the idiot hitting it with a blackjack over and over. Use a bola to stop the blackjacker from moving, whistle neutral, and kill them. Tames are still too strong, raid streams that I watch are all tames, grenades and carbines. Guns>blackjack So if your on a tame, and you have guns, you should have a way to defend yourself. Even tame rider vs tame rider, the main objective is to bola the other rider.
  14. Mike L

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    In your opinion, Badkebab. I however think it would be a good idea to try unraidable storage. Obviously from my above post there's design in the game for unraidable storage. Besides how do you have pirates instead of soldiers whenever anything you steal or take from bigger companies will just cause them to siege your land until you lose it. I want MORE pvp, MORE piracy, and LESS 48 hour attrition wars, LESS building my stuff again because I logged off. We dont all want this to just be ark, only with a different ocean.
  15. Mike L

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    Yeah, the above post are why I think, they should just make a Freeport bank, or my less favorite option ,change the tames to 1 day declaim, no player shops in Freeport, no player trading in freeport, no disappearing inventory on Freeport logout and dropped items immediately despawn in freeport. I feel like the bank is the better way to go, keeps the mmo aspect of the game, and adds another big difference from ark ,that alot of players playing these games look for. Storage that anyone can depend on. Almost no reason to put in a secure trading system, if you have no where secure to put items to trade for. The bank should be personal storage, not company, that way you wont have merge scamming.