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  1. Mike L

    Group Unseat Command

    I was using that for awhile to switch which side my npcs were on to man a ship out with less npcs, then it just stopped working. The reseat command specifically just stopped reseating any npcs. I think something with the command got messed up. Still though good suggestion it is a needed command to just unseat and reseat them.
  2. I'm not sure if you have read these suggestions or not? Remove Combat timers- along with that change make it so that a company must hold an island for 5 days before being able to war. Once they can war, they can drop a war deck on anyone where the defender gets to choose which of that companies(attackers) islands will be vaunerable for the duration of the war. War ends after 24 hrs or when one island is taken. Increase anquored ship plank resistance to at least 1000%, while decreasing structure resistance on the ship by 75%. This would make it so that they can sink your ship while your offline, but it will be wasteful, and they can at least loot it without sinking it. Small personal non connected Freeport bank- an npc at freeports that will hold 20 slots of anything for you, so that smaller companies can do buissiness with larger companies. Small guys need that threat of a tiny amount of unraidable loot, so that other that putting it at the bottom of the ocean. They can steal nice things, and trade them instead of word spreading among bigger companies that they need to be kicked from the game, and that your kill on sight. Remove building on the bottom of the ocean. At least make it so that you cant build outside of claims and lawless. It makes it too easy for a company to hide raid weapons in your server, and they can just sail a sloop from the Freeport over to attack your land each and every combat timer These are honest suggestions that fit in perfectly with other things already implemented in the game. It makes the game better for large companies and small ones. These dont have to be these exact changes, but does no one else see, that the way this game is designed, only the biggest group is meta. Which is why only one pvp group will exists soon, unless devs do something. Red is dead= one day theres no red I'm getting tired of this, my voice has almost gone out.
  3. Yeah, they said they'd include small companies when designing the game, however currently, they've introduced a settler system, which reduces the base cost of the island the more settlers you have. Other than that nothing has been done to insure that the largest group isn't always the strongest. Currently if the player base grows so must companies. It's pretty simple. Right now its low pop so 10-12 active players can hold an island most likely. Other than that if your not living out of the Freeport, or the bottom of the ocean your screwed. If the game goes up to 2000 concurrent players instead of 400, youd need a company of 30-40 to hold. If it goes back up to 40k players, only discord whitelisted max alliances are going to survive. That's why I've proposed a number of changes so that the little guy can make it and have fun playing the game such as.. Small personal Freeport bank No combat timer, and restructure war to be fair. (Meaning you must risk your island to war) Make ships easy to raid when parked, not easy to sink. I know those changes look simple, and they are but they allow companies of any size to do buissiness with one another ,and would take griefing down to a minimum. Really most of the changes to fix griefing and to make the game fun are pretty simple. Just wish devs had one person play on officials so they could have a firsthand opinion of what it's like to actually play their game. I think they just look at pvp rules and get frustrated trying to think of ways to make them better, so they come out with new content instead, and hope that fixes it. Which it doesnt, just for playability in their early access period the rules to pvp is the first thing they should work out, and only change those rules if new content of some kind causes an imbalance. I dont TRY to sound like a know it all. I know I do though ,but with 10000 hours in ark and probably 2500 in atlas, I do hope they value my opinion. Also had to add this in because it annoys me, my prediction for the dev livestream. They answer two questions posted by players then just talk about the new content, cats and hats, and avoid answering anything about how they plan to fix the playerbase or the direction the game will be going moving forward. I hope they prove me wrong though!
  4. Mike L

    Livestream Q&A

    What are the plans to keep pvp fresh, and competitive, and are there any plans beyond being a settler for small companies?
  5. Mike L

    Best PvP Brig design

    An armored brig like the above post is good for defence, it will be too heavy to catch anything to sink it. Large cannons have further range so, they are the safest way to inflict damage on the enemy ship. Ship cannons have the highest damage per second so they are the best for getting in close and going for the sink. There is no best ship. It's all just a balance of the way its leveled and what it has to fight. Brigs have the best ratio to gain speed from leveling additional weight. So weight=faster Resistance= take more punishment And damage= harder hitting brig. If you can get shots in where you dont have to take shots, damage is best. If you cant catch them, weight is best, and if you cant outrun them, resist is best. You can always put points in all three for an all round decent brig.
  6. Yeah, in the end it's their game they can do what they want with it, but we can see how 35000 people voted. They had some fun, got greifed after they logged off, and quit. Now most of the 5000 players that are left have the attitude of, well if you dont have enough players to defend it you shouldn't have it, but they dont think about sustainability of the playerbase at all. If the game is designed this way, only one group of players wins, the biggest one. Therefore pvp is eventually going to be pve, then it will die off/maybe have a few solo players. At which point I'm sure they'll eventually close down the official servers. Wiping and not changing anything about design will just start the same process over again where eventually the biggest group will win again. Last time they wiped they did make some changes that helped some, however they kind of just stopped, and cut out small companies entirely(pretty evident by the company alliance limit instead of a player limit). The players left have figured out the best ways to greif the combat timers, so the playerbase kept dropping, and it wont stop until the devs stop them by design, and allow more than just the biggest company in the game That's the simplest I can put it, your right some of my suggestions have been repeated from game suggestions to this pvp general section. So 35000 players, or the 5000 players left, who's side are the devs going to pick?
  7. First of all you can use boats as defence so, you may get sunk by its cannons trying to ram it. And you honestly yourself play all 9 hours of your combat time each day? I'm in a company which has members online for the combat timer, but if the enemy shows up while members are out sailing ships, and doing things they may not all be able to just drop what there doing, but they have to. Why? Combat timer. And everyone uses ships instead of land cannons to defend their harbors now. Npcs that are far away or high up on cliffs dont shoot anymore. Puckles and swivels are about the only useful land defences, and both can be outranged by regular ship cannons on the back of a bear. Mostly wanting combat timer to go, so that having the most members in your company isn't the way to win the game. Would rather it be based more on who's better at the combat. Instead of who has more freetime between all the members of their company. Just wish anyone would take a minute, to think about the game without combat timers. It takes out alot of the reason to just day to day troll other companies, which is also why everyone gets bored and quits, but leaves in the ability to prepare as good as you can for an island seige, and show them how to destroy stuff when the war timer starts. How the game is now though if a war deck is put on your island, your best bet is to move your shit to the Freeport, and take some kits to their island and troll them in combat time each day until the war. If you win doing that, you've already won the war. In fact it's so bad since players already know the winner before the war starts most companies I see, just pack up and move, or quit playing instead of fighting.
  8. It doesnt work for surprise attacking someone. But I dont see how it devalues land any? You could still do the same stuff you do on land now. Farm, collect resources, make better stuff, park ships. So I dont see what you mean besides people moving things off the island before war time, but if they move too many assets off, there more likely to lose their land. If you wanna talk about land not being valuable? How about currently theres tons of unclaimed land because of the small player base, or how megas are living on each others land and abandoning their home land, so that they dont have to defend through combat timers? Pretty much because of what I was saying above, way too easy to gear out and harass a company as much as they want with no ship.
  9. My complaint is that currently blue prints have a very large range of qualities, that doesn't make very much sense, I've found prim blueprints better than legendary ones. Also blue prints have such a range on mythical ones that, they could be useless, or so good that no new player will ever have a chance at enjoying your game, since if they do find a fight it will probably be against players who have farmed blueprints for months. My suggestion is to scale down just how good the blue prints can be on the top end, and normalize them so that Prim 0-5% better Fine 5-10% better Journeyman- 10-15% Masterwork 15-20% Legendary 20-25% Mythical 25-30% Something like this would be very good for games playability and new players dont feel quite as worthless with a primitive ship and primitive guns. Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work.
  10. Also it's pretty cheesy that enemies will sail a ship by, hide whatever they need to raid you in the ocean, spam the island with beds, and until you find the equipment in the ocean they can raid you with no ship anytime. Something needs to be done about that as well. I vote no building outside claims and lawless at least. Also make the settler cords useful, currently it gives you the cords of the first item they drop and that's it. This is also why I think they should just remove combat timers. Let it just be about war for taking islands. That way small companies likely wont be worth the war deck, unless they attack another company or something, and big companies would know when the fight is comming so they can properly prepare.
  11. No I was meaning, with your proposed change of the island in peace, while the claim flag radius is always combat. With that if you dont piller spam your beaches someone will come by and make storage you dont know about on your island that they leave pvp kits in. Until you find there stuff your island would be in danger. Would probably still be better than the 9hr combat window though.
  12. Mike L

    My thoughts and suggestions for Pvp

    Like a big bank box? That is tied to a bigger bank that's deposited into by the company? I think I'm missing the point of it, it's just for gold storage? Whys it safe/payout gold?
  13. You'll still need the structure protection in order to not let your enemies build enough to take your island. I dont see what changes there. However they do it, changes like these need to be put in place for lots of reasons. One of the biggest being the direction the games currently headed towards, which is one giant mega alliance that turns the game into pve essentially. It's already moved into two main giant white list alliances. Only a matter of time before one wins. That's why they should never have abandoned the small companies. I've always said it from the beginning, its literally those small companies that drive the game and make it interesting. Players that primarily play in big companies never understand this. They always say," but your just a small number of players theres no way you could matter. "
  14. Mike L

    My thoughts and suggestions for Pvp

    Well said, what do you mean by personal bank box in bank? Like a Freeport bank? Anyways these issues do need to be tackled. Sooners better than later, but these things take time. Good post though
  15. Mike L

    Changes to Ship Combat for more Piracy

    Yeah I like that ships wont be sunk while offline, something needs to be done about that for sure. This system would be an improvement, also leaves alot of work to be done on it. Some claim flags arent accessible, so those islands will essentially be invincible. Something else that needs to be clarified, can you be black flagged by more than one company? Will the island owner be able to destroy anyone's ship on their island at any time? And last an exploit that needs to be fixed with or without this system is, enemies can build a fob without a bed in it without the island owners knowledge. This will lead to company "a" leaves all the stuff on company "b" island to raid them. Then company A simply watches the player count/ which players are online, until they see enough log off then it will be offline raid time. Any thoughts on the raid meta of this system?