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  1. Your not missing anything underwater stuff is a bitch to raid. You can.. use explosive barrels in some fashion by dropping them on it, or cannons will hit underwater, the cannon ball however is no longer visible, so just shoot at it till you get numbers and keep the cannon aimed there.
  2. Mike L

    Alliance Mechanics

    Ya it's a limit of 5 companies you can ally. They decided to cut out smaller companies that way. So probably just go with the 5 biggest allies you can.
  3. Mike L

    how is no one talking about this?

    Ohh it is around her neck it looks like it's in the monkey though, but back to the original point of the post, I think it may be a sword skin. Unless it's a leak for a 2h sword, thatd be cool.
  4. Mike L

    how is no one talking about this?

    I mean maybe? Could just be a sword skin. They also showed a picture of a girl riding a cannon. Hope that's not a leak lol. Monkeys even wearing chest armor with what looks like a powerstone in it.
  5. Mike L

    Anchored ships should not sink

    Good and bad, it's a way that limits foundation wiping, but that's not exactly the issue here. Takes like a day or two to build up. Takes much longer to collect far away resources, blueprints, and amass gold. If the raiders knock your doors down and raid you every two days. You dont have much you can do to progress besides, collect stuff in Freeport, or at the bottom of the ocean. So youd still have a base, but it wouldn't be worth using again. I just think we need to figure out how to have mostly online combat, because just like ark, online combat is actually usually fun. Offline raiding is a joke no matter how much defence is set up. So I think the main idea to work on is, how to prevent offline combat a bit, without implementing full ORP. full orp has exploit issues that will always be there.
  6. Mike L

    PvP MMO?

    Well at least with the combat timer removed, everyone would be notified that it's time to fight, a shorter timer would be an improvement, but wouldn't change the meta of, check their server each day to see how many are on in their combat time, first time almost no one is on, raid it all. You'll always have that problem even with short combat timers. It's a requirement that you at least log on in combat time everyday to look like your going to defend. That's not really fun to me, being forced to log on just to keep playing. If it's just war then at least you'll know when you HAVE to log on in advance, and if you cant be on on that time, you know it's time to pack up and run. Big companies would still hold a lot of power, but they arent going to keep putting war flags down for no loot, and no fight, so they shouldn't be harassing small companies unless theres just nothing else to attack/do.
  7. Mike L

    PvP is the same/ why

    If you COULD live out of Freeport? What stops you? Tames last 8 days at Freeport, they can have any amount of items/resources on them. Ships over 200% resist only need to be repaired once or twice a day to stay in Freeport indefinitely. Living out of the Freeport isn't only possible it's easy. Most companies wont do it because ship maintenance isn't that easy though. That's the only main difference between freeport living and claim living. You can park as many ships as you want on a claim with no maintenance. The devs have acknowledged all of this and said they arent changing the freeports anytime soon.
  8. Mike L

    PvP is the same/ why

    Uhm? Is this a sarcasm post? Look like two levels of sarcasm. You can already do both of those. Can store everything and even breed in the Freeport. Combat timers are already a pve restriction in a pvp world, and I honestly think they made the game better with them. Just need to take it one step further, and remove combat timer so its, pve unless war flag is dropped. HOWEVER there is an opposite rout you could go which may be more fun as well. Which would be, full time vaunerablity, and permanately double rates. Game becomes less grind, more playground. Like anarky settings. I vote try removing combat timer though!
  9. Mike L

    PvP MMO?

    Right on the dot sir. Why I've been wondering why theyve forgotten the small companies. The combat only really works on smaller scales anyways. I still think the combat timer needs to be removed. Would make the game manageable for all sorts of group sizes. Yes he's right though, larger companies already complain islands cant really be taken in war unless it's a zerg where they cap out the server. However with the combat timer still in smaller groups arent going to be able to survive, leaves you with no real working pvp besides arranged skirmishes between large companies, it still needs to be fixed.
  10. Mike L

    PvP is the same/ why

    Yep, they'd have retained alot more players if they'd have started pve pretty much, then introduced forms of pvp as they could balance them. Like this Phase 1, ship combat and world pvp Phase 2, ship combat world pvp, and war flags Phase 3, add combat timers Phase 4, full time vaunerablility. Then they could always go back to whichever form the most players liked the best.
  11. Well my goal here is to keep freedom to form groups as big as you want, bigger should still equal more power. However anyone should also be able to raid who they want to. I dont like ORP Specifically because it has lots of other exploits tied to orp specifically ,but we do need to find a way for offline raiding to not be the most popular raiding, we need to find a way people can play this game without being scared all there stuff gets raided without logging on for at least 9 hours every single day. I'd prefer that offline raiding almost never happens ,besides when the defender just wont log on for days and has had war notifications. So while I think you should have to war in order to completely wipe something, i also know from gameplay that 25000 gold isn't that hard to obtain. Even a solo player could do so in a week or two. If war works the way I want to restructure it, then big companies would still be limited by the amount of islands you own as youd only be able to use one war token per island you own, and it would be possible if they had too many enemies that when war starts, the big company could lose through smaller companies planning better for combat, and a counter attack going well. The reason I think structure should be taken with an island is because while they put in the raise function to clear off the island, it doesnt give much of a sense of " I've won the island now" instead its, well we have it, do we want to spend 100k gold toward keeping it now? Instead with this war system it will be "haha the island is ours now we have more power and can put down an extra war token in 5 days if we hold it". Its incentive for your company to still take as many islands as it can hold because that's more islands you can use to war somebody else and more island an enemy would have to war against to wipe your company. With all that said the biggest thing to take away from this whole post is that there shouldn't be a combat timer and they should work on actual incentive to go pvp, so it doesnt just feel like your trying to make your enemy's log out and quit the game. Remember even without a combat timer, you'll be able to navel battle anytime the opportunity arises, and groups of all sizes could maintain an island. Which will make the game more fun for all players except the ones that are only into offline raiding which I dont feel like the devs should cater to those players.
  12. Ya just for npcs, players can still shoot the cannon max distance, and it's not really new, they were doing optimizations 2 months or so ago. Where they outlined the changes as server optimization for npcs But the optimizations from my understanding made the npcs calculate trajectory and shot based on the client instead of the server. While it does optimize the server it also requires someone to have the npc in render range for it to fire.
  13. Mike L

    I enjoy playing atlas

    I love how dynamic, and how complex, the ingame items and pvp gets. The ship combat is awesome. I love out thinking your enemy, and just thinking up meta pvp ship designs. Theres a sort of "science" that develops from it.
  14. Used to, now they dont though they will only shoot 30 foundations away with the cannon on high range, so placing them higher effectively reduces their range. I'm hoping after they do more optimisation they'll change it back to higher up gives more range again
  15. It's because while they still have the freedom to spam, it becomes an asset for an enemy trying to take the island, they'll get to own all that spam So basically it will make spam feel like useless work, and the best way to hurt your enemy will be to clean off the island completely resetting it essentially. Since there wont be a daily combat timer, there isn't much reason to spam up the whole island. They'll still spam up important areas, but actually trying to hit your 15000 structure limit will make your island a good hit, or raid even if you clear out all the loot.