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  1. Mike L

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    Why dont they do the opposite of what they did and open the empire server as a new smaller tribe server where they can attempt a limit like 10, and have even smaller attack time like 6hrs instead of 9. This would be nice that way when your stuff gets wrecked by a mega company on colonies you can try that out.
  2. I'm fine with the rates, just a quick pointer, if something is taking a long time to grind out in a particular area, like fiber or metal, find an easier place to farm it, most freeports will give you fiber at a rate of 1000 in less than a minute with a sickle.
  3. Mike L

    Devs please read this.

    I feel like you should be able to steer, and use enemy ships sails, but not be able to unanquor the ship, then you get more of a piracy feel and you can move their ship while you steal it.
  4. Mike L

    Cannon Cart/Tame Balance

    Yeah something needs to be done here, I made a post, saying they should just increase gun dmg vs tames in pvp alot Like 2-3 times as much so that you can fight them. I wouldn't be opposed to slowing carts down, but that's not the only problem, tigers and lions are still going to wreck the ground pvp, If you just nerf the carts. A blunderbuss is the highest dmg weapon atm at 90 dmg. Up that damage to 300% and tames become fightable and killable Double pistol, then swap and hit with blunderbuss is the most dmg you can do quickly.
  5. Yep, if you try to run a company the way I stated, there wont be a company to run. Which is why most megas end up being similar to each other. One similarity they usually also share is that one member of them feels like they need to help the company more than other members, so they start breeding tames which actually puts their company ahead, or they cheat, exploit and hack. Just make sure you keep those hacker,cheater, exploiters out of your company and I'm sure everything will be good, no matter which servers you choose. The hacker/ exploiter problem is a complicated one, since your company may just be trading/ doing commerce with cheaters, which should still get you banned but in a larger company this is hard to keep track of, just dont make everyone join/ally with you and force devs to do a mass ban where most of the players banned dont even know why, this is what it comes to eventually. We saw it in ark. There really isn't a reason to have more than 50 people in a discord at once though, other than zerging or maybe you just like to talk to that many players simultaneously. To each their own I guess Also I'll be ready to fight ya you can try and sink/take what we have but I'll do whatever I can to make that difficult, and i wont care how big your company is, retaliation is always possible!
  6. To the OP, you as a single minded player can feel this way about mega tribes, and about your mega tribe, but can you be certain that everyone in your tribe is like minded individuals that never disagree with you what yall should and shouldn't be able to do ingame? You must be certain based on your company mates actions. Making all of your company take a vow doesnt work, they must never violate your benevolent leadership! If the answer to that is no, then its just another mega abusing rules to crush small companies and make everyone choose between joining you, hiding from you, or quitting the game. So I'm sure that the devs will ask megas about every decision before they make it LOL.
  7. I already made a suggestion post, I think gun damage vs tames needs to be at least tripled ,and puckle dmg needs to be quadrupled. Maybe even more is needed, you can see actual numbers in the suggestion link at the bottom. If you have fought against tames and flame swivels yet, you might think the same. If you like this suggestion, upvote this or the suggestion post please!
  8. Did some testing this morning, and there is a serious problem with tames vs defences, and with tames vs players. As it currently is dmg values against tames are very low. All this testing was done with primitive 100% weapons. Pistol, 23 dmg Carbine, 40 dmg Blunderbuss, 90 dmg Puckle gun, 25 dmg This is how much these damage tames Which, is not enough to threaten anything. Flame swivels are the only thing that can put out out real damage to the tame and rider, however you can still ride strait past a flame swivel and live. Canister shot, destroys any defence/artillery structure in one shot. So I propose a rebalance, and I think the simplest thing to do about it would be increase gun and puckle damage to player owned tames. I think you need a 300% increase for guns and a 400-500% increase from puckles. This would keep tames in the combat as they would still be very powerful, but leave their usefulness up to player skill of the driver, and the defender shooting at them. Also puckles have a tough time tracking them to shoot while tames move at full speed anyways, so a 500% increase would help, and they would still have to shoot most tames with all 5 shots to kill. How it is now though, makes the combat shallow and your only good option is to use a bear or horse with swivel or cannon. The guns are useless vs this, their damage vs players is ok, but they are useless vs tames. A blackjack does dismount the rider, which could allow you to overwhelm it, with tames or other things, but that's about it for rider weakness or ways to disable them. If we dont want all the land combat to be tames only though, some serious damage buffs like these need to be put in place. Also remember that the heal takes 10 seconds to complete and is a min CD normally, or 20 seconds if you go with an intelligence build. So these current gun damage values hardly do anything to the tame, the strongest thing is the blunderbuss and all 90 damage gets healed before you can reload.
  9. Mike L

    offline protection

    Except they probably will do something, that's why they've gone with a war system in which this is impossible to do, with upcoming system everything will be vulnerable for 9 hours every day, that you will probably be able to see pretty easily when visiting their land. How are you going to exploit this system? If you can think of a way its important to voice it now. Besides even in the current iteration of the game all Freeport tames are banks that only require you render them in once per week..
  10. Mike L

    Why megas are good for the game

    It's going to be too hard for the devs to accommodate for megas though, their wars/battles literally dont even work or function within the limits of the game. Ark ,two megas try and fight each other, they start logging on until, whoops the servers full, whoever has less players starts pin coding lights and turns on 1000 lights at once and crashes the server, so that when it comes back up they might get more players on. Atlas, two megas try and fight, cap out server, one has less players on, the less players give up eventually and the other mega keeps server capped while waiting on claim flags. Especially in atlas, all I see in mega tribe attacks is one packs up all their stuff and move because they know it will turn into the above situation, not a fight.
  11. Mike L

    Flame Bear Cart Meta Need Changing

    I agree that the swivel cart is overpowered, however I dont think you should stop there, if you remove the cart, pvp on the ground will only be done with tame riders, lions, tigers, and bears. Guns and melee weapons would still be utterly useless, they should just nerf tames to the ground. Reduce their health by ALOT please. This wasn't supposed to be ark, please just make it so that tames can be blunderbussed to death. Then the cart would be more of a glass cannon/seige only tool anyways. I think the pvp would get more interesting if only the mythical tames were good at fighting, and regular tames just help farm, and transport mostly.
  12. Great suggestion! I believe 50 would be perfect size also, would be able to complete all the games content and have excellent sea battles vs each other. This captain Jack is just pulling the thoughts right out of my head!
  13. Mike L

    Can we talk about Season 2 and the PTR?

    Lol did you lose your job in the mailroom yet? Or did you just send those pink slips halfway to Siberia?
  14. Mike L

    Lag, and structures. A question for the Devs.

    Yeah I think introducing options like this tied to a structure limit for companies would be great! I hate running into gates trying to render in or invisible cannons taking shots at your ship. Also would go further in making the game a competitive atmosphere and give reason to craft blueprint base peices! Good suggestion.
  15. Mike L

    Pre wipe ship battles

    The armor works very well, however it is extra weight on your ship, IF you have enough hands to keep planks repaired it might not be as needed, but mostly these one sided cannon build will one shot your deck if you have no armor or at least deck structure, losing your top deck usually causes too many problems to fix.. I would recommend at least do one layer of roof armor with extra roof pieces on your ship to replace, dont worry about repairing them though, after you take damage from a cannon volley, its 2 minutes before you can replace roofs, and 3 minutes before you can repair them. Watch out for one sided builds though, they will wreck your top deck and sails.