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  1. They literally have skills in the game devoted to instantly using medkits to heal in a pinch as well as making it easier to use them...
  2. SkyKevin


    A green anchored brig takes over a day to claim. If you have swivels on deck its even harder for them to drop a flag down. If you abhor the tax/protection system then it's your responsibility to defend your boats 24/7. If you don't want people to offline grief you, then claim an island or go live as a tax tribe on another one. There are plenty of vacant islands in the game right now that you can easily claim. You don't get to live on an island that requires 0 upkeep and have the luxury of invulnerable ships for 15+ hours a day. You don't get both. Ai do suck though.
  3. SkyKevin


    I'm not trolling, no one steals boats right now because it takes too long or it's too difficult to remove all the players or npc from the boats without sinking it. If you're playing on a lawless island you should expect people to attack you 24/7 you can just as easily settle on an island with a larger company and have an 8 hour window for being attacked. Many large companies are advocating for this because they like the tax. I also never said anything about offline griefing or whether I did it. I think you're just upset because you can't handle games like this. I would suggest going over to the PVE server if this is how you react to losing a boat. As per the conversation around ship stealing. I stand by my point it needs to be buffed so we can do more pirating on the seas.
  4. SkyKevin


    Please make it easier to steal ships. The current claim timer still takes far too long considering the difficulty to remove all the players/npc's on board. The ship stealing skill is also a joke considering it only increases the timer by an extra few seconds and requires constant spamming. The OP is very wrong about ship stealing given that even a tribe of 1 person should be able to log on at least once during their island's wartime to contest the ship claim and reset it.
  5. SkyKevin

    Make Sails Fun

    There should be a minigame or some kind of mechanic in place for players who are sailing on a ship. I know they're working on adding more stuff to do while you're sailing from point A to point B and I think some sort of sailing minigame or rigging objective would be perfect to keep players out at sea instead of bed teleporting away for 90% of the voyage. I think the best way to do this would be to keep everything the way it is currently but add a bonus to sail speed for any sails that are manned by a human player. You could make them have a higher turn speed, velocity, and even possibly damage reduction to sails if they have a human player on board controlling them. This would help to break the current meta of having only npc's on sails all the time and I think people would appreciate being able to go somewhere much faster if they have the human crew to help them do it. Imagine instead of doing a galleon trade run by yourself for 2 hours, you get your mates on all 6 sails and it only takes you 30 minutes because all your guys are working together trying to keep them correctly in the wind or doing whatever minigame they could come up with.
  6. SkyKevin

    Wind and Sailing

    I think to make sailing better they need to change red sails back to stopping your ship. It would make handling sails a viable option once more and add a new bit of skill to ship combat (HOPEFULLY) stopping the full speed sails meta that's going on currently. More random/interesting winds would be nice but I don't mind it currently. I'm excited for them to add things to do while we're sailing like the fishing nets, because I find that when going long distances you don't bother to stop for floatsam, SOTD, or floatsam. If they have more stuff you can do while the ship is moving like fishing, playing dice/cards, or other painting/crafting options would be nice. At least that way you can convince other players to stay with you on your ship while sailing as opposed to everyone bed teleporting away to do something else while you're stuck behind the wheel by yourself.
  7. SkyKevin

    SOTD Fleet

    I think they need to go harder on the fleet mechanic. So far it's pretty great and I like that the battles are more interesting but I'd like to see them using some new tactics as opposed to right now, they're more of a nuisance as they essentially just all sail directly towards you at once. If they had some advanced tactics to try and fake out or trap the player, that would be exciting.
  8. SkyKevin

    Combat phase too long

    Honestly, I would like them to lower the combat phase down to 8 hours, but that's only because then it gives a time schedule that will fit more into people's lives. Other than that, it shouldn't be made any shorter. Larger companies are having a terrible time taking islands from other companies because it's so difficult to do so with the current mechanics, EVEN with a 9 hour raid window if you don't take the flag they will build defences back up by the next day. Additionally, if a flag under capture is being contested it will reset to 1 hour which means you just need to have an ally stand in the circle once an hour to properly defend the island until it goes peacetime. As for small companies it's simple. If you don't want to defend for 9 hours a day or do not have the resources/people/commitment required, then maybe you should consider living on someone else's island and negotiate a fair tax rate with them? There are plenty of larger tribes willing to allow people on their island for that reason now that they benefit from having people with them. You can't decide that you want your very own island without the commitment it takes to own and defend that island. There are plenty of islands that are left vacant as well so don't complain that you can't find anywhere to go because there's plenty of space available to build on. To the OP. Take what I said above about small companies and do that. You mention that your ships are sunk and your base has been raided while you are offline and that it has happened multiple times. What that tells me is you were afk raided multiple times and so you got to keep your island. If you can't install proper boat defenses then you should go live on someone's island with a harbour because there are plenty of people who have spent countless hours farming so that they can keep boats safe. It's a service so don't expect it for free but it might be better than having to keep building everything once more.
  9. SkyKevin

    Make Sloops Faster For Solo Players

    I've been revisiting this idea and a lot of people seem to mention that Schooners are somehow a suitable ship for solo players, but in my opinion it is simply too large to manage the entire ship if you assume you are on your own. You have to run back and forth between the two sails and both decks if you don't have any npc crew to help. This is definitely doable but extremely inconvenient if you are under attack by any ghost ships or players. Based on the sloop's size it is all around better for this sort of multitasking and is pretty much already set up to be operable by one player. This is why I think if they just boosted the max speed a little bit, they would be fine. To be clear, I don't think sloops should be faster than schooners, but they should be buffed a bit so that if you're running a sloop as an exploration vessel it wont take you twice as long as if you did it in a schooner. As an example, a schooner with 7000 lbs of cargo (roughly 70% capacity) can go much faster than a sloop with only 1000 lbs (33% capacity). The sloop currently with that weight difference is completely blown out of the water as the schooner will zip by. It's fine for the schooner to be faster but at least make the sloop able to trail close behind or barely keep up.
  10. SkyKevin

    Make Sloops Faster For Solo Players

    I would argue all 8 are reasons that would improve the game for all players. If you're going off of experience on a pve server then It really doesnt matter, you could sail a galleon around and be fine solo. Pvp official is a lot more dangerous and involved so you probably wouldnt understand why these changes improve things for the playerbase. If you read above i said make sloops slightly SLOWER than schooners so they are still not the fastest ship in the game but still able to keep up if they are lightly loaded. I know larger ships are supposed to go faster but for the purpose of balance they need a speed buff. Lastly, the sloop is not the first ship you get your hands on. Back on release the raft was considered your starter ship. Now you have on top of that the ramshackle sloop which comes with two small speed sails (much slower than a single medium) so why do you consider a sloop to be a starter ship when there are two much lesser types of ships available? by that logic the game only has 3 real ships when im saying make the 4th one viable.
  11. I think increasing the sailing speed of sloops would make them a viable ship for solo players. I do a lot of solo sailing by myself and with the current meta everyone uses schooners. Right now using a sloop is a complete joke given they are not good for travelling, cargo, or combat in any way. Here are some reasons I think Sloops should be SLIGHTLY slower than schooners. 1. Sloops are for the solo player, not much room to build on them or base crew so they should accomodate smaller groups of 3-5 people. 2. Sloops are easier to manage. less resources when a plank is destroyed or to repair them means solo players who DONT have access to tames and other high efficiency resourse gathering can still keep their ship repaired with less effort. 3. Sloops have little cannon ability. The size of the crew and size of the deck on a sloop doesnt allow for gunports and barely room for a few cannons on the main deck. So they still wont compete with other ships when it comes to combat. 4. Swivel cannons might matter. Right now canister shots are pretty much never used as they have terrible range and damage compared to medium cannons. It would be nice to have sloops be agile enough to take a few shots with their swivels at larger ships with more canons and hopefully deter them from just outrunning and outgunning them. 5. Sloops are friendly. If I pulled up to an island on a sloop to do a treasure map, no one would care, they probably wouldnt even sink my ship because its not worth the cannon balls. If you pull up in a schooner or brig, chances are it will be attacked while you're busy dealing with the Army of the Damned on the island. This can happen with a sloop too but usually i find its less threatening to island owners so they ignore it. 6. Light weight. Sloops already have the smallest cargo capacity and the least capacity increase per level. This means that they end up being even slower than schooners due to the fact they simply cannot carry as many resources. This is obviously intended given the size of the ship, but seeing as weight effects speed, it is much easier to load a sloop up to 70% capacity than a schooner. Yet a schooner at 70% is arguably still faster than a 10% weight sloop! 7. Personalized ships. Sloops should be the type of ship that you decide to go do a treasure map on or possibly a scouting or exploration mission. They cap out the crew and plank health in a way that makes them the perfect personal or small group ship. They dont need to be stocked as much as any other ship so theyre great to just jump on board and sail to your destination. However, given the distance between islands and speed difference from sloop to schooner, I believe the idea of having a personal sloop for exploring further than your home tile has been lost due to this lack of speed. 8. Incentivising Sailing. Right now it is a rather large chore to take a ship out. Most people assume it is a responsibility that if they do take their schooner out they need it properly stocked and to make sure it doesnt sink. More people may take ships out onto the seas more often if sloops provide an inexpensive and casual way to travel between the islands. It would allow them to move with out as much of a fear of sinking from other pirates. This helps those who want to be pirates as well because they have more targets available on the waters. I hope everyone can keep an open mind about this, sloops at the moment are considered as worthless as rafts when it comes to seafaring and I would love to see them used more often so there is more variation than the current Schooner only meta most people use.