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  1. So you are alone and you see 30 players come on the server and you chose to log off and hope that ORP flag kicks in. Big deal, so those raiders can simply find another player's base to raid. End of story, there is nothing wrong with this. Obviously, you are not ready to fight a pvp battle and they can just go somewhere else and get this fix as they did NOT lose anything by going to another player's base if they really need to raid someone...
  2. Oh, harvesting. I never thought of that. Best harvesting is in Freeports and very safe. Hmmm, still a real tease to see them all over the noobs zones where they say, "claimable in so many days"...grrrr
  3. What is with all of the abandoned tames littering the Freeport Zones? I am very confused about why people are going through so much trouble to just leave them all there in large hordes. If you are doing it, could you kindly consider to just unclaim them so others can easily claim them if you don't want them? Otherwise, we all have to wait several days for them to be claimable. Thank you, appreciated.
  4. Tell me about it. I am still at level 100 because I cannot even complete that Foutain of Youth quest and just gave up on it.
  5. Oh wow! I've been making armored sloops with med speed sail. I will strive to make a schooner with that large and small speed sails, thanks.
  6. I agree. I have been doing just that so far. But I will certainly NOT turn down even easier/faster farming rates. Again many players I meet state specifically that they will only farm on weekends as it is a waste of their time otherwise and that just sounds fricking silly when we can just set the rate for all week long to 4x and be done with that. Is the schooner the fastest ship in the game? I thought the sloop with a medium speed sail was? Thanks for the advice on that
  7. You are incorrect. There is no need for the weekend bonus at all. Just set it to 4x and forget it. And as for griefing is concerned, Just because something has been done one way for years does not mean that there aren't better approaches. Griefing can, in fact, be better thwarted if Grapeshot would only apply themselves more towards it. How do you know if the devs intended for it to be easier to acquire resources or not? In their Captain's Log they stated that they intend to make it easier for players to get out there and sail faster. Maybe it is their intentions to make it faster and easier to farm after all?
  8. I've been playing Atlas now for 488hrs thus far and it is all solo play. I could certainly use all of the gathering help I can get. With faster rates, I might be able to try bigger ships and AI crew and experience the sea life. But right now, losing my ships nightly to griefers is too painful as solo gathering during the weekday is a real bitch. I do not play with companies since most players are very immature, I tend to work strange hours, and I actually prefer playing by myself. There is no need to troll me with comments like, "go play modded servers" or "go play a different game" as I am well accustomed to playing ARK for many years now on official servers as a successful solo player. I can easily make do with the lower rates....but an increase seemed like a reasonable request, given the fact that many players I have come across said that they would love to see the rates increased and only farm on weekends as it is a waste of their time otherwise. My sentiments exactly.
  9. So? How is increased rates a bad thing? So what if we all get our Galleons faster and easier? How does this detract from the game's goal?
  10. So says you, almighty god of Atlas. Thank you. Look at the stats....this is NOT working. So, continuing to follow a tradition and expecting a miraculous change is not sound policy.
  11. The rate needs to be increased permanently and No more weekend bonuses. This was my point exactly.
  12. Well yes, since you can lose those brigs overnight to griefers, sure.