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  1. vaylain

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    I always edit my posts. I even use Grammarly every time I write. I take great pride in my writing. Why would that change my concerns? No one ever owes anyone a reply but often time people like to add in their rebuttals. I am glad that you have also taken up the effort. So how are you doing today?
  2. vaylain

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    Not a problem at all. I am fine playing. I wanted to know exactly what it is that you are "appreciating", as you were not very descriptive and I was curious? Also, since you were so vague, it read more like you were just kissing their arse. So, what exactly are you so appreciative of?
  3. vaylain

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    What are they doing? Oh, you got some brown stuff on your nose, right there...
  4. vaylain

    Devs how can you call this a pirate game?

    If the player is online then cool but if they are offline then the ability to steal a ship is silly. That would just be taking advantage of offline mechanics and I personally would love to see offline stealing of ships prevented.
  5. vaylain

    Atlas ovetaken by BDO lmfao

    That was Second Life. The Developers talked him into allowing them to turn his entire planet into a dungeon-like resort for other players to come from all over the galaxy and adventure. Both, the Developers and planet's owner made a killing in a real-life monetary payout.
  6. vaylain

    Atlas ovetaken by BDO lmfao

    What the hell does BDO, F2P, P2W, and MMORPG even stand for?
  7. Yep, Grapeshot claims to have created a "Survival" game but they have done nothing to actually simulate real-world survival threats or conditions as they would actually appear in the real world. Instead, what Grapeshot has done was to take an already and severely flawed foundation, namely 'ARK: Survival Evolved', and then re-skinned it, adding in a few new features and ultimately, those very same inherited flaws. Worse off, they expected us NOT to notice or mention them...You know, the typical "EA" clause and other legal crap... I have had many occasions where my character reported both being too hot and at the very same time freezing.
  8. vaylain

    Do you care ? we care

    Adding mini-games for weapons and items in ATLAS was extremely ignorant for PVP mode. We are trying to play ATLAS the PVP game NOT a silly mobile phone game! Instead of adding a mini-game for the grappling hooks, why not make them unusable while you are in combat. As a utility outside of combat, a mini-game would be tedious and most peeps would just use the climbing picks instead. Allowing players to place cannons/puckle guns on bear carts was one of the more stupidest things added to PVP... Not only is it extremely broken but also totally defeats all of the siege items and aspects of the game.
  9. vaylain

    Do you care ? we care

    I have been saying over and over since its launch that the problem with ATLAS is that the DEV'S have absolutely no clue about actually playing their game for PVP. Every time they demonstrate new features to the community, they are always relying on their admin cheats. You can easily tell that they do not even know the first thing about hard-core PVP. As typical with developers, the DEV's only load up the specific feature that they are working on in the dev kit to test the functionality of that feature really fast, long enough to ensure that it is working as intended. That is the extent of their testing as they DO NOT actually play ATLAS. So the real testing is left to the community on the test servers. The problem though is that most peeps don't actually TEST the crap either, instead, they are using the opportunity to gain extra insights about the new content to get any kind of edge that they can for their company. Most players that actually discover bugs that may give them an advantage, tend to keep it to themselves. The DEVS do not know what aspects are ruining PVP and their community managers should be fired as they NEVER listen to the players and try to get the actual ailments and issues from the players. Instead, they just add crap we never ask for and implement newer bugs on top of all of the older ones that never corrected first. I have already given up all hope for this game and am very confident that the game will be a ghost town within the next month or so. Check the stats as it is, they have been nosediving for the last few months straight. It is very simple, Grapeshot. Fire your community managers and get ones that will show your customer's that they actually care. Your community managers should be conversing more with the players to get important feedback. They should be actively proving feedback to the players with updates and answering player's questions/concerns. Your community managers should be polling your players for lists of actual features that players would like to see fixed, removed or added, instead of just adding in a bunch of useless crap that your players never wanted and is ruining the game for your players. Actually, listen to your players and you will quickly discover what the real issues are that are destroying ATLAS. This way your DEVs can focus on what really matters to your players and will make ATLAS more successful.
  10. Nope, just wanted the coords, so I could change my starting zone to somewhere closer.
  11. Yep. That is right and it takes too long to sail around and I don't like being caught out at sea whenever my kids need my attention.
  12. vaylain

    GRAPESHOT, quit ruining the game...

    Might have been bugged because now that I died, I am able to run with it once more. Whew, my bad ATLAS. Disregard...
  13. Does anyone have the coordinates for all of the newly added Islands by chance? Please and thank you.
  14. vaylain

    GRAPESHOT, quit ruining the game...

    Nerfed? Yep, I'll say it has been severely nerfed. When you have it out, now you cannot run with it. Freaking stupid. I understand that you should have to slow down to draw the string and shoot the bow accurately but just having it out to run like we used to do was necessary. Now it is just plain unusable...
  15. Grapeshot you snuck in a new change to snare players while actively using their bow? This is a bad decision and now completely ruins the bow all together as even being viable for PVP/PVE combat. Why in the hell would you do this? Please reconsider this, thank you in advance.