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  1. I have played ARK for more than 3 years and now ATLAS since EA launch and yes, I did come here for the building, adventuring, pvp, and taming. But there are already enough creatures to tame so I am pleasantly happy, ATLAS no longer needs any more new creatures to tame. I would like the DEVS to focus on fixing all of the broken game mechanics, Pirate-oriented aspects, and implement AI humanoids that team up with one another, gathering, hunting, taming, building, sailing, and player killing. This would liven the world up as the real player base is so sparse. Unfortunately, you seem to be steering your MMO with over 40k simultaneous player capable game into a low population and solo playstyle community, so the extra AI companies would provide the appearance of activity and offer something for us players to contend with... *NOTE: Grapeshot, you should seriously consider firing/reassigning your community managers as they have failed miserably at their job and are actively destroying your IP. We, your faithful community of players that have been with you from the start, actually KNOW what ATLAS needs to become playable and enticing to the masses but your community managers continue to ignore our posts.
  2. I second this request. I have been playing ATLAS since the early access launch and suffered through the server wipe and was forced to farm and rebuild/re-tame everything back and STILL, the game gets boring at a certain point since there is literally nothing to do in the late game (UNLESS YOU HAVE A LARGE COMPANY TO BOSS/DUNGEON FIGHT). Please for the love of ATLAS, implement AI humanoids that will liven up the game as they toil to gather their own resources, hunt the wilderness, build up their own bases and naval fleets, and eventually declare war on other Playing Characters.
  3. vaylain

    Atlas: the offline griefing simulator

    I have been playing ARK for well over 3 years and ATLAS since the early access launch. I am a solo player and I have several bases scattered across many islands that are well-hidden and have yet to be raided. The fact that the resource nodes grow back around our constructions makes it extremely easy to conceal our bases. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for all of my shipyards and ships =( I wish that they would just implement an offline raid prevention flag, so that whenever the owning company logs out, all of our ships would be safe and sound. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. This has always been the Devs' downfall...Anytime you see the DEVs playing the game they are always flying around in god mode and NOT actually playing the game. I get the feeling that they don't even know the first thing about how it is to actually play their game without using their fancy cheats...
  4. vaylain

    Atlas: the offline griefing simulator

    Hey pal, Grapeshot stated that Atlas is meant to be played by solo, small, on up to mega-companies. They claimed that they were taking special precautions to ensure that Atlas would be available to all aspects of gameplay mode and this includes CASUAL play, you pompous arse. What makes you think that YOU get the right to decide how this game should be played? The fact is simple, the devs are currently trying to make Atlas work for all playstyles and this might very well include offline raid protection flagging. Who knows, as they are still working out their ultimate solutions, you know, early access and all...
  5. vaylain

    Atlas: the offline griefing simulator

    Rust sucks. We had more hope for Atlas...
  6. vaylain

    Captain's Log #35: PTR and other News

    Why can't you post them daily on the forums here? This was yet another disappointing update. We do NOT need cosmetics, new islands, or Hydra pea-shooters, we need actual, game functionality enhancements and adverse game-mechanic fixes. There is almost no one playing on the servers as it is, why would we need an In-voice chat system? All of the PVP servers are dead, doesn't that matter to you at all?
  7. vaylain

    ATLAS Devkit Update: Blackwood & More

    Ok, let's get back to improving the PVP aspects of the game now that this silly, single-play has finally been implemented. Please and thank you. Hopefully before the rest of the player-base has left or has been forced to play only within the single-mode... Grapeshot, your massively multiplayer first-and-third-person fantasy pirate adventure that can host up to 40,000 players exploring the same Globe simultaneously, with an unprecedented scale of cooperation and conflict, has unfortunately been reduced to a meager, single-play mode only. If you are wondering where most of your avid players are, many have left to play other games while the rest of us have gone back to ARK: Survival Evolved as we all wait for you guys to drastically improve Atlas. I for one, still hold a modicum of faith in your prowess to turn this game around...
  8. Wow, just look how dead these forums have become...ghost town as of lately. I wonder why this is so? =(
  9. Meh! Not thrilled with any of these announcements. It is just more boring and tedious "quest only" unlockable skins or solo map crap. How about fixing the real bugs, exploits, and broken game mechanics now for PVP Servers? Thank you, guys.
  10. vaylain

    Non-Dedicated Mode is now available

    Yep. I have posted numerous times with identified glitches, bugs, broken mechanics, and innovated ideas but Grapeshot had other ideas. The sad thing is, the latest mega patch was completely useless and it saddened me profusely to see them waste all of that time and effort on such pointless features. I know that they are partly listening as some of my suggestions have actually been implemented. The recent change that they listened to me about was to tone down the shark's swim speed and aggro radius. I strongly commend them for this but there is a long way to go to get this game back on track for the PVP community.
  11. vaylain

    Non-Dedicated Mode is now available

    They have already ended. Check out the players online in any given region on the NAPVP Server....almost always less than 10 players at any given time. There is never any actual PVP action going on, that is pretty dead to me...
  12. vaylain

    Non-Dedicated Mode is now available

    Grapeshot has finally resolved the "Offline Griefing" issue where players would run around nightly and sink my ships or constantly blow up my bases. It seems that the issue was that previously there was actually a player base and now that there are only 2-3 players on at any given time no matter the region, the griefing has halted. Thank you Grapeshot
  13. vaylain

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    I second this request.
  14. vaylain

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    Single play as the game is currently is going to get boring real fast as there is no real end-game to speak of and how the hell is a solo player going to defeat the bosses and acquire the stones? There will need to be a lot more added to a single play mode such as AI controlled ships that you can give direction to, enemy AI pirate colonies that build their own structures, ships, and defenses, and a lot of different and unique dungeon settings fully fleshed out with all kinds of denizens and hazards. Without all of this, this game as single play mode is quite hollow and lonely...
  15. Here are my suggestions that I have derived from my experience after playing ATLAS from its original launch: The game has some cool islands to go and explore. That it is until you begin exploring and quickly discover that each island is practically the same flavor, only their biomes make them different. There really is not much diversity in the predators and prey on all of the islands. It is almost a "Blah" feeling like all of the creatures feel bland and unoriginal and nothing is really that intriguing or challenging. The lions and wolves are too unrealistic in their behavior, making them erratic and extremely difficult to deal with up close. Arrow and bullets tend to miss them despite the fact that the shots were solid hits and despite that the arrows are still lodged deep into their head. Their movement is very unnatural and very erratic. Instead of a realistic jump, they actually defy physics and logic and seem to fly/teleport to their prey instead. I used to enjoy swimming in the oceans before the last patch was implemented to change the shark's behavior. Now, with maximum points invested in the "Improved Water Swimming Speed" skill, swimming in the ocean is an impossible notion, as the shark's swim speed has been increased too fast and the sharks will always catch you. Their aggro radius is also too large. This means that there are usually more then just one shark on your sorry, meek, and defenseless arse! The special islands that actually yield challenging, mythical monsters are again boring and offer nothing really in the way to make them such a challenge in the first place. There is no incentive to even go here unless you are farming for XP or Mythos. And these particular monsters are ONLY challenging because they are erratic and buggy as hell. The treasure maps are the ONLY dungeon equivalent in the game and they are once again, repetitive and boring. They offer the same kind of loot, gold, and experience but that is it beyond that. They really should be sending us to cool underground caverns, castle ruins, caves, underwater grotto, some really cool and intriguing encounters/notable locations instead of just the boring and "same-old-same-old" island settings. The skills in the skill trees are not really very useful and should really force players to invest their points in a dedicated build for their particular play-style. As there are now, there are so many useless skills we HAVE to invest in just to get to the ONE useful skill you needed and they are so cheap that most players have skills in many different trees making all the players to play with the SAME builds. The combative system is really worthless as the sword, mace attacks will lock your character into an unforgivably long attack animation and in a PVP game, this is extremely detrimental rendering them useless. The grappling hooks allow players to merely throw it to the ground and then you can simply drop off cliffs and high places without any fear of taking fall damage. The grappling hook uses no stamina and one can simply hang off of it all day without ever losing stamina. A player can use sprint and jump in a bunny hop combination as they repel themselves across vast distances (entire islands) before losing all of their stamina if the jumps are timed correctly. There are several skills from the skill trees that do NOT work as they are described: From the Archery skill: "Strong Arm" is not working correctly. I have tried both with 0 points invested and with the maximum points into the highest tier and my archery shots still seem to produce the same damage results even in their usual critical shot locations are the same values. From the Music and Dance tree: The skill descriptions and lack of information about this entire skill line make this tree a complete mystery to most players. These songs and dances don’t add much to the game to be worth their point investment. I’d recommend redesigning these to be more useful to players. From the Hand to Hand tree: Brass knuckles are uses as both fists are lunged out in rapid succession but their durability drops extremely too fast for this as during one or two combative encounters they become broken and then require to be repaired in a smithy. Additionally, their damage output is not really on par with the other melee weapons to even be a viable combat option. From the Archery tree: "Strong Arm" shot does not actually enhance the bow's damage output as it describes. Invested points in the tier do not add any more damage than bows would deal without the invested points. From the Beastmaster tree: "Stealth" needs to be re-coded to allow the player to become invisible from aggressive creatures. Right now, there is NO difference in the line-of-sight radius with predators. They always aggro just the same as they do with or without the points wasted in the Stealth skill. The Throwing knives need an increase to their damage output. As a consumable, they are too expensive and deal too little damage to be worth their current investment. I recommend adding a skill to the skill tree to enhance their damage, range, or make throwing a secondary attack and allow players to dual-wield them as daggers that do melee damage instead of just their ranged attack that consumes them. Would be nice to see a skill for stealth vs humans. Would be nice to see a skill for higher and longer leaps. Would be nice to see a skill for damage mitigation or hit avoidance, such as parry, deflect, or dodge. Would be nice to see a skill added to create and bait our weapon tips with a poison of some type, such as a debilitating or deadly poison. Every night I build a few ships and the following day they are either nearly stolen or sunk. From a player's perspective, this is a major game breaker. Makes us NOT want to continue to waste our hard work and time. The Cyclones are not acceptable. They behave like heat sinking missiles, stick on you like glue, always move into your path so you cannot steer clear of them, and they perpetually re-form themselves to envelop your ship. This makes them extremely unrealistic and the damage they inflict too great and I have lost so many sloops to them it is not even funny. The paint palettes should consist of actual colors from objects within the game such as rocks, grass, lakes, dirt, trees, and leaves. The current color pallet available does not allow for adequate camouflage. The color palette is very limited in scope and does not provide logical colors that match any of the game's surrounding environmental palettes. Also, most structures and materials will NOT reflect the suggested color and often times they seem to change once applied or do nothing at all to alter their appearance! The saddles for players' tamed creatures need to provide an armor value or there should be an option to craft armored barding that does. To enhance the PVE side of your game, you might want to consider adding in AI pirates building their own structures, sailing their own ships, fortifying their own defenses, and planning their own sieges on player-made bases. How about creating more unique locations and dungeon encounters employing lots of different denizens such as ghosts, skeletons, zombies, pirates, primitive tribes, dogs, slimes, kobolds, orcs, mermen, and goblins to name just a few? And would recommend avoiding designing all of the dungeon encounters in the same fashion. I sure hope you consider this Grapeshot as I would really like to see the game continue to evolve into a solid MMO blockbuster. Good luck.