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  1. One of my Members use the South America Portal E5 to D7 and get kicked out of the Game. Now he cant reconect, an other Member try to spawn on the ship to get it out the portal and now he has the same issue. Then i use the same portal and ...... the same issue.... gg. 4 of us cant reconect and waiting for fix
  2. Traveling 1 hour for and Blue Treasure Map. Just the fact, the Treasure is on an big Mountain, getting up there and killing the Guardians. And then after killing them, ist says 1 Guardian remaining, waiting they will spawn again. Doing them again and its still saying 1 Guardian remaining ... 1-2 hours wasted Time! Ist not realy the bugs which sucks, ist the fact you bring in the same bugs over and over again guys.
  3. After i pass the Border with my Ship, sometimes i am going with only 2-5 knots. Sails are full open and in the Wind. This is a big Problem follow an Enemy throug the Border.
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