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  1. Please fix this problem, 4-6 hours sail on empty golden regions, its not interested and stupid, drop like a sh... and 2-3 count of damneds.
  2. My settings all okay, is Epic. You seriously think i would create a theme played 2,700 hours to this game and not trying out settings without swimming there for 5-6 hours with an online of 2-5 people, their team or alliance. Because of different mentality we can not understand each other, but it is about spawn and rendering distance sotds from server side.
  3. I'am set draw distance maximal, ship draw distance maximal, world bufer maximal, rendering maximal. I'am sail every day and i'am see what doings golden regions, if you not know about them please no spam. (ohh.. ee 2k posts.. please spam other treads bro)
  4. Imbalance item harpoon ship, please remove to make great ships pvp
  5. Chopa

    Explosive Barrels Bugusing

    fix them!! not possilbe balanced playing
  6. Create a casino, dice playing for gold, create marketplace.
  7. Chopa


    When they climb your ship and abuse you, is that good? Swiwels help they problem.
  8. Chopa


    very bad idea, no, no ,no
  9. Please make the craft machine, in it it will be possible to create recipes, for example for gold. To create from scratch percent and also to duplicate. It is also possible to make pumping of the car for example for miphos. Please bring up the topic that developers paid attention
  10. Chopa

    Return Craft bonus

    Return as it was, you completely killed this opportunity. Kraft now gives such small percentages that there is no point in it. Hopefully the players will support me and you will return as it was before.
  11. Chopa

    Return Craft bonus

    thanks mans, more comments?
  12. Chopa

    Tips for solo players ? (PVP server)

    build small bases on the top level in island maybe in rock, get 2 islands and set peace time 1 island, and other island war time, and put ship only on peace time islands.
  13. Chopa

    Return Craft bonus

    Thanks for comments, more ideas?
  14. Chopa

    Who are the largest companies on NA?

    123 Rus, Slick Daddy Club