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  1. видимо где то зачинить забыл, протечка была и потонул, фрипорт такой фрипорт.
  2. My friend from Russian, nick name 'Estonec'. [/img] Good afternoon, I have 3,500 hours of Atlas play. I am a fan of the game but unfortunately for me the project like many will agree with me became meaningless by the 2 m reason. The first this long search for PVP content, sailing 10 squares in search of content has become meaningless, it is necessary to add a function as well as characters teleport between freeports(Ships should be able to teleport only in freeport between other freeports), in which case there will be no imbalance in the location of the island on which you live from key regions with PVE content, and will also improve the dynamics of the attack on the islands in all regions. The second mechanics is the pointless nature of marine pvp; No one stores a large amount of gold and prints on ships in the event of the death of an enemy ship, in 99% of cases it does not bring any material benefit (damage and spent resources and time are unjustified). It is necessary to add 2 possibilities, remove structures from a drowned ship and during combat if the structure has less than 10% it should fall away from the ship with the possibility of selecting it. I want to wish the developers creative inspiration and realization of these mechanics.
  3. yes, need up spawns treasury maps. agree
  4. make a casino in freeport, dice system (12) classic, roulette, maybe cases blueprints, your and other players put 5,000 gold and start roulette and drops some blueprints.
  5. yes man? you sail everyday? you see o7 NA PVP? nothing for 3-6 h sail in grid. NOTHING! empty ocean,
  6. casino for freeport, roulette, classic dice (12)
  7. The problem is that usually in the region there are a lot of ships, and there aren’t enough damneds for everyone. Often I play as a person and sail 5-7 hours a day, sail 77 percent of the time in the empty ocean. It would be great if you reduced the time of the next appearance or made for each player a separate own spawn. For example, every 5-10 minutes in front of the damneds ships in golden region.
  8. fix damned spawn in gold regions, low range visibile and long time respawn, and more more damneds.
  9. a agree, damneds lot but not golden ruins
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