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  1. Holy mother Mary! You guys actually addressed the Barrel Question? Ty dev team! Disagree with a lot of what you guys change, but at least you ARE changing and doing something. As long as Atlas looks like a Dow Jones stock chart trending upwards, that's all a player can ask for.
  2. Has anyone ever figured out how to adjust your private server's loot tables via .ini files? I understand the ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems= (blah, blah long string of commands), but I can't figure out the proper names for any tables other than the following: PrimalInventoryBP_SupplyCrate_Floatsam_C PrimalInventoryBP_GenericFishing_C PrimalInventoryBP_BaseMeatFishing_C Anyone know the correct "SupplyCrateClassString=" names I should be using for SotD, Treasure Map, Shipwreck/Sunken Treasure, Pirate Encampments, etc? Would be much appreciated.
  3. Hey devs! Thanks for the Captain's Log! We have a lot of people pissed off on our end, but you at least have this Pathfinder's gratitude that you are finally communicating with us. It means a helluva lot!
  4. Holy flippin' moly! I didn't even read anything about this patch preview. All I care about is that we have heard from you devs twice in a single week! Are you guys actually taking Atlas seriously again?!
  5. "We here at GrapeShot have listened to your comments, and we will not be taking your thoughts into consideration. Instead, here's some more barrels. Thank you for your continued loyalty. Argggh!"
  6. Oof. That sounds brutal, m8. "before/after' = very good idea.
  7. Of course it'll probably be busted one way or the other at first. Either too OP or too useless. That's not the point. The point is that all my Twitter, Discord and Atlas Forums kvetching have finally lit a fire under their asses, and the dev team might start taking this project seriously. All the new features are going to need tweaking after they launch. That's just how it is. However the ramming ship is at first, they'll adjust it until MAGA.
  8. The devs are still alive, mateys! Alright, dev team! A flippin' ramming ship! Beautiful! Go go go! Please just pay attention to us a bit. Let us know you're alive, reply to some posts on here every once in a while and MAGA!
  9. Lol, don't worry, mateys. The next few months are going to be just like the last few months. They will shift a few .ini digits around, create a few more bugs, maybe swap some desert southwest zones in next to north-northeast polar regions and boost barrels and submarines. All the while, they will not do us the simple favor of keeping in contact with us. I just checked the staff activity around here. The new PR Team first introduced themselves in June. Their last message was, you guessed it: June. Dollie hasn't been seen this year. From a business perspective, if you were the manager of this team and you were responsible for handing out the checks, 11/10 people would fire the entire staff. These guys are making, what?, 50-80k a year? Idk the going rate, just a guess. Can you imagine forking over that much loot per team member and when you ask what they've accomplished, they show you 2 new structures and a smaller map that has east stuff on the west side and west stuff on the north side? And then, just out of curiosity, you spend literally 5 minutes going through social media to find a player base that is pissed off, leaving in droves and making sure to tell potential new customers to not waste their time on your game. And to top it all off, you come to find out that modders, in their free time being paid $0, are outpacing your team of professionals in content produced. If this was my business and I was responsible for the bottom line, I would lose my fucking mind. The whole team would get wiped and replaced. But that isn't happening. So there's only one explanation: Grapeshot is not a game developer like Wildcard is. It is a money laundering/drug running shell company. It's the only explanation that makes any sense. Within the next year, the DEA is going to have a massive raid on Grapeshot HQ and find a literal mountain of pure-grade cocaine and heroine that is being distributed to small time gangbangers throughout the Pacific Northwest (the Antarctic Northsouth in Grapeshot terminology). Screencap this post.
  10. Egon von (((Sturmberg))) Good God. They even control the central banks in fictional worlds.
  11. LFOOKINMAO!!! As promised, I Aquagoth, have checked in after 3 months to see the progress on the greatest idea for a video game of all time. I am not disappoint. 3 fabricated questions were asked and answered in the first post. "Ask the devs anything!" you said. Not even 1 question was answered after your fake 3 question blitz. Absolutely fookin' hilarious. Grapeshot/Wildcard is a complete joke. I am so bitter, because I honestly love Atlas. I love being a pirate on the high seas. I've been waiting for a great pirate game for years, and I thought this was the one. But to watch you imbeciles destroy it like you are really hurts. I don't know how many personnel you have on the case, but I still really feel like I myself, without any current knowledge of game developing or code, could do what you guys do every couple of months. Welp, 3 more months will put me at October, beginning of November. I'll meet you then with yet another post ridiculing you.
  12. Good thing Grapeshot devs don't read our forum posts, huh? If they did, they would have actually taken into account our collective rage.
  13. Well, been away for 3 months and glad to see nothing has changed. Devs are still on coffee break and have abandoned this game. Personally, I pirated the shit out of ARK to play it singleplayer out of spite because of what these guys have done to Atlas. I would rather be on the high seas in a game I paid for, but at least taming dinos gives me some satisfaction that I hurt Wildcard's bottom line now. I'll check back in another 3.
  14. Phase 1 of Atlas road map = BUG FIXES, QoL changes, performance issues. Hmm...
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