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  1. Okay, so I struggled through figuring out how to download the 405.9 version of Atlas from April 2020, the last Atlas build that I liked and is actually somewhat stable. Now I'm stuck on getting the dedicated server files for that version. Using DepotDownloader has it claiming that "Depot 1006031 is not listed" for that app. I can't even find the regular up-to-date dedicated server files now that I'm looking. Any ideas? This was my favorite game of all-time at one point. We all know this game isn't going to be completed. It just keeps getting worse. So before the nuclear bombs fall on my city in the next month or so, I just want to kill this kraken solo. It's the only goal in my life that makes any sense. Please help.
  2. Wow! Progress finally? Edit: Meant to quote DiseasedLeopard above me but even the forum for Grapeshot doesn't work properly.
  3. I'm trying to get an older version of Atlas running and finding trouble. I used steamcmd and downloaded the proper depot and manifest of the version I want. However, when it starts up, I get a UE-4 crash. Something about "Assertion failed: GConfig-->GetInt(TEXT(Texture Steaming) Has anybody been successful getting an older version of Atlas to run lately? The version I'm trying to run is v405.9 from April 2020 btw.
  4. Threadly reminder that in the 2 and 1/2 years since I first played Atlas (my favorite game of all-time at one point), Grapeshit has managed to turn it into a joke. They took the very cool customizable ships like the schooner, brig and galleon and abandoned them for meme boats that I would never touch. Now we've got some dumb temples, cat hats and oil refineries or something? I just don't get it. When I first started playing, this game was amazing! The only thing that needed to be done is to fix the game-breaking bugs. But instead, we get rusted tin huts and stupid ships. If you have not already bought this game, spend your money on something else.
  5. Yikes. Is there any hope on the horizon for this once great project?
  6. Been out for roughly a year. I see we have a new Dev (Red Beard) that's going to update us for a couple months before quitting. We got some gay temples, some more boring modular ships, Halloween hats for cats, another map change and wipe, mega companies still running the show. Am I missing anything? Have the bugs gotten any better? How many more months until I should check-in again? >t. Mostly a singleplayer guy that actually loved the discovery point/explorer side of Atlas
  7. It doesn't fucking matter, m8. Grapeshot will NEVER help or listen to your complaints. Just give up. I have been a loyal follower for over 1 1//2 years. They will NEVER STOP FUCKING YOU!!! It's ogre, m8.
  8. I just ran into your "missing shipyard" bug. Glad I skimmed past this thread the other day. Good news is I had already finished my ship.
  9. Correct. If only GrapeShitters actually listened to their player base.
  10. Devs: We'd really like to focus on ship-to-ship combat and sailing while getting away from tames. Also Devs: All ships cost 20k gold so you are too afraid to go sailing and also here's some more tames and platform saddles. Enjoy.
  11. Have you figured out how to make more than one crewmember play the accordion so you can get that sweet, sweet group bonus?
  12. Dont even try it, friend. Singleplayer is unplayable for the time being. You WILL run into a gamebreaking bug sooner or later. Your save will get corrupted and you will lose many many hours of play.
  13. Singleplayer is unplayable at this time, m8. Ironically, it was actually in a much better state about a year ago. Your save WILL get corrupted eventually if you play singleplayer. Also, you have to use this bogus new 11x11 map, the discovery point system has been mostly disabled (no option of using the old sub-discovery point system and LARPing as an explorer), and pirate encampments are bugged to high hell. Very sad. Many such cases.
  14. Anyone having trouble getting your server to show up on Steam/Atlas in-game all of a sudden? I have not changed any settings. Checked to make sure my IP has not changed. I don't play for three days and when I try again, the servers appear to be starting, but I can't find them anywhere. They were all working just fine a few days ago. Any ideas?
  15. >Are patches being tested in single player or are they only tested for multiplayer purposes? >Are patches being tested? ftfy Holy! Imagine the things this lad could accomplish in real life if it weren't for video games...
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