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  1. Yikes. Is there any hope on the horizon for this once great project?
  2. Been out for roughly a year. I see we have a new Dev (Red Beard) that's going to update us for a couple months before quitting. We got some gay temples, some more boring modular ships, Halloween hats for cats, another map change and wipe, mega companies still running the show. Am I missing anything? Have the bugs gotten any better? How many more months until I should check-in again? >t. Mostly a singleplayer guy that actually loved the discovery point/explorer side of Atlas
  3. It doesn't fucking matter, m8. Grapeshot will NEVER help or listen to your complaints. Just give up. I have been a loyal follower for over 1 1//2 years. They will NEVER STOP FUCKING YOU!!! It's ogre, m8.
  4. I just ran into your "missing shipyard" bug. Glad I skimmed past this thread the other day. Good news is I had already finished my ship.
  5. Correct. If only GrapeShitters actually listened to their player base.
  6. Devs: We'd really like to focus on ship-to-ship combat and sailing while getting away from tames. Also Devs: All ships cost 20k gold so you are too afraid to go sailing and also here's some more tames and platform saddles. Enjoy.
  7. Have you figured out how to make more than one crewmember play the accordion so you can get that sweet, sweet group bonus?
  8. Dont even try it, friend. Singleplayer is unplayable for the time being. You WILL run into a gamebreaking bug sooner or later. Your save will get corrupted and you will lose many many hours of play.
  9. Singleplayer is unplayable at this time, m8. Ironically, it was actually in a much better state about a year ago. Your save WILL get corrupted eventually if you play singleplayer. Also, you have to use this bogus new 11x11 map, the discovery point system has been mostly disabled (no option of using the old sub-discovery point system and LARPing as an explorer), and pirate encampments are bugged to high hell. Very sad. Many such cases.
  10. Anyone having trouble getting your server to show up on Steam/Atlas in-game all of a sudden? I have not changed any settings. Checked to make sure my IP has not changed. I don't play for three days and when I try again, the servers appear to be starting, but I can't find them anywhere. They were all working just fine a few days ago. Any ideas?
  11. Well... an update to my update... I lied. Disregard all the findings posted above, lol. As soon as I moved 1 grid East and tried to confirm my initial findings, it was all wrong. I'll continue messing around with it to try and find a pattern, but so far the highest value I've been able to get with the givetreasuremap command is a 5.5. At 5.6 and above, I've never gotten a single hit. FOR SURE patterns are: 1. Decimals past the first place are taken into consideration. Ex: 5 is different from 5.56 & 2 is not the same as 2.23. 2. In general, the higher the value attempted the farther the treasure map grid will be located. Anything under 2 is almost always in your current grid. Also, if you try to roll something absurdly high like "givetreasuremap 200" it will be a mythical in your current grid. 3. Atlas does seem to prioritize N > W > E > S. I've still yet to get a roll on a grid directly South of my current position. 4. It is DEFINITELY not random as far as where it will be located. X number of grids away is not sufficient enough to explain it. Ex: If 2 grids away, it will likely always be in a certain direction, such as 95% of the time @ NW instead of SE. The only way for sure to get a hit on all your maps is to have a large # of servers (like 11x11) AND to have them all running at the same time. After that, I'm not quite sure at this point. I haven't seen the definite pattern yet, but I'll keep an eye on it. If I figure anything concrete out, I'll make sure to post it here. Doesn't take long to let you guys know, and I'm trying to figure it out for myself anyways, so no biggie. I REALLY want to get above a green map for treasure tho. Pretty frustrating right now. And it's not like Rapeshot is going to give us any hints. Until then, here is a screenshot of the last thing I've ever seen after going hunting for whales.
  12. Look up Phoenix125's server manager thread here on the forums. He made a guide that I followed about 99% of the way. I am playing solo on a dedicated server of 15x15. Since I am using the outdated 225 grid map instead of the new 121, I've come across a few islands that are a bit wonky, but the most part everything is perfect. 1 island was on my map and compass, but not actually there in the "real world". I've also found that some of the Tundra islands are outdated and show up in-game without Sub-Discoveries, resources, wildlife or detailed geography/topography. I will either erase those islands in the future or attempt to replace them with the newer Tundra islands, idk. But yeah, check out Phoenix125. There are a few others who have developed a cluster server manager program, but that's the one I used/am using.
  13. Wow, super cool, GC! I'm playing on my own dedicated server at 0.35 difficulty instead of normal 0.2 and I was always wondering if I would be able to fight the Kraken by myself. I didn't read most of what you wrote out because I don't want to know all the perfect tricks and strats to winning. I'm just glad to hear it won't be impossible, lol!
  14. K. When my findings are a bit more complete, I'll make my own thread. But here are some preliminary findings. 1st: decimals WORK. Meaning 2.1 will give a different final quality/location as compared to 2.1657. Just like the rest of Atlas, the game uses mostly hidden fractions of values to make its calculations. 2nd: I will be using info discovered while in my personal dedicated server rather than singleplayer. NN = North North = 2 grids north of current location. SWW = South West West = 3 grids away from current location, 1 South and 2 West. 3rd: I am basing everything on 20 rolls to give somewhat accurate percentages. Also, I'm going by 0.1 values. Like I stated above, a 3.5 will be slightly different than 3.55. 4th: Don't use these values as the absolute word of Poseidon. Sometimes 2.3 or 2.4 WON'T be on your current grid. But for the most part, these numbers will be fairly accurate. 0-2.4 = (Current) grid 2.5 = 100% N 2.6 = 85% N / 15% (Current) 2.7 = 75% N / 25% (Current) 2.8 = 15% N / 5% W / 80% (Current) 2.9 = 20% N / 40% W / 40% (Current) 3.0 = 55% N / 45% W 3.1 = 85% N / 5% W / 5% (Current) / 5% ??? 3.2 = 40% N / 5% W / 5% (Current) / 50% ??? 3.3-3.7 = ??? 3.8 = 95% W / 5% E 3.9 = ??? 4.0 = 90% N / 10% ??? So as you can see, Atlas gives some wonky map rolls. I only had 5 grids opened for this round of testing (Current, North, South, East and West). I didn't get even 1 hit on the South grid at these values and only 1 on East. The ???, of course, means IDK/didn't get a hit. So I'll be revisiting those values in the future. The main gist of it is that it certainly isn't a random X number of grids away. It seems to favor N, then West, then East and finally South in relation to your current grid, but it's not a hard rule. 2.7 had 75% N but by 2.8 it turned into 80% current grid again. Anyways, happy sailing, mateys!
  15. I'm in the slow, long process of figuring how this all works. I'll keep adding info as I come across it, but I should have something here within the next week. I was able to scrounge the 225 seas for enough gold to make 3 schooners (btw, don't sail at night in the fog straight into a horde of SotD and don't face check icebergs) but a brig at 19k a copy is going to require some treasure hunting! Right now, I think you might be correct, sadly. I have a feeling singleplayer and dedicated servers work a bit differently with the givetreasuremap command. I still haven't been able to generate a map past Fine quality, and it looks like my initial findings in singleplayer don't quite match what I'm finding in DS. So it's going to be trial and error! Will update soon.
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