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  1. Good thing Grapeshot devs don't read our forum posts, huh? If they did, they would have actually taken into account our collective rage.
  2. Well, been away for 3 months and glad to see nothing has changed. Devs are still on coffee break and have abandoned this game. Personally, I pirated the shit out of ARK to play it singleplayer out of spite because of what these guys have done to Atlas. I would rather be on the high seas in a game I paid for, but at least taming dinos gives me some satisfaction that I hurt Wildcard's bottom line now. I'll check back in another 3.
  3. Phase 1 of Atlas road map = BUG FIXES, QoL changes, performance issues. Hmm...
  4. Yes, I AM letting a game in ALPHA get to me. I absolutely love Atlas and the original vision that Grapeshot/Wildcard set for it. There are at least 1000 things in the game that I can name that need work or could use improvement/adjustment. That's not what I'm upset about. It's the lack of effort and communication that is unforgivable, because there is no valid reason for it. It would take one Grapeshot employee (Dollie is the designated PR lady, I think?) no more than an hour each week to give us a quick shout out on all their social media platforms and let us know that they are on the grind improving this game. As for the lack of effort, put yourself in a theoretical leadership role over at Studio Wildcard. You're the boss and project manager. Jimbo, your only employee down at the Grapeshot department has been working on Atlas for a month and a half. You pay him, I don't know, 50k a year for his services. In 6 weeks' time, you've shelled out $5,700. He reports back to you that he's fixed 3 of the smaller bugs in-game, moved some loot tables around and input different figures on 10-20 items. And, oh yeah, he accidentally fudged the numbers to the Army of the Damned. Also, when Jimbo lowered the level cap to even out the odds for new players to the PvP servers, he couldn't foresee that there would be a cause and effect on the Discovery Points needed to get to those higher levels, effectively not solving the problem at all. So, boss, what do you do? Is JImbo's work worth 6k? Do you continue to employ him? Now remember that in real life it isn't just Jimbo. It's an entire team of programmers that probably average more than 50k a year. If I was the boss and this update is what my investment paid for, I'd clean house. They'd all be fired and replaced by people that could get things done. The only reason that isn't happening in real life is because of the only scenario that makes sense: Wildcard has been redirecting Grapeshot's time and energy into working on ARK instead of Atlas. Again, I'm not upset about no new content, no major changes to gameplay and so on. Those issues aren't supposed to be addressed until later. We are on Phase 1 in the road map: bug fixes, QoL changes and performance issues. Almost nothing out of these 3 categories was improved upon in the time since the last "patch". Which sends the signal to anyone paying attention that Atlas has been put on the back burner. That, friendo, is why some of us are pissed off.
  5. The 1-hour-later update: Bad News: Well, you guys have seriously taken the wind out of these sails. My only hope for this patch was that you would implement the location discoveries in singleplayer like you have in pvp/pve. Instead, I try booting up Atlas only to find my character now only has enough discovery points for lvl 55 instead of (almost) lvl 58. And, oh yeah, discoveries still not working. Again, I'm not a programmer, but it can't be a difficult fix. You already have it working in online play. Good News: ARK really looks great. Seems like you guys actually put effort into that project. I think I'll play that instead. More Bad News: Since I couldn't be a proper pirate in the world of Atlas, I decided I'll try my hand at real life pirating. I can't in good conscience give more money to the same company that is willing to do these kinds of shenanigans to its player base. This "update" was touted as a "major update" (as per your Twitter announcement). So major that you needed another week to put the finishing touches to it. Hey, not a problem. I understand that things don't always run according to schedule. I'll wait patiently. But if you're going to stand behind this as your major update and pretend like you are actively trying to polish this amazing idea you had... nope. You don't communicate with us, give us updates on development, respond to tickets, reply to forum/Facebook/Twitter posts, take our feedback into consideration or act on common bugs that we report to you. Look, if the Atlas project isn't profitable for you, then can it. Why waste your time and money developing something half-heartedly? P.S. Atlas has literally become my favorite game of all-time in an incredibly short period of time. More than Halo, Starcraft, Mass Effect and a slew of other games dating back to Super Nintendo. But after seeing this... I think I'm done. Signing off
  6. Wow. Just wow. This patch must have taken one guy one lunch break to finish. Hell, if you gave me a month, I could have done this update. And that includes the time I would need to learn how to fix 3 bugs. As someone who really, really loves this game, I am beyond disappointed. This is just pathetic. I've learned by now that no one from Grapeshot ever reads these posts, but just in case one of you accidentally clicks on the wrong tab... If this is the level of effort that your team is going to put into Atlas, just pack it up and move on. Work on developing a game that you're actually interested in making great. Changing a couple of math digits and shuffling loot tables around is not an update and does not require even one skilled programmer a month and a half.
  7. Thank you for the update of the update that you posted on Twitter. Even though you don't get much love on the forums here, some of us really love this game. What this guy said (with a little editing): #4 can't be too difficult of a fix since it is already implemented in online play. PLEASE give me a reason to explore these beautiful islands you guys have obviously painstakingly handcrafted. And thanks again for such an awesome game!
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