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  1. The points mad here are very true. I quit playing the Official server because of all of the people taking advantage of the games issues and not letting players have a bit of land. I moved to private servers where rules can be made and followed and we have a blast with atlas. This is early release and it has been moving along and changes being bade to better the game play. Hats off Dev's - keep going you have loyal followers that love the game and see the possibilities for the future.
  2. Setting up a 2x2 server for my wife and I to play on. Looking for some players who only want to PVE. Get in on the start of this and have input on how the server will be setup and what Mods. Pick island'a Become an Admin with me and lets have fun. Mwssage me here or Discord: JustShootMe#0201 I am paying for the 2x2 and will not ask for any money. Each grid will support 10 players.
  3. Thank you Wildbill the support aspect of it I had not thought about I will keep that in mind.
  4. That is a 2x2 and at g-portal it is 1 master and 3 expansion which is about $38.00 as I just found out. Total of 40 players. I may go with just one master at the start after reading their wiki
  5. That is for 10 players and 4 servers so a 4 Grid map. You then have full control of your server and experience. while 1 server is ~$11.00 a month you really need 4
  6. That is just the price I have seen, have a suggestion?
  7. I am having great fun in the PVE world but the official server is over crowded. Lawless and Non Lawless it is hard to find land to build on or claim all of the hackers and griefers . My wife has started playing with me now and likes the building aspect of the game. I am at the point of just renting a 2x2 cluster for $50.00 a month but than it would only be my wife and I but we could then experience other aspects of the game so I am torn. The best would to find a group of like minded players to share the costs and get a 4x4 and have a true PVE experience with out the hackers and griefers. Anyone else having these thoughts? or interested in starting a server cluster with me and my wife? we are adults in our 50's
  8. I have sent a friend request to the both of you. I am currently a Nomad just going from island to island collecting JustShootMe#0201
  9. JustShootMe

    Atlas Resource Locations

    Nice resource, thank you
  10. JustShootMe

    What the heck is this PvE ship protection.

    I get what they are trying to do and thank them for it but there need to be improvements. As a developer my self I know too well that what people ask for seems simple to them but in reality it is complicated to do. They did a poor job of letting the players know what the result would be of getting on someones ship. Now that I know I don't have a problem but I do hope that the developers refine this fix so it is not a death sentence. Thank you for your effort to make the game better and I look forward to the improvements to come.
  11. what time zone are you in, I am central.
  12. This is one of the best topics I have read, everything in here is about making the game better as well as the comments. I personally try to clean up after my self by destroying the buildings and docks that are temporary. If I build a taming trap i leave it unlocked for others to use. I try to think of other players. I clean up the environment as I play by destroying individual floors and posts left by other players (Only if time has expired on the item)
  13. JustShootMe

    Where did all of the trees go?

    I build in a lawless area and there were trees all around and now after the update, there are none on the section I am on and none just across the way. there used to be a bunch in both locations. Is this a bug?
  14. JustShootMe

    TOP 10 PVE Tribe Now Gone (Claim Flags)

    I want to play PVE solo and have a small piece of land but that does not seem possible at this point. It is sad but overall I am having a great time and look forward to the game evolving.