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  1. José Gaspar

    Blackwood ships

    0.2, but even that setting they spawn in groups, I had 5 at that settings but they were all low level.
  2. José Gaspar

    Blackwood game.ini and GUS.iin settings list?

    I set this as my Day/Night Interval for fairly predicable days of 1 hour, 2/3 day, 1/3 night, same settings I used for ARK DayCycleSpeedScale=0.84458 DayTimeSpeedScale=1.0303 NightTimeSpeedScale=0.93333 It does slightly move each restart. but when playing is nice to know if you want to take a break for night time, you have 20 minutes, or if you need to plan for night action, you have idea how long until night fall. Also I found changing the vitamins to match the food drain helps the game so you don't get no vitamins and full scenario PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.5 PlayerCharacterVitaminADrainMultiplier=0.5 PlayerCharacterVitaminBDrainMultiplier=0.5 PlayerCharacterVitaminCDrainMultiplier=0.5 PlayerCharacterVitaminDDrainMultiplier=0.5 I would be nice to have a complete official list.
  3. José Gaspar

    Blackwood future and Fountain of Youth location

    I am loving the map, it still has much to cleanup. - Map is right size to be hosted and more than enough room for a couple small companies. -Maps are amazing, towns are impressive, there really is no completely safe place except maybe in ship anchored off shore, or safely in house. Only been to four Islands so far. and viewed a fifth, from off shore, was not ready for ogres yet. The map definitely has issues. - Missing Discovery areas, never realized how much I missed them until they were not there. no idea which island is which. - No fish around the first two islands I visited. The last one had fish, most dead since the ocean did not could not be swam is as you dropped to bottom, and all fish died from being out of water. Still showed swimming animation, but regular gravity, only grappling hook got me our alive. - Blocked paths with not explanation, found a cave, all lit up pink lights, but could not enter. - too many non-functional things, lots of crafting stations around towns that look functional but are not., huge towns with few NPCs, some NPCs do absoutely nothing. No interaction, essectially moving statues. To many cecorative only items, like trees and plants the cannot be chopped down, but look just like the item next to it that can. Couple things I miss. - The world Edges are hare, slammed my boat into them almost sunk. so easy to ger stuck in a map corner so best to stay away from edeged. - Many Mods don't quite work right, not sure why this was not implemented a 11 islands on a 1x1 map so could be incorporated inot custo maps, if anything that is biggest failure of the map. I would have much preferred that.
  4. Setting up a Blackwood server and was wondering is there a list of the various settings in game.ini and gameusersettings.ini that can be used to configure the server. How close are these to the ARK serversettings? Specfic interested ares. Slowing down day/night cycles, rain/storm frequencies, and increasing flotsam and shipwreck occurances
  5. José Gaspar

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    Eve does not force grouping. you can exist fine and play mostly solo, while big battles are group, most activities are solo or small groups.
  6. José Gaspar

    My Suggestion for NA PvE - All Lawless

    The Lawless population on EU-PVE continues to grow while claim grids continue to drop. Lawless grids now have twice to population of claim grids. Just as you tired the Empire version of PvP, give the originally announced all-Lawless a trial on PvE, It will be quick to tell if people prefer all-lawless to claims but comparing the server populations.
  7. José Gaspar


    Either they did not look or did not care, Its quite obvious that PvE players do not want to be landlords or tenants. They want there own land. The old claim system with limits and upkeep, or all lawless is much better fit for PvE.
  8. José Gaspar

    Population base moving to lawless already happening

    I guess they don't care that PvE players are not liking colonies (full island ownership) and are going with it in NA PvE. A quick look at the grid populations, is that player populations of EU PvP Colony grids maxes out at 12 with vast majoriity being in single digits, yet the average Lawless grid is in the high teens, reaching up to over 30. I was holding out open that the Developers would catch a clue about PvE players and at least try an all-lawless map to set player preference, but the last Captains Log, made me loose all hope for the Developers ever understanding the PvE game. It the NA PvE server does open with colonies, I will leave and not look back. I have already uninstalled the game and was hoping the the developers would look at the play patterns of the one PvE server they do have and get some clue how PvE players want to play, but I was overly optimistic. Happy Sailing.
  9. José Gaspar

    PVE players : Join the official Empire server !

    After than announcement, surprised anyone on Empires. there is still 127 players on Empires
  10. José Gaspar


    I am really hoping for am All-lawless NA-PvE Server. EU-PvE has over double the number of the players in Lawless grids than Claim Grids. Leave the EU-PvE with claims and make NA-PvE it will quickly be obvious which players prefer.
  11. José Gaspar

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    MMO does not imply forced grouping with shared assets. Every MMO that forced grouping for day-to-day play has failed, unfortunately Atlas looks to be going that was as well. Atlas groups are even more intrusive since it has a commune-style ownership.
  12. José Gaspar

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    Yes, I want an area I can build where I can not worry about being blocked in or walled off. The complaint is there is not enough lawless grids, The population of lawless grids is now over double of claimable grids, Lawless grids actually have growing player numbers, while claim grids are dropping. While I would like a claim, there are not enough islands to every small group to have one.
  13. José Gaspar

    Painting the Keel (click point?)

    Stand in the ship face the sky and use the brush, that should select the ship frame and keel
  14. José Gaspar

    Remove the PvE Claim System

    I would suggest they close Empires, as failed experiment, has less then 10% of population next lowest population (has 79 players right now, vs 1733, 2889, and 2097) and re-open as NA-PVE with all lawless. People that want claims, will still have EU-PvE. They absolutely need structure maintenance to minimize floor/pillar spam. Hope that is coming soon, as was a key method of assisting PvE control it. I feel that given the choice any PvE player that does not own an island will move to NA-PvE followed by the small groups that do own islands as owning and island is a pain as well when your group isn't getting taxes from other players. Large groups will remain in EU-PvE as they can afford the islands with normal play and the two servers will have very different personalities.
  15. José Gaspar

    Population base moving to lawless already happening

    K4 is one of the busier Claim area, but is less than the average for lawless grids also in the Temperate Biome. The average for lawless is now more than double than the claim islands, and the difference is growing every day.