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  1. Hey bud, do you walk on your hands? because you sure as hell talk out of your ass. Also can I make a prediction!. You will get detention on Tuesday because you didn't do your homework because you were too busy typing this S@%T. No facts to back up this tripe. I remember similar doomsayers on ark and it is STILL going.
  2. Have they said the date of the server wipe?
  3. I thought I read some where, that Grapeshit wanted to reduce the amount people built to help increase server performance? If this is the case where on earth is your logic when it comes to reducing the blocking range of a foundation? 3 weeks ago I had 1 Chinses foundation preventing me putting a wall on MY foundation, then you reduced the effective range of foundations, I managed to get that wall up, but latest patches instead of 1 foundation there are now 3 all people are doing is placing MORE pillars/floors to claim the same amount of land. makes no sense what so ever,
  4. My pets are in a large stone building, in some places the STONE floors are 5 deep as to make the building level, when I logged in before the patch I COULD NOT mount my Rhino, his feet seemed to be through the floor, BUG NUMBER ONE. I am not demolishing 8 stone floors to get it out because of BUG TWO stupid stone requirements "get a brain", yes I know it isn't technically a bug but nearly almost as much metal as stone wtf is it reinforced concrete? WELL CLEARLY NOT AS WOOD IS STRONGER, so I logged out and came back after the patch which brings me to BUG THREE the Rhino has vanished. NO IT WAS NOT KILLED, all my other pets are there and there is nothing in the log, it has just VANISHED I spent 8 hours getting it, from sailing to it's location to killing mobs trying to get one to spawn. Sort out your incompetent coders and give me back my TIME.
  5. Yes maybe if we could get the 22000 people who play to all send one.
  6. Nice to see this topic still has people's interest, but, I still do not see anything happening about it, I DO NOT see any feedback from the developers one way or another, almost as if the people who pay for the game and the people who play the game DO NOT matter.
  7. Sorry , what were each grid supposed to hold 150 players? This is a few days after a 5% server performance boost. Any chance you can stop work on the upcoming patch, what is it, "oh Yea" Bounty system and fix the shit you have already. I can tell you now, with the amount of offline raiding going on now, your bounty system is going to be a heap of bugfest crap.
  8. Sadly I think if they were going to rollback the change they would have done it by now, so it looks like the game is perma ruined
  9. I kind of agree they already have our money, and being realistic how many more new customers are gonna buy this game, with both the amount of negative comments out there and the fact it is just an Ark mod rehashed. Unless they do actually start listening to the community then yes this game is dead in the water.
  10. Are we hijacking this post and turning it into a wish list ok. 1: I want the developers to think before applying patches. 2:I want full Global chat not just the cluster grid you are in So we can form alliances to do any game content as solo and small companies. 3:I want more official servers 4: I want to stop losing Bears to Alpha Lions ( If I am lucky enough not to get 1 shotted by the Lion while on the bear I can kill the Lion, if I die my Bear is usless) 5: I want all Pillars and floors not connected to another Wiped from all servers 6 World Peace Being serious if they really are releasing patch 17 today instead of February it is for one reason and one reason only, to mask the negativity of the last patch, which in itself is really funny as most of their last lost of content is buggy as shit, so what hope do subs have.
  11. Again sorry I only play on Pve, I cant dedicate the hours to protecting something pvp, Only needs Stone for protection against Alphas and Looks
  12. I do have an elephant and Rhino so need to keep riding 3, but here is another issue with half hearted efforts Bulls are supposed to be good for Thatch, So I Tamed a level 30 Bull but I go out on my Bear and use a metal pick because 1 it doesn't pick up 8000% more berries than thatch and 2 the pick harvests twice as fast as the Bull
  13. click on the resource and it shows you what grid they are in, its a work in progress
  14. Thanks, beat me to it, I got side tracked.
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