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  1. Poor victims of the media i feel for you.
  2. Ummm... thats bullshit and you know that... i played ark a LOT for like 6 months back when it came out because i had no job at that time, nonetheless i had no health problems or was addicted because i instantly stopped playing it when i got a new job (game was not playable for me with just ~4h per day freetime besides friends and other stuff). Wanna know something else? When i really like a game, and i have enough time, i sometimes play 2-3 days in a row without sleeping xD but you know whats even more interesting? That applies to everything i like to do, no matter if programming (my job), playing games, or just staying up 3 days in a row at a weekend festival. You know nothing dude, you just take the rules the government and the society and TV put on you and apply them to everyone. People can do what they want, and its not your business, nor you have the right to insult them while hiding behind "playing the concerned user". People like you are pure trash, and if you ever have children, poor beings my dear...
  3. What if some of those people are disabled and cant work or go out? What if some of them are just dedicated gamers who like to play 16h a day for some time and then go back to reallife for the rest of the year? What if its not your business to judge people and dictate them how to spend their time? Pathetic asshole.
  4. This is not ark, people just dont care for this game anymore already xD
  5. Welcome to the new ATLAS population count, ATLAS will be a very good "MASS"-multiplayer-online-role-play-game xD
  6. First of all i didnt panic, i can play other games when atlas finally died, im not married to this game. Second: why see me back? I neither stopped playing the game, nor did i say so, nor will i leave the forums or sayd i will... My first sentence, where i say i kinda like this game, was ignored by all reality/fact-resistant people here, trying to bash my "opinion" (no opinion here, just facts and some wild guesses). Kinda funny how people always only see what they like to see and what matches their way of thinking lol
  7. People? You count numbers and facts as people? I just listed facts. Im sorry you got hurt by them .
  8. Trailers, especcially if SnailGames owns the publishing company/game, are always fake and marketing-lies. Just look at the trailer from ark where they announce the expansion "Scorched Earth" The movement the wyvern in the first scene is doing is flat out impossible in the real game, neither wild nor tamed wyvern can do this, yet it is in the trailer. But we are getting offtopic, topic is this game, and why and if it is dying xD
  9. Bye, you are leaving the Forums? Because i'm not lol...
  10. No offense, but ATLAS is designed to handle 40000 players at once (thats what they adverdised it with). 1k Players is not enough to populate the world of ATLAS, thats arround 4 players per server... AVRG... we are talking about average, so only at certain times there are 4 players per server, other times its just a dead wasteland. Also we are talking about overall playercount, so there will always be a big chunk of players who fall off these numbers: the ones playing on private servers. The official servers are not well enough populated to make it a true MMO experience, you barely meet a player, you barely have any interaction, thats not how it was supposed to be.
  11. Oh and you wanna know a fun fact? ARK would work perfectly fine with like... lets say 10k players playerbase, because servers are divided, one server can be well populated even with a low overall playercount for the game. Whole different story for ATLAS, its just not working with a low playerbase, and ATLAS already started out with a lower playerbase than ARK ever had, and now even dropping in playercount, unstoppable... So tell me how a MMORPG works without the "MASS" the first M in MMO stands for? Im listening, just tell me please.
  12. Oh yeah, the whiteknights are back xD guess what? got some numbers for ya Thats a crazy drop of players, and the drop hasnt finished yet And speaking about ark had a drop and is still going LOL you really want to compare ark to this pile of trash atlas is? Fine, lets take a look at arks player population in the first year... um yeah... sure... continue comparing (or referencing to) ark with this... like... you always compare 1-room appartments with entire castles? or... a paper plane with a spaceship? im sorry for your feelings being hurt by numbers, but im sure the numbers dont care xD
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