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  1. well thanks for the info..the abusment less,but guess trolls are hungry to feed here poor guys..troll on trololo im done with the game then,Was a blast while it lasted,take care.
  2. Attention Pathfinders, This coming Wednesday, the 27th of March, we’ll be bringing down the Official EU PvE Network as we prepare for the upcoming launch of the Public Test Realm. We’ll be needing to make use of the entire 15x15 grid to ensure that we are fully able to check our changes, including the additional islands and new biomes. In the future, the PTR will exist on its own network with its own unique servers, potentially in the form of multiple small clusters. However for this update, due to the sheer size and availability of hardware, we’ll be making use of this network. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are very excited to get this patch out to you guys as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more details in the coming week regarding the launch of the PTR and the patch. Please note, this does not mean that the PTR will accessible to players on the 27th, just that this network will go offline to prepare for it. Thank you Where in all that you see the word Wipe?
  3. Where is it written where did you get that info? Do you have link to some offical dev thread or it your speculation like the rest? submit proof please
  4. Im playing on EU PVE Sirens call I haven't been reading forums ,discord etc lately,so im ignorant of recent changes. Been only logging for short time to feed my tames and sailors. Suddenly I cant log in today. I saw some advertisement about EU PVE Network shutdown. Then some other people talking about wipe.but I cant find any official post saying there will be a wipe,just Jat commenting bout taking network down for PTR,this isn't a wipe thou,network been down and up countless times so far. So If anyone can clear this for me appreciate it.Thanks!
  5. Animals templates are broken atm,hopefully the devs will look at this one day,atm its just another bug in the list of bugs to be taken care of in the unforeseen future. There was a bug post about this but I cant seem to find it now,so I remade one in the bug section if you want to bump it up for devs to looks at:
  6. Cant paint on tames,template come out broken,the template also shows in the icon broken after painting:
  7. C10 Sirens calls PVE EU cant log in.
  8. I love whale hunting,just the regular ones are rare,they should change spawn raters of SOD with the one of the regular whales,this would be awesome.
  9. Who asked for a new system? I asked from the exisiting tames which one is viable...so much for been helpfull.. If I dub in cooking I need prime fish meat.there might be viable way to get it so why not share with community? I found the answer on my own..farming with my bear wasnt perfect butr he could get tens of fish meat and prime without spears breaking or any hassle,just need to be in warm area when you dive in..
  10. The game looks even better then before! Thanks for the polish wax
  11. I lost my bear running into another guys taming pit. He made it so it was a part of his base with teal roof,so you couldn't really see it was a pen..so he just stuck there starving now
  12. With the various tames,is there any you use to collect fish meat,prime and oil efficiently?
  13. Got that message once,after was digging treasure while patch was rolled out. Basically it says you need to let the spawn restart before you can dig,cause it didnt went smoothly.
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