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  1. Tried all of these but none have worked.
  2. The warehouse radius is way to large. We have about 20+ farmhouses on our island from all kinds of clans but we have two warehouses. 1 of which is from a new person that moved in last week they just happened to be up when the patch dropped. I did a respec to make them and can;t place one. One warehouse literally covers more than half of our island and it is not a small island. Please adjust this. A radius of 100m would be better. Just make them twice the radius of farmhouses.
  3. Renshi

    New World Map!

    So does this mean map wipe after they said they were not going to need to wipe again? lol
  4. I moved both ini files and let the game recreate them. No luck there. Where are the cache folders you speak of? I use the Play button in my library inside Steam.
  5. Ok so I have had a solid black sky for many many months. Been through two full server wipes with it that's how long. I miss the clouds the sun and the moon etc. I have tried everything I have seen on the forums from sliding the sky detail back and forth to many other things. The only thing that fixed it one time was repairing a visual C++ redistributable but that only lasted one gameplay session. Does anybody know which version of the visual C++ redistributable ATAS actually uses? Any ideas of how I can permanently fix this?
  6. I don't think ours is linked to pickup or demolish of anything. I actually saw one of them poof yesterday. I just happened to be looking in that direction and it demolished just like if I were to have done it but nobody was close to it.
  7. Well it stopped happening to us for a long time then
  8. Looks like the bug that cause random ceilings to disappear is back.
  9. OK so I would really like to get this fixed. I have the same solid black sky that many others have reported. Moving the slider for sky quality does NOT fix this for me. Neither does verifying my files. Every-time it tells me one file will be reacquired but it does not fix the issue. Has anybody been able to fix this when those other two options don't? I really want to be able to use the new sextant stuff but I can't because I can't see a sky
  10. Same issue. I had just put the gold in the resource box to for next time Oh well test realm. Definitely a bug though.
  11. I still have this problem and I have tried all the following. Repairing C++ redistributable Changing SKY Quality slider Repairing game files in steam.
  12. How though? They have to be inside your claim for 7 days and then you E wheel them to claim or something else?
  13. Is it possible to claim another companies abandoned animals? They have not played in some weeks and we managed to take their claims but their animals are still hanging out there. Any way to claim them or do we have to just kill them?
  14. I see the option under the E Wheel to rename the ship but it does not appear to work. Is this just not implemented yet or is it currently broken?
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