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  1. Salty Del

    Developers! STOP! PVE!

    Schrodinger’s Who?
  2. Salty Del

    Any news on the Blackwood map ??

    TL; DR: I’m bored and get too much enjoyment out of writing silly things like that.
  3. Salty Del

    Empire, Colonies or PVE ?

    I think that instead of referring to it just as PvE, they should instead call the PvE variant Adventure(s).
  4. Salty Del

    Any news on the Blackwood map ??

    If he didn’t understand, then you just didn’t successfully English. There is no governing body of the English language. So any failure of comprehension by the receiver is because the speaker/writer was unable to properly communicate their thoughts in a manner that the receiver could understand. Disclaimer: The previous statements were written by the author’s understanding of a bastard language with inconsistent rules that is commonly referred to as the English language, which is really just a mish-mash of regional dialects that, if you’re lucky, are at least somewhat compatible other regions dialects. This disclaimer nullifies any fault on the author’s part for any misunderstanding of the reciever as to the meaning and intention of any information stated or implied. You just didn’t make enough effort to understand me. I recommend using Google translate to go through no fewer than 7 different languages before translating back to English to ensure maximum comprehension.
  5. Salty Del

    Developers! STOP! PVE!

    Ahh. A perfect opportunity to introduce you to my thoughts on why time travel is impossible. How is this in any way related? Stay tuned to find out! If you were to just go back in time, where do you think you’ll end up? Floating in space. Why? The Earth moves very quickly. Even a time jump of just seconds would probably result in your death. Part of the patch is adding and moving islands. Where do you think structures will be? Floating In the air over the water, just waiting to smash a passing ship. Perhaps they could keep the characters during the wipe. But, with the addition of these same islands, additional discovery points will be added, and some may be removed. They may also be tweaking the skills tree, which yes, on its own is not enough to require recreating a character. But, if you had to choose between them spending the time to get the game mechanics to where they want them to be, or put the time into making it so people can retain a current character, which would you choose? “But Del, you never really said why time travel is impossible, just that it would kill you. It would still be possible if you didn’t mind dying, right?” I hear nobody asking. I think of actual time travel like this. Time itself is a construct for people to be able to measure the rate of change. The only true time travel would be to return everything in existence to it’s previous state. And you’d still have to move yourself to where you want to end up, hoping you don’t end up with your molecules merging with something else.
  6. Salty Del

    Update 20/03/19 confirmed!

    I honestly did not know where that saying came from. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Salty Del

    Update 20/03/19 confirmed!

    “Think about how dumb the average person is, then realize that by definition half of the population is dumber than that.” - George Carlin
  8. Depending on how expensive the upkeep for an island ends up being, land owners may find that they’re the ones doing most of the work. If there are taxes, the land owner has to balance maintenance with keeping the settlers satisfied. Setting taxes too high makes the upkeep easier, but then settlers are more likely to move on after building a ship, or harvesting resources at a nearby island with lower taxes. Land owners will also be responsible for patrolling the island to clear out any structures that negatively impact the island. What causes a negative impact is at their discretion, but if they want help paying the upkeep they need to work with the settlers. I also decided to change how I refer to each party. Instead of landlords and tenants, land owners and settlers seems more fitting. Landlords and tenants implies some kind of formal, contractual agreement, which I doubt there will be mechanics to support. And some people see the landlord/tenant relationship in some kind of negative way.
  9. Thank you very much for putting this together, Jean. Kat and I had a great time, despite her dying to a tentacle slap right after it started. Being able to do the fight, and win, before the wipe was great
  10. Salty Del

    Paints look awful on the buildings! :(

    I saw this thread and my first thought was “I wonder if anybody else is having trouble with forest green.” I swear I used it a while back and it worked, but maybe not. I guess I’m somewhat glad it’s not just me? That’s a beautiful looking harbour you’ve built. I was really disappointed to find that the light colours don’t show up on the ships. I was looking forward to a white ship with green trim. I haven’t gotten to the point of painting buildings, mostly because it took so long for us to get land to actually build on, so I can’t comment on that. I’m looking forward to them eventually improving the paints. I don’t think that’s a really big priority at the moment though.
  11. Salty Del

    One week is not enough for the PTR

    I agree, one week is not enough time to see the full impact of the claim changes. I think the dilemma they’re facing though is do they want to do the full testing on the PTR and delay the wipe for the live servers, or do a quick test on the PTR for any immediate game breaking issues and get it on live ASAP. I think that announcing the wipe as early as they did is a double-edged sword; they gave players plenty of notice so that they don’t feel like they’ve wasted time when it happens, but they’ve also given themselves a very firm, if not outright hard deadline on when the patch needs to go live to retain players.
  12. Salty Del


    True enough. I had originally thought of it as an instanced island. But, I believe that the same issues would still exist with instanced grids. On an instanced island, many would likely pick the same spot to build a base as that would be an ideal location. Even if there are four or five of these spots, you’re still going to have a smaller section where each point would most commonly come out of. If they took the freeport servers and converted each to a set of islands, you do increase the number of points of entry/exit some, but people would still most likely establish the same sea lanes from those maps to get to neighbouring or distant lands. Wind changes could shift these points, depending on how people deal with sailing against the wind, but there would still be the same sea lanes being used. And you’re also concentrating the entire population into these servers, which would drastically increase the likelihood of accidental collisions. Even in PvE, it’s possible to lose a ship to these accidental collisions. You also get an opportunity for griefing by having spots where a griefer can park a small fleet of boats for people to run into. What happens when your schooner or brig crosses a border directly into a wall of galleons? I honestly don’t know. Maybe I’ll test that this weekend. Another thought; how many server resources do these instances use? If an entire map grid is used as an instance, does that not require each instance to be its own server? Should they have a dedicated server for each company, including solo players, when everybody pays a onetime fee of $20 to $60? I think this is probably why my mind went to an instanced island at first. I don’t think there is a solution that everybody will approve of. But, hopefully these discussions will help the developers come to a solution that is at least acceptable to most of the players.
  13. Salty Del


    I thought about instanced islands, but there is a rather large issue to deal with; collision detection when entering and exiting the instance. It would be like crossing between grids, but with everybody trying to cross at the same point. You also lose out on seeing other people’s creations. Every island that you arrive at is almost devoid of life, except other players who happen to be there at the same time and do not have a private instance on that island. The world would feel even more empty than it currently does, because you’ll never see or talk to anybody, except for perhaps in passing. At least now you can wonder if people are still there. The game that came to mind for me with that description is No Man’s Sky when it first came out. Massive world where you would never meet anybody else, other than a “player x named this planet y” message. (I’m not trying to hate on No Man’s Sky, I actually enjoyed it at launch)
  14. Salty Del

    C6 hydras extinct?

    I can confirm the hydra’s location in C6 is where Caermortuus gave. We found it there on Saturday morning, and when we helped another group afterwards, it was in the canyons just north of that peak. And people are still sailing and adventuring because they enjoy it, regardless of the impending wipe. We’re learning how to do things we hadn’t tried before just because it doesn’t matter if we lose anything or everything. We’ve also taken on a pet project, literally, of trying to rescue all of the abandoned pets we come across. *insert In the Arms of an Angel music here*
  15. I know it’s getting a bit late in the game for suggestions, but what if instead of claiming an entire island, each island was broken into set territories that are individually claimable? Give the owner of each territory the ability to decide if others can build in that claim or not. It would be a kind of hybrid system between the original claim flags, and the new claim system. Large companies could claim entire islands, but smaller companies can have their own piece of land as well.