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  1. Salty Del

    Q&A Community vs. Devs

    I second the nomination for Winter Thorne. I do think the subject of this conversation should have a slight change to it. I don’t believe it should be a vs. situation, as at the end of the day we all want the same thing; Atlas to be as good of a game as it can be. It’s a small, but meaningful distinction.
  2. Salty Del

    Single Player God mode

    That may be because you’re playing single player. It may not actually log you out, just put the server to sleep. You could try “cheat hurtme x”, where x is a number higher than your health. Not sure if that will damage you with god mode on though. You may also want to browse through the menu in “showmyadminmanager” to try to turn off god mode, or see if there is another command that may work better.
  3. Salty Del

    Suggestion: Ship in a bottle

    I don’t know the details on how Atlas handles ships, but given that they’re able to travel between servers intact there should be a way for them to allow ships in a bottle. The details that would need to be worked out are the crew and resources. I was thinking that they could have something like “creature crystals”, an Atlas version of cryopods. They could require Mythos to make, and the fridge could run from Mythos as well. Resources, it could be as simple as anything left on the ship when put in the bottle would be placed in a flotsam where the ship was. They would then have to be picked up or they’re gone. They cross the border with the ship, but having everything contained in the bottle with the ship would be too easy to exploit. One schooner carrying a few galleons to load up with resources, then bottle them all up to take back solo? Nope. Resources would have to be carried outside of the bottle. Even if you kept crew in the cryopods, you can only release one every 5 minutes. Releasing a galleon with cannons and crewing it would take quite a while. Probably quicker to just sail it straight there. On a side note concerning water tames, I do expect them to come and be expanded on. I haven’t looked recently, but for crop plots “flesh” was listed as one of the options to base them on, so I think whale taming with the ability to build on them could be coming. Now I’m just picturing using ballista to wear the whale down, and at 10% it turning to flee and needing you to harpoon it with a galleon to hold it for taming. That would be pretty interesting. If they could bring some of the convenience of the cryopods to Atlas, I think that would help a lot of players out. And underwater pirate bases are a thing that must be allowed to happen!
  4. At one point I had considered using NPC crew with plate armour to tank in the power stone caves. I’d not thought about using them for treasure maps. With a decent level, good armour and weapons, they may do surprisingly well. Or unsurprisingly poorly.
  5. Salty Del

    Is island claiming bugged?

    I don’t think having a single bit in the island’s data dedicated to “is there a claiming flag” and then checking that bit when you’re trying to place a flag is exactly taxing on the server. And that’s not how I recall the claim flags working immediately after the wipe. I remember landing on a few unclaimed islands, placing a claim flag only to find that another claim was in progress on another part of the island after we placed the flag. Regardless, now everybody can know how the claim flags work, at least for right now. And yes, now that we’re aware of this limitation we will be thoroughly checking any future islands we may try to claim.
  6. Salty Del

    „Insane sword murderer“ new meta ?

    I always thought the sword didn’t do enough damage for how slow it is.
  7. Salty Del

    Is island claiming bugged?

    So today we’ve learned that the claim system does not alert you when you’re competing for a claim, and that after one of the claims completes the other claim still contests it until either that company leaves the flags sphere of influence, or they pick up the flag themselves. We also found that while the claim is contested, the PvP rule for being “at war” applies in PvE and you cannot dump stuff out of your storage containers, and that the flag may be incorrect in reporting how many island points an opposing company may have. I wonder what would happen if the opposing company left their claim flag up and just waited out the other company until they left the island. Would it allow them to steal the claim, even though that’s not supposed to happen in PvE? There definitely needs to be some notification if an island is being claimed already. The second company trying to claim can lose their gold, though not enough to really be bothersome unless they’re just starting, but more importantly their time. It’s also a bit frustrating when it happens and you have no idea why. Thanks for replying, True Sonja.
  8. Salty Del

    Is island claiming bugged?

    That's interesting. I recall after the wipe that when you place a claim on an island with another claim flag counting down that both are contested, and neither counts down until one is unclaimed, either by one player leaving their flag area and their flag being unclaimed, or them taking their own claim flag down. While both flags were up, neither timer would count down. Maybe that's since changed, as we haven't tried to claim an island since.
  9. Salty Del

    Is island claiming bugged?

    We were claiming a polar island with no issues, when we got a notification that our claim was interrupted. I was just outside of our claim flag's area, so immediately headed back to find our flag now being contested and unclaiming, but the island now claimed by another company despite there being no contesting of the claim when I made it. Once another company member came on, I went to the flag of the islands owners, and I have no idea how they now have 248/114 claim points used, and instantly claimed this island. It really seems like a bug/exploit. Has anybody else encountered this yet?
  10. Salty Del

    Get rid of vits

    I don’t have a problem with the vitamins at all. I like the buff you get from achieving equilibrium, and with some planning it’s not difficult to keep them up. The simplest way I’ve found to keep them up is to max out your vitamin buff in the survival tree. The second tier is good enough, but having the third is really nice. Put some points into fortitude because that also reduces your vitamin depletion rate. I always have at least 40 points in fortitude. With the equilibrium buff that becomes 70, which makes it a bit easier as well. For food, salt prime meat in a preserving bag, grow veggies, have a cow for milk, and I like to keep rum around as well, though berries are usually easy to find. The salted prime meat gives you a lot of vitamin b without filling up your hunger bar as well. Veggies are good for vitamin a, but if you can’t farm just spend some time picking up coconuts or digging up potatoes. Rum and milk will give you vitamins c and d respectively, and they fill up your water bar, not hunger. Eating the salted prime meat will lower your water level. I also keep salted meat and salted fish in the preserving bag, just in case my water bar is too full. Eating a few of them will lower your water level so you can have more rum or milk. Without any of the overeating skills, you can eat up to 125 points without taking damage. If you need to eat more yet, grab a tool and just swing it in the air to lower your stamina quickly. Regenerating stamina will use up your food levels. With a bit of effort, it’s not that difficult to maintain the buff, and I think the buff is absolutely worth the effort. I always feel so slow after I die and lose the buff. Hopefully this will help you and others out, and if anybody else has some tips please share them.
  11. Salty Del

    Olfends are new friends.

    Oh, we very thoroughly culled the herd. We tamed maybe 20% of the olfends we found. And I like to tame level 15+ because they could have just one stat that’s better than anything else we’ve got.
  12. Salty Del

    Olfends are new friends.

    New friends are abound! We’re a bit late to this party. We concentrated on tortugars, even after we found their limited uses (I still think they’re a fantastic taming mount, if they fix the bug of turning constantly right after using a bola). But, now it was time for us to hunt an elusive olfend! Thankfully, we’ve found the olfends to be significantly easier to locate. They’re found in the desert biomes, but not every island seems to spawn them, so it may take a few tries to locate an island with them. We did the same thing we did for the tortugars; kill everything in a circuit and wait for one to spawn. Unfortunately, they have something else in common with the tortugars. Tortugars, it’s difficult to find a high level one. Most of the ones we’ve found are single digits, with the highest one we’ve found being level 20. And a very high percentage of them were male. Olfends we’ve had the same kind of luck, except that most of the ones we’ve found were female. But, since they do spawn more frequently it’s not as big an issue. Just don’t expect to find a high level one quickly. It took us most of the weekend to finally find a 27 male. The actual taming couldn’t be easier. Kill things in the area around the olfend, trap it with billboards, bola and feed it cactus or other grown veggies. We didn’t see a big difference when we ran out of cactus and had to switch to beans. And clean up your traps when you’re done! The sweet spot to feed it is at it’s back, behind the front shoulder. It’s pretty generous with the range, so you only get hit if you run right in front of it. Left mouse button is a fairly standard attack. They’re not very powerful, and most don’t have a ton of HP, stamina or weight, but they can hold their own in a fight or run away quickly. They can also jump, which can allow you to trip up mobs that are chasing you by crossing something they can’t. The right mouse button sprays from it’s trunk. You may think it’s water; it’s snot (thank you, Jungle Cruise!) You can spray people that aren’t mounted and it will fill their water up. Maybe next weekend I’ll try this on a fire elemental. I may last 5 seconds instead of 2! Pressing C makes it drink water. You have to be either in a clean water source, or in a spot that you could dig for water. Digging for water, it will take a fair bit of time to fill it’s tanks. You can use weapons and bolas while mounted. After we tamed one, we started using them to tame others. Being able to jump to scale mountain sides is really handy. As an added bonus, if you want to tame lions, lions cannot pull you off the olfend. The olfends low damage makes it quite suitable for it to be used as a taming mount. I can’t wait to see what the babies look like.
  13. I’ve been wondering for a little while how much RAM each of the server instanced have allocated to them. I’m assuming that each server is virtualized, not a unique physical server. I bring this up because what I’ve noticed is that as a server gets more players, especially 20+, the latency gets worse and worse as more players enter the server. From what I’ve read for setting up an unofficial server for ARK or Atlas, this could be caused by having insufficient RAM allocated to a server. Then again, when we did the kraken fight pre-wipe, everybody had to turn their graphics way down to get make it more playable. That doesn’t seem to be related to server performance on the surface, but I can see it being possible if the clients graphics setting can impact what and how the server loads itself. For instance, a lower render distance means the server may not have to load and transfer as much data as for a client with a higher render distance. This is all speculation, of course, and I do not have much experience actually hosting a server, but I think it’d be interesting to know what hardware/resources the official servers have. As I finished writing this, the thought popped into my head that somebody is going to link the answer that was in an FAQ that I’ve long since forgotten reading.....
  14. Salty Del

    High Ping Randomness!

    From what I’ve noticed, when I get lag and high ping most is when I’m entering an area with a lot of NPCs and structures. I think it’s just a byproduct of how the game loads new items as you move, and at least for now there isn’t a lot to do to change that. One of our company members was having very high ping on one server, but when I fast travelled to him mine was normal while his stayed high. Logging off and loading back in didn’t resolve it, but resetting his router did. I’m not saying that the problem you’re experiencing isn’t caused by Atlas, say a server being bogged down for a period, just that there is a possibility that it could be something else.
  15. You could already climb aboard unallied ships that were unanchored. What you should probably do is to go to all of your ships and make sure your ship wheel is locked. Older boats have them unlocked by default, and it may be possible for somebody else to steal a ship that was unanchored. With people now being able to board anchored ships, we could see a short period where players are stealing unlocked ships in PvE to crash them for salvage. This does assume that players can sail unallied boats that have unlocked ship wheels, but I’m not taking any chances.