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  1. Salty Del

    And it starts

    Well, our island is quite small, as I’ve said. It is quite limited for resources, which I believe is a large part of why we don’t get many active settlers. We had one small group join our company as we were claiming the island. I believe we have three small groups that have built on our chain of islands, not including the taming pens and single foundations with beds, shipyards, etc. that we can’t clear out because they keep getting refreshed. Of the three groups that have settlements and are active, only one was problematic, but seemed to have calmed down. So 33% of the active settlers were/are what I would define as problematic. If you want to count all of the companies that have built single foundations, four foundation bases and shipyards, taming pens and then abandoned them, or worse keep refreshing them, then the percentage goes well above 50%, probably closer to 67%. And of all of the companies, which I think was about 12-15, only 2 spoke with us at all, and that was after we approached them. One was building his own base, and wasn’t doing anything that would obstruct others. The other had built a small base after his schooner was sunk on one of our shallows. I actually made him all of the base pieces he would need to rebuild his schooner, and I dove to salvage his old ship for him because of the sharks. We had all of the mats, so it didn’t take me more than a few minutes, and I wanted to make him feel welcome. The only caveat here is that we have been on holidays the past week and a half, so I don’t know if the situation has changed much until we get back late tomorrow. As an aside, I really don’t understand that mentality. You take the time to harvest the resources to build these structures, and then just abandon them when you could get half of those resources back, if not for the better reason of not just creating random clutter for others to deal with.
  2. Salty Del

    And it starts

    I think that you’re right as well, Winter Thorne. And as you’ve said, a lot of the issues were pointed out to the devs before the changes were made. But, I don’t see the devs changing the claim system anytime soon. For now, the best we can probably hope for is for them to make adjustments to balance better between the owners and the settlers. I would say that as they currently are, they strongly favour the settlers, at least in PvE. Yes, the proposed ideas do make it less fair for settlers, but currently it favours the settlers too much. Even with a land owner that tries to block settlers, it’s very possible to build there, and now you have a situation where the owner and settler lead to a combative situation. The settler spends more time trying to carve out a slice of land from the owner, and the owner is actively trying to find them and tear them down. The sad thing is, most of these issues could be eliminated if people would actually talk to one another. The alliance only option forces this discussion, if the person wants to build on a specific island. The increased upkeep costs give the owners incentive to accept settlers, or pay more to keep the land to themselves. I still think that a better solution would have been the original system with limited claims and no sea claims, at least as far as PvE is concerned. They could even have added the upkeep that the new system has, and I think it would work quite well. Simply fast travelling between claims means little if you can’t take the gold with you to pay the upkeep. But, as I said earlier, I don’t see the devs making drastic changes to the claim system any time soon. They’ve made their bed, and now we have to lay in it. Doesn’t mean we can’t ask them to fluff the pillows, or maybe change the sheets. I do kind of expect them to short sheet the bed instead though.
  3. Salty Del

    Second installation on laptop

    That does sound like a much safer method than mine. Especially if they change(d) whatever allowed it to work for me in the past.
  4. Salty Del

    Chines Destroy the Game

    Are you suggesting that the sharp changes in angles in the cross section of a ship are caused by people having higher latency, and that by removing these players there is no need for these chines and a smoother hull shape could be made?
  5. Salty Del

    Second installation on laptop

    From my experience, the only thing you need to do is try to create a new character on your second system for the same server as the original system. If it’s still working the same, it will take you to character creation (I think, not 100% sure), and then try to log you in before taking you back to the menu with an error message, but it will then start logging in on its own with your existing character. That’s what I remember happening when my HD died and I replaced it and performed a fresh install of Windows 10.
  6. Salty Del

    And it starts

    TL; DR: Rights need to be better balanced between settlers and settlement owners. Lotus has good ideas. I don’t believe that there is a perfect answer that will make everybody happy. I think that overall the new system fixes more issues from the old system than it creates itself. It allows most people to have a space to build, even if they cannot find an island for themselves. Before I go into details, yes, our company owns a small island in the south-eastern tropics. There are no metal nodes on our island, minimal fiber, a fair amount of trees and stones , a good amount of crystal, and tons of three kinds of saps. To me, the largest issues that it creates is the potential for friction between the owners and settlers. We welcome settlers on our island, and do appreciate when they ask us about where it’s ok for them to build and where not to build. Our company is made up of four small companies or couples to get the island, and each of the groups has their own small base. We have one German settler on our island that one of our members was able to do some basic communication with. He built a nice base near one of our groups, and doesn’t cause any troubles. On the other hand, we have another settler that started building a massive base right where our main forest is. I’m not even sure what language he was speaking, as he only tried communicating once, but I tried to communicate non-verbally for him to not build in the woods. I removed the sections that he had put down in the trees, they were only a few at that point, and put up some billboards thinking that he would get the message. He didn’t. He built bigger into the trees, even up to and beside the billboards. He also built a massive pen cutting off the easiest path between the small island we’re on and the island he was on with the trees. He also built a large, walled in section, presumably to keep that area for himself, that cut off travel for all on that side of the island. I removed the offending structures and then put a few pillars down to prevent him from expanding into those areas again. There is still a large area around him to expand into, and he has built that way now, but he also started foundation spamming in the water around his base. There are several boat building bases and traps that have been left on our island, but the owners periodically come by and refresh them so we can’t remove them. We’ve asked them to remove them, and they just give a non-comital response and leave them there. I can’t really exaggerate how small our island is. On the map it looks like it’s small-medium sized, and it cost 47 points to buy, but it’s really one small island with 5 smaller islands around it, with a lot of the water being either too shallow to build a boatyard or anchor a ship leading to being too deep for a shipyard or to anchor a ship. We’ve found several shipwrecks in the shallows, and put up buoys when we find the ones extending out into the water. I think that there needs to be a rebalancing of the rights from the settlement owners and the settlers, at least in PvE. It’s too easy for the settlement owner to get screwed over by a settler for either taking a day off patrolling, or just taking a day off. At the same time, the settlers do need some form of protection from settlement owners that would just arbitrarily destroy their buildings. I think that Lotus has a great idea for a starting point by allowing the settlement owners to specify who can build on the island, and if alliances were increased for PvE then the owner could have an alliance to invite settlers to, once they have both spoken to each other and both parties expectations have been agreed upon. I also think that increasing the time for a settlement owner to be able to remove offending structures should be increased. I’d like 5 days to account for reduced play time during the week, but even 3-4 days would be adequate. If the settlement owner felt the need to evict a settler, there could be an option to flag all of a settlers buildings for demolition. That could start the 10 day destruction timer, and during that time the owner of the structures should be able to remove the structures themselves and get full resources back to rebuild in a new location. Another of Lotus’ ideas that I agree with is to increase upkeep in general, but especially for larger companies that own multiple islands. To also incentivize these companies moving to larger islands as they grow, settlement owners should be able to pickup or destroy their own structures at any time for full resources. This removes the need for them to start over again on their new island with half of the resources they already had, which is another reason for them to just stay where they are currently.
  7. This is a pretty good summary of it. This is all just my opinion on the ships as they currently are: Galleons are actually right about where they should be. The brigantine should turn slightly slower, as it’s pretty agile for a larger ship. The brigantine should also have an extra gun port or two to be better balanced between the galleon and schooner. Schooners should be a bit slower than a brigantine, but turn tighter. Sloops need an small increase to their turning speed when sailing at speed. If you don’t depower the sails, they turn almost like a galleon. The bigger changes need to happen to the sails. Speed sails are far too effective when off the wind. They have a 150 degree arc that they can be most effective at, and that’s with them only being at peak power when directly with the wind. They should start to drop off significantly when more than 5 to 10 degrees off of the wind, and give the lowest effective speed into the wind. Say 10% speed into the wind. Handling sails are actually in an ok place, I think. If speed sails were less effective when off the wind, then they would really start to come into their own. These should give the 30% speed into the wind. Weight sails would be more effective if instead of adding addition weight to the ship, they instead reduced the movement penalty for carrying more weight. Working the same as the armour speed modifier. Top speed should be the same as a handling, but have a similar effective profile to the speed sails. These should give a 15 to 20% speed into the wind. With these changes, speed sails are most effective with the wind, handling sails are more effective off the wind, and weight sails reduce the penalty of carrying more weight. Currently, I see little reason to use anything except speed sails. Unless your ship is meant for combat, when handling may give you an advantage for sail turning speed and requiring less effort to keep with the wind for better agility. This is all just my opinion though, as I certainly haven’t tried out every scenario with every ship and sail combination.
  8. Salty Del

    We found a bear

    Tamed by Panty Stocking? Sorry, I just find the name to be hilarious.
  9. Salty Del

    PvE claiming system

    And the one who gives up loses their gold.
  10. Salty Del

    Blueprints from SOTD

    We put a dinghy on our galleon so that one of us can get the drop quicker that way than taking the time to turn around and head back. I think we’ll do the same thing with our planned brig, just in case we need to.
  11. Salty Del

    The Galleon...

    From my experience, and what the game gives you as info on the blueprints, handling sails are badly misnamed. What handling sails do is provided acceleration and give you more power at severe angles to the wind. Your speed sails have to be pretty much red before they’ll give you a boost. They also raise/lower and turn faster than the other sails. Pre-wipe, our galleon had 4 speed sails and 2 handling sails. It still turned like a pig. Our new galleon has 6 speed sails. What I’ve found helps, is to turn the sails slightly off the wind and partially close them. De-powering the sails does allow you to turn quicker, relatively speaking. Our galleon is strictly an A to B carrier. It has four rear facing cannons, and with enough time and ammo could sink any Ship of the Damned, but we put a dinghy on it to retrieve the drops, as turning it around took too long. If we’re fighting Ships of the Damned, it will be with a brig or schooner.
  12. Salty Del

    Blueprints from SOTD

    We haven’t gone Ship of the Damned hunting specifically, just ones we’ve incidentally encountered. We’ve mostly gotten fine and under blueprints, but we have gotten masterwork medium gunport and legendary medium plank blueprints, and I think masterwork ballista and large cannon blueprints. So better blueprints do exist, but they are rarer drops.
  13. Salty Del

    Friendly mermaid quest

    Only one person at a time? That’s unfortunate, if accurate. We spent three evenings out looking for a monstrous sperm whale, and found two just as we were giving up for the third time. At least those ones we all got the achievement for.
  14. Salty Del

    Mythical shipyard

    I recently built a legendary large ship yard, and the galleon I built from it has a quality of 123%. I have no idea what that means, and I likely won’t find out anytime soon, as the galleon is strictly an A-to-B ship. I do want to build a brig for Ship of the Damned hunting though. That one may see higher levels sooner.
  15. Salty Del

    Can you put a diving rig on a ramshackle sloop?

    I am so going to try this when I get home. Picturing a sloop with a diving platform and a dinghy dock WITH a dinghy, it has to look ridiculous, if you can do it.