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  1. Salty Del

    Q about picking up loot crates.

    The simplest way is to stop your boat beside it, then jump over and get it. The safer way is to use a diving suit so nothing will attack you. The safest way is to use the grappling hook. Or throw a friend overboard.
  2. Salty Del

    NPC gold and food

    The simplest way is if you own the island to set it to feed your crew. Shove a bunch of berries on it and you’re done. If you’re not the owner, I’ve not tried a silo, so I cannot say whether or not that works. But you can put a resource chest with gold and a larder with food and the crew will pull from that.
  3. Salty Del

    No Fuel

    Ugh. If the subs run on mythos now, we’re going to lose even more mythos to thieves after we down the hydra.
  4. Salty Del

    Taming a bear

    That also depends on your taming proficiency. With the current x2 taming rate, full 45% profiency from talents, and the 30% bonus from killing a monstrous sperm whale, we can get most tames within about 6 bolas. Bears, I think, are 3 or 4. With no boosts, expect double that amount. Bears preferred taming food is honey.
  5. Salty Del

    Bugs report - October 19th, 2019

    These are the bugs that I’ve come across so far: - Sailing in a storm, the ship stutters and sinks below the waves. Also it is harder to steer around cyclones now, as it turns the boat against you at times no matter how long you hold the rudder (not sure if a bug or intended). - Elephants cannot be harvested from their backs once killed. Maybe related only to harvesting while mounted, but will have to verify later. - Giraffes still turn randomly and frequently while being tamed in a trap. Very annoying, but not game breaking, as they can still be tamed relatively easily, so long as you have backup for after being hit a few times. - More frequent collisions with hit boxes of tames on a ship’s deck, even at anchor. I’ve seen this with elephants and bears especially. - Sailing across a boundary while holding on to a ladder caused my character to be unable to interact with anything, and within a minute I was suddenly in the water well behind our ship, but far from the border. - On our island in K10, there is a large section of missing mesh in a rock that you can get under and be hidden. - Grand tortugars still have a bug that after the main rider uses an item, such as a spyglass or bola, the grand tortugar will be stuck turning bright until dismounted and remounted. - We encountered a discovery bug where I received the discovery point, but my wife could not. The name of the location would appear, but the discovery would not be unlocked and she did not get the discovery point. Discovery points worked fine on another island in the region. I’ll update the list with additional information when I have access to my screenshots later. Thank you
  6. Salty Del


    I got the hat skin today on NA PvE. I now wear it proudly. Thanks.
  7. Salty Del

    Q about moving between islands.

    It’s really up to you. You can stay on one island as a base and use a ship to travel. You can never leave the island, if you wanted. You could make your base on a ship. You could have a main base and small outposts on other beds to fast travel to. We bought an island and travel by ship. We’ll probably build a small outpost base eventually to grow things we can’t at home. Schooners are a lot better now, and they were good before. Put a large speed sail and a small speed sail on it, get crew for the sails, then build it to suit your needs.
  8. Salty Del

    His do I exit camera mode? XB1

    Press M key while holding right mouse button, or hold secondary attack and press map button.
  9. Salty Del

    Newbie starting on Xbox

    Welcome, Ickle! I thank that the best thing to do early game, with multiple people, is to start on a lawless zone so you have no level 8 cap, have one person work towards ship building and the other getting archery then going into taming. If only two players, have the taming person also get advanced tools after archery, instead of going directly to taming, and the ship builder go into Piracy for Secrets of Piracy for the diving platform. If more than two players, have the third player get advanced tools and then get Piracy under the Seafaring to make the diving platform. Dive every shipwreck you find, no matter the quality, to start getting gold if you want an island of your own. Or even if you just want crew to handle your sails. Once you have a tamed pig, or better yet a bear, start doing common treasure maps to get more gold and levels. Happy sailing!
  10. Salty Del


    It’s just a cosmetic hat for whatever armour you wear on your head. They had promised it for players who had played before the first wipe. It gives no actual benefit at all, just a different look.
  11. Salty Del

    Shop sunk

    On a lawless island, you’ll have to build a shipyard and ship. Or, you can die and change your home server to a Freeport and buy another one.
  12. Salty Del


    I had the same issue. Maybe it was a one server thing, intentionally or not?
  13. Salty Del

    Xbox controller nightmare

    I don’t have an XBOX, but when I played ARK on the PS4 the controls seemed fine, and I would have expected them to be at least similar for Atlas. On the PC version, if you go into the settings you can see all of the bindings, and I believe that you change them as you see fit. I’m fine with the default keyboard and mouse bindings, but I’ve seen some YouTubers with different keys show up for prompts. If you can’t change them, then your best bet is to list the issues you have with them, probably in the big reports, and give your reasoning for why you believe it should be changed. You need to give them more information than basically just “fix it”.
  14. Salty Del

    Patience people!

    I have to say, despite the delays, I thought they did a much better job on communication this time. Sure, meeting the initial estimated release is ideal, but they kept us posted and really seemed to be waiting with us, instead of just making us wait. Thanks @Dollie and @Jatheish
  15. Salty Del

    Q&A Community vs. Devs

    I second the nomination for Winter Thorne. I do think the subject of this conversation should have a slight change to it. I don’t believe it should be a vs. situation, as at the end of the day we all want the same thing; Atlas to be as good of a game as it can be. It’s a small, but meaningful distinction.