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  1. I always hoped they'd create a weather system with prevailing winds that change direction mildly between zones, like the wind was moving across the servers with variances between grids due to weather. I'm somewhat disappointed that they're still on the normal rotation routine.
  2. Two sailors looking for an island to make a smallish base on, temperate climate preferred. We'll be building an approximately 4x4 main building, and a 6x8 attached pen. We prefer to build on the beach, stretching into the water so as to avoid building over resources. And the view is better. Thanks, Del
  3. Are you looking for NA or EU? My wife and I are on NA PvE, and we have our own island. We don’t play quite as much as we were, but we can help you get started with a spot on our island and help you get connected to other groups as well. We like helping others out, and you’d be welcome to join us on adventures. And if you wanted to do the power stones etc., we’d be glad to help you with those as well.
  4. I find using the cage can be problematic at times. Sometimes the birds just pop right through the cage. For parrots, what I found worked was to just whack them with the spyglass and walk backwards, hitting them every time they come back around. Switch to a bola when they’re low and then feed them hardtack. Wearing hide armour and drinking rum, they do only 1 point of damage. If you’ve got the tier 3 taming proficiency and the whale buff, on a 2x taming weekend or using the hard accordion music buff you can easily get a level 30 in a single bola. Just carry a flintlock around to kill the ones you don’t want for respawns.
  5. I've been having an intermittent issue where after mounting a tame, neither myself or the tame are unencumbered, the tame will move like it is fully encumbered. It can run, but runs at the same slow rate. This has happened on several different types of tames. Dismounting and remounting does not resolve the issue, and having the tame on follow still has it moving very slowly. Thanks. Edit: I believe I've found the issue. The weight on the tame goes to -0.0. As soon as I put something on it, it reverted to normal. It may have been because I've occasionally seen my character's weight go to -0.0 that after I mount that causes the bug on the tame.
  6. I’ve seen this happen a few times already, and I want to make sure the new players are aware of this. The freeports have a message at the bottom of the screen informing you that ships take extra damage while in the freeports. This is very important to know, as when we first started after launch there was no message, and we lost our first schooner and had no idea why. What is not shown is that this also happens in the Golden Age ruins. I believe that it’s at a slower rate, but ships left unattended in the Golden Age ruins will decay and sink after a day or two. Crew will not maintain your ship in freeports or Golden Age regions. Please keep this in mind when venturing into these areas, that once your adventure is over, you need to at least move to a nearby region to anchor your ship safely. This change was made a while back when people were leaving ships anchored in the Golden Age ruins for doing the Fountain of Youth runs. The area around the caves became littered with these ships, making it very difficult to enter that area because all of the ships would have to load in, as well as requiring you to anchor in further, probably more dangerous areas. Happy adventuring!
  7. I’d like tier 3 cargo saddles that allow you to build a small base up to a percentage of the weight your tame can carry. No weight reduction needed, like with the tier 2 cargo saddle, as the larger tier 3 tames can already carry a lot. Maybe a smaller 67-75% weight in the smaller tier 3 mounts. Depends on weight of structures that may be exploited, like multiple swivel guns, cannons or ballista. Smaller tier 3 mounts get a smaller platform to build on with their lower weight. These would replace the platform saddles from ARK, and you’d have to be careful because they can be damaged more easily.
  8. The ally chat channel isn’t very useful. Unless all parties are in all of the same alliances, you end up seeing only half of several conversations. Can custom chat channels be added, please? We had them in World of Warcraft, and they were really useful for discussing in different groups with no crossover. Having a password feature would also be a huge plus. Thanks.
  9. For the discovery zone at: TP C1 384814 106282 366 The name of the discovery zone is "The Mighty Tortoise Diety", but I think it should be "The Mighty Tortoise Deity." Unless you mean to imply that the Mighty Tortoise needs to lose weight.
  10. Try putting a couple of NPCs on swivel cannons on the port and starboard sides, fore and aft. Grapeshot works really well on most anything.
  11. Bears are the best mounts for doing treasure maps. Low quality maps can be done with pigs, bulls, ostriches...... If the treasure is up on a mountain you can’t climb up to, you can build a ramp out of thatch foundations, thatch roofs, and wooden pillars pretty easily and quickly. Later in the game, you can use crabs to easily get up to most of those treasure locations. The crabs can jump really high and far. To get back on board your ship, if you aim at the ship rudder and whistle, it should drop the emergency ladder at the rear.
  12. We’ve had this happen. Two islands the identical shape in the same region, but if you look closely you can see differences in the details for ridges, etc.
  13. I believe it is two weeks with no crew members visiting. If there are tames or crew, you can claim them after a week.
  14. We’re on NA PvE, The Gorgon’s Gaze.
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