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  1. SGFTI

    Connection issues company-wide

    Woke up in a bed, couldn't interact with anything, now can't get the game to load at all. This game is like me, dead inside.
  2. SGFTI

    Seems a bit sleazy

    I'd play it.
  3. So now if you didn't make a ship on a perfect shipyard, it is pretty much worthless.
  4. Wasn't lies though, was it.
  5. There's been a lot of things like duping and the mortar glitch that I think were worthy of a wipe. Alpha breeding is wipeworthy too, except they still haven't figured out how to fix it. I'm all for a wipe, I'm just also for being transparent with the community and not just the leaders of certain tribes.
  6. SGFTI

    Inability To Hide

    If you want to hide there's servers where you'll be the only one online except for boats passing through once in awhile. There's some really really dead servers, and not just the ones with shitty resources either. Better than hiding however is defending. Puckle guns, creative use of landscape, and honeycombs.
  7. It isn't exactly a rumor, not from my perspective anyways, I was being vague because I don't want to call the guy out for having direct conversations with the lead dev when they're leadership in one of the top companies. Don't want to give the illusion of favoritism or collusion. The conversation happened.
  8. SGFTI

    How to find discovery locations

    And then there's a distinct chance when they wipe the servers all your efforts getting these discovery points will go out the window. It is a really demotivating system.
  9. So I've heard behind closed doors Jat has talked to players and told them there may be a server wipe coming up soon along with a major patch. How about instead of just talking to certain people and letting the rumor spread, you disclose this to entire community so we can all be on the same page? I'd like details of the likelihood of a wipe, when it would occur, what would and wouldn't transfer over, etc. Do I keep my discovery points and level? Or is this a complete and utter wipe?
  10. What do you think? Forgot to change their steam password after the last "hack"?
  11. SGFTI

    First Week of Fountain of Youth

    No, that would be something sensible to do, never gonna happen. So I'm stuck restarting my game and seeing "Server Full" over and over when I try to log in.
  12. SGFTI

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Trapped in a limbo of inability to login because of the server being full. Way to go ATLAS, smart deployment as per usual.
  13. SGFTI

    Official NA PvP Rollback

    Had completely and utterly wiped an enemy based, you rolled back my ship from the safety of returning to the harbor victorious to right in front of their mortars. Thanks for yet another fuck-over due to your incompetence.
  14. Issue has not been resolved, still unable to log in.