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  1. I agree they don't know what they're doing, but I don't think a person that can't spell 3-letter words is going to do much better.
  2. They briefly limited company size at the start of one of the seasons, whether on purpose or accident, everyone just made multiple companies. So long as people are gathering in discord it doesn't matter if you make the size 1600 or 16, they're all still going to be able to communicate and work together.
  3. This has been the game's biggest flaw since before it was released. ARK they did the same shit, slap more stuff in, have tons of power creep, don't fix the massive issues that cause gamebreaking bugs. Shiny new toys aren't so nice when their development causes new issues on top of the existing ones. ARK becomes less and less fun as they add more stuff, same is true of ATLAS. Rumor has it ARK 2 is going back to basics and will be more primitive...yeah until they patch in a bunch of power creep bullshit and make all the same mistakes a third time around. Revert the game to pretty much Season 2 status, maybe keep in the trade network stuff. But most of the game needs to be scrapped, they had a good thing and turned it into an awful mess. Ship PvP is just whoever hits the other person's sails first and then they're melted in one volley and the ships stopped. Then the stuck ship makes a boarding attempt. Every damn fight boils down to the same thing now, it's boring. Get rid of the fucking giant crabs, this isn't Ark. Get rid of platforms too. There's no reason to use anything in ship PvP besides a ramming gally, you can make an argument for the broadsider but when rammers will also melt your sails what's the fucking point.
  4. I'm someone who prefers the solo/small tribe life, and as soon as they announced players in the company that completes wonders first will get a cross season fortitude buff (essentially a higher base level and max level), I uninstalled. Have they reversed this idiotic decision yet? I've got an itch to reinstall, but I refuse to play a game where people are inherently stronger than me. I'm fine with odds against me as a solo because solo is a life I choose, I am not okay with people with permanent buffs I can't obtain running around.
  5. Every now and then I consider coming back to the game, but it falls into the same trappings as ARK. You have to be part of one of the biggest to thrive, you can't really accomplish much alone or as a small group except being a guerilla or tagging along to your bigger ally. I check the patch notes to see if they ever stop screwing over the little guy, and when they changed boats from no longer having gold cost I thought they were finally making progress....but now permabuffs throughout seasons for the wealthiest company? Nah, you just secured me NEVER coming back to the game with that. Bad enough to try to solo things like the kraken to try to stay competitive, but now you can never catch up with any amount of grind, you have to play the political big company game or fall behind not just for the season, but forever. 20 fortitude isn't just 20 fortitude, it's 20 fort you don't have to spec for, making you essentially have a higher base level. I'm not playing a game where I am inherently weaker than others. Maybe I'll try private servers or something, but reading about the permabuff from wonders made me never want to come back to official.
  6. Only point I see as valid is there needs to be some weapon balancing. If virtually everyone worth their salt is using mace and shield, obviously there's something wrong with the viability of other weapon setups.
  7. The couple things I agree with are drowned in so much dumb.
  8. They consistently make the game harder for the little guy. Your best bet is to rob the large guy's weak spots and get some of their bounty.
  9. God does this team suck. Do this shit in the middle of the night when it's just me and the other hardcores playing. And 10 minutes? Depending on the wind/current situation(I was in the middle of raiding) you might not even be able to dock at an island within 10 minutes let alone a safe one. Give us a goddamn hour notice, AT LEAST. Or put it on a regular schedule so people can prepare. Sitting here with my thumb in my ass wondering if my brig is still gonna be there, for almost an hour now. The notice should at least be longer than the shutdown itself.
  10. It is currently supposed to be 2x gold, but I am getting the most pathetic rolls from whales I've ever seen. Why advertise 2x gold if one of the few viable means of getting gold is not 2x? Could've spent this time 3x farming instead of wasting my time fucking around with whales.
  11. I just got my third one today. I've traveled 8 zones.
  12. So it used to be in a week of heavy sailing maybe once when crossing a server wall I would end up with a server timeout. Annoying, but as a once a week thing not a big deal. Now, I get timeout errors every 4th grid. I can't go whaling without a half dozen host connection timeouts. Game should be improving, not falling apart. Where the hell does all of Wildcard's money go? It clearly isn't to server stability.
  13. Is Dollie the unpaid intern? Don't forget, Jat tweets sometimes!
  14. Oh so it isn't that they aren't giving us feedback because their community outreach is utter garbage, but it is because they're so overwhelmingly incompetent they don't even know it is messed up.
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