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  1. It is currently supposed to be 2x gold, but I am getting the most pathetic rolls from whales I've ever seen. Why advertise 2x gold if one of the few viable means of getting gold is not 2x? Could've spent this time 3x farming instead of wasting my time fucking around with whales.
  2. I just got my third one today. I've traveled 8 zones.
  3. So it used to be in a week of heavy sailing maybe once when crossing a server wall I would end up with a server timeout. Annoying, but as a once a week thing not a big deal. Now, I get timeout errors every 4th grid. I can't go whaling without a half dozen host connection timeouts. Game should be improving, not falling apart. Where the hell does all of Wildcard's money go? It clearly isn't to server stability.
  4. Is Dollie the unpaid intern? Don't forget, Jat tweets sometimes!
  5. Oh so it isn't that they aren't giving us feedback because their community outreach is utter garbage, but it is because they're so overwhelmingly incompetent they don't even know it is messed up.
  6. After looting an enemy ship and swimming back with the loot I ended up below my bottom deck. (About the 10th time that's happened to me, first time I was encumbered with fat loot though.) So instead of killing myself like I usually do, I had to pull a plank off the ship and panic encumber swim to get on the ship and go put a new plank on.
  7. Typical Wildcard, server shutdown with no notice, and no explanation as to why or eta on it coming back up. Since I had tons of loot on me, I'm sure i'll wake up in the mesh.
  8. Open Seas is open for business. A brand new discord for socializing, trading and recruiting. All are welcomed. There's no good forum for advertising this, so general discussion gets it, sorry and shit. https://discord.gg/pHSZbmZ
  9. Woke up in a bed, couldn't interact with anything, now can't get the game to load at all. This game is like me, dead inside.
  10. So now if you didn't make a ship on a perfect shipyard, it is pretty much worthless.
  11. There's been a lot of things like duping and the mortar glitch that I think were worthy of a wipe. Alpha breeding is wipeworthy too, except they still haven't figured out how to fix it. I'm all for a wipe, I'm just also for being transparent with the community and not just the leaders of certain tribes.
  12. If you want to hide there's servers where you'll be the only one online except for boats passing through once in awhile. There's some really really dead servers, and not just the ones with shitty resources either. Better than hiding however is defending. Puckle guns, creative use of landscape, and honeycombs.
  13. It isn't exactly a rumor, not from my perspective anyways, I was being vague because I don't want to call the guy out for having direct conversations with the lead dev when they're leadership in one of the top companies. Don't want to give the illusion of favoritism or collusion. The conversation happened.
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