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  1. Increase cooldown, or decrease knock up. Stun locking should not replace skill.
  2. Holy mother of god, everyone misses skilled melee combat, absolutely everyone. Absolutely no one likes the shield bash as it is.
  3. Shield bash is OP, really sucks that everyone just runs around shield bashing.
  4. I'm bringing attention to the issues. Go try do the Kraken... Haha. You handle it. In case you don't know, there are so many ships of the damned glitch out around it they drag your crewmates off and you can't shoot through them.
  5. Going to die? They are sitting on a pile of ashes. It's dead and no one that lost all their shit this weekend is coming back. The worst part is that they don't even own their mistake and revert, they just let it ride and watch it burn. Fuck that pisses me off. P.S. There is no such thing as an alpha game. You get one release. "It's still in alpha" is a bullshit excuse for incompetence and mismanagement.
  6. Developers are part timing it. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they do nothing to retain players. You lost 90% of your player base over the weekend, refused to do anything and now are sitting on a pile of ashes. Honestly, devs, you let me down hard with this, and you let it stagnate to the point of no recovery. It's extremely frustrating that you don't give a single shit, or respect the players enough to tell them anything.
  7. I left the LiF to come play this on wipe haha, literally. Like the combat here better, much less clunky, but I was NA so ping was always bad. I've always enjoyed the foot combat in atlas, and I think there is a good rock paper scissors, just need to adjust the shield bash. I am still waiting for the development team to say something, anything, as to how they will revert the game to the more playable state it was in before Thursday. Everything was good at that point, aside from shield bash. Seems like there is a whole slough of problems now, not least to say about barrel bombs, barrel bombs, barrel bombs.
  8. Increase the shield bash cool down. Make warehouses the same as farm houses in the collection aspects and permissions. Revert the barrel bomb changes. Appreciate the new buildings. Also, I'd be cool with a roll back.
  9. Instead of adjusting shield bash. They told everyone the season is over by jumping us with barrels bombs... Slow clap for the devs, always the ultimate trolls.
  10. Barrel bombs, barrel bombs, barrel bombs... Good season lads, time to pack it in and go back to Tarkov.
  11. The changes to barrel bomb make it the new shield bash for port attacks, it's unstoppable.
  12. Completely agree with this. Barrel bombs are now unstoppable.
  13. I swear to christ, they don't think when they make a change. Have the dev's even played the game?
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