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  1. Golden age sucks for small companies as it’s a breeding ground for mega trolls sinking unarmed boats and players trying to do powerstones without losing ur ship to the Megas and the devs keep letting it happen and it gets old u wanna know why the player base has dropped this is why we can’t do any of the PVE aspects of the game to lvl up when the megas lock down golden age and other PVE area’s of the map it’s not enough the devs made it harder for small groups to play by adding the gold cost to all boats but the sloop and the megas take all the islands that are worth having and some just so no one else can STOP Catering to the mega companies make golden age and other PVE based activities no kill zones so we can stop getting trolled when we can’t even defend ourselves against blue printed boats and armor i’ve tried to do powerstones so many time that i have gave up we can’t even go farm SOD there without the trolls showing up after i kill one just to sink me and take the blue prints so tell me how we’re supposed to be able to pvp with them they need to lower the number allowed in a company and lower the limit of allies so we can have a chance the only reason they need 250 players in each company is cause there trash without numbers
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