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  1. Title says it all. Latest patch added sort by type. How do we do this on xbox?
  2. The hydra pistol doesnt have enough damage output for the skill points invested. Total damage for 6 shots is around the damage of 2 flintlock, but takes the same time to fire as 6 flintlocks. Maybe it saves a few hot bar slots, but not worth it. I understand lower damage for balance, however something like 50-75% damage per shot makes more sense. Regular flintlocks are in a good spot, 1 or 2 to down a lot of wild predators (like players) and some things like elephants are resistant.
  3. Can you rename a company more than once. Our leader thought it would be funny to put a joke name for a bit, now it is stuck.
  4. On pc you can press Alt to cycle loaded pistols. What is the button on Xbox to cycle loaded pistols?
  5. A company mate and I have been using the slap it with a telescope and run into the trap method. Is there anything better? This is our trap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6cpen0077uwago/parrrottrap.png?dl=0
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