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  1. Achroi


    I think the ships are awesome, but I would like to see the bigger sister of the Brig and smaller sister of the Galleon namely the Frigate, it would be nice to be able to have one.
  2. Achroi

    Blackwood map/PC

    So I'm trying out the blackwood map on solo, I make me own lil sloop and venture towards a small Island, I chase a monkey and then when I want to go back to me boat it no where to be found, I open the map by pressing I and going to the ATLAS map, press ship and no bloody ship, I press beds because before I ventured out I built me self a base, so at least me base bed should show up, and no bloody beds showing up either. so what kind of Mickey mouse bs is this? now I'm stranded on an Island and with the tools provided by you I should either be able to find me ship or me beds but not happening. Tad disappointed in things that should already work.
  3. Achroi


    So I run mostly as a single player, and I have a few mods, now the thing is that some mods keep deactivating them selves as soon as I reboot the game or when I log in again. does this happen to anyone else? I'm asking to clarify as if it's a game related issue or a mod related issue, could be that the client only accept certain amount of mods.
  4. Achroi

    LF PVE Server/PC

    Thx wot Island and who should I be looking for?
  5. Achroi

    LF PVE Server/PC

    Aye, I was, twas bloody empty, am looking for unofficial, dedicated or official just something where there is people, got tad lonely playing solo in a game that everything is OP and not even a dungeon is solable
  6. Achroi

    LF PVE Server/PC

    Hi, don't know where to turn, I've been playing mostly solo, but I'm looking for a pve server to join on pc. a company would be nice too. only thing that may be a problem for some people is that I'm mute, my microphone works fine it's me who can't speak, but I'm a fast typer, something people from my ESO guild can vouch for. if anyone have any suggestions pls get in touch with me. and pls only English speaking.
  7. Achroi

    My ships Disappeared today.

    I play solo and it has happened to me several times now, it's not fun at all when everything you have in the ship just disappears, I had legendary and mythical blueprints to make a new ship with all them new stuff, and it's all gone now.