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  1. photek

    Stacking cannons enforcement action

    plz let me open my damn gunport... by hand idk man... wtf
  2. photek

    Suffocating The Growth of Atlas

    dualcore servers and no bandwidth 4 lyfe!
  3. photek

    Breeding in specific zones

    make a breeding brig, since this stupid limitation is in place... still, even after the icebox was introduced. thats why i did not breed to this moment. but soon i will and i will do it on a brig or galli in the specific biome...
  4. photek

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    How about fixing the MAP, some islands still not rotated especially the new ones^^ and "true" images would be nice so i know what island i have on the map, not the same images over and over again and then you have a completely different islands in front of you... but looks the same on the map..
  5. photek

    Tortugar spawnrate...

    and i want a unicorn. now. spawn is too rare.
  6. maybe they need to write patch notes under rocks in future.
  7. photek

    Ship quality

    like many posts before, it is still the same sh. rework needed.
  8. photek

    Gated content

    need to play the game so. great. but need clarification if it is unlocked with kraken 1.0 or 2.0 or if you can access the dungeon with 1.0 or 2.0 or if you need all quests to be done to acces/unlock any of these.
  9. breeding is same like in ark, maybe easier. so deal with it. imprint was made easier too over the time. IRL if you have a baby you can get up every 4 hours for month dude, so don't be that guy.
  10. photek

    Feedback 6/1/19

    check cannon range check collision of gate (medium wood) remove speed penaltys more to come soonTM... feel free to add your feedback
  11. photek

    Ship LvL and Quality

    this is serious bs. balance needed prewipe ships max lvl was 52 with common 100% shipyard so they did not balanced things they just cut it and split 10 levels in 100% haha... not worth at all
  12. so the x3 was the excuse for that? xd seriously tell me what to do with crabs now, and that 40% thing is a joke.
  13. photek

    Open gunports increase weight!!!

    large cannons 56 kg small cannons 100 kg ark logic meets atlas
  14. photek

    Sea travels....boring

    coords plz
  15. they say sorry with a x3, just take it