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  1. photek

    Ship (number) was removed from company!

    welcome to atlas before this last wipe, i told them about exactly the same bug happening but noone gave a s. ship removed and bed removed in company log happened multiple times and once i spawned on a bed that got removed under my ass while i was spawning on it and ofc the ship aswell gone, i found myself swimming with all npcs in the water at spawning (changed server via bed).
  2. well, it's still EA, and we knew a few month ago, at the last stream on twitch, that we will wait long, so let's just wait.
  3. photek

    When your ship sink....

    now you know what our ancestors did go thru...
  4. photek

    How can you support this?

    ladders op
  5. photek

    Ship Planks Thought

    yeah you know the ship hp what is it on a good gally 15k- 20k, then you have resistance. maybe it needs a little balance, 200% resistance would be good enough. (down from now 300 to 400) you should balance in that way that a ship should never be onehit, but maybe two or threehit (in endgame with myth stuff). this keeps ppl farming and building ships, and noone has a swimming fortress. this would mean nerf the sh out of cannon damage and cannon ball weight bc you need more balls, so you need more to farm aswell. and, it creates time for other players to do things while the others repair their boat if they bail, while in a fight and after a fight aswell. in a fight you need just one lucky shot and a bunch of cannons atm, this should change. aswell as the fact that if your ship is slower than another you are pretty much scr. if you just have a swimming fortress it is boring right. so imagine 2 gallys shooting at eachother only with side cannons, common quality. they should get dmg the same rate or sink the same rate to have even fights if you have skilled 200% resistance, maybe the other gally has the same or is skilled in damage, it would be the exact same scenario either way. so it does not matter how you skill it, you need more cannon balls or more time. so what makes difference? the cannons quality and the quality of the planks, because this is the real random thing here, you do not know you enemys boat, maybe you can check with a spyglass but then is is too late. great balance changes would be: resistance and damage skilling in ships: the effect should be equal, it should remove eachoter, so 200% resistance equals 200% damage, that means if you have common quality cannons and you have skilled 200% and your oponent has 200% resistance you should have the same damage taken like a 100% resi gally against 100% damage gally nerf damage from cannons, 50% at least, this needs more cannon balls so reduce weight of balls, and fights will take longer. maybe plank hp balance needed
  6. photek


    we always saw it on i10 upper left side of the map. the route changed a little bit last season from season 1, so idk if it is still the same, but you should find it some day or it will find you. and if it is still the same like last time, the ghost shit is bugged and sometimes you have to chase it 2-3 hours to be attackable (no damage taken until ghostship drives visible (that means after 8 or 10 o'clock pm) crossong to another server. only if it is the right time and the ghostship visible and the server just changed then it is time. happy hunting
  7. screenshots for comparison or nothing happened
  8. photek

    What happened to the seahorse??

    maybe they could add a little underwater lore with faction with it, ppl riding the seahorse in a sea-city, poseidon stuff and things maybe. kill merman and such and tame the seahorse. but first you have to grind the faction reputation ofc, with daily quests. xd
  9. photek

    Wild Pirate Encampments

    over 9000! i still want this WPE on official, maybe link with factions too, or add dailys asap. this will take time tho, ik.
  10. better be the hat has some nice buffs on it. like 500 xp and x10 harvest and drops. xd
  11. to OP's question: idk if they release saves like for ark legacy servers, there was no statement for this.
  12. photek

    So just to make it 100% clear

    maybe they change it into a PTR because of an unfair adv. but they obv. want to test stuff.
  13. photek

    Structures in a 10k unit radius

    10 k structure limit, counting from middle to the outside. so the point where all structures meet can have 10k structures, it is marked in red on your screen if you hit the cap. so how far is the point where you hit 10k units at one point so if you build just around the island you never hit the cap. let me say 15k is now, i have such a building, and it lags like hell if you drive to this massive building or walk to it.
  14. photek

    Structure Limit

    10k is a massive building with a lot of floors stacked and double walls with a big port. we are good.