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  1. now remove the ugly ships, make portals, add factions for getting buffs so you dont want to die, pirate camps for loot, balance the game, and bam we good btw where did the magic go? xd
  2. devs to do list: fix building system and components of the modular ship system revert change that servers near freeports give common recources fix npc mounting cannons running to the middle of the ship maybe fix claimtower points bug, watertowers calculation if towers removed needs fix introduce portals leading to other lores, bosses etc. but i guess not.. so other portals then, smaller ones that can be summoned by a spell and where the hell did the magic go right? revert pvp changes for barrel, barrel shots from catapult working, structure damage enabled, splash damage enabled mortar ships are inc anyway, barrels in cannons was rly stupid if you cannot damage army of the damned now with swifel gun, change it. fix the fix for working modular ship system so it is actually working so people use these ships for pvp, make them just work good with much hp introduce pirate encampments on official from sp, with op loot consider to change the bed fast travel, increase the decay timer x2 or x2,5 so a player can actually travel on the sea, respawn after death possible only on limited locations, shipbed basebed nearest bed or grid. for that change, portals may be introduced and alternative fast travel are already in place, like tradewind, but maybe new map and new tradewinds plz for faster travel introduce the flying ship at the very end
  3. cya when you add portals and multilayer map, so long
  4. doooooooooooooooode........ wtf... not even placeholders look that ugly just wow..
  5. just omg... logging in, no warehouse, gone, auto-decayed, in a claimed area on laweless on solid ground kiln aswell, 3 of em careful guys, i log in almost every day... i have no clue maybe replacing land claim towers f's it, it was 21 days ago since i've placed this warehouse
  6. farm structures need reduced range because we need at least 4 farm structures instead of 1 and for that we need more claimed area. Have a nice day
  7. the raptoring npc's are raptoring pooping since seasonstart, i call that a gamebreaking bug. i don't know how you call it, maybe lazy? we know it's alpha and not meant to be played but don't make it so obvious...
  8. alright... so when can you fix the game, is it after genesis 2 release or you will be busy fixing ark stuff for weeks?
  9. photek


    yea overpriced for sure... and the thing is now you need at least 4 free spots for farmstructures ------------ last season they bugged hard, i had journeyman mines and lumberyards, i think 200% storage and gather rate they capped at 10% storage capacity... propably the gather rate is so slow right now because they want you to get better mines lumberyards and quarys i hate those stealth changes tho... this is the only issue atm for me, i love the new patch so far. (besides the fact that you need to claim a lot of space in lawless because of the need of having 4 farmstructures, and atm it looks like there is not even room for all farmstructures on small islands wich is an issue, my suggestion would be ofc, change the range of farmstructures if you rly want to have overpriced farmhouses that collect fiber only and the rest of the structures gather at a reduced rate until you have somthing better...)
  10. photek


    my mine does collect metal from normal rocks, it depends if the normal rock contains metal or not, i am on another island now that has stones but no metal in it, but a bunch of full metal nodes
  11. photek


    and they autostop for no reason...
  12. photek


    and they farm slow af now...
  13. yea a little info would have been nice... so same here, 1 stone farmhouse wasted, only berries and fiber... and the other farmstructures gather so slow wtf...
  14. yea so you can see who is hiding behind the system now. without claimable islands there will be more action, i am rly excited to see how it turns out if they remove claimable islands if you can destroy it quick you can build it quick right so i hope they will remove the gold cost for the normal building system, only that way it makes more sense to not having claimable islands, more action faster gameprogress at the beginning and so on... and to the solos: online games rarely are solo games. you can not "win" such games alone, but you can have fun and this is it was made for.
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