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  1. no to gold upkeep for this monster and no gold req. for barrels because it hurts solo and small aswell everything else sounds great please add some recources in to the trade like -herbs medical and -hide and such maybe something is wrong with the farmhouses, i reequip the coal and it works i leave the area or log out come back after 2 hours and it has stopped and sometimes only stacks of 9 in the farmhouse, then i have to take this stacks of 9 out and start again, then it is running until the behaviour i stated above starts.
  2. and again 255 at least on my laweless with trading disabled...
  3. what is so unclear about the last official post about 2020 ofc they wipe soon and i want it because the claiming system is trash, but propably the new system will be trash again like the trading route that makes no gold and no trades pop up and markets loading endless they should wipe before 24th tho, because you know, if you build up in your holiday and then new year everything is gone it would be another fu to the community
  4. and herbs or berrys... but it doesnt matter, its not working anyways... xd
  5. solo? nope i got fucked by a china twoman company they blocked my flag and placed a 2nd outside the circle, i was 30 minutes in and they got the island it is broken since ever ofc we need another claim system
  6. well, i was thinking about this gold stuff until now, and i think it is too much more people farm easier and faster and they have more quicker than others anyways how about that: 1 company 1 member 1:1 gold price 1 company 2 members 2:1 gold price (double) 1 company 3 members 3:1 gold price (tripple) and so on 1 island owner company 1 member 5:1 1 island owner company 2 members 7:1 and so on the set amount of gold ranging from 5k over 25k to 50k would be "ok", if you are island owner on PVE the average island owner had between 100k and 500k in the flag last season obviously for island owners it is not a problem at all to pay that amount after a certain time tho this gold comes from making maps, over time who is making maps if noone is playing? noone. so no gold income brings us to the trading route this is not tested at all and i guess they want to test this how much gold it produces so we have to differentiate island owner company -splitting in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ members island allied/non allied/settlers company -splitting in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ members laweless company -splitting in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ members the island owner company i already described their gold income, tax from maps the settler company doing maps and ocean treasures and they get a benefit if the island owner sets the flag to pay for allies (wich will not rly happen at a new beginning) laweless company can only do maps and ocean treasures since laweless companys are only doing maps and few treasures, the main gold comes from the laweless companys ofc island owner company or settler companys do maps aswell, but for experience later, so later they do not need the gold, but laweless does, and the gold gets more and more for island owners if a island flag has lets say 250k in it, and you pay 20 % tax, you know how many laweless/settler companysmust have been there so at the beginning there will be gold and experience for all the companys but later the laweless/settler companys have no gold anymore, they have no additional income thats why i say compensate beeing a laweless/settlers company a little bit, 5k are too much to motivate people to play 1k 15k 30k or 1k 10k 15k maximum guys... but as i stated above you can do this if you want to make the people play for time not for fun aswell: 1 company 1 member 1:1 gold price 1 company 2 members 2:1 gold price (double) 1 company 3 members 3:1 gold price (tripple) and so on 1 island owner company 1 member 5:1 1 island owner company 2 members 7:1 .. the ppl wont play at all they quit after 1 or 2 weeks. your laweless player numbers are at least 15 times higher than the island owner company and avrg. 3-4 times higher than the settler companys (incl. multiple companys on multiple islands incl laweless) so the laweless ppl produce enough gold for island owners i once said there is no reason to have an island, well now you have one, but it does cost you yor laweless players that won't farm shit, so the island owners won't have that much in the bank anymore then it comes from the settlers, but why should settlers farm this 5k and 25k and 50k you see if only one side wins it sux, the island owner so lets make 1k for schooner and the gold comes in slower for island owners but at least you have players lets not forget the shops, some parts are expensive af you will see this will ruin a lot if the trading route is not OP.
  7. 1st, Reduced Transport Radius of Warehouse from 500m to 450m this is kinda ridiculous, i can not place FARMHOUSES in that range because farmhouses are blocking eachother so i am out of range for the WAREHOUSE so if i have 3 farmhouses only 1 warehouse can connect to it... this is odd dont you think 2nd, Progress: Please make sure that new players are not lost and quit the game right away 3rd:
  8. the ppl only come back with a new map i guess or am i wrong guys
  9. sure you missed one not using this <> at all they should make world chat available and let people trade like now they should use the trade route to send recources/items to your base that can be ambushed that would be dope and btw since laweless is a stupid circle, all the materials are there except ironwood (even if you do laweless on the outer circle it is stupid to just drive a circle, and you still have a new inner circle with propably the same materials but only these islands are claimable wich would be the better choice so people are closer to golden age ruins and the maw, if you make an inner claimable island circle the vast majority of the various recources has to go wich i would do with laweless now, rly just driving a circle and having all the various materials 5/5 it not good, i've never visited claimable islands for anything else than treasure maps) i think we need the old map again or the current one heavily edited, mats and islands, remove almost all rare mats from the inner laweless circle and give claim islands the rare recources. they maybe have to work on rarity of recources aswell
  10. "Take advantage of the limited time boost to finally hit some of your goals and have fun!" i would say the same if a wipe is around the corner it's ok tho, it's all about the fun so have fun with what you have!
  11. there we go "This next patch will NOT include a wipe. However, as we continue to implement the Trade System, a wipe will be a necessary part of the process." see ya in season 5 guys, have fun until then.
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