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  1. the game is made that way, you can place what you build in the open world and you can claim land you can not do this in sea of thieves sot is based on pvp, you jump in the game, do stuff kill stuff and log out nothing persists in the game in sot for other players that you did except someone robbed you and if you place stuff it is only for this session. you see the difference? in sot a few ppl screm for pve because of the "griefers" but yea it is a pirate game. but i totally agree if you wanna play what you have paid for and i agree on outposts should be no pvp is sot. in both games tho, if you are outnumbered, you lose.
  2. yea and they should not listen to anybody tbh and finish the game and then let it just be if you do not cater a broad range of gamers the game dies anyway.
  3. maybe you remember, we were talking about a map change to mixed pvp and pve. this was long time ago and maybe has been forgotten or not further discussed and denied or confirmed
  4. i understand your point your view and reaction tho is total fascism do people even talk to you with that attitude? i guess you got atlas'd on PVE, yea happens, play pvp then in an unfinished unbalanced ea game
  5. that's a good one... i am pretty sure they change if after wipe, and placing a tower on a shipyard aswell
  6. yea.. for some wipe already happened. i can imagin why they dislike it. if you patch on a weekday at 6 o'clock in the morning for europe without announcement it is kinds sad (thats 12 midnight and 9 evening for NA) we call that "eat or die" here idk if that tells you something.
  7. yea i know :), my now is soon for them ofc
  8. towers are visible if you wanna place anyhing, like a ladder, or a waterclaimtower. at least i used that to make it visible but the real problem i just found out but it is so sensitive i rly dont wanna post it here but well f it right because the sooner the wipe the better so, i already told everyone, so dont even try to delete this grapeshot xd jk YOU CAN PLACE A CLAIM TOWER ON A SHIPYARD AND CONTINUE CLAIMING ALL THE WATERLAND AND STEAL ALL THE SHIPS NO LANDCLAIM NEEDED ONLY A SHIPYARD YAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDD so please wipe now, thank you, and good night.
  9. that is the best they could do honestly to the devs that will not read it anyway: lawless got better recources and better market flow and active players! makes no sense to keep this big island claimsystem, but this would need another new map tho, or please go back to the first map, it was awesome. there was only issues because players traveled soooo long with their ship and had nothing to do while sailing, that are still season 1 problems that have been ignored until today, add the damn flying ship or portals! (just kidding xd, would be awesome tho) i am not even clear about your gamedesign, first you said it should be more realistic and players should be more on the water, then you implement this fake market trading system that generates gold for nonsense trades only to sink it into ships to build (i call that job creation in a bad way), and all ppl sit on their bum on an island again! changing map to the old map again with original discoverys, speed stats on sails (all sails and yes better sails is more speed), something to do while on the ship maybe dart, or let npc drive while you are on an island? doing nothing is always wrong, so you try stuff out, maybe you should try stuff that makes the game an experience again, and not a farmingsimulator for beeing able to sail in a shipgame. the warehouse range is too big and farms aswell, so how about removing the range limit completely or at least 75%? we have claim towers now. (in addition: remove shore limitation, remove same island trading) thank you for the seahorse, this was a very nice addition so ppl have something they can go for
  10. - overlaping areas, first tower that is on full health owns all structures in its radius, even if another towers radius is overlaping afterwards this laweless parking needs to be revisited asap AND WIPE NOW
  11. stone wood thatch runns best fiber for fiber was working aswell and here we have the problem with the honey crystal trades... you can offer it, but the problem is to guess what it goes form is it wood is it gems is it iron, basically if you have a trade partner that has honey or crystal in the list you can try to make trades that trade fiber for honey or fiber for crystal this is based on that fact that in crystal areas is no fiber but crystal and gems but you can try every recource, you see instantly if it is working or not in the log. only accepted markets have a flow, ofc you can cancel or delete the other routs btw you can watch what your trade partner offers by revisiting the traderouts and look for your trade partner, over time some ppl offer more, you just have to guess or try what they want for it they have to be active tho and in laweless there is a great market flow but on claimed islands there is a rly bad one, idk maybe they don't need gold xd i think veryone that has a claimed island also playes on laweless anyway i think you need new trade routes
  12. if you rly want to put effort into an alpha trading system that makes no sense, here is how it is working atm quick reminder this is an EA game, so things are not working as intended, some are exploitable if this game releases, this is not the final trading system alpha trading system: put stuff in your warehouse you wanna trade select your trade partners/routs that have not your resources you have trade 1:1 only trade stone for stone like marble for sandstone or wood for wood like softwood for strongwood that would be it, you can stop there and make 5k a day at least or you can push it how hard you can exploit this system i think i am on 30k a day and i do not even give stuff into the warehouse because i did set up trades that go in a circle, basically trading like before last patch (trading sandstone for sandstone), i also do 3 different wood types and stone types, not only 2, and i have 4-8 active trading routs (stone wood thatch 1:1) you just need the ppl that are doing the same and since it is working only that way, sooner or later you notice that by yourself you generate gold by nonsense trades you can trade forth and back with the same ppl aswell wich is stupid so i trade off my sandstone for marble and i receive marble, then i trade the marble for sandstone that is on my grid anyway (no need farmhouses), then it repeats, i added granite into the circle, so granite for marble and sandstone, marble for sandstone and granite and sandstone for marble and sandstone. same you can do with the wood types and thatch, flint is an alternative trades are high speed and automatic at the moment, wich will change i would not want to develop such a trading system.. a pain i can imagine... but with limits and balance it could be kinda working like that, limit forth and back trading, limit same server/island and alliance trading (exploiting) and the auto trading will be off by then anyway. no gold rewards if trading with the same person over and over again maybe aswell in the end... maybe this system changes and is based more on resources rather than gold. trading wood for gold is not bad either. for spreading resources tho, this would be the better system (the currently active one)
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