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    Patch 558.0

    yoooooo could you contact MS and tell them to add atlas to the xbox beta tv app please i wanna test it out there and play ofc xd and thank you for the many bugfixes, changes and improvements, still alot to do but i see you prep for smth bc it is so many fixes (patchnotes last 4 month on discord, vitamins overeating and so on, requested for years) feels like a release patch xd with bugs ofc but its ok i hope we see us soon in UE5 and btw tell jeremy and the other ark people like jat , i told him in the past already to handle things the right way so idk what is happening here... would be pretty stupid.., tell em if they rel ark1 again with UE5 and is incompatible to ark_UE4 save files of any form it is like deleting the game and killing it and your whole playerbase, makes no sense at all if you rel ark2 to f around with ark1... what do you wanna do delete one of the best games ever made? or you wanna delete the progress so you can run ark1 and 2 at the same time you think? nah you will kill ark1! same with legacy, i told you not to delete or wipe i told you make new servers and here we are, if you delete ark1 this way then its over. if you compare it with WoW, imagine blizzard would have deleted vanilla WoW, and introduced classic WoW, without having vanilla that is over 15 years old with all the items gathered by players and so on, items you never ever can get anymore players wont restart, it will be a good memory (each player has played thousands of hours) and if there are no old players there wont be new ones... so just make save files compatible, leave the servers up and charge a monthly fee with a disclaimer that we the players have nothing to say regarding the servers so you are happy as company. happy easter guys
  2. agreed devs threat it as a released supported game, but it is far from that i give up at this point. if you add content then complete (industrial wonder favelas upgrades) or keep it, do not waste my and others time if you say you add something and then it is incomplete. still waiting for a ship rehaul aswell. balance "pass" aswell, still, and many other things you said like factions and such. and you wanted to release at the end of the year. so much missing in the game and so much to do i rly hope for you ue5 will benefit the game. we will see.
  3. baahahahaha, now unban everyone and give them a debuff for the season, like "i've cheated in an alpha early access game" you must be pissed man haha
  4. happy halloween! FOB: please do pve 8 days and no gold, no autodecay so timer refreshes, because we just could replace a platform for 10k for another 7 days instead of 70k and it makes no sense at all on pve if the stuff is gone and you still play like you said: "Some crafty Pathfinders without an island to call home have managed to strap four schooners together and built a platform on them! This new Floating Operating Base has finally made its debut into Atlas! " please seperate pve from pvp once again, 8 days and no gold, no autodecay so timer refreshes, do it for some crafty Pathfinders without an island to call home xd an indicator on the map for FOB's on PVE would be very handy. fob pve issues: silo not placable, warehouse only on extra foundations, ceilings too high above ground (ark gen1 vibes). a ladder would be great too for the pvp thing, i wouldn't ban anything regarding exploits and such, only 3rd party hacks, after EA its another story, its alpha and in developement and you should work hand in hand with every cheater and exploiter unban everybody, ban noone except the hard N and R things, so racism and personal offenses (rl, etc.) until release. with dupes if the damage is big enough i would wipe, 3 duped bps are not worth it tho... even in EA, you know who they were, fix it and wait for release
  5. PvE Specific: All FOB foundations will start with a 7-day decay timer which can be extended by 12 hours for 5,000 gold, with no limit on the number of extensions. 8 days plz and lighthouse lawless is only 5
  6. oof well if you need anything twitter dms is the way to go, cya next season btw, where did the magic go? xd
  7. tyvm for implementing the "Tramp Freighter", announced in the last patch notes before this patch, without the 4 cargo containers it is rly fast and i think a lot of people will be happy with it. just in case some new people are reading this and they wanna drop cargo containers you need to put smth into it before you get an option to drop it, and every cargo container gives a 10% debuff on the base speed, so 4 cargo containers on board is 40% debuff, and no if you have only the 4 cargo racks on board (default, without containers) it gives no debuff. this tramp freighter has no modular points and it is not possible to exchange modules because it needs to stay the same at all time, maybe not even 2 points for a diving att. (speed test 4 variants (mixed sails not included): so, with "only speed sails without 4 cargo containers" ofc is the fastest variant, with "only handling sails without 4 cargo containers" it is 4 knots slower, with only "speed sails plus 4 cargo containers" it is almost the same speed as the "only handling without 4 cargo containers" variant which it is just a little slower, and the last variant is "only handling plus 4 cargo containers" that would be the slowest variant with a decent speed 6 knots below the "only handling without 4 cargo" variant, which is also the default tramp freighter you get from the shipyard) (tested within the same conditions on offi, i won't spoiler you the top speed ) (a little bug there aswell if not with all modular ships idk right now but you can sail against the wind with 80% of your "normal" speed, happening to the 4 cargo container variants, so without the cargo containers you can sail against the wind with op speed, obv. its a bug, and the ship is longer at the front than its visuals are indicating, same bug as the COG before last patch) in this version i discovered a few bugs right away after a few minutes so in a few days i guess there will be a patch again, and i hope this time they fix the gamebreaker like not being able to get your animals onto the modular ships, and the market not working, and the bottles with maps giving wrong maps way below the quality it should be, and maybe the shops but it is just the waves or water under it pushing them under the ceilings/floors, a few seasons ago i needed to build my shop 3 walls high to be accessable at all time.. xd)
  8. they have stated that there is a "revamp" of the modular ships, idk if they change the model tho, since its modular its logic to make them the same, but another design would be nice and plz dont forget to not play the game you need to test it and have fun, its an early access alpha since 3 years, the developement is going fast right now, that was not always the case because the direction where to go was kinda missing it is not exactly the same game like 3 years ago, there were many issues and some are persisting until now or short before the last bigger patch and the new map after the modular ship revamp there will be another bugfix wave and more wonders and a balance adjustment first for pve, on top of that for pvp
  9. now people get mad because reality is hitting them over an alpha game in early access, in 3, 2, 1:
  10. are you fucking kidding me now????? READ THE PATCH NOTES AT LEAST OR PLAY THE GAME you are the perfect example of a human being that is ignorant AF. don't write shit in the forum if you don't know anything about the game, you propably did 750 shitposts with a stupid af opinion based on ignorance and necroposting from october just so you can complain about an alpha game with something that is not even in the game anymore!!! you are that ignorant you don't even play the game i guess to be sure you say the right things!!! there are no gold costs for schooners anymore btw omfg... and noone thinks you should get a schooner as a starting ship, only you you are so ignorant you don't even know how to get 500 gold for a shipyard that costs 500 gold now and not 5k for a schooner... shipgated for so long my a shipgated for 1 hours is long in your opinion? because if only takes a few minutes to get 500 gold with a sloop you know what a COG is or a CARRACK? or an ADVANCED or BASIC SHIPYARD??? propably not and to OP: get a new series X or series S to play decent on xbox, i know many people that play on xbox and some have problems if they play on an OG xbox one or a normal S, one x and series S and X have no performance problems and are not crashing like the old consoles. you can play in 4k, no problems at all, fact. so throw away your 2012 xbox one.
  11. i aggree with the claim towers on pvp, maybe a structure buff would help, so all structures in the claim radius take 90% less damage (yes you could wrap in your claim tower then) a claim tower that can be destroyed is funny aswell because why claim at all right because of the decay only?... or remove claim towers for pvp and give default decay rates back. and with creative players you mean that players are able to build anything stupid on a ship that gives you an advantage. some people got an advantage of building light ships so only hull wheel and catapult. some build oneshot ships or turtle ships and so on modular ships solve this problem and dont forget the cata barrel meta for almost forever (a few seasons), this killed the game imo
  12. how do you feel about making chat global (all zones) or zone specific (expl. africa/africa, north pole/north pole, rookie cove/rookie cove) so people can talk over more grids with eachother how would it fit?, i would say the communication would be better i am sure it has some downsides aswell, but we will never see them without testing it and yes i know there is discord and others, not everyone is using it tho. i like to do stuff ingame, like trading in ark, i've never bought smth on discord or traded anything there, its not organic enough for me xd
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