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  1. now people get mad because reality is hitting them over an alpha game in early access, in 3, 2, 1:
  2. are you fucking kidding me now????? READ THE PATCH NOTES AT LEAST OR PLAY THE GAME you are the perfect example of a human being that is ignorant AF. don't write shit in the forum if you don't know anything about the game, you propably did 750 shitposts with a stupid af opinion based on ignorance and necroposting from october just so you can complain about an alpha game with something that is not even in the game anymore!!! you are that ignorant you don't even play the game i guess to be sure you say the right things!!! there are no gold costs for schooners anymore btw omfg... and noone thinks you should get a schooner as a starting ship, only you you are so ignorant you don't even know how to get 500 gold for a shipyard that costs 500 gold now and not 5k for a schooner... shipgated for so long my a shipgated for 1 hours is long in your opinion? because if only takes a few minutes to get 500 gold with a sloop you know what a COG is or a CARRACK? or an ADVANCED or BASIC SHIPYARD??? propably not and to OP: get a new series X or series S to play decent on xbox, i know many people that play on xbox and some have problems if they play on an OG xbox one or a normal S, one x and series S and X have no performance problems and are not crashing like the old consoles. you can play in 4k, no problems at all, fact. so throw away your 2012 xbox one.
  3. i aggree with the claim towers on pvp, maybe a structure buff would help, so all structures in the claim radius take 90% less damage (yes you could wrap in your claim tower then) a claim tower that can be destroyed is funny aswell because why claim at all right because of the decay only?... or remove claim towers for pvp and give default decay rates back. and with creative players you mean that players are able to build anything stupid on a ship that gives you an advantage. some people got an advantage of building light ships so only hull wheel and catapult. some build oneshot ships or turtle ships and so on modular ships solve this problem and dont forget the cata barrel meta for almost forever (a few seasons), this killed the game imo
  4. it has reasons you may not know of right so please dont play toddler and cry here because of your ignorance unlimited island points alone justify a wipe and dont play EA / alphas if you can not handle wipes i have a feeling that you guys just wanna play and flee reality instead of helping the devs and game to succeed so others can play this game in future because its awesome selfish, ignorant bla bla why should you listen to such people right so now you know why noone gives a shit about some dudes playing and crying in a forum. this is active development we wanna see, content patches, additions, then bug fixing, then release it took long but now i whink the map is on point, if the foundation is fitting, thats the map, the rest can come i cant believe that there are people that cry about not releasing the game and cry about a wipe at the same time that is sometimes neccessary in developement...
  5. dumbed down ship building is funny haha , i mean lets talk about it now quick, this maybe is a neccessary thing to do. i was one of the guys who did not like the modular ships aswell but now i like them, and here is why: so the carrack is very fast which is not intended i think, i dont know the other modular ships now, but the speed made me build a modular ship bc travel time is a joke so now i have a modular ship, the carrack it made me think and well, we have it right there the funny part is, obviously, they want to move away from the normal ships you build with planks and decks and so, they move it to merchant ships they said. so why it is because this is one of the main problems of the game. the ship design in terms of balance, what you can do with it. you can exploit the old ship system, we saw that multiple times with some builds on deck or even idk where (oneshot brig/gally, etc.) that would never be possible. so the main problem here: balance - ship design, besides the 2nd main problem of the game, traveling time. now the modular ships have one design and you can build your ship modular, how you like it, but no special builds that make the game stupid and not challenging. so the ground is even with modular ships, not saying the design is beautiful, or bug/glitchfree. with the carrack only 300 gold crafted right away its great!, the carrack solves the traveling time issue for me, its too fast tho maybe 5 knots less and fix nosediving if in a storm. then put 3 large speed sails on it and you have it right there, the saviour of atlas, the carrack. dont forget your grappling hook ever if you leave your ship tho :D, maybe we get a ladder module soon and thats why they do not fix the ladders.
  6. Hello Sir, maybe you learn what early access is then you learn not to get frustrated by an alpha version of a video game, because it has bugs and glitches and not working stuff in it. then you learn to read what you buy 5 hate posts last few days 15 hate posts since a year i think you should change your game or throw some pills, because of a video game....
  7. now remove the ugly ships, make portals, add factions for getting buffs so you dont want to die, pirate camps for loot, balance the game, and bam we good btw where did the magic go? xd
  8. devs to do list: fix building system and components of the modular ship system revert change that servers near freeports give common recources fix npc mounting cannons running to the middle of the ship maybe fix claimtower points bug, watertowers calculation if towers removed needs fix introduce portals leading to other lores, bosses etc. but i guess not.. so other portals then, smaller ones that can be summoned by a spell and where the hell did the magic go right? revert pvp changes for barrel, barrel shots from catapult working, structure damage enabled, splash damage enabled mortar ships are inc anyway, barrels in cannons was rly stupid if you cannot damage army of the damned now with swifel gun, change it. fix the fix for working modular ship system so it is actually working so people use these ships for pvp, make them just work good with much hp introduce pirate encampments on official from sp, with op loot consider to change the bed fast travel, increase the decay timer x2 or x2,5 so a player can actually travel on the sea, respawn after death possible only on limited locations, shipbed basebed nearest bed or grid. for that change, portals may be introduced and alternative fast travel are already in place, like tradewind, but maybe new map and new tradewinds plz for faster travel introduce the flying ship at the very end
  9. cya when you add portals and multilayer map, so long
  10. doooooooooooooooode........ wtf... not even placeholders look that ugly just wow..
  11. just omg... logging in, no warehouse, gone, auto-decayed, in a claimed area on laweless on solid ground kiln aswell, 3 of em careful guys, i log in almost every day... i have no clue maybe replacing land claim towers f's it, it was 21 days ago since i've placed this warehouse
  12. farm structures need reduced range because we need at least 4 farm structures instead of 1 and for that we need more claimed area. Have a nice day
  13. the raptoring npc's are raptoring pooping since seasonstart, i call that a gamebreaking bug. i don't know how you call it, maybe lazy? we know it's alpha and not meant to be played but don't make it so obvious...
  14. alright... so when can you fix the game, is it after genesis 2 release or you will be busy fixing ark stuff for weeks?
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