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  1. i told them since last week, sunday i told them few days ago all i got as response was a deleted post and a temp ban thanks again, that's the right reaction an EA-player/tester wants to see Kappa... i freaking spawned on the ship, ONE THE SHIPS BED, and it was gone under my ass in that moment i spawned in and all ships around were gone too, i was swimming with npc's and animals in the water... they were rendered and docked max. 1 week bc we move our ships to keep them bc we know there is a limit of 3 weeks anchored boats
  2. photek

    Captain's Log #35: PTR and other News

    and just a heads up our company leader just told me yesterday another 6 ships disapeared and it was written in company log, again: ship removed from company, bed removed from company, like it was last week, we move our ships, what is this, fix your buggy mess
  3. photek

    Max level of animals question.

    i wonder if there is a tamed animal max lvl like in ark
  4. photek

    building Building System is Terrible

    alright Q............ is for the snap points, it does not rotate anything if you want to rotate press E the T button you know i guess. the only thing we are missing is ramp corners and ramp valleys, and half ramps, and half ramps and stairs being able to snap upwards, and roof and ramps having the same collision query if you want to build shiny go conan no collision is off on public servers for reasons
  5. photek

    WPE on ISO Blackwood

    you can always calculate 2 month after a megapatch announcement blackwood was announced to be released in the megaupdate 3, june 19 so still a month to go
  6. photek

    /r/playatlas is a big reason this game is dying.

    actually it is pretty funny to see the crybabys complain over everything they are not able to master. like the easiest things... taming farming playing always an issue for someone... even streamers complained the bears are so OP because he was too stupid to hit a shot... they always look for excuses... fact is majority is too noobish, unexperienced, or casual, and they mean they have a voice to complain because of their subjective view. and no it is not only this game... it's everywhere... just look, everywhere gamedevs that are telling you how your game has to be i personaly only complain for gamebreaking bugs and give suggestions and another perspective (view) on some things, talking helps.
  7. showing quality on the surface is not good for sunken treasures
  8. photek

    How Atlas died.... :(

    to OP the Creatures like a bear do have 1000 base health if you find a high lvl with all points into health, then you can skill to maybe 2k life with a mythical carbine you need 4 shots to kill this animal. a normal bear is oneshot. the problem is that a normal bear is op against noobs and unarmed ppl. the goldcost is reduced by 2 or 4 times as it was at the beginning the rest of the game will evolve in development, that is right now. maybe they should add this flying ship from the atlas cover or a portal to travel faster or a spell, because sailing is boring atm... but rafting in cyclones was great a navy fleet would be great tho
  9. photek

    ETA - On the ability to rename Ship?

    lets say you release a ship if you click OK with no name in it you can NOT rename it if you click CANCEL with no name in it you can rename it i got two where i clicked ok but f it. mine wich i can not rename are now called Brigantine and on the heck of the ship there is nothing written, an empty plate. renaming ship with CD would be great but idk if it should be if you already gave it a real name. maybe one time change for typing errors.
  10. are you all rly so many ppl that play solo in an mmo game? do you all even understand the reasons for the change? in pvp it is to clean an island because you can not clean up a bigger island by yourself for pve it is because some scrubs took islands and pillared them without paying the flag for an island, and if you have claimed an island you could do shit because of the pillar spam. and now there is a solution for that all. and this is the last resort solution for the players wich is not a bad thing (you don't have to use it, and it will only get used if it is neccessary) keep your mouth shut if you don't have any clue obviously some of you all only think for themselves and not for the game how it can work in a full released game, this is still Early Access, and like the devs said they have pull it back if it is shit. so let us play and test it out! (if you are one of the "victims" think about that: it's an mmo sort of game and maybe you are the guy who took unclaimed islands and pillard it) and if you find something gamebreaking i am sure the devs love to hear it.
  11. you could claim it, but it costs gold, wich brings us to maybe more small islands for solo medium tribe and a limit for big companys to not even can claim such small islands. the new owner do not has to wipe the island if people cooperate i guess xd (pve) and you still have laweless, so..
  12. the change is good because now you have a reason to have an island. maybe need to lower the island points that got raised or maybe new islands incoming soon. if you do not have one join a company or go solo laweless brand new players will join or play solo like in every other game. scrubs on islands that have build before claiming to save points or gold have 2 days time to move, and in pve they always say i was first... (big islands)
  13. photek

    A little clarification please.

    what, galli green anchored and gone next day, we had the same.
  14. photek

    A little clarification please.

    yes, thats right, we lost 2 gallis and some brigs the same way, used the day before. so the system is far from perfect. it just despawned, nothing in log. and lately ships getting sunk by wood railing or stone ceiling.......... at login after 2 days parking on the same spot and days before a galli was sunk, it was anchored green tho, but this time there was a msg in log and a wreckage... but how to sink it then...
  15. photek

    A little clarification please.

    it's 3 weeks not using a boat, sloops are faster i think or they changed it lately like i said already in another post: if you don't use it, you don't need it, think about that.