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  1. Don't waste any time on this game. Been waiting for this wipe hoping QOL would be better for Xbox players, and surprise surprise, the devs hate their players and don't want them to have a working game. Schooners still cost 5k gold, single players still can't compete against zerging tribes, still no small tribes, still no anticheat protection, still not listening to their player base, still not communicating anything important, and, sadly, no longer a game with good potential. RIP atlas, it was the best survival game concept since ARK, and just like ARK, they blew it. Thanks for hating your players ❤
  2. Really disappointed lol. Been anticipating an ETA literally all day and at this point there's no use in waiting.
  3. I play on Xbox, so there are bound to be issues as is. However, whenever I get close to the new banks on the lighthouse Islands, my game crashes, and doesn't let me back in until my company kills me or someone else does. Has anyone else experienced this or just me?
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