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  1. Fully agree. Left the game after thousands of hours. -devs dont listen -devs remove stuff that is working perfectly -devs bring new stuff that nobody requested -claim towers kill the game for solos and small teams Game over Grapeshot !
  2. I am out till they remove the claim towers. Completely pointless to play Atlas at the moment, everything you build is auto lost to the next guy passing by with a claim tower.
  3. A solo server would be super cool, like in Last Oasis. They made a solo server (very full as this is a dream of any solo PVP player who believes into class over mass. 5 man clan servers and also servers for mega companies consisting of tons of warlord slaves and losers, who are not able to survive on their own. But please a solo server without these trash claim towers. I am a super skilled solo PVP player, unfortunately one with a job. Coming home just to find out that i was claim tower offline raided is not cool.
  4. Exactly correct. Last Oasis went directly into the opposite direction : They introduced a solo universe, so you can be sure to fight 1:1, thats fair and fun. If you lose a fight it is not the end, the winner can loot your body, looting your scout ship is possible, but already a challenge with efforts. Looting your main base is nearly impossible if not a super super rich player lets lose all his farmed firebolt from 3 months on you. Atlas is on they way to hell. I loved it, especially the NPC crew that allows a solo player to enjoy the full game. But with the current dev crew of YouTuber, Troll, Deathsquad veteran and Megatribe lovers it is full fail.
  5. Is not helping the solo players if this quick decay without claim tower is still effective ?
  6. So there are lawless islands with no claim towers allowed ?
  7. Did they remove the braindead claim towers meanwhile ? Pointless to play solo or with a small crew as long as these are in the game. why ? Naked beach bob with a claim tower is passing by -> all of your galleons and bases that you built up in months are gone in a few minutes. Full trash patch.
  8. Can you please explain me why i should play Atlas with claim towers in the game ? Everything i build will be stolen offline by any naked beach bob with a claim tower within a few minutes.
  9. Haha, the only demand that i share is : Remove all PVE servers. A game without a challenge is no game. But the rest of the suggestions means turning the game into a LOLtroll paradise.
  10. The low player base is because it makes no sense to play Atlas after the wipe. Everything you build, ships, bases, installations will be auti-lost to naked noobs with a claim tower coming in the night to offline-raid you. Ahh thats not true, „offline steal everything“ it means. As alternative they can send a Muhahaha LOLstomping cannon crab. But for fully professional death squad trolls below age of 14 i would recommend the claim tower. Instant death to solos/small groups. Last Oasis was mentioned as example. They introduced solo servers and super strong base walkers, super difficult to raid. Servers are very crowded, the PVP is fair and funny, as you risk some stuff and „ships“ but never everything like in Atlas now. Find the failure Grapeshot !
  11. Let them build up a little, then come with a claim tower and, as Negan said, „Yours is now mine“.
  12. As long as they do not change the claim tower trash it is impossible to play solo. Every base you build and every ship you own and construct in months will be gone to the next muhahaha troll passing along with a claim tower in a few minutes. Only a braindead developer can develop such a complete nonsense.
  13. I am out till they remove the claim tower crash. Everything you build will be lost to any naked random beach bob passing by with a claim tower.
  14. Only an insane player can play Atlas in its current state. All ships, docks and bases are auto-lost to every random exploiter troll with a claim tower coming along. I am out as 90% of the other players. Atlas was on a good path, the player base really went up due to very good new additions like the armored docks which granted lone wolves and small groups minimum defence. But all this was destroyed by these ridiculous claim towers. They promised to buff solos and small groups but instead completely destroyed them with the last patch.
  15. Exactly this is the one and only important issue as it completely destroys the game for solos and small groups. Does not seem to bother the devs in any way. Mix of PVP and PVE : Works very well in Eve Online.
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