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  1. I am out till they remove the claim tower crash. Everything you build will be lost to any naked random beach bob passing by with a claim tower.
  2. Only an insane player can play Atlas in its current state. All ships, docks and bases are auto-lost to every random exploiter troll with a claim tower coming along. I am out as 90% of the other players. Atlas was on a good path, the player base really went up due to very good new additions like the armored docks which granted lone wolves and small groups minimum defence. But all this was destroyed by these ridiculous claim towers. They promised to buff solos and small groups but instead completely destroyed them with the last patch.
  3. Exactly this is the one and only important issue as it completely destroys the game for solos and small groups. Does not seem to bother the devs in any way. Mix of PVP and PVE : Works very well in Eve Online.
  4. As veteran player i explain the difference : Old claim system : You could place a claim flag to steal a base (NOT a ship !). This was only possible with no player, sleeper or tame or NPC in the base. If someone was inside the base you had still to FIGHT ! New system : Any noob with a claim flag can offline raid you everytime in the middle of the night and steal everything in 45 minutes.
  5. Well as an official PVP solo player this means for me RIP Atlas. If you read between the lines they plan to implement the trash exploiter claim tower system to everywhere, not just lawless. I will certainly not build something up for months again, just to lose it to some LOL troll naked noob with a claim tower in 45 minutes again. No, i as a lone wolf do NOT want to be just „a wheel“ in some mega companys machine as you discribe it. What you are planning is just a slavery systems to benefit the megatribes. Good luck, if you think that over i may come back. But certainly not while your offline raid system : „take anything from anybody in 45 minutes“ trash stays implemented
  6. Funny, now players start to realise how bad the claim tower patch is. It is the one and only interesting topic at the moment. If the devs dont take it back no one will play Atlas any longer, thats absolutely clear. Its a pitty, Atlas was on the road to get players back, in my grid i had 15-20 players in the evening, last season it was 2-4. Now some madman lead designer just killed the game.
  7. I suspect the thread author lives in south Burma or any other time zone where the patch droped at prime time. For me and many others is was 3:50 a.m.
  8. The wipe will change nothing about auto-loss of everything in 45 minutes. There is no reason to build ships, docks or bases as they are gone to noob with a claim tower anyway. Especially funny is the 12 hour timer to structures without a claim tower. I can not understand how a dev with a working brain can deploy such a patch. Its a contradiction to their statement for buffing solos and small groups as they have driven them 100% out of the game now.
  9. Exactly ! Who needs to skill in faster ship stealing for double speed ? Want a galleon in 45 minutes ? Place a claim tower... and you have your galleon ! plus several armored docks and more gold than in fort Knox
  10. Claim Towers are just as toxic in PVP, large clans took everything, no way to build something up in lawless as it is auto-gone 45 minutes later. Just like in ARK : - devs start with balanced offence vs defence - whiner troll kids start crying „raiding takes too long !“ - devs nerf walls - whiner troll kids are not pleased - devs implement an auto-raid-success tool (claim tower)
  11. I see it from the positive side : No need to feed my pets and pay my crew any longer. No need to rebuild my warehouse every day. No need to farm gold. No need to farm blueprints. Playing ATLAS is pointless with that claim tower trash. Why should i build anything that is auto-lost to troll exploiters 45 minutes later ?
  12. LOL, i lost everything that i have farmed and built within months just in 45 minutes to your claim towers. Enjoy ATLAS with your beloved mega companies but without me in the future. I have no problems with PVP, but with patches in the middle of the night destroying everything for me.
  13. Dear devs, what exactly is the point in buying a small armored dock for 10.000 gold when just everybody can come along with a claim tower, taking your armored dock, your ship and all gold inside in just 45 minutes ?
  14. Well, as i told you all of my ships, bases and tames are gone to a noob with a claim tower. Playing the game in its current state is pointless. Everyone has „game over“ exactly in the moment when a naked noob with a claim tower passes by, taking everything that you have build up in month. He just needs 45 minutes to do so. A joke !
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