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  1. Ohh Mushrooms, how we have missed that !
  2. No, the new devs are not focused on what has to be done. We do not need Zombie towers, statues and another 200 minibosses exclusive for super guilds. We need removal of all bugs, every Atlas player can very easily tell all of them to the devs. We need change of the modular ships, you ahould be able to build everything on them, just to bring them in line with the old legacy ships. By now the difference is rediculous : A broadsider is superfast, superstrong and certainly the strongest ship in Atlas. Especially the ship speeds needs severe adjustment. And stop the stupid perma-tornadoes, perma heat wave and perma frostwave. QOL is the word.
  3. It is sad, as i did really like the pirate setting. But Grapeshot ruined it completely. BUGS (1000 times reported, but Grapeshot prefers to bring Industrial wonders, portals and zombie action into the game instead of removing these bugs) - NPC/Tames vanish after crossing a grid border - disconnect after logging into the rear cabin of an unreleased modular ship - the "E" key suddently stops working for interaction - you can no longer build ships in Pre-Hotfix shipyards - you can no longer consume waterskins while in inventory (hotbar still works) TRASH - modular ships are all open other but the rear cabin. Each PVP troll can easily board, no swivel placement possible to stop them. - puckle towers prevent digging out treasures and exploration, killing you and your tames every 5 meters - sunken tresures are often impossible to take by diving, as the wrecks are bugged into underwater rock formations - players can hit you inside bases/ship cabins through the walls with swinging maces and shooting carbine ... the lists can be continued endless....
  4. After a bit of exploration i would assume that the only islands free of claim towers are the ones around the 4 freeports in Rookies Cove. The rest of the map is "troll heaven", meaning everybody can just place a claim tower beside your super fortress built in 5 month/beside your super expensive armored docks with super expensive galleons in it and steal it all within 30 minutes without any efforts. I hope this is a comprehesive summary of ATLAS in june 2022.
  5. Dear Devs, do you plan to allow ship building in shipyards from before the Hotfix again, or do we have to deconstruct all of them and build new ones ? Do you plan that we can drink from water skins again, or do they stay deco now forever ? Will it be possible again to cross grid borders without losing all tames and sailors while zoning ?
  6. WRONG ! You have to attach the diving platform to the Cog BEFORE she is released to the ocean. After that you can not attach it, neither in a basic shipyard nor in an advanced shipyard. It is possible in a large shipyard and a small armored dock later, if you have the 10.000 gold für these docks. Just love this Grapeshot Bug Producer Company.
  7. I can only agree Hexaron. Unfortunately this new developer "Redbeard" ist following 100% the path into nowhere, which was created by the dev team before. Take a huge axe, cut off all the trash from Atlas added during the last years and you will have a shining fantastic game again. Easy.
  8. I would love reversion to ANYTHING without all-the-same modular extremly boring ships, without lazyness farmhouses for auto-ressources, without stupid magic portals in the water, without private islands for billionaires... ähh "streamers and megacompanies" i mean. Just to recite president Trump : MAKE IT A PIRATE GAME AGAIN !!!
  9. Dear Redbeard, please revert the game back to the original alpha release stage. All these millions of bucks that you have invested into manpower and improvements have proofed completely pointless. So you really could make your company investors happy, together with the remaining 0,000023% of the current player base compared to release, if you just stop breaking working stuff and introducing stuff never ever were asked for by anybody.
  10. This is the big problem of Atlas and Ark : No, we dont need Voodoo temples. No, we dont need map changes. No, we dont need Laser Dinos in full exosuit with a proton cannon and jetpack Sometimes less is more, you should think about that, Jeremy Stieglitz
  11. Still shit, RedBeard coninues the path into total failure, which was started by the devs before him. - Voodoo stuff - only love for mega companys and troll exploiters - you are forced to sail modular ships instead of free creative ship designs
  12. It is simply not playable with claim towers in effect for other players than jobless 24/7 Corona kids who are not receiving enough love from their parents. Prior to claim towers the game was quite fun, the armored docks allowed to live on the ships. Yes, these armored docks could be destroyed. But for single troll kids too much effort. These want everything very quick, quick, quick ! And started their cry-baby system on the devs till they received the claim towers for maximum everything-in-30-minutes trolling. After alpha release it was quite challenging to claim an area. If you wanted to fight someone you had to anti-claim. Lots of efforts, took hours and days. Nothing for pew pew Call-of-Duty milliennial cry babys. So playing not in a huge mega company is completely pointless at the moment. Also the modular ships are trash. i am creative, i want to try concepts and build how i want. I am afraid, ATLAS will not find back onto the path of a shining fun game.
  13. I fully agree. PVP is pointless in the current state. Exception : cheaters, exploiters and 24/7 jobless trolls
  14. Ok, you seem not to have understood what is wrong with the game, even in the latest Redbeard Patch from tomorrow. So i explain it in very easy words : a) player is building ships, bases and shipyards over several month b) naked Beach Bob troll with a claim tower is passing by while the player sleeps/works c) game over Anything about that somehow is not fully clear and obvious to anybody ? P.S. If you suggest that working/real life sucks : I agree
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