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  1. Sales were good for Ark yes - While it was cheap and Alpha - However the player base dropped significantly... Now, If you have a good solid game, the community will stay playing it, people will stay playing it, People will want to play it.... So lets look at ARK, How many times did the devs have to apologise to people for a start? - Promising things and not fulfilling, doing what they want how they want, not listening to feedback, stating they will never add DLC... But did... - They upset around 80% of their player base... All thats left to play it now are people who are engrossed in it... Some of them have come here, some of the upset people have come here, they all say this is an ARK reskin - Which is fine, Inever played ARK so this is a new experience for me... Yet they made a helluva lot of mistakes.... The game across very much like an EvE Comparison, and it is easy to see why, just by reading through the descriptions etc... However it is not like EvE, I doubt it ever will be, and I feel like I was misled, Saying that, I enjoy the game - It is okay, albeit quite a few things need sorting out, but I will stay and hopefully my input will be appreciated by the devs, who are doing a good job at pushing updates and tryingg to appease everyone, however they do need to bring a solid roadmap out of where they want this game going and discuss it with the community, rather than keeping everything behind closed doors, untill next months patch... We paid to help leave feedback and build the game, but currently - Stuff seems to be added, that isn't really needed at this stage, optimisations are slow and they are spending a hell of a long time designing and building stuff - That the community might not even want, but they wont want to waste it, It''s like its a showcase of their skills rather than actually building a game for people...
  2. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/atlas-mmo/ "It's EVE Online mashed with ARK, and it's releasing on Steam Early Access on December 13 for $30. " "For one, it's truly an MMO where thousands of players can exist in one space together—and I mean together in the EVE Online sense of the word where everyone plays on one server, with some small caveats. Atlas will only have one PvP and one PvE server for each major region, so players won't be arbitrarily segregated across hundreds of identical servers as in World of Warcraft. " Theres loads more out there too... You just got to look now that it all very much seems hidden... You could argue that it is third paprties arguing it - But then where do they get the information from? Press rrelease? Announcements etc... Its the way the devs and marketers portray it to the world that gets peoples hypes up, to build a playerbase, all it was and seems is to be a cashcow piggy backing off other succesful game names by comparing elements that arent even in the game... Or are nothing like how they portrayed...
  3. LOL As the forum doesnt except imgbb links... Off Steam Early Access Information regarding Atlas: What is the current state of the Early Access version? “Everything in the features section will be there around Early Access Launch and the game will be an unparalleled massively multiplayer experience from Day One.” So where is the exciting PVP? It's currently Offline raiding... Wow Exciting.... Why Early Access? “ATLAS is one of the most ambitious online worlds of all time and while everything we have listed in the feature section will be there around Early Access launch, we are going to need the feedback, insight, and creativity of the game players to build on that foundation and balance the game optimally over a period of time.” What balances? One month in, and all I have seen is pointless nerfs that don't balance anything but caters to care bears to make things easier... It states it is one of the most ambitous MMO's of all time - Quite clearly.... Yet, lets face it, it is just ARK, with a reskin, nothing can compare it to real MMO's like WOW, EVE, Runescape... This is minecraft with graphics currently... I mean thats Steams version with Atlas replies... Now lets break the description down... MMO On the Grandest ScalePhysically sail in real-time across the vast oceans with the proprietary server network technology. Explorers will voyage to over 700 unique landmasses across 45,000 square kilometers, with thousands of Discovery Zones, and ten distinct world regions each having their own unique resources, creatures, secrets, and environment hazards! There is a separate PvE ATLAS for players who don't wish to play any PVP. MMO with a seperate PvE server... HMMM, Lets just take a minute to think about that.... On the grandest scale - Look up definition of Grandest... It's definately not the grandest in terms of style... Nor Size.... Or gameplay.... Construct the Ship of Your Dreams, Plank by Plank! Pre-built planks, pre-built carcasses, so how am I constructing it out of MY dreams? - I at least expected to literally build a plank etc not half a boat and place it on ... Pirate PVP to the Limit They got this bit right at least... Its very limited... Offline raiding because "Thats what the community want" - Yer cus 20k others have already left and left negative reviews, because it is now how it was advertised... Going back to point 2 about everything featured being there around early access .... Be the Hero or Villain you were meant to be Not at all possible while there is offline raiding, I mean whose gonna fear the boggest baddest person/company out there, when you can sail a sloop full of explosive barrels straight into there dock and blow half their fleet by yourself?, while they are asleep... False Marketing Extensive character visual customization enables an endless range of realistic (and not-so-realistic) characters, with a vast array of sliders, morphs, muscle tones, and tweakable values. You can even per-pixel design your own permanent tattoos (and then draw warpaint on top of that too!). If someone exists in the real world, they should be creatable in ATLAS! Best-in-class dynamic hair growth and real-time aging systems allow you to get old and... pass on your legacy? (Or find a fountain of youth!). Real-time agging system? 100 years in one month... That is super real time there, Thats a feature... Going back to point 2.... And the character creation system is still from the 90's, I've seen better systems on older games... Endless Adventure Forced gameplay... Point 6.... Intense Action Point 5 + 6 I could go on, and I realise this is a Beta, and I will continue playing for the time being - This post is more about the relevance to the marketing over comparing and quoting EvE Online as a competitor/ Rival - Which it clearly is not... And probably never will be, because the foundations are not here on Alpha release to build upon with the community, at the very least... The foundations should have been there... For them to even make this claim. Now saying that I appreciate the work the devs put in to this game, And I am not here to criticise them for their work, only their advertising and marketing department, who got it very very wrong.... Would I recommend the game - Yes, to people who like 24/7 grinding, losing it overnight and don't like PvP... Does the ggame have potential - Yes... But they need to get the foundations right... 20k negative reviews on steam within a month... That in itself says alot, The community forums are mostly filled with screaming people... The only thing I agree with what you have said so far, Is if you dont like it dont play it... I like the game, it is as i said originally, just not what I was informed it would be.... From their own marketing or advertising... And in regards to taking the cake out the oven after 2 minutes... At least the Chef would have got the ingredients right!... Good day sir...
  4. This remark? - This game is clearly a game for those immature no-lifers, who are uneducated and like to throw racist comments and remarks around like no tomorrow I mean, It's true, most people who are racist are uneducated, The offline raiders, they are mainly no lifers - The way the game is built and the way it is going because of immature people... It's true But I guess that is opinionated rather than solid fact, but the evidence is there to see really... No, you don't need sugar to build with stone, but you need some sort of sticky substance, and as the game hasn't got wet mud or sand in it, then Organic Paste is the second best thing... I mean you wouldn't even use Organic Paste in Metal FFS.... Kinda sounds like you want a realistic experience, but are happy with the unrealism in other parts... I mean, make your mind up
  5. What that alot of players were EvE Players that came here because of the marketing... Just read the forums - Heres a tip, search for EvE... Get your facts right at least before trying to attack a post Oh boy... Sounds like someone needs to go to school..... Wire nets to hold the stone in place?... Metal corners to hold the stone in place?.... Sure it doesn't ALWAYS need metall, you could use wood, or "Organic paste" - Mud etc.... I mean is anyone going to try and tear this apart with a bit of brain functionality... I don't mind but telling me to look at facts rather than opinions.... Pot calling the kettle black
  6. Aye but look how many players have gone in the last two weeks alone... There was a point where nearly every server I joined was maxed out, I'm lucky now if I see mmore than 40 people on a server? Doesn''t that tell you something? Unofficial servers are not the answer... Sure people go try them out, but look at the costs to run one, They wont be around for long, people will get fed up of unofficials starting up and closing down due to lack of funds, and will eventually leave anyway... People go to unofficial servers because the official servers are not what they want, basic psychology, peopple like the game baseplate - but don't like where it is going already within the first month and already leaving... so what does this tell you? And I bet you are part of a 200 man group with players 24/7 anyway or don't actually have the desire to learn how to PvP properly? EvE got this half right... And that half I would still take over this... The OR side that is... - I raided someone 2 days ago, the alliance wanted them off the island, I had the decency to wait untill they were online to fight, why? because it isn't fun offline raiding, it isn't even PvP - It's literally like taking Candy from a baby, I'm the sort that I would rather give someone a chance to defend the hours of effort they put in to playing, building grinding etc... It is safe to say that group did not give the same chance, They had multiple beds all over the island, waited untill we were offlline then came and paid a visit... So tell me how is PvP fun here? Other than showing peoples characters in RL where they feel the need to not give anyone a fair chance... Will I conform to this mentality no! - Everyone has a right to defend... They are going for aspects of realism in this game, that is not practical with the rest of the game 1 cannon 400 balls... can make light work of 5 gates, depending how far apart they are spaced... You can spend 3 days gatheringg enough resources to triple wall a building, and lose that in 15 minutes easily... do the maths? 72hours of hard grinding - to lose in 15 minutes, because you only need one hole in a wall..... I'm an avid PvP player, I have played alot of alphas, alot of PvP oriented games, and I can tell you this game is just for kids with no lifes at this point....
  7. I am not sure how to say it any more clearer really... IT WAS MARKETED AS AN EvE ONLINE RIVAL.... That is Fact, That is why so many EvE Players came here, that is not opinion, that is FACT.... You say it is subjective, and opinionated, by whom? Not me,because that is the way the game was marketed and sold to so many... I don't expect it to directly be in comparison to EvE Online, especially at this stage... But if you took the time to read my post, it states they do not even have the basics in to even compare or even say it can rival EvE... Yet they did say that, yet it was marketed like that, Yet they did mis-lead so many others.... Is the game rubbish... Not exactly, It's a good game (ish), Does it have anything other than potential to rival EvE.... No! why? - It hasn't even got the basics sorted..... Economy, Markets, Levelling... (So 90's).... Skill trees, can top most of them out in a week... DEPTH (What depth).... I understand fully the ggame is Alpha, but what they have done is copy-pasta'd code from Ark - Threw that in and changed the graphics? What are they doing for an economy - I know setting a bounty system on other groups/players heads... You realise at this point, thats pointless right? I can wear no armour and take 2 to 3 pistol shots? But can wear armour and take 1.... I mean the code is broken from the gground up, and is not even remotely comparable to EvE... So as the Title states - Where the hell did the marketing for an EvE Competitor come from? Hopes, Dreams and illsuions - But the reality is, this really is Ark from thebase up with different graphics, and shoul not have even been mentioning a competitor to a game as sophisticated or complicated as EvE - This game is clearly a game for those immature no-lifers, who are uneducated and like to throw racist comments and remarks around like no tomorrow, that like to kick and spit their dummies out because they added metal to stone walls.... People do realise in RL you have Metal in stone walls right? To reinforce it? To hold it together? But wait, they don't want to go and grind anymore to build better stuff, because in the first week of Alpha, people had the best stuff.... There is no in-game report function, There is no sophisticated chat, Alliance chat is bugged - I know lets have 10 different alliances and make what I want to say to one group, to all the groups... There is no direct message support (Could turn Parrots into direct mailers oncce tamed, you know like pigeon carriers) - Yes there is potential, But it should not have been marketed the way it was, and it really would be so easy to bring a lawsuit for false advertising/marketing - That is the truth.... As I said though, the game is good, but talking about facts and opinions, I would just like to know what facts there are, that even remotely gives anyone a solid idea to comparing this to EvE before launch, and what game mechanics are in to even remotely compare it to EvE... I will tell you, there is zero...
  8. Wow - Lets compare a 2019 game with a 2002 game, I mean there is only 17 years difference..... Fact is, it was wrongly marketed and advertised - There is alot of potential, but all i see is another ARK game, all anyone sees is another ARK game - Let's face it, its just another ARK DLC.... Not even that cleverly disguised... To market it in comparison to EvE, when there isnt even an economy... Something to get started on other than "Hey we got a big map, grab your resources and start sailing and shooting"......... So much potential and althouggh alot has been done to fix connectivity, they are too focused on fine tuning the pointless stuff, which will break again anyway over time, than actually laying down a solid foundation with a roadmap to show people what they are doing... and when I say roadmap, I mean something better than a "Look what we are doing for next month".... Facts are, wrongly advertised, marketed and portrayed.... Not even got the basics in to make this something other than a grinding fuckfest.... Survival, Pointless, you can just die and respawn... It''s 20000000000000x easier to do so, no real reason to spend all your game time grinding to survive? I mean who wants to do that anyway? Sure maybe half hour a day to get stufff, but not all day every day.... Sailing, Pointless - No one really sails unless your in a bigg group, cus your too busy re-ggathering from the night shift raiders... who took out your NPC, cus they wont move away from cannons when attacked to defend themselves.... 1990's AI architecture.... Bare bones and basic... Currently, it is far too easy to fuck over that group who annoyed you... 100 player ggroup so what... They have to sleep sometime.... What happened to actually fighting - its more like teddy bears in a nightclub..... Try and become a respected merc/pirate? why? I can just wipe you in 10 minutes loot yourr shit or drop it when your asleep... There is literally no reason to respect others in the game (So how you gonna build a powerful and fearful character?).... I could literally go on, those three points aint nothing like EvE, but instead direct criticism of the games marketing....
  9. Firstly, to the devs - you have made a good(ish) game - I have put 376 hours into the game already Now, i came here due to the marketing and advertising and references to the similarities of what this game is compared to EvE, and how it rivals EvE... After 376 hours, I can safely say, It is nothing like EvE, It never will be, this was false advertising/marketing at a seriously bad level... There is no economy, no market, no "Safe hubs", timers are seriously way over-timed, You don't have too much of a reason to go out and exxplore, it is forced gameplay to the point, where you literally cannot play the game how you want due to devs introducing permanent stat debuffs unless you go and do something, Age is completly screwed - In 1 month I have aged 100 years, The lack of player choice is somewhat blatantly in the face but disguised due to "The freedom to move around" - The building placements next to enemy territory, all well and good, but now I can lliterally place a cannon 8 steps away from someones building... I don't even need to think how to attack a group, I can do it solo, Just wait untill the players are asleep and then attack, 1 cannon, 50 - 100 rounds... There is no reason to group up, if you do your skill tree right you can literally have armour, cannons, etc to be able to attack ON YOUR OWN... There is no thought of consequences, 90% of the time if your not in a big group you will be grindingg 100% of the time... Fire arrows are ridiculously nerfed, 10 shots and a bow breaks with fire arrows... Its fire and cant even burn through wood without 400+ arrows being fired at it... All I see is another Ark game, falsely advertised, wrongly marketed, painted with pirates.... I am dis-appointed that I was lured here under false pretenses - The whole "Define your own character" stuff is rubbish, I age 100 years every month.... then get perma de-buff stats unless I ggo to the FOY, which I will have to do every time, just to ensure my character is not weaker than everyone else... Just to be "Normal", How can mercenaries work, when it is too easy for everyone to get the best stuff within 1 week of game time... EvE literally takes 6 - 8months to get anywhere near competitive at PvP... I am not saying the game should go full swing EvE... But it certainly HAS to turn away from ARK... This whole 18 hour rubbish to capture a ship is ridiculous... Even if everyone is dead.... There is no incentive to be a mercenary, a Pirate etc - Sure its fun going round blowing up peoples stuff, but you are building a perma grind game for all the solo players/ small groups, you are catering to the carebears of PvP world who lets face it dont have what it takes to play a game with half a brain, there is no incentives for anyone to do anything other than "Build, Build Build"... Oh apart from the forced gameplay... There is no diplomacy here, Racism is far too rife in the community, All I see is weapons getting weaker, tames getting weaker, buildings getting weaker but harder to build.... Griefingg is a serious issue, a serious issue.... But you guys don''t care... You wont divide the map to safe portions etc... you wont merge the PvP and PvE servers and just make the map 4 times bigger... You wont spread the resources proportionately.... There are currently 4 ships, and all are about the same in ease of sinking - There isn't a reason to build a galleon when it can be sunk as quick as a brig, by a brig with 30 spare planks on etc... There is rarely any PvP on the server its more PVsleeping raids.... I'm writing this, because after all the game time I have put in - I am extremely let down by the ggame, It is literally one big rip off of Ark, painted and sugar coated, and at this point, I think it might be wise if the devs / company stepped up and explained to the community exactly where they want this game going... With a solid floor plan of what is expected, and not in one months time for the next update, but for the next two years... where are you taking this ggame? what are you doing with the game? are you continously going to cater to the carebears of PvP.... I would like some sort of answer, as, as stated I was lured hear under false pretenses and marketing, The game is good, but it is not at all why I came here and has left me feeling very disappointed and mugged off, kinda like asking for a mint choc chip ice cream and given a cabbage on a stick with a bit of mud....
  10. TLDR; Bug: Game loses focus and Cursor Reproducability: Random times random occurences Regularity: At least once every 2 - 3 Hours Read: Quite often, the game loses focus of the mouse cursor - Generally at really awkward timing too - Has happened to a couple of my group friends too. it involves having to alt-tab out the game and back in, Generally happens when switching between navigational windows in-game.
  11. R4GN4R

    Crew Payments

    Hey So I upgraded the crew payment skill, and the NPC are wayyyyyy more exxpensive rather than cheaper - Heres the screenshots: I mean, I know they are on a gun, but it used to be around 1 gold => 1.1 hours not 0.5 hours... Thats 2 gold an hour there...
  12. Really hoping this will be a thing. It would be nice to be able to see character stats/skills etc from a dashboard for clan leaders, especially for the smaller groups, where they can view information on what companies others have joined etc so it can help with recruitment, what times they are most active on etc... So many possibilities that wouldn't break the game but enhance it further...
  13. Personally, I think the claim system is broken - It is too easy to exploit. I.E, If I was attacking a ship, and rather than sink it, I boarded it - After Boarding, I managed to kill every last sailor on that boat - NPC's and Characters, I have also removed all beds from the boat - Now, We are currently out to sea, there is no way the guys who had the boat can physically swim to get the boat back, nor can they actually spawn on the boat - So now the ship is mine - But hold on I have to claim it, so I place a claim flag, and woah hold on... 17 hours to claim... are you for real? - I mean 17 hours... There is no one left alive to save the boat... Now thy can throw another boat together, any boat, sail out and get there boat back, so what is the actual point in trying to claim boats? Unless people want to no life this game.... Lets look at it this way, currently when you die, you lose all items on you, yes you can get your stuff back, but you have to contend with the wildlife to get it, and it isn't always guarenteed to get it back, There is nothing stopping you from trying to get it back, but currently you have lost it because you died... Yet with ships, if you die, it is still yours at least if someone tries to capture it, you can have 17 - 24hours to go about your thing, getting the stuff to go get it back, it doesn't even need to be a priority, yet everything else you lose, seems to give you 30 minutes... I honestly think, if someone has boarded your ship, and wants to claim it, and they have killed everyone and you are out at sea - Then if you lose you lose, If you win you win, The timer shouldbe put to 30 minutes - No more or no less, currently they have a decay system where the further from land you are, the faster your stuff decays, So it wouldn't be too hard to implement this for ship capturingg. The further from land, the quicker it is to capture.. At least then this would open up boarding in PvP which currently isnt a thing as it is easier and quicker to just sink the boat and loot it, why try to capture somethign thats going to take a persistent 17 - 24hours to capture? Why is it even a thing?
  14. You realise, that "The game" isn't even full release yet... So now that you know, you should also know that at full release, it is kind of expected to have a wipe... Welcome to Alphas... Oh hold on, you could literally wake up and everything could already be wiped, servers broken, backups corrupted, uncorrectable bugs, or your PC could even catch on fire!....
  15. +1 this idea, but it would have to be randomised, not "Specific gridlines"
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