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  1. Yep, taking a break from this burning garbage pile.
  2. That doesn't solve bad mechanics. We have a walled off harbor with an AI on cannon every three wall spaces and our actual base is on a cliff you can't shoot at above the harbor. It would probably take days to raid us even if we were offline the entire time. That is not the point. The point is it's shit game design. Especially with this stone nerf, the people that hadn't already built ridiculous defenses now have to work twice as hard. The game mechanics should promote taking only what you can hold and actively engaging in holding it. Edit to clarify: The harbor is walled off. Not stupid huge gates. Over one hundred wall segments long actual wall.
  3. @Zheo The only non-land wood structures are planks. I would be willing to bet the walls / ceilings / roofs on ships still count as "land" structures. Haven't tested damage though.
  4. Anthem is coming out soon. EA is starting to look good compared to these guys.
  5. Meh, personally I couldn't stand the ugliness, but with this much buff I might suck it up and armor my ships.
  6. With the buff to wooden structures is everyone covering their ships with wood walls and roof pieces now?
  7. If you can find someone that will provide a safe harbor you could absolutely play this way. I have a max level brigantine with all crafting stations, fully NPC manned, 25 crew capacity, four beds, and 20000 max weight.
  8. @wildbill The weight would be the biggest issue. Tames die constantly no matter what you do. Getting stuck happens anyway. Just die and respawn. The two high stations can be placed below deck on all ships except sloop. In some cases you may have to place the station, then deck above, due to clipping.
  9. If you already bought the game, hop on and find a group that seems compatible, give it a whirl. If you haven't bought the game, don't.
  10. Any ship larger than sloop can fit all crafting stations. Just need a dock until you get the ship built, then you can live on it. I would recommend a brigantine for solo / duo / trio. Galleon for any larger group. I would love to play this way, but it just isn't feasible. You need a safe harbor to log out at.
  11. My biggest question to all these 'why don't you travel/trade trolls' is, are you all on PvE? PvP'ers sink ships for fun. Valuable trade goods? BONUS!
  12. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/14694-invulnerability-within-claimed-circle/
  13. There is no fun in being offline raided. No risk / reward. We've wiped out several groups this way, but I'd much prefer actual pvp. The current system promotes offline raiding and massive pointless area denial. Players will always use the easiest and most effective tactics. The game mechanics need to change if offline raiding is the most effective strategy.
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