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  1. Ichor

    You guys already know what to do

    It would have to be worked on, maybe have a special case for walls(Reduced damage, but not invuln). Base the differentiation on the dimensions of the foundation or whether or not fence foundations were used. Heck I could go on with various ideas like reworking the whole building system to have specialized "wall/fort/keep building" that would be destructable but have a high size limit and have a "farm/house building" that would be much smaller, but doors aside invulnerable. Solutions are around, just gotta explore and find them.
  2. Ichor

    You guys already know what to do

    I wouldn't mind invulnerable buildings, but it would need a limiting mechanic so you can't just foundation spam an island. One such way would potentially having like a radius (more people, bigger area) where the structures wouldn't take damage or at the very least massively reduced damage, but structures outside of the area would be fair game. But I do think raiding should be a thing, so why not have doors and gates remain destructible. As for looting, the storage boxes could be accessed either through destruction or some form of lock picking. as for boats maybe have some sort of docking structure that keeps them relatively safe. Unsinkable maybe, but definitely open for some form of vandalism looting, or sabotage. Just an idea.
  3. I crash from time to time but it isn't super common. But what is a constant pain is having to deal with PrimalGameData_BP eternally loading unless I try to play without battle eye, get kicked, then play with battle eye every time. A small gripe but I would love to just play the game without having to boot up the game twice each time.
  4. Ichor

    Come on guys

    To be fair mate, you make a lot of fair points, but you can come off as a bit of a downer, this place is already a salt mine 90% of the time, so I can see where the hostility may stem from.
  5. Ichor

    Come on guys

    I kinda get what he is saying, as I do consider myself and my group beta testers more or less for this game. Even if we don't, we still want the game to be good, no? I remain positive, most of the time when it comes to the game, that most of the kinks will be ironed out. I think the game has come quite a ways from it's rather disastrous launch. Don't think for a minute that I think the game is perfect, it is not even close to being anywhere remotely considered a game I'd recommend to the general public. I do like the game but I do have plenty of gripes with it, from the servers straining with larger groups of players, to the lag structures bring, the pain in the butt taming process, and the huge grind for a boat that is doomed to sink 30 seconds later. Let's also not forget the offline raiding that plagues many. But the game does seem like, with the way things are and the sample of players on the forums who's responses I can read, to be on a downward spiral. The game needs some serious attention in many key aspects if it wishes to be a game that people (other than myself) will want to play. I have plenty of ideas, but I don't like to share them until they are fully thought out and I can present them in a non-rambling easy-to-follow manner. Usually someone beats me to the punch on bringing it up, so I usually don't make a post outside of agreement or furthering discussion.
  6. Ichor

    Sea travels....boring

    The problem is, the nature of sailing itself. I tend to find it enjoyable at points personally but I can see where it can get exhausting. For the most part it is not very engaging, you should be vigilant, as a SOTD could pop up over the horizon and ruin your day, but for the most part it is, hey look an island, hey look a wreck, hey we need to avoid the sotd. It can get monotonous rather quickly, especially on long trips. Because of the theme of the game, wind is a key mechanic that we can't just do away with, but when you need to sail far to the north and all you have is a weak south bound wind, sailing becomes miserable, especially as you navigate numerous fleets of the damned. Makes it more engaging, but it isn't that fun as you'll be sunk should you engage and you often really don't want to turn back and sail for 30 min to the closest island to wait it out. Sailing will always have its tedious moments, but there are ways it can be improved. I think more frequent ship battles would help a lot(but in their current state they are pretty expensive, not the most accessible thing and at times risky for smaller groups), or a passive speed multiplier as you go without engaging or coming within proximity of an island or ship of the damned.
  7. I've noticed that the animals are really bad about clipping into you, even the pigs do it.
  8. Ichor

    How would you fix it?

    Greek fire was an actual thing though. https://www.britannica.com/technology/Greek-fire
  9. Just a general discussion topic really, but I am a PVE player who has an interest in PVP and have been watching the compaints about the various aspects of PVP in atlas. From megas ruining things, to offline raiding amongst other things. How do you think it should be fixed? I am not talking about cheaters and exploiters, everyone knows they are trash and should be banned. But what kinda systems or ideas would you think improve the PVP scene? Personally I think it would take a lot of doing, but larger factions or nations would be a step in the right direction, that way you can atleast have a starting alliance with players within your nation. Maybe have lawless sectors in which opposing nations can hide out, and a larger no - mans land like area where anything goes. Maybe have a trader faction for those who are into that kind of thing. It would take a lot of work, but I could see it working if done right. maybe have some sort of competition to hold more colonies in the no-mans lands sectors than the other factions/nations. winner at the end of the month get some cosmetic or something IDK. What ideas do you guys have?
  10. Ichor

    Soo uh, what do?

    Breeding, even being remotely close to do any bosses, which we aren't. It's just been a miserable endless grind with no end in sight or reward. At least I like my procoptodons and hyenas.
  11. Ichor

    Soo uh, what do?

    We are in NA PVE. I appreciate all the advice, it really is encouraging. I guess just looking at the numbers and past ark experiences were getting me down y'know?
  12. Ichor

    Soo uh, what do?

    I'll keep that in mind, perhaps form a long distance alliance. lol
  13. Ichor

    Soo uh, what do?

    Thank you for the encouragement, it's been a bit dull lately and what we never got anywhere in ark despite pouring ungodly amounts of time into it easily 2k+ hours.
  14. Ichor

    Soo uh, what do?

    I am in a small company of 5 people, we like the game a lot and wish to progress It. However when looking ahead, how the heck are we to manage getting anywhere worthwhile? We want to do the powerstones, the ship battles and the like, but is it even feasible without having 20 or 100 people? The numbers just don't bode well for those who don't have a large group to play with. Some of the bosses just dont seem possible, maps just overwhelm us, and we have no real hope of ever building outside of lawless. Game is fun, but just doesn't seem designed for groups smaller than 20. And some of the mat grinds are just mind numbing alone. Side question, do Ships of the damned spawn only in fleets now? We can't take them all on, we havent the npc crew to man enough cannons. Nor are our boats durable enough to endure the battle. It just seems what ever enjoyable aspect in the game is just not possible for those who don't want to be a slave in a mega.
  15. So me and my friend were trying to tame a giraffe, we were unsuccessful for a number of reasons which include the things rather ludicris hitbox when it thrashes about and randomly glitching around in the pen. After about 30 or so minutes of cursing we gave up on it. However this wasn't the first time this happened, as I tried to tame a bull with no success. So I take a look at the skills and notice the flavor text for taming which states: "There are legends of those with the ability to speak in whispers to animals; to soothe them, and to tame the wild fires that burn within." With that in mind shouldn't taming be less of an ordeal rather than brutallizing an animal repeatedly and bola'ing it before trying to feed it as it thrashes about like an utter jerk. Some hit boxes are worse than others, bears and wolves are annoying but not terribad. But when it comes to the giraffe we could barely ever get to feed it, and i couldnt feed the bull. Is there something I am missing or is it something the whole system of taming is missing?