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  1. Some of you guys should really take a long break from the game like I did. You are just as salty as when I was reading these forums about four months ago. Really, not trying to be mean, but I think a good month or two break from here would help you a lot. I too was getting saltier and saltier, a break was very nice. As someone else said, the "New Map" is probably just the current one with many less grids, as the number they have now in no way matches the number of players on the official maps. Surprising they haven't done this sooner. Of course to reduce it, they would have to move many of the islands into the grids that are left. At the same time, someone who is not currently playing the game and has a bit of optimism left, and not all hope sucked dry, might hope that a few new grids will be added. Possibly some from a few of the great modders out there that have created content for this game. Also a few other small changes thrown in there to make PvE and PvP work on a single map. But to be honest, when I say try it out, I mean most likely on a private server that incorporates some of the changes. I stopped playing on the official servers over a year ago.
  2. I also have been playing Last Oasis. That game also has a long way to go. I just stopped playing it when the ARK Crystal Isles was released as a DLC. That will probably keep my interest until the New Map just announced for Atlas comes out. I will probably be back to Atlas at that point to try it out.
  3. Sounds cool. Just when I'd about given up on this game. I stopped playing about three months ago. I'll be back when this update comes out or soon after to try it out.
  4. I would. From someone who works in the software biz (I test software), I know that if there are 20 people working on a project like Atlas, maybe 2 of them are making all the important design and scheduling decisions. The rest are just working on stuff assigned to them. The typical dev doesn't make any of the decisions that most people here are so upset about. It is irrational to take this out on them. I am also worried this ship is sinking, but I'm not going to boycott some other game just because one of the former Atlas devs now works there.
  5. As a user, I've seen quite a few unofficial servers where you can't level beyond 300. So that must be a cap, but I know you can increase it. On another server I hit the health cap at about 1200 health and it won't level up beyond that.
  6. Pretty scary stuff. I think the lesson from that video is that that is what happens when a country's health care system becomes so overwhelmed, that it can't respond effectively. We all need to do our part and practice social distancing so we don't end up like the people in the video. Very sad what is happening in Italy. I think that country is one of the worst if not the worst affected by this. I personally am working at home. I'm washing my hands a lot. I hope everyone does their part and by working together we can get through this.
  7. Sorry to hear your experience with the game has not been good. I don't play single player, so really can't comment on it much. I've read a few posts like yours where people have had a bad experience with it. Others say it is great. Don't really know what to think of that. The one comment I have, is if your PC is not about 4x as good as the minimum system requirements shown on the Steam page for Atlas, this can have a huge affect on your experience of the game. Consider that when you play single player your PC is hosting both the server and client for the game, but when you play online, it is just running the client. That is where I play (online) with a really good PC and the game is very playable and fun like that. I also use mods that improve certain aspects of the game that I find lacking or annoying. I'm guessing how I play the game is very different than how you have been playing it. I would recommend the game, but only for certain types of game play. The game is very configurable and has like six different modes of play. Pretty safe to say, the experience of each player is pretty unique for how and where they play.
  8. I'm working from home today. I get about the same amount of work done at home as at work. Just got setup recently, but I've worked at home years ago, so understand how to do it and have a good setup for the most part. Biggest problems I've encountered so far come from our tiny IT department (small company) not having everything setup too well.
  9. Yup, you can replace tames too. Basic how to here: https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Console_commands A lot of wiki pages have a Cheat Codes section. It tells you the command to cheat in something. I've done this more in ARK than in Atlas. Honestly don't play single player and it happens but not that often in the online version of the game. Also there is at least one guide, puts everything you need in one spot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1621317223 Google is your friend here. There is also a command to force tame in ARK, pretty sure that same command works in Atlas. Most stuff works the same in Atlas as it does in ARK, you I often Google how to do it in ARK if I can't find it in Atlas.
  10. Right, what Doc said. You pretty much lost everything, so no big deal to just suicide and spawn in at a freeport and make a new sloop and if you want, sail to where you were stranded and pickup the few items you left there. I have never actually had what you are describing happen to me, I just won't play on servers where an admin allows what you are seeing happen.
  11. You do know you can cheat back in all the stuff to make another galleon, right? Sounds like you are using vanilla settings in single player no mods. Atlas has pulled shit like this on me too. So instead of just quitting, since I do like the game except for when stuff like what happened to you occurs. I just make myself a simple rule. Any stuff that Atlas cheated me out of, I can replace with the cheat commands. I don't do it for just anything, just stuff lost to bugs. That includes game crashes. I did this when I played single player. Currently I play on unofficials. There I just don't join any servers that either will replace stuff lost to bugs or have so high of rates that it doesn't take all that long to replace sfuff. Also I just don't make galleons, I prefer the Schooner or Brigitine. Takes less time and with the modded servers I play on, they are plenty good enough for even making nearly an entire base. I do use mods. Mods can remove all of the unpleasant aspects of the game that you might not like. Number one for me is the food system. Number too is how crappy the ships are for a game all about ships. I only sail modded ships.
  12. Took me getting killed a few times while riding a bear to realize that they can actually hit you when you are on the bear if they get too close. If they hit you a few times it kills you, so you don't even need to get knocked off the bear to get killed. If you use a bear, keep just close enough to hit them, but not so close they can hit you. If you do it just right, they won't even hit the bear.
  13. This just started happening to me today. I just get off the bear and it flips over. I then just get back on. I just have a regular saddle on mine though.
  14. Well I also work in Kirkland. I know that game development is exactly one of those jobs you can telecommute to, so I don't think these devs will miss much work. Washington state is now limiting all gatherings to 50 or less people. I think restaurants are going to be closed starting Monday. Who knows what will happen next.
  15. According to this map: I've been to the island shown in C6, it looks exactly like the power stone cave he went to. Look for that lagoon on that island, maybe it is there (I've never tried to do it).
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