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  1. wildbill

    Treasure map crashing

    I haven't personally tested whether they work, but in the patch notes from about a week ago, it says they fixed the crash with treasure maps.
  2. wildbill

    question about bears

    Are you both using Nature's Cry at the same skill level? That is the only thing I can think of that makes a bear do twice as much damage when it has the about the same amount of melee.
  3. I'm really getting the hang of the sunken treasure. There are just a few types, but still a little bit of a challenge to figure out which and get the gold quickly all the time wondering if the ship will still be there when you get to the surface or some SotD will be trying to sink it (hasn't happened to me yet). The biggest challenge is for me to remember to put my monkey down first I lost like three monkeys and one parrot. I then leveled oxygen on my monkey and he actually survived getting the treasure once
  4. wildbill

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Not sure if you've played an Early Access game, but that is kind of what it is all about. Adding features, not fixing bugs. If you don't like to play a game with so many bugs, pick one not in Early Access. They do fix some, and this latest patch had some bug fixes, but that is not the main focus.
  5. wildbill

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Before Atlas was released, watching the trailer, it did appear that maybe factions would be a thing. We saw what looked like some official type army, like possibly the British army and then pirates. If they had created a faction system around at least those two, that would have been cool. I can see now that would be way too ambitious, so instead they just used the existing system of tribes (called companies) for Atlas. We may still get it some day, hard to know.
  6. I too have been trying to make sense of the latest patch. In one way though, it did seem to be part of the road map. They are planning changes to move people to spend more time at sea. Since the treasure maps are so messed up, I've been doing more of the sunken treasure chests, so have been spending more time at sea.
  7. wildbill

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    I don't think I've gotten more than one actual item at a time.
  8. wildbill

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Ya, pretty cool. I've gotten a few of these items already, some of them are good, but like all random loot, you will get duplicates and I've gotten those too. I now need to figure out where to put all these extra items I'm so glad to see the thatch removed from the loot tables. I can't think of anyone that wanted those.
  9. wildbill

    New player help

    Or you could choose not to play on official servers where all the trolls live
  10. wildbill

    Ship wrecks buried under sea floor, can't get treasure

    I saw this on one unofficial server I played on. About the percentage the OP saw. On another server, I've yet to find even one. My theory on this is that the number bugged this way is actually really low, maybe 5%. What you are seeing is that someone is getting to all the sunken treasure chests before you and getting all the ones not bugged. They leave very few, most of which are bugged and you are seeing those. Most unofficial servers reboot every night, which I think resets all the loot like this, so I seldom see it, but the official servers do not reboot so the problem is much worse there.
  11. wildbill

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Would be nice to have a bit of an explanation of some of the changes made. I looked at what they did to the loot and I think it is an improvement, but without knowing what the loot tables are in total, not 100% sure: They removed from treasure chests: Stone Pick, Torch, Scissors, Tier 2 Saddle, Tier 2 Saddle Carriage, Tier 2 Cargo Saddle, Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, Stone Pick, Stone Hatchet, Throwing Knife. All crap stuff, except maybe the saddles and fishing rod, but that added some good stuff: Medium Wood Plank, Medium Wood Gunport, Cannon, Medium Wood Deck. From floatsam and sunken treasure chests they removed the thatch building pieces that no one wants and added some ship pieces that people do want. The items added to the sunken treasure chests: Medium Wood Deck, Large Wood Deck, Medium Wood Gunport, Large Wood Gunport, Cannon, Large Cannon, Puckle, Catapult, Dinghy Ship Hangar, Ship Resources Box, Food Larder, Diving Attachment, Ship Cargo Rack. They removed some items from SotD Schooner, but most were added to the sunken treasure chests except: Small Wood Deck, Small Wood Plank, Ship Ammunition Container, Puckle Bullet, Boulder. Similar to the other SotD. They added the wood ceiling, which maybe you could only get from sunken treasure chest before? This just looks like they balanced stuff a bit. They want you doing more sunken treasure chests, and a bit less SotD maybe?
  12. wildbill

    Treasure Map Crash

    Did you test this out? The patch today is supposed to fix this.
  13. wildbill

    Taming Pen and changes to Taming

    There is one dedicated taming structure, that is the cage. It can be used for stuff as large as a horse. Now if they just had another size that was bigger that worked for everything else, even an elephant, we would be good.
  14. wildbill

    pve Bounty's Bastards (3x6)

    A link that works?
  15. Where is this server located? I'm curious about rates and mods installed too.