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  1. wildbill

    Bear Flew up into the sky and is now gone.

    BTW, this is not the only way to load a tame. Honestly, until they fix this, they should disable that "move to ship" menu item. Just get on the ship, whistle follow (T) and the tame will follow you onto the ship. You need to move back away, it will follow you on, same as an NPC. You can then ride it and move it to where you want it. Take if off follow of course when it is in position (whistle Y, to stop following).
  2. LOL, yes, tames can man the guns. What is an NPC, if not something you command, just like a tame. I've written a few mods, an NPC has most of the same code as a tame, the real difference is one looks like an animal, the other like a human. So ya, they could code the monkeys to man the guns, but that would really look funny And why that heck would you have tames in a game that can gather resources if you can gather them by hand faster? Only if you are some sadistic practical joker. The game would not retain players more than a week or two. Just leave out tames altogether if that is the plan. The real problem here is a kind of bait and switch. You think you will get a tame that is useful, you go through hours of hard work to get it, and then you find it was really a waste of your time. Either it is barely better, has almost no purpose (like what is a rabbit for, or a bull?). Or it gets killed when it flys off your boat while loading it or just sailing your ship and is killed. Maybe I'm missing something here. Some people like to just collect tames, I like to actually use them for something useful.
  3. wildbill

    this is not ark

    I would guess many of the Atlas players are former ARK players, I am. I think Atlas is not doing as good as it could (I don't like the word failing, hell, it just was released), is that it needs to be more focused. If you are going to have a feature, it needs to be a good feature and work correctly. Tames are in the game, doesn't seem like they are going anywhere, so they should work correctly. If you have a tame that is the best thatch harvester, it needs to be better than a person with a pick, and the giraffe just isn't worth all the trouble you go to get one. The bear is one of the few that pays off. Anyone that needs to collect 30, 000 fiber to make some ships is going to want a bear, they are not going to want to do that with a sickle, and that tame makes total sense. If the bear was worse at getting fiber and it was the best tame at the job, that would drive people to quit the game. That would be just stupid to have a tame that gathers fiber, but takes longer than you can do it by hand. People are going to use the tames that give them an advantage, but then they have all kinds of bugs that keep killing their tames. That is the sort of thing that makes people quit, not that the would rather play ARK. It is that they can have tames in ARK and they don't all end up dead to a cobra that attacks right through walls or spawns right inside the base.
  4. wildbill

    this is not ark

    LOL. This actually made me laugh. Every unofficial server I've ever tried (although I admit I don't usually pick them at random), does not nerf tames, they boost them. Usually weight and health, sometimes attack also. You level them about 10 times, they are pretty OP, that is standard. Sure, you can make your own server, and nerf them all. You should do that as an experiment and see how many people you can get to play it. Solo players tend to play the unofficials, so they want stuff boosted, since they are not playing in a group of 5 or more players, they need stuff boosted by about 5x, which is probably the average boost you find.
  5. wildbill

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    Yup, my skills are not great, which is why I bring the bear on treasure hunts and skip all the ones it can't reach. This game isn't just for the hard core elite gamers, us casual players like it too. Looks a lot like Grapeshot Games is also realizing that you can't make a game that just appeals to the hard core gamer.
  6. What is upperking's problem. All I see above is a white box? I don't see any text.
  7. wildbill

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    Yes about the crew member. I think they will add more functionality to it, and it will be a welcome addition to the game. In other similar games, the bear has never been top tier. Making it that here would just keep it from being used. It only seems like t3 because all the t3 tames are mostly not worth the skill points needed to be able to tame them. Fix all the other tames and the bear will just seem like a normal tame like the rest should be.
  8. wildbill

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    For the bear haters, how about we fix the other tames so they are more useful than bears, and then players will use something other than a bear? This is ARK with ships, tames should be useful. Let's not make this into the Dark and Light DLC that was recently added where they removed all fliers and made the game better played with no tames at all. We all know how successful that was.
  9. wildbill

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    Ya, I don't usually do the maps the bears can't get to. Grenades are more of a middle game item. I'm playing the private servers, many of them don't pan out or get wiped because of some game bug. I only make it to where I'm making grenades on half the servers I'm on. I can do way more treasure maps with a bear and have more fun than the few where I have to climb ups some slope and use a grenade.
  10. wildbill

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    Ok, say you "fix" the bear. You make the bear so it is not good to do treasure hunt, what other tame would you bring? I'm guessing you think no tame should be needed. Way funner to bring a tame, but make that a pain and no fun by "fixing" the bear. It is good for treasure hunts because it is tough and can carry the weight of the gold. Oh, the bear carries so much, lets break that, so now what would we use, nothing? Maybe the horse? The horse steering is so derpy, I prefer the bear and the bear will defend itself and me when I'm out gathering, the horse is not nearly as good at it. So then what would we use for carrying stuff around? The horse is a pain to tame, way easier to tame a bear. Yup, the bear is broke, too easy to tame, lets break that too. Make it like the elephant or giraffe where you get killed about 10 times before you usually find the sweet spot where it doesn't kill you. There, you have "fixed" it. (Like it was ever broke, it just works, so lets break it to be like all the rest of the tames.)
  11. wildbill

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    Wow, we are on a completely different page here. Almost every single tame has problems or the tames in general have problem. No one uses the giraffe, it was supposed to be the thatch gatherer (I think), but was way too much a pain to tame and put in a barn and barely got any thatch. That is broke, it needs to get fixed. The bear is doing exactly what it should be doing and people actually use it because almost no other tame can fill some of the roles it has and you want to break it too? This attitude that everything must barely work or not work and the game must be so hard is part of what they are trying to fix about this game. This very attitude you have about how the bear being liked and used so it must be broke is what is driving players in droves from this game.
  12. wildbill

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    Yes, lots is wrong with the game. At this point they need to start fixing a few of those things and stop removing or nerfing what is not broke. Nothing wrong with the bear, leave it alone. Plenty of stuff wrong. Why pick on something that people use because it works well? The biggest problem with tames is there is no way to keep them safe that really works well. The bear is strong enough it can defend itself and other tames you have, so people sometimes just leave it on the ground next to a building. They may tether it to another tame (on follow) so it doesn't get aggro'd too far away. If you manage to get your tames up and in a safe spot, they tend to just fall through the floor and get stuck in stuff. What a pain.
  13. wildbill

    How to place with RGB arrows?

    The arrows show the center of whatever you are placing. They are useful for stuff that doesn't snap. For instance storage boxes. You can press Q to select alternate snap points, and I think the arrows might change orientation for some of these alternate snap points, but I'm not that picky and really don't care if a wall snaps in or facing out, so never pay attention.
  14. Just like in ARK, they will avoid a wipe as long as possible. The majority of players do not want a wipe. They only do wipes if absolutely necessary, and they will never know that more than a month or two in advance. Hence, why this is such a stupid question to ask. It isn't going to happen until it does. We will hear like two weeks before, not sooner, pointless to ask this.
  15. The instructions on screen say the left Ctrl key toggles camera mode. Seems it is not even a toggle. The right mouse button must be held when you press M. Would be better if you could toggle it on and off when it is active. For instance, press Left Ctrl, you see camera mode. Press Left Ctrl, you see the map, back and forth. I usually accidentally trigger camera mode and then spend 5 minutes trying to figure out how to cancel it. In the past I've logged out and logged back in. This time I figured out what people mean when they say the right mouse button activates it when pressing M.