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  1. Ya, the game is just too hard core for me and my wife. I often play alone and she joins me when she is in the mood, but she also expect that I can stop playing at any time and talk to her a bit. This game just doesn't allow for the fact that we have lives outside the game and might need to stop playing at any moment. You leave your ship for a few minutes, you might come back to yourself floating in the sea. I've moved on, was fun for a few months.
  2. wildbill

    Lost Interest?

    I had fun for a few months. My interest is now in another game. Might be back some day, probably not soon though.
  3. Ya, not good for PvP, but if you like PvE, it can be fun. Will be much better in a week or so when they fix more bugs.
  4. Ya, I'm playing outlaws until Atlas is sorted out. It is very similar to Heat (so I hear, never tried Heat). Of course it is just as buggy as Atlas was one week after release. The player base of Outlaws has yet to completely turn sour on the game, at least not yet
  5. Pretty much everyone? They have been saying for about two weeks that the 20th would just be the test server, not the official wipe. And of course this is a big update (every grid changed and the new underwater content, etc.), so of course it will be delayed.
  6. wildbill

    Empire, Colonies or PVE ?

    Private PvE, and I assume your poll is only for Officials.
  7. wildbill

    Submarine for everyone ?

    Yes. I mostly play PvE on private servers and mostly solo. I will likely never kill the Kraken, but would love to have the sub and so would many other players. I fear this will result in: 1) Private server owners will find a way to sell the sub to their players and it will be a money raiser for them. Good for them but bad for those players that can't afford it, as they will probably charge in the range of 5 - 20 dollars for it. 2) Mods will be made that add it. Mods are cool, but each one needed slows loading the game and can cause unnecessary bugs. Just give us the sub, since we will get it anyway. At a minimum, make an ini setting that allows the sub to be made and also one that allows it to be driven without killing the Kraken.
  8. wildbill

    People left the game ?

    I'm sure on the official servers, people have stopped playing because all their stuff will just be wiped. On private servers, many have also stopped playing, but for a slightly different reason. They don't know if a wipe will be needed or not, so the uncertainty of what is going to happen has made many decide to play other games that don't cause so much anxiety as Atlas.
  9. wildbill

    People left the game ?

    Other games I've played had you spawn at a town (like in this game you spawn at a freeport). At the town there would be a bulletin board that listed places that would take in new players. So I think we will still have freeports, although we are getting a change to allow any grid be a home server. A feature could be added to list islands and their location that are accepting new players. Another possible way to handle this (hopefully all this gets worked out on the test server opening on the 20th) is a color on the map to indicate whether an island has room and is open to new players. So red, full or no building wanted. Yellow possible means ask first. Green, all newcomers welcome, or something like this.
  10. LOL, I can just see the chaos. Oh, we decided not to wipe after all
  11. wildbill

    People left the game ?

    Ha, ha. Yes, the few times I've started a tribe/company was exactly this reason. I didn't want to join another company and some aspect of the game required a team effort, so I created one, even though I don't prefer bing in a company or the company leader. This. If the new system fails, it will be that the landlords will try and own an entire island while having no tenants. There just aren't enough islands for a decent sized population of players to all do that.
  12. wildbill

    Hex claiming system

    I read hex grid, stopped reading. Hex grid has been talked about plenty, but isn't happening. Now if you had something important to say, I'd have lead with something less boring
  13. wildbill

    People left the game ?

    I know that when I read that, and when probably everyone else read it, they envisioned themselves as the landlord, not the tenant. The reality that the majority of players need to be tenants and not landlords is the harsh reality of this game that no one likes.
  14. wildbill

    People left the game ?

    But what exactly is their vision? I read all about this game before it was released. When I played it, it was nothing like that I had read or seen. They showed pictures of players in a busy city (I guess it was a freeport) trading stuff and doing things. The freeports are nothing like that. Instead at first they were a huge lag fest, then they were littered with bodies and the sound of snoring. Then abandoned ships, which now decay. Even the ships going there to try and buy something can decay if left too long. They talked about being a landowner, but that dream was apparently only for the lucky few that got there before you. I thought the game would be about exploring and building ships. Turns out you can't actually just own a ship easily without having a base to dock it at. If you are foolish enough to log out at sea, you are likely to come back to your ship being destroyed by a SotD. I'm still optimistic about the game becoming something amazing, but it is very far from that right now. I'm actually probably going to take a break also like a lot of other people have already done.
  15. wildbill

    Outlaws of the Old West

    I looked at this a bit, on the fence as whether to buy it. Reminds me of Hold Your Own game more than Atlas or ARK. I'm not clear what in it will keep your interest though. After you build a house, tame a horse, maybe make a fence around your base, then what do you do? They have a kind of faction system (they call it roles). You are an outlaw, neutral (stranger), or Law Dog. Looks like they might add more roles, although it isn't real clear at this point what those roles really do when you play the game (I guess it will make sense if I play).