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  1. wildbill

    What is wrong with the game.

    Pretty much what I've been doing. I stopped playing after putting 500 hours into the game, tried a few other games, found one I really like and hope to stick with for a few more months. I check back here once in awhile, I tried out the single player beta recently. I'm still not happy with the current state of the game, so I'll check back again later.
  2. I'd be into slowing it down, but I think you can only slow the hunger down easily with ini settings or options. I don't know of an option to slow down the vitamin drain also. Has that been exposed yet? Or a way to turn it off? If there is a way to turn off vitamin drain, I might play the game single player. I was on a server that slowed down food consumption, but in some ways, that makes it even harder to keep the vitamins up.
  3. Never did I say it wasn't easy, just "tedious and annoying". Sure it is easy. But if the game required you to hop up and down three times every minute or you die, would that be hard to do, or maybe just tedious and annoying? Also I'm not eating poop, that was the first reply to the OP that said that, not me. I'm just not going to play Atlas at all. Also I don't think I'm dramatizing this. I honestly am not going to play Atlas because of this feature (plus a few other things that make this game not fun for me).
  4. I'll start of with the word "gamification" you used earlier. I don't think it means what you think it means: "the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (such as a task) so as to encourage participation". So it is adding fun game like elements to a real life task to make it less tedious and more fun. In this case, a real life aspect has been added to a game to make it more tedious, less fun, and results in discouraging some people from playing the game, which is really the opposite of what gamification means. Yes, I have a problem with a game adding something to make the game more tedious. Because there is really nothing all that challenging about it. Once you figure out how it works, then it is simply a formula of repeating the same actions over and over to maintain the vitamins and food. I think most here agree, the way the food/vitamin system is designed could use improvement. Like how you balance them or how they go up and down differently than the food. Ya, that is just a bit off and slightly annoying. The very fact that the game has a vitamin stat, one that must be constantly monitored and adjusted, I find that tedious and annoying. Not remotely fun after playing the game for months.
  5. I used to agree with you (that it just needs tweaking). After a many month break from the game, I come back and find myself not wanting to deal with this annoying aspect of the game. There are some parts of the game I find fun, but not this. I've been having fun playing other games and I guess I'm going to stick with doing that instead of this game. And yes, all of the games I played when I was taking my "break" were survival games. None had anything that needs as much micromanaging as this.
  6. Ya, I get they are trying to make it more realistic. I've hiked in the wilderness before, never once did I worry if my vitamin balance was correct or die when it wasn't. I've been around a bit, and never died from heat stroke either in less than 5 minutes time. I really don't think they have achieved anything that feels even remotely realistic, just very annoying. Yes, it is unique (at least for all of the survival games that I've played in the last few years), but not in a good way in my opinion.
  7. wildbill

    Server-Teleport in Singleplayer

    It probably isn't possible in single player and won't be for some time. Remember, in single player, you are not teleporting from one server to another like you do in multiplayer. When you cross the border from one grid to another, you are loading up the map for that new grid into the current and only instance of a server, the one that is running on your PC, not one on a server. So none of the teleport mods will work either.
  8. wildbill

    What is wrong with the game.

    I hate this response. If someone doesn't like the game, he is spoiled. It just comes down to the fact that the OP doesn't find the game enjoyable. All these mechanics you see as a challenge, he finds either annoying or getting in the way of doing things in the game that are actually fun. You know a game should be fun, right?
  9. Wow, even the people who like the food/vitamin system think it needs to be changed. The people that hate it just don't play the game anymore so don't care
  10. I completely agree. I actually went to try the single player version of the game after not playing Atlas for about three months. I only managed to play about an hour before I got disgusted with the game and remembered what made it not enjoyable for me: 1) The micromanaging of the food that is required to play. I looked for a mod, but it seems the few mods that removed this feature are no longer supported. I assume the mod author has stopped playing Atlas like 90% of the other players that had been playing about 4 - 6 months ago. 2) The crazy weather in the game. I was dying shortly after logging into the default location for single player. Took me a few minutes to realize I was too hot from "a heat wave" that was occuring. Why the heck does hot weather in a normal location of the map kill you? Seems reasonable at first, but no other game spawns you into an area that you can't survive in. When I first played the game shortly after it came out, these seemed like challenges that made the game interesting. Now that I've played a few other games and came back to this one, they seem just plain annoying.
  11. Ya, the game is just too hard core for me and my wife. I often play alone and she joins me when she is in the mood, but she also expect that I can stop playing at any time and talk to her a bit. This game just doesn't allow for the fact that we have lives outside the game and might need to stop playing at any moment. You leave your ship for a few minutes, you might come back to yourself floating in the sea. I've moved on, was fun for a few months.
  12. wildbill

    Lost Interest?

    I had fun for a few months. My interest is now in another game. Might be back some day, probably not soon though.
  13. Ya, not good for PvP, but if you like PvE, it can be fun. Will be much better in a week or so when they fix more bugs.
  14. Ya, I'm playing outlaws until Atlas is sorted out. It is very similar to Heat (so I hear, never tried Heat). Of course it is just as buggy as Atlas was one week after release. The player base of Outlaws has yet to completely turn sour on the game, at least not yet
  15. Pretty much everyone? They have been saying for about two weeks that the 20th would just be the test server, not the official wipe. And of course this is a big update (every grid changed and the new underwater content, etc.), so of course it will be delayed.