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  1. wildbill

    House Boat / Real Autopilot

    I definitely like the port part of the idea. We should have some type of travel between ports. Also I agree the travel should be auto piloted. What you call the thing that travels between them, and exactly how it works could be worked out, but it should carry resources like you say, also the player.
  2. wildbill

    Tethering please remove

    On all the other games, like ARK, you run a dedicated server or rent one that is hosted. You have both of those options for Atlas. The problem is, you would need a very large number of servers to duplicate the 225 girds (each is a server). So your choice is run a custom set of maps with a small number of grids or use the Blackwood map. I've seen as many as 49 grids configured for a private server. I've also played where they had just four. The Blackwood map is maybe the size of 3 grids. On all other games, like ARK, the non-dedicated sucks the same way that you've seen it suck for Atlas. The PvE online that you've tried is the official servers. There are plenty of private servers, have you tried one of those?
  3. wildbill

    Tethering please remove

    The gave us the Blackwood map. You can rent a dedicated server and play with up to 10 players easily on that map. Now it has a few bugs, but most can be worked around. The non-dedicated mode is for you to play "together" with a few people. By together, I mean in the same location, in the same tribe, in the same ship. Any other use just isn't going to work. There is is no way they can remove the tether, this thing is running on your PC with you playing the game also. It is not a full up server like you need with 10 players.
  4. wildbill

    cat respawn loc

    My game crashed when I was sailing and I had a monkey on my shoulder (I assume the cat was on your shoulder). When I logged back in, the monkey was just floating in the air. At first I didn't notice and moved the ship. It remained floating. A tiger on shore then saw the monkey and swam out to try and kill it but couldn't reach it. Hilarious I circled back and got the monkey. Normally anything on your ship does not get attacked by stuff on the shore, but apparently a tame floating in the air (or I suppose in the water) seems to not count. So my guess is you cat was eaten. I would think you tribe log should show that.
  5. When people say split screen, they mean XBox, right? I can play non-dedicated with my wife, but we both have our own PC for that.
  6. wildbill

    cat respawn loc

    On the Blackwood map they spawn at the farm on the freeport Island. Wiki says they are found at all freeports. Seems they are good to use to catch fish. I might want to try and tame one
  7. Ya, got to wonder how many people are playing just because they have so much invested in the game and are waiting to see how it ends up. Me, I keep coming back every few months to check on the progress. I don't have the patience to actually play the game, but I'll be playing it once in awhile and reading the forums occasionally. I've put in 600 hours on the game, now I want to see how it turns out
  8. wildbill

    When your ship sink....

    I have to agree, this game is short on the rewards and heavy on the losses. I'm now only playing single player and if I do lose something to the game, I'll just use an admin command to restore it. No more playing on servers for me until this game gets out of Early Access. The game is just too hard core for my tastes. I also can set the rates so that making a brig is just an hour or two, not a two day grind. That feels about right to me. BTW, from what I've heard, the bug with the climbing picks has been fixed. The ship grounding should not cause a ship to sink in my opinion. I can see it doing some damage, letting some water in, but there should be a method to unground the ship and get it afloat again. There are just so many ways you can lose your ship, why should hitting the bottom also be one of them? Ships have hit the bottom since they were invented. Most times they just bounce off and take some damage, but can be repaired. They don't usually sink because of it.
  9. wildbill

    Bear Says "NOPE"

    When was the last time you tried loading with the menu? Yes, this was a glitch when I played 10 months ago. Someone told me this is now fixed and I've been using it. The only problem I've seen so far, is one time the tame loaded under the deck, but then I put it on follow and it popped out. The get on board menu works differently now. It will gray out the option if there is going to be a problem loading. Before it would just load anyway and that is when you would lose your tame. So have you lost a tame to this recently? I just started playing again a few weeks ago, so don't have a lot of experience with it. Now it might just be easier to have the tame follow, since it sometimes takes several tries to position a tame before it will load onto the ship.
  10. wildbill

    When your ship sink....

    LOL. That animation of a ship sinking cracks me up (as long as it isn't my ship sinking) We have all been there, done that. Why the heck a shipyard can be placed in shallow water is beyond me as being a game mechanic that is allowed. I now place and then quickly swim the length of the shipyard and pick it back up if I at all see any chance of it not being placed deep enough. Would be nice if it would just not place or if there were some kind of indicators as to what depth is needed. As it is, you just have to make a guess and hope you are right.
  11. wildbill

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Just built a schooner. I put everything on it that would fit easily. Loading an elephant, some supplies. It was about half the weight (this is a modded ship, so would be more for a regular). I went out and collected a few resources. Adding just 1k more weight noticeably slowed the ship. Ya, you really can't use a schooner as a base because it just slows down if you add anything more to it when you are out exploring. I love the schooner for treasure hunting though, since it can get into all the harbors and most shallow areas. The Brig can't do that. Also Atlas is not just an mmo. The official servers are what some would describe as an mmo, but not like most, but the game also has other modes you can play it in. I can play single player. If I want someone to join me on an adventure in my single player, I can launch it as non-dedicated. I personally only play the single player mode and think it is an important addition to the game. Until the game is out of Early Access, it is the only way I'll be playing. I'm waiting to see if the game becomes something I'd play on a server (my preferred way to play games). If it never meets my expectations, I'll never play anything but single player from now on. If Atlas is ever changed to be more like a typical mmo (player is not in game when you are offline, etc.), I'd play the mmo version. Right now, I don't consider Atlas to be an mmo, more like they found a clever way to extend a low population server game to have many more players, but in the process did not add any of the typical mmo features.
  12. wildbill

    State of Blackwood DLC Questions

    Are you playing on Blackwood single player? Every youtube video I've seen where they play single player it crashes. Happens every time to me. I've seen lots of posts about it too. You are the first to say it isn't crashing. Many people use the Blackwood map for single player play, because it is big enough to get the flavor of Atlas, but not the huge over 100 grid server that takes up so much time traveling all over those maps all by yourself. People also use it for non-dedicated, since you can do that when you don't have to travel across grid borders. I have not tried non-dedicate yet, possibly other maps would work with it, not sure, but Blackwood should be a good choice. I didn't mention single player, I just assumed if someone is playing Blackwood, they are playing single player.
  13. wildbill

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I'm salty too. I stuck with the game for maybe six months. Got tired of my wife complaining about the boring sea trips just to kill a few army of the dead for treasure maps. She loves to kill stuff, but there just isn't enough killing in this game to keep her happy When I did play with my wife, she would play with me maybe 1/4 of the time. I would tame up some bears. Make a good schooner or brig, collect a bunch of treasure maps and we would go out killing and collecting the treasure. This was about a year ago. Back then, the game was half fun, half frustration. If she logged out on the ship, sometimes I'd run into problems with that. We lost tames when loading onto ships (this is now fixed thankfully). We would find treasure, but find we couldn't get to it with our bears. My wife hates dying, so we would skip those maps. Occasionally an alpha would kill us. Then a server would shut down when everyone got bored with the game (we played the unofficial so the grind was less). Just seemed like there were better games for her to just be killing stuff
  14. wildbill

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    I tried fishing at the freeport, got no bites. Instead I installed the rations mod. No worries now. I eventually found the small pond with fish in it on the freeport island. Also when visiting one of the snow islands, I dived in the water from my ship to go ashore and saw a few tuna. So other islands do have fish in the ocean.
  15. wildbill

    State of Blackwood DLC Questions

    I've only played Blackwood about 10 hours and haven't played Atlas on a server in over half a year. There are SoTD, but I've yet to see more than one in one area. Not the groups like other maps, and I think not that many. There are Treasure maps, you can look at them and try and guess which island they are for (there are I think 8 islands, so not too hard), but do not select them in your hotbar, this will crash the game. If you are playing single player, this will cause a rollback. I've had like 5 minute and just like 1 minute rollbacks so far. It is very easy to accidentally hit a hotbar key even when you know this will crash the game. Takes some practice to not do that, so this one bug sucks pretty big. I did manage to find a lot of treasure though, so not too big of a deal breaker. I have not seen much sea life, but I tend not to go in the sea. The freeport island only had fish in a few ponds. I use a mod for food, so the difficulty in finding fish is not a big deal for me. Shouldn't be for you, you are bound to get eaten by a tiger at first, this will balance your vitamins You didn't ask about sunken ships. It has those, although I've never done one. Maybe I will try it when I have a submarine or Brig. Right now I have just the schooner.