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  1. Well getting alone is easy with this game the way it's turning out
  2. Well I would love this but that's not Going to happen lol
  3. My company lives in tundra because all other land was claimed, it was our only option at the time. Yes we trade for sap currently but the amount needed to just build is retarded atm.
  4. Please God, the QoL in these area's are already bad. Or at least allow me to grow a tree that produces sap or something.
  5. yea i sailed 4 hours to a confirmed fountain spot, just to find out it was bugged and/or moved, FOUR FUCKING HOURS IRL.
  6. i'd like to watch the dev stream.. anyone have a link?
  7. Well, Atlas and it's sun are actually circling a black hole. time dilation and all that.
  8. just sailed for 4 hours to get to the Fountain of Youth, got kicked out to another zone turned back around and constant lost connection message. finally got back in though
  9. lol yea i'm sure that was alot of work =p
  10. oh awesome thank you i figured it was weird lol
  11. well i get what your saying, i don't condone the idea. these patches need to be tested.
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