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  1. A Suggestion regarding building ships that would create much depth without too much effort would be: Variants for each type of ships with different ammount of planks/decks as findable blueprints only either by hunting sotd squads or treasure hunting. Each Blueprint allows you to build the Ship one Time only. Examples: Schooner with less depth to sail into shallow water (maybe with less gunports) Brig/schooner with an adittional Gunport/plank slot (so a longer variant) Brigs/Schooner with a Captains Deck (additional Deck for captains cabins maybe combined with windows out the back) Brigs with additional Bow Deck Brigs/Schoner/Galleons with Aft and/or Bowchaser Gunports Sloops with an adittional Plank (longer variant) Sloop with wider and/or deeper hull to walk below deck) This would do two things: You are able to customize ships more and you have additional motivation to go out and find stuff. (in my opinion bettter than chasing quality shipyards to build stronger ships)
  2. def good to know i just hope they make it a less clunky and reliable
  3. the bClampHomeServerXP=False to disable the lvl cap on freeport regions
  4. there is a mod called battlestations (have not tested it myselve) maybe that can be added into the core game
  5. i forgot about the ini setting there yes but being able to turn it of in the ui or having it off per default would be better yea creating a company would definitive help as well
  6. I thought it would be a good idea to start with a singleplayer threat. the few things that i would like to see in single player: 1. Option to select your home server like you do in multiplayer 2. option to enable claim flags in the UI (i know it is functionally not needed but keeps it consistent compared to Multiplayer) 3. A dedicated Single player map where every island only occurs once in the map and freeport server don't have 4 times the same island 4. removing the leveling restrictions of freeport server EDIT: EDIT: 5. reduce Ship of the damned squad size slightly Feel free to add your own suggestions
  7. Docile Animals overall have docile animals that are there mostly for providing food easier breed while tamed. Chicken Breeding/ egg laying: Have structures for chicken to breed and lay eggs into, if a box is present the chicken try to lay there eggs into the boxes and depending on the type of box either breed fertilized eggs or lay them into a storage box: Breeding Box for chicken to breed eggs raise and feed children (as long a filled feeding trough is available), if a box is nearby they automatically try to inhabit it to raise the children. (usage culling for meat and eggs) Egg Box for chicken to lay there eggs into and collect it automatically into its inventory Rabbit generally the same as for chicken: Breeding: Breeding Box to automatically raise and feed children as long as a feeding through is filled with vegetables, when gestating rabbids are near a breading box they try to inhabit it to raise there children automatically (usage: culling for meat) Cow Breeding: breeding stable to put in gestating cows in where it will raise the calfes on their own. cows have to be put in the stable manually Sheep Breeding: breeding stable to put in gestating sheep to raise children on their own. again for meat and wool to gather Wild Animals Bear´╗┐ Nerf Stick: Bears at the moment feel too strong and versatile, they are good combat mounts, gatherer are pretty fast and carry a lot Reduce the top speed to be below a wolf/lion/tiger but still faster or equal to than a human players Behaviour: Terretorial behaviour: make bears behaviour more defensive against players, so when a player comes within maybe half the aggro range the bear grunts and stands on two legs allerting the player that he is in potential danger, and attack the players either when they move in closer after the warning or attacks the bear. Wolf Buff Stick: I dont want to see the wolves back to their "former glory" but i think at the moment they are a bit to weak: Wolf Pack passive: when wolves are in a pack of at least 3 or more they all get a defensive bonus and take less damage. so attacking a pack is more dangerous Behaviour: Terretorial behaviour: Similar to the Bear behaviour: defensive against players, so when a player comes within maybe half the aggro range the wolves howl and grnarl allerting the player that he is in potential danger, and attack the players either when they move in closer by a considrable ammount after the warning or attacks the one wolf nearby. Aggresive againts docile animal: the wolves attack pigs, horses, cows and smaller pray (chicken, rabbids, etc.) with the normal aggro range Giant Pig Behaviour: Terretorial behaviour: Pigs to have a verry small warning range meaning you need to get really close before they start grunting and turning towards and have a chance to run away. Lions Buff Stick: Lions are not very good player mounts at the moment for my taste they can't carry enought to compensate for their speed and the tier 3 requirement always makes me feel like its not worth it and id rather take out a bear for every part i would take out a lion Add grapple skill for tamed lions to pin down small and medium creatures increase weight to mach the average of human carry weight cap maybe reduce requirement for tier 3 riding to tier 2 equal to wolves and bears Elephant: Only thing to say for the elephant is: Gates that are just high and broad enough to fit a elephant
  8. i don*t see it as a huge problem to just make a new mesh for 45 degree angled walls and it fits with the generell idea that wall, floor and ceiling costs are equal no matter what shape walls can be streached as well for 45 degree angles since its already contextual for the ships its no real difference
  9. I would like to see claim flag savety timer reduced per flag placed, we have a single player with 49 claim flags and all he has to to is to run arround the island every 19+ days wich is absurd additionally i would love to see a adittional reduction of the savety period if you tax more than 15 % so people who want to profit from having a lot of claims to tax resources have to commit to it.
  10. Sail Layout for Weight and handling sail: instead of having the same cone (just bigger) as speed sails i would love to see two cones on the sides for both sides and realistic turning angles for handling and weight sails
  11. i also thought of having different designs of the base ship class, that you can maybe get from sotd shipswrecks or so, with different deck layout more/less planks on one deck to fit for different playstyles
  12. Edit: TLDR: make survival intresting less frequent/grindy and don't let Death be the answer to "survival" problems I would suggest to have the depth to survival to keep it interesting, but reduce the frequency on which we have to take care of stuff. so for example: reduce the vitamin depletion, rework the debuffs so they don't kill anymore but rather give each a stat debuff and keep debuffs through deaths so you can't chese it by simply killing your character. Similar with hunger and food: reduce depletion rates damage player slower but keep hunger and food rates throughout death
  13. they should just reduce the savety period by a fixed amount for each flag put on land, meaning if you have not the manpower and means to contest your flags you should not have it. this will at least reduce the number of small companies claiming the whole island to just leech from everybody, because they don't only need to run arround the island once every 3 days but have to be actively involved in defending it
  14. I feel instead of having the fountain at fixed location every character should go through a treasure hunt on a random nearby island. that changes every time the character finds it. and vary the stuff the character has to do to get to it: tresure Hunt Sod Sinking Puzzle solving so the hunting is more intresting and can be done everytime the character is online, and you don't have to plan when to go to the fountain also no server overload since the fountain you have to go to only is for you specifically and can be everywhere on a grid "nearby" Edit: and let other players that where there for the hunt use the fountain as well if they want so crews don't have to make 5 tresure hunts in a row just to get all 90 year old young again
  15. south side just look for where the most ships are parked you will not miss the bay
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