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  1. Every time we repair new ones break.... https://gyazo.com/52eb714bbb25210b3b3d18701cdd4a51
  2. @Jatheish @Dollie This issue is still happening are you guys looking into it? https://gyazo.com/e3f84d17b12d566239da73f035ee2bd6
  3. we canceled due to the wipe. i will do more in the future
  4. do all of you have all the points for proficiency?
  5. If you miss a feeding and the text goes red the taming drops.. But its completely possible i have a max tame ele.
  6. The lawless has not changed... This was the problem we had in OLD PVE.. 1 person taking a massive part of lawless for themselves. Others left with out a place to build on LAwless... HOWEVER before they couldn't claim a place to build due to the claim system... NOW you can build on ANY island... And after 24 hours NOONE can do shit to you... Cant delete you home. Cant block you in. Cant tell you want to do.. and most island owners are BEGGING people to come live on their island. AND NOW.. your not even Taxed!!
  7. THis issue has not been Corrected we are still having this problem post patch All Wood Tiles broke with in the last 5 hours of post. The ones missing were in the last hour from this post https://gyazo.com/228bc97042afbd630b5bbdeb281d1295
  8. I have no problem with you living on a lawless... Untill you spam like this.. Stopping others from living there just so you can claim to own a free island.... Law less have always been ment to be a staging point to move out and find another island.. However they have turned in to a squatters paradise. Even now you can go live on an island you pay no taxes, After 24 hours noone can delete you home/base No one will mess with you. But no they move to lawless block off 1/2 an island with spamming and say im king of this island while other peopel have to work to keep an island.
  9. You do not pay taxes anymore... You do not live in fear that your building will be destroyed after 24 hours. Yes They need to add what they said they would add @Jatheish No Repair High Damage over time on LAWLESS. However... They seem to tell us alot of things then do none of them.
  10. Well... Its desert.. It could have been a Bug from the begining... Why would a barrel fill up over time when theres no rain?
  11. You no longer pay any taxes on PVE.. They changed it so the tax rate is added in not taken from the player
  12. NOthing Wrong with the current system expect every one wants to be a chief.... Well Too Bad.. I like this system now. No 1 person is claiming a massive area. YOu need a group to claim a big island. Taxes no longer affect the player. There are plenty of islands you can build on that welcome you as long as your not a jerk and try to grief. After 24 hours your house cant be removed and your good to live there forever.
  13. You pay NOTHING in taxes on PVE - Max Tax rate on PvE set to 20%, and is only additive on PvE (doesn't reduce the taxee's resources) But no i would NOT agree its two early for a 2X weekend
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