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  1. wandelaar

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    In short, I like the sailing speed as is, for almost everything but the longer journeys. 1. The suggestions to have jet streams like the RL golf stream is excellent. It should add enough speed to make the detour worthwhile. It should also make any type of encounter or interaction virtually impossible. It could be further enhanced by a tacking mode that could be called 'sleek' ... extra speed at the price of some extra decay? Also, maybe NOT allow fast travel to and from a ship on a jetstream or one that is in a cooldown after coming out of it. 2. The wind used to be predictable when you went from one quadrant to the next. That consistency might or might not be gone, but it was essential to the immersion and vital to planning. The same is true for timeofday. 3. As a crewmember the longer voyages are an opportunity to converse more, but honestly most of the time we hopped over to the galleon when needed and kept doing usefull stuff until the time was right. A two man crew while travelling was sufficient for every situation. Making the travel time more interesting for a passenger would require an actual mini-game (not the micro-game that only irritates). Fishing was a good attempt. The dancing-and-singing offers another opportunity but only for those that have invested in that branch. Map studies, course plotting or journal interactions would all be thematicly correct. Doing something with the NPCs might be the more interesting option: why not have boxing matches or throw darts or play cards ... and when I say 'or' I mean 'and'. Once we get 'mating' in game this whole matter might become obsolete but let's assume it will be as uninteresting as the animal mating. You could still make it a requirement to create offspring while sailing. (That would not make sense to me but it would be one more reason to sail.) 4. The fog on sea is rubbish. In RL it does not happen. The visual effect like the cold front happens, but fog reaquires windstill conditions. Anyway it sucks to have to stop so often. If you want to keep that, please introduce a form of radar as a skill. For landmasses the sextant buff provides the equivalent of radar in foggy wheather, but for other ships we are blind. 5. Please add the danger of having too much sail with respect to the amount of wind. Let us capsize. Let us break masts or tear sails. Give us another reason to invest in better masts. 6. Please implement the 'deliver to location X' solution in Atlas that Ark Extinction added with similar obstacles and vulnerabilities. It would be different than in Ark as we would have to calculate when the packages would fall down to the ground and plan for it. Also there might be extra skills involved in being able to send and being able to track and being able to spy/spot/shoot down? 7. It's also a fantasy game. I (reluctantly) accept we can sail backwards and make way straight into the wind (by imagening we have motors). So why not go one step further and allow a magic caster to create a bubble around a ship that lets it sail under an other-worldly wind (like the SoTD do). It could be a singular cast, not impacting combat only longer trajectories. 8. Give us competences that can ONLY be achieved through sailing. Make it worthwhile to be an experienced sailor both on and off the ship.
  2. wandelaar

    The Danger Zone

    @REALIST At the very least it is odd to see so much opining being done by someone who does not play the game, has never played the game and has no intention of ever playing the game. Combine this with the actual content of all of your message and we get an influencer who on the surface is calm, reasonable, respectfull, considerate ... until you read between the lines. You are seemingly upfront about not being involved, yet you keep involving yourself. Why is that?
  3. wandelaar

    A modest proposal regarding the land claim system

    Basically a good idea. Let's extend it a bit. It is feasible to calculate in the background how 'spammy' a company is on any given island at any given time. [spammy = % of own structures on the island probably spam] And if a company X has been > 50% spammy on island Y AND the owner of island Y would flag them as 'spammers' then a GM can safely approve the assessment and let them go *POOF* on that island. If they are 83% spammy the decision is a no brainer for the GM. If they are 28% it might not be obvious, but is also relativelky less of an issue. Etc. Prioritisation for the GM is possible. Persistence over time is important here! Invisible reputation is important here ... all builders should be aware of these calculations and be on guard to stay clear of 'too much spamming' because they don't want to be flagged as a spammer. Decision enabling for the GM. Control for owner. Reasonable safety for tennants and campers. [camper = temporary visitor with temporary structure for a temporary situation] A camper is likely to be flagged a spammer depending on what they build for the night (or the tame) after a while if they don't clean up, but that's ok for both parties. Best work with categories for this so that a change of 80% spammy to 79% spammy does not affect the assessemnt that Z is a true spammer on that island.
  4. wandelaar

    ETA - On the ability to rename Ship?

    We have been able to rename our ships just fine since a while now. The option is in the radial menu.
  5. <quote src=""patchnotes.210.2"> - Settlement Owners can place down multiple banks on their island, so settlers can supply it to help upkeep with gold </quote> 1. I'm curious, on PvP, can you crrently run around on your island with a hammer and repair your stuff using resources directly from the bank? If the answer is YES, nr. 2 is not important. 2. In case actual decay (health going down over time) of land structures ever becomes a thing and the bank takes care of that using not only gold but actual resources, will tennants be allowed to throw resources in the bank (following todays change that they are allowed to throw gold in)? Cause, if they will be able to, then the bank owner surely should be able to. And since we now can have multiple banks on an island it would provide easy distributed access to those resources. In PvE nr. 2 will give us convenience without loss of gameplay, but in case nr. 1 is answered with NO, the nr. 2. changes the game in PvP.
  6. wandelaar

    Why aren't Leaks on the Log?

    WIth "docked" he probably meant laying for anchor, in which case there are a few stories about similar cases. Him being there is irrelevant to the use case, but it is relevant to the truth (from a witness PoV). Martyn, you have made statements in this thread about planks and then corrected yourself and said it was about whole ships. Those are very different use cases. I'm not sure how you will respond, but I am willing to at least try and ask you to take a bit more responsibility for your fact statements. You can still go wild with your opinion statements . respectfully
  7. wandelaar

    Saving ships?

    Quickly solutionising: it doens't need to be very responsive, so it could be solved by keeping the actual the ship in the 256th and have different rules applied to server transfer. Hence it would hardly impact the current code base as most mechanics would remain the same. As for performance impact ... the grid 256 would be severely impacted if it ever had to render anything, but it never will and the databse redistribution would be impacted at a certain point months? years? away unless too large a number of players uses this storage system at the same time.
  8. wandelaar

    All company anchored ships gone

    There is the general assumption it is 21 days for ships anchored in your territory, but there are plenty of recent -let's call them bug- reports that the ships went poof sooner. The number of days of *unuse* reported before this form of ship removql occurs is also not allways the same, so I would assume there is more than one bug at play with the decay system.
  9. wandelaar

    Skill Requirements

    @seruum I like this idea very much. If my skill with firearms is basic, no matter what firearm I use reflects my skill. If my skill is advanced, I truly benefit from using a better gun up to my own skill level, while still just getting common gun behaviour from common guns.
  10. Any company admin -at any time- can change those rules, permanently or temporarily. So as long as your company has an active admin, you (generic, that admin specifically) can clean up the stuff of the player that hasn't played the last 3 months. As for your trust example. The ranking system in its simplest form has admins and non admins = two ranks. It allows you to divide it further and make a hierarchy, but it is not a very extensive system. So even with the rank of 'officer' and 'mate' in the tree, the trust issue and its solution remain basically the same.
  11. Steam Family Library Share is disabled for atlas so in your example those people would have all paid the price and, according to your own posts, acquired the right to do whatever.
  12. Yes, Martyn, I know I would easily spend 25k per experiment as I could easily farm that every other day in case we would have 500k allready. But lack of interest in that experiment is the only thing stopping me. The tax on resources will become usefull once maintenance is activated. Which will then make any tennant trying to maintain an abandonned island an even sadder story.
  13. wandelaar

    Is single player lawless?

    No, lawless on the server is only different for the decay timers (which aren't a thing in single player) and the claim flags.
  14. PvE Scenario 6: A tennant, works full-time and has kids, plays a few hours a day, but not every day ... logs on on Tuesday after playing in the weekend, only to feed the animals and notices the message stating he has 7 hours left until the new landowner can raze. He didn't have a big game session planned this evening. And he will need hours to pack-up, build elsewhere and then move. It hardly matters how much time he has, as he has to start early the next morning. What real (fun) options does he have?
  15. PvE Scenario 4: Let's assume the company that owns the land doesn't leave in any formal way, but simply doesn't come back. Let's assume their flag/bank is feeding and paying all their NPCs in the region and not the allied ones. Image, that settlers grow suspicious after 8 days of absence because they noticed the animals where claimable and check the 'flag'-inventory for gold. Imagine, they are in time to notice that it needs refilling ... which they do. Fast forward two weeks. It is unclear if any of the landowning tribe's structures are subject to decay timers as that company still hasn't returned, but is almost certain that all of their not-reclaimed animals are dead. Their NPCs might still be alive if their original stack of berries in the flag was sufficiently huge. Question: Is there an end to this stalemate due to timers on the landowning company that has not been there in 22+ days? PvE Scenario 5: The follow-up: the single tennant of that island that has diligently kept the flag stacked with gold, goes on holiday. Use your imagination.