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  1. Grid: E3 Been unable to tame elephants/giraffes/sheep all day, had multiple people complain about the same issue since morning time, pigs/chickens/monkeys etc can be fed and tamed but others not. It just does not give a feed option. Tried inside traps, outside traps, on different terrain. Doesn't work.
  2. Alright seems to be a wheel issue if it's placed too close, it seems to work now.
  3. Hmm could be maybe, I'll try again soon and see if it changes anything, also gonna move my wheel incase the closeness is what causes it too
  4. So, been having issues in EU PVE in M8 with the cargo attachments for the ships, when they are attached to my boat and I'm sailing, if I dismount the wheel while doing so I'll vibrate into the ship deck unable to interact with anything, eventually it'll teleport me somewhere randomly into the sea, it'll then drown me or almost drown me even if I swim to the surface of wherever I was teleported. Once I demoed the cargo attachment off my schooner everything worked like usual again. Including the grid cus I'm unsure if it's a server problem or an actual issue in general.
  5. Hey, the trap looks like this, it's 10x wide, gate has 1x fencing on both sides and then 7x long and 3 in height!
  6. Selira

    Move to ship

    Seems to be when this happens they fall through the boats way down into the sea and die, I nearly had this happen, noticed bear when through JUST managed to whistle it to me while being able to see its name, it nearly drowned but it survived.
  7. Selira

    Gates broken

    Yea, tested it, if door is left open the gates disappear, if they're closed they stay.
  8. I actually found a way to tame them easy, I've tamed multiple elephants since, just make a trap made out of fence foundations and a gate, and do approach them from belly side, crouch and look at mouth when feeding. I haven't died a single time while taming them since doing this. Making traps without foundations beneath the animal seems to be the way. And if you do have problems with them hitting you just approach quickly, feed, back off and wait.
  9. Selira

    Gates broken

    So I haven't had this problem with wood gates yet but stone gates, atleast the medium one disappear all the time, seems to happen more if the gate is left open. It's not the frame but the gate itself, think I've replaced gates in my base 6 times already.
  10. Yes this is on Lawless but surely the plants and trees are not meant to grow through houses >.<
  11. Trees and plants are constantly growing through my base and it's frustrating to chop it all down every time I want to get anywhere there.
  12. Whenever I try to tame anything that isn't a passive tame the taming doesn't work, it'll allow me to feed a couple of times then stop, still shows me options to feed but the animal won't eat.
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