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  1. With ice you can preserve prime meat and fish. You cant do that with salt. i do believe it preserves better then salt to.
  2. Cant log in. What to do about it ? iam on NA PVE PC.
  3. We dont need more islands. Devide the larger (more expensive) islands into 2 or 3 zones that can be claimed by different companies.
  4. Eu PVE D4 Hermisea Island. I know for a fact that some of the animals that was stolen have been picked up within 2-3 days by myself and all of them was within render range. They where all on my ship. Other animals i have on my ship was not stolen like giraffe, elephant and bears. 2 of the birds stolen was inside a locked cage.
  5. Some of the stolen animals yes. Maybe not all of them.
  6. So i got all my birds + some crew, all of them on my ship stolen after just 2-3 days offline. I want them back!
  7. As far as i can see you dont have the mats to craft the submarine.
  8. JC67

    5.6 gb

    Yeh its probably that. Thanx.
  9. JC67

    5.6 gb

    5.6 gb patch and you made 2 changes to the crab ?. What am i missing ?.
  10. You get a curse when executed and xp loss i belive.
  11. This is something i ask myself. Like to know how that works.
  12. I want much more freedom to build really crazy stuff on ships. It have to be fun to play.
  13. I have over 150 DP and my max level is 55 so something is wrong here.
  14. Do the skill "knowledge of the old ones" work with tames or only when i dish out the damage myself ?
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