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  1. For the same reason. You want to be able to travel without loosing your base.
  2. (Tryed to post this in suggestions but only get the option to report a bug.) I would like to see 3 new commands to the autopilot menu. 1. Turn ship. I can turn the ship at the wheel without lowering the sails and so should the crew. 2. Reverse ship. Same here. I can do it and like to see crew be able to do the same. 3. Drop anchor.
  3. JC67

    Ship commands.

    I would like to see 2 new ship commands in the auto pilot menu. 1. Turn ship. So you can turn the ship without lowering the sails. Just like i can do if i'am at the wheel. 2. Back up. I can reverse so i think my crew at the wheel should to.
  4. JC67

    Player marker on the map

    This is something players have wanted for for some time now and is seems so easy to fix. Do it already please.
  5. If you transfer your bear ( i always do) make sure its next to an open area (never from behind or in the front of the ship) on the boat and that its not on follow. I do believe its important to that the ship is anchored and not moving.
  6. This needs a quick fix. (bump)
  7. JC67


    Happened to me just now. EU PVE.
  8. JC67

    PVE Ship Spam - Excessive

    Give players gold for scuttling there ship or a timed bonus of sorts (24h bonus)and make shipyards one time use only.
  9. Yes. If not at the wheel you go prone.
  10. JC67

    PVE Ship Spam - Excessive

    Make it worthwhile for people to remove ships they have abandoned and things would resolve itself.
  11. Would very much be able to drop the anchor when i'am in the crows nest and have a crew at the wheel. If i missed a way to do it please inform me.
  12. JC67

    Too many derelict ships, Pack Up option

    Something i would like to see that may not be what you talk about (sorry if i derail) is to make a blueprint of a finished ship so you can build a copy of that specific design from the start at the shipyard.
  13. JC67

    Anyone else seeing islands that aren't there ?

    I see fake landmass sometimes. Have to leave game and reload to get it to go away.
  14. JC67


    Never seen one myself.