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  1. JC67

    Claim question.

    If i put down a flag and its contested and i want to demolish the flag, do i get the money that i payed for putting it down ?
  2. JC67

    8th of April.

    Where do you find that information ? And thanx for the answer.
  3. JC67

    8th of April.

    "We expect that we’ll have this ready to ship onto the main network by the week of the 8th of April." Are the servers going up today ?.
  4. JC67

    pve system on server test

    When will the PVE servers go live with the new patch ?
  5. JC67

    Island points

    So the island point cost is what i need in gold to claim?
  6. JC67

    Island points

    How and where do i buy island points ?
  7. JC67

    Server wipe - At what time?

    Sorry if i am slow in the head here but there will be no wipe on the 20th ? just test server and then wipe some times after that ?
  8. JC67

    Poor Atlas

    Exactly. Like many of us have said before - One man one clam. Make anchored ships on the clam be indestructible 30 min after no company member have been online and open up the flag for hostile takeover after some time, maybe a week or something. Make companies pay upkeep on everything they build outside of the claim. If a company have 5 members then 5 claim flags can be placed and so on. Make it so players can sell there claim and (on PVE) there ships for gold and other rewards.
  9. JC67

    Design flaw ?

    I have. Unless i missed something all i can see is more, bigger SotD. They should give them the pirate flag.
  10. JC67

    Design flaw ?

    I like this game a lot. It has it's issues and is still under development and that's fine. There is one thing though ( in my opinion ) that is wrong or a design flaw. SotD. They make me feel like the prey insted of the hunter. There should be commercial AI ships instead of them that try to avoid me. Some of them heavely defended with good loot and others not. There can be some SotD here and there. Maybe they spawn some time after a ship is sunk. There could be an escort now and then to protect the commercial ships that aggro me if i rase the pirate flag ???. Where is the flags on ships! ? ! I want to be the pirate . Not the victim . Wherever i go, iam hunted by SofD.
  11. I made a character on the pvp server to try that out. That world seem more active. My pve server feels like a wax cabinet at the moment. I sailed through zone after zone to see just 1 player online (me).
  12. JC67


    Can we have all skills unlock until wipe please or unlimited respecs ? for testing purposes.
  13. JC67

    One thing that will survive server wipe.....

    i'am fine with more wipes. Don't understand why peoples get so fired up about this.
  14. This will not kill the game. The game is not finished. You have not invested anything in this game. Its not real life. its a game.
  15. Did they not say/wright somewhere that you should be able to do stuff like that by joining others in quests/events or did i dream that ?