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  1. jabnlab

    icebox feedback

    My ice boxes generate ice just fine out of render. I've even had a a few stacks form in my tropical base's ice boxes. I thought the greatly increased spoil time over salt initially but i just checked now and its the same as salt
  2. While I do love sailing, most of my crew do get bored on long trips and watch youtube or play on their phone, lol. I thought a system similar to Eve's jump drives would be cool to have to quickly get to places you've been before. Make it an add on module that runs on some type of expensive fuel and has a limited range and cool down mechanic (like eve's fatigue). Some one in the desto system would have to light a beacon that also has fuel. Just like eve's cynos it should appear on the map which would make it risky and give away your position
  3. jabnlab

    The Ice Box .

    Make sure you dont have any salt in the bags, you cant combine ice and salt, the salt will just perserve the ice and the ice wont do anything
  4. jabnlab

    Friendly mermaid quest

    Had the mermaid show up 3 times while spending a few hours farming sods in D12, everyone on my ship but me got the quest done because I was busy driving the ship. As soon as one person got it she would swim away faster then I could swim
  5. jabnlab

    The Ice Box .

    A stack of 100 ice should last around 2 weeks in a perserving bag, not bad considering how much it increases spoil times (cooked prime meat last 2 days)
  6. jabnlab

    fishing net ????

    I will give that a try. Was thinking of trying a lower gun port next too (I play pve so no guns anyways)
  7. jabnlab

    The Ice Box .

    We set up 2 ice boxes in our tundra out post, had 150 ice between the 2 in 24 hrs
  8. jabnlab

    fishing net ????

    My crew likes it for passing time while sailing, except we cant seem to get it to work on a galleon
  9. You actually get way less metal from a node with a rhino (close to half) then you do by hand for some reason
  10. jabnlab

    Any updates on the May mega?

    Release the cargo racks/carts and they can delay it as long as they want
  11. Had another great transaction today buying crabs. They even gave us several hundred meat to spoil so we could feed them. A++ highly recommend
  12. Whistle it to follow you then have everyone leave rendering for 5 or 10 minutes, then come back.
  13. jabnlab

    pve Rhinos For Sale B10 EU PVE

    Rhino 2 sold
  14. jabnlab

    2x weekend (i'm going mad?)

    Shipwrecks are a decent way to earn gold now too and they recently doubled the gold they give. Pop on a sextant buff and you could eaisly make a few k gold in no time. Sure beats sailing halfway across the globe for a map that has a chance of being unreachable.
  15. jabnlab

    PVE EU what happend?

    You may have spawned in a lawless zone which doesn't have a place to buy starter ships, try looking for a freeport. All freeports have a place to buy rafts and sloops. The floating on a ship is an anti grief mechanic, just stay off anchored non company/non allies ship. They should say "cannot board" in big red letters and a have little anchor icon when they are anchored