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  1. Thank you for the tips they surely help. but the matter here is the time you are gonna spend for a ship that doesn't worth it. its maybe come good in PVE servers because there is no matter of offline raid or sth. but in PVP, everything changes...
  2. Yes it is so hard to accuire. it depends on which server you gonna play. and how much time you are going to spend for a weak ship that is can get destroyed even in shipyard and not fully released. who really want to stay on a little sloop in a pirate game really? at what cost? all of new and solo players are leaving and you can see them leaving because this update was a complete mistake and there is no absolute point behind it. it is possible to do these "baby steps" yes. but there gonna spend so much time that really not worth for a schooner because it can get destroyed when you are offline or when its still in shipyard and not completed.
  3. Are devs actually planning to make Atlas a dead game? 5000 for schooner? schooner is the simplest useful ship to start enjoying and experiencing the game. its not even that easy to build! you need to still put time for it. if it was 5000 to buying a schooner all made, it was good. but paying 5k and then building it by ourselves? How does that even make sense? we should farm 5k with sloop? one person even cant manage to carry that much of gold. Who even we are paying that gold to? its really ridiculous idea. its a pirate game. C'mon devs do something about it! you guys cant see the game is already losing players...
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