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  1. you have to visit traders/vendors NPCs on freeport or enter a trading ship on the open sea to trade oil and gold into those not existing oil resources. Unfortunately every time they make a new map they screw it up... simple like that. Hotfix or patch? Will not happen. My suggestion: have fun with the game as long you play and quit fast and period once you decide it's not worth anymore. But like me i have a look for some updates from time o time... getting disapointed with every update they do. *We want to mention the game is still in early access* bla bla bla
  2. I dont' agree with this. The hole topic here is about bug fixes and there are some good once and it sounds like they are listening to the Players now. I support this new decision by the devs. Balancing of the sails of the Mortar Ship is for PvP and obviuosly this ship is not meant to fight for it self. It shall be slow to need protection but with the benefit to attack other players islands. The overall question is if the medium sails need some buff to be of some use? It would be great if the devs would move forward with fixing the modular ships repair system and balance it to be on a same level like current "old" ships. The mortar ship should not be tested on PVE server versus ships of the damned @George Catcher. Well i myself stopped playing some weeks ago because this game needs to much effort for to little reward and real life is coming back now. More SotD is good but loot table needs some changes. I suggested to reduce the spread between common and max mystical to max 200%. A Mortar ship is not bringing me back to play the game. A 4x gold is not bringing me back to game... well there are some good things like you can level ships fast at the moment with barrels but i don't like barrels on ships. At the game start there was no gold to build a brigantine. Now you have lots of gold to do so but you can't go solo and always need some galleon fleet to not risk your ships getting sunk by another fleet. I guess gold is now no issue for all estblished tribes but the ships limit is already low and you need a large bay to place all those shipyards to safe your BP ships in harbor. Well at least the harbor run game part is something of Atlas its past now.
  3. Off topic? This topic is about ship speed and you opened it...
  4. Chukiki post: remove armored docks Chukiki plays: Somebody stole gold of my armored dock and my ships is not safe there....
  5. I appreciate the bug fixes but the list seams to be quite short and there is still lots to do. It would be nice if you would tell us here in forum if you found bugs and when to expect a fix for them. I understand it's not always possible to do in a few hours or days but it would be nice if players know that there are things going to be fixed. Like the crude tool which causes lots of new players quite the game directly after starting for weeks now... New ship with new system... well nice.... but what about the issues George Catcher posted according feedback. Fix this asap to make those ships playable and to get positive feedback about those ships. Known issue if you build ships in new shipyard they get destroyed... well fix before add! LOL Whales and SoTDs + lootpool is a joke and needs urgent attention and rebalance! Much more important than the new ships.
  6. here you have some impressions about speed. A Grapling Gally with speed sails and green wind is fastest. And no need for the OP bar shots... because enemy just gets grappled. In the second part... a ramming gally that is faster than the OP speed shooner that according topic is too fast... well it got sunk(catapult meta) and the poor handling shooner had some more issues as well... So yes, ramming gally can work if the enemy does not shoot on you and you have lots of catapults and barrels. Don't forget repair it is very broken and no fun at all. Now again question to Chukiki if you think your proposed balance change is a great idea? I guess you know yourself it is not.
  7. it's maybe possible that some of this things can be cheated... but ... they all can be happen by exident or just by massive caused lags from Defence building. If this are lags Rive Sud probably have to play with them hole day in their own grid. But unfortunately this is a decent tactic to prevent your islands from attacks. If lag ist too large puckle will not shot but this is also for defenses. Besides it's against the forum rules to critisize a company directly it's well known that this company or at least some of their members that probably still play there cheated in the past and the most popular exploit use was the barrel duping with jumping into the water(Season 3). This does not proof that they cheat now and they have a second chance to play fair. In this case i would consider it all to be due to bad servers, game design and lag building on this grid. For example in A2 you may have the same issues as it is currently the most laggy server on EU PvP due to players amount and structures/tames/ships. So yes it can happen that players force servers to crash to stop attacks. Last season it was possible with massive trades that got reduced very much to prevent this.
  8. why are you posting in a forum to discuss this points when you ignore any feedback? Get out of your bubble and read - understand - answer with arguments? well he already confirmed that he is on EU PvP and also has some Ally or larger group. Sounds like a plan to give some of his arguments and ideas back to him in game.
  9. Your character should be sleeping on freport so it's not possible to kill him to respawn as you are not visible for others. The item you crafted is probably the basic stone tool that has no use and you should skip to stone axe and pick. You may delete the safe data of your last session in your steam common files. Then you try join server instead of rejoin but i guess it will not help. You are officialy doomed by a bug and you can't be helped in game due to freeport setting/rules. Your only hope is to get killed by a admin but good luck with this. I am really sorry about.
  10. The front cannons are maybe blocked by the figure head you put on your ship? No iussue on PvP as that is wasted gold^^ I think some of the figure heads cause this collision. The treasure maps spawns are still very bad... players structures... on high mountains etc. You may use a Crab to grab him out of there... or just leave this map behind, drop it and go next one. It's a low quality so don't worry about. Bug fix is unfortunately not on the list of Dev team.
  11. 1. you simply can but it takes some time. With more players you can speed up by using a skill. 2. In some areas you can now. In others you simply open up and everything in there can be taken. No need for you to own the structures. Claim Towers on clifss/mountains can be destroyed but it's more effort. I wise choice to place a base where it is more fase from griefing. 3. Freeports are starting areas and also meaned for parking your ship there some hours if you have to go offline. But it should be considered to not allow storing tames there in large skales. 95-99% of the players don't use freeport as their base if they can find better islands. Some solo Players need the freeport to have a ship left for the next day. 3.1. Peace Phase islands is a great feature of the game. You have offline protection and also a large combat time you can choose and others can see to plan their attacks. It's just fair to have both parties online when one wants to destroy the others stuff. There should be more options like lawless claim towers gaining peace phase as well maybe 1-2 days after been placed for example. Against peace phase you can buy war tokens and declare a 24 hours war against others -> surprise no peace time(but others now 3 days in front of it) 4. Warehouse - i simply don't know - i don't care about destroying enemy land stuff they need to make ships that i can fight on Sea. But you can't carry more than 300 stacks so it may is useless as well. 4.1. Taxbanks on freeport do drop gold if they where placed correctly to produce gold. Most Seaforts don't have tax banks or trading is denied. 4.2. the bank on common claimable islands is a quick access to the flags inventory to take out stuff or to put in gold or berries. For sure there is nothing to drop as it has no own inventory. 5. Armored docks are expensive and shall protect your ship from getting destroyed by some griefers. That is working well. Of course you can destroy them with some effort of a group, for solo players it's to much effort to get enough cannon balls. Fun fact you can't build BP armored docks because smithy has only 150 stacks.^^ We all whish you would do Chukiki... mine craft can need your feedback to improve the game.
  12. oh lol, a puckle can be destoryed? Totaly crazy broken stuff. Maybe even the NPCs can be sniped off the puckles on Elephant? I wonder chukiki if you can find out some more broken stuff about the Elephant defence(attack) puckle tower? You know you can put puckles on it and move it up a mountain to have puckles in restricted areas? You know the puckles only shoot if the elephant is standing on a horizontal surface... if you tild it the puckles do not shoot. You can't place the puckles over the edge of the plattform so their shots get blocked when aiming downwards like all puckles. Devs can't fix this bug so players still need to place "flying" puckles and swivels even one hotfix was meant to remove all of those. Actually some puckles and all swivels on ships where removed, but you can simply replace them. You just need more structures than some time ago to trick the system.
  13. try this one it may help you. You can also search the last month post. I remember somebody wrote about how to start a single player with new map. It's still a shame the game is promoted with a single player tag while this is not really supported and totaly bugy.
  14. still the same... it's EA you can buy for money to be a tester whos feedback gets ignored. You may consider this game is somehow finished but it also is far before alpha in a common development. The game is actually no beta at all. It's a test sandbox where some Devs add new broken or buged unbalanced stuff to look how players deal with it. But they simply forget to improve those features afterwards while making new once.
  15. The player placed bank will only work if you wait for a server restart. It's a feature or a bug.... up to you. On PvP basically all tax banks are permanently destroyed and trades get blocked. You gain gold from trading with yourself and you pay taxes that are just in the "nirvana" system. Others don't want you to get gold by trading. You can claim Sea forts and unclaim them to make them neutral again for free trading. But good luck to find neutral sea forts on the map^^
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