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  1. I just settled the PVE Server a week ago to try some "new" stuff and looking what will happen to the game after released "new" road map and announced finalization of the game. What could have been an amazing end to the early access of this great game turns out to be catched by the truth i know for several years. RIP Atlas. I am so glad i joined in Season 3(and found a bounch of Xbox players that had a blast about this game[even they expirienced 2 minutes lag all time]) and left Season 4/5 after I had a realy great time in this game. Exploring this big Season 3 map learning the biomes/regions/resources and mechanics... joining a big Season 4 company to learn the crap of exploits and bugs in PvP until my health got worse of trying to protect the build stuff. An amazing 2,5k hours journey that ends now with the 4th time of uninstall. @Devs: I appreciate your work and that you got active again(with a new team) but you can't fix the mess of the past 4 years ... the mess of a copied game(from Ark) and a lot of broken code. We, who played and enyoid this game very much knew this day will come. We placed our hopes in a different ending of this story, we submitted our ideas to make it become a success... but here is the final end. for those who remain on PVE: You may need to consider to team up now and join companies. There is no way left to play for your own. I am some how even glad i joined this game invited by 2 friends striaght on PvP just to be forced to team up and build up groups, even it was some times the enemy that was destroyed before. Yes the community is toxic as hell but some times you really meet nice guys/girls around there. Well starting on PvP i would say i got wiped 4 times with my company until we managed to claim some land for more than 2-3 weeks but the learning and expirience was great. Ah so many good memories about this game... it's a shame.
  2. Unfortunately you started at a time where the last patch added a big bug that is very anoying in regards to sailing. Hopefully it gets (hot/colt)fixed during this week... But I agree at this stage it is not nice to invite people to the game... if the game is sold for 5-10€(steam summer sale comming) you might just do so. You can solve the issue currently if you dismount the sails crew before grid change and open one sail yourself to get in the other grid. The chance is 99% that you will not loose a crew on sails if you put them on after grid change. The issue is most likely a buged crew position after the grid change if they remain on the sails that maybe leats to mutiny. @Dev CrusherI don't want to protect the game but some of your listed bugs are not that importand in my opinion, but of course they should be fixed long time ago. The game is playable in most cases and you can have fun for 1k hours very easy without finishing the main quest(if you can call it like this to get all power stones and essences without a story). So it is worth a part of it's money and compared lots of AAA titles have less than 100 hours to play. In all the time I play(since season 3 where the first Devs had left already) i had never the feeling the game is changing or improving, but now we have actually Devs that work on the game. They could do better but they do something at least. So they get my support after i deleted the game twice in the last years. Most important is to make the modular ships playable and more like the legacy once.(they will not remove the modulars anyways) They fixed the bug that sunk the modulars when loosing one/two modules to 0 HP with start of this season so they are playable now. They increased the repair kit HP which is some kind of improvement for solo PVE and on PvP maybe even broken repair now? The repair kits cost are reduced but still high, on the other hand the ships have very low costs in regards of resources neede to craft them. The modulars are still faster... the Broadsider is very very strong right now with its 40 cannons and possibility to make it 30 to one side. The modulars are ignoring the ship weight in regards to their speed... which makes them broken again. There has to be done some balancing and the possibility to customize needs to be added. The Majestic Kraken and Crarak are most likely obsolete as the broadsider is the same ship but better in everything without the need of 50 tentacles for example. Those ship should have some more difference or the fire power of the broadsider would need some downsides -> less cannons = faster, full cannon build = slower.... they need to get slower when gun ports are open. The deck canons need to have increased weight or reduce the turning speed slightly because of the high center of weight that is bad for a sailing ship^^. The HP icon is remaining at 100% until the sinking/leaking symbol shows. The HP in the players/ships UI stay at 100% as well if the ship is leaking... so you don't know when 0 is reached and it will sink while you repair or bucket the water out.
  3. https://atlas.antihax.net/ use this map and hover the mouse over the small icon next to the grid number. Lawless = old lawless without claims claimable = (new lawless) claim towers needed settlement = island can be owned by flag placing
  4. https://atlas.antihax.net/ use this comunity created map to find resources and tames on every island. But yes, you have to get out of south america to get some resources.
  5. It's a current bug that shall be adressed soon, hopefully. They chaned map and portallocations etc which most likely broke other stuff.
  6. You can have hopes for the future but I would never recommend playing single player or dedicated hosted server... it is buged and you should play on the official servers instead. Yes, that has also some issues but at least it is working mostly well.
  7. i did not test it but this is maybe a good tip. Use the railings for kraken even the ship looks like it has the standard railings... You can't place the legacy items diving platform, cargo rack and dingy hangar, you need to use the railing parts. If you drop a cargo you have to create a new one with the "legacy" cargo rack in your inventory. Interesting that you have to park the ship in the legacy shipyard^^
  8. It's crazy how many bugs get back into this game that we had already at some time in the last 3 years. But the chance it will be fixed was never that high because we know there are now Devs around that actually work on this game... the tiems have changed. They broke something but I expect they will fix it and the game will get better in the end. Fast travel beds into different biomes makes you 100 years old. To make suicide solves this issue and you are back to normal. Market trading was suspended for 2-3 days because of server issues but is now working again. I see no issues there besides the bad UI of market, some trade routes that have 100+ running trades that don't get delivered and some other bugs in this system. The warehouse only collects 1 stack or resources from gathering buildings if the resource is not traded and due to that new stacks are created. So you have to check daily and drop some items to put in another storage. Maps are a luck gamble as they have ever been. I had a map 3k+ that was in a swamp under water and there was no soldiers spawning. But i could not dig it as there should be 6 guards around... in the meantime looking around my bear magically died in 10 seconds... he was not under water but out of stamina and i couldn't get him 10 meters to the shore... Also maps in mountains are quite common. sailing is qurrently a pain... i think on modulars it's much worse than on legacy ships. You loose sails crew more often(while crossing, while driving). Checking all tames and crews after border cross was never that anoying like it is now. I figured out moving slowly into the border is preventing issues behind it... for example if you stop directly you can pick up swimming crew and tames again instead of missing them later. You may even consider dismounting all sails crews from parked ships.
  9. According Discord pinned comments from Red Beard: Ship Yards pre patch are screwed and need to be replaced, there is no fix for them comming up. The warehouse is working as pre patch and never stopped working. Due to server issues the market trading was suspended for 2-3 days by Devs and is now active again. If you searched the failure on your side and replaced it you have messed up.(Sorry to be sarcastic and harsh^^) Unfortunately this information can only be found in Discord - but as mentioned there are some pined messages from Devs in the general channel if not in the announcements or patch notes. Crew and Tames can disapear from ships while sailing or crossing borders. I think mod ships loose the crew more often than legacy ships. I sailed 3 days with Brig now and only lost 2 sails crew... but also 2 of my bears disapperaed from the deck. I checked after each stop on islands or border cross to count them all... jump on them and move them a few steps. Sometimes they are swimming next to your boat after crossing and you can pick them up. Make sure you go slowly into the border instead of full sails and stop directly behind the border. hold H to check if there are tames or crew in the water behind you.
  10. Hi George, nice feedback again from you. I wonder how it is possible to replace the tame modules on the Pegasus... i think it's not intendet that it could be a gun boat. Like on the Tramp frighter where you can't replace the 4 cargos. That you need the kraken railings and the cannons are on the wrong side... lol. Speed 15-16 knots no matter of sails and wind... crazy. Did not find this issues in my testing last season.... but honestly i played max 30 minutes with the Pegasus until it was parked forever on the shore. This island issue is crazy as well... an island placed on the sea fort^^ If you have issues and need a base you may join me... i have cupple of farms and market. PM me if you need a place, but it's in the lawless temperate and not your favorite thundra.
  11. You most likely parked your ship on a freeport. There we have a bug for years that NPCs may fire their cannons on fish in the water, or at least track them. Press C to change all active groups to not fire mode. The settings are not working like you describe it(at least in freeport). NPCs will not repair ships parked on freeport and they will have a fast decay. You get a ingame message about that. This is to avoid abuse of freeports in the PvP servers... or at least an atempt to make it more difficult. So your ship sunk by this. The wrack should not disapear at the freeport for 24h to salvage your stuff. A bag of 20 minutes would be worse. But it's maybe possible some other players demolished your ship and took what you had. The tornado storms are anoying and i agree they are stupid and should not be like this. But it's most likely the Devs will not focus on that kind of stuff as they do other things and wind and weather is no priority to change for them.(it is working - some how...) Waves are a feature they got from Nvidia and besides the desync with the boats sometimes it's working.
  12. single player is buged since the beginning and it is a shame that the game gets selled with this tag on it. Your only option is to make lots of safes of your single player to be able to reset if game files are corupted. If you have loading issues to official server I recommend to not hit the "back to server xy" button in the menu. Instead choose join server and any random A1-D4 of R-Cave servers. The game will redirect you to the server you have been last.(If your char is alive) Unfortunately there is no option to create a new pathfinder if you can't log in to the server. Even if you delete all safe files the pathfinder is connected to your steam profile. Also on PVE server it's not possible to get killed while offline other than on PvP server so no help from any friend possible.
  13. Sorry but most players will not play the "buged" single player other than for testing reasons. You seam to be aware that there are very much bugs and issues. Official server get wiped when they change the code of the game... this can effect the single player in the same way... the maps gets changed so your map files will not match etc.
  14. I would say it's a survival game and you have to learn the fears of the seas... at least in the first 1-2x trials you start from freeport with a raft or sloop. These ships will soon be no issue for you at all and you don't even mind ramming them or simply ignore them. To loose A Brigantine after border crossing is most likely only hapening to Xbox Players because the grid change last 2-3 minutes instead of seconds. Yes the SotD could be forced to stay away from the border by Devs to avoid this issue if Xbox Players lower sails before crossing. If you hunt those SotD in Golden Age later you will not find them or not the high level once... but on a raft they will be every where. Enjoy your survival expirience as long as possible I agree to make something to increase their render range or at least a hint that makes you aware of them more early. With the new modular ships turning rates it's quite difficult for new players that start with a Cog or Tramp freighter now... a shooner was much more beginner friendly in it's handling. Well until you loose your first plank and notice you do not have some spare planks to replace them. But most likely a new player with a Cog will not have repair kits as well^^
  15. You should not worry about that. Build a basic shipyard and a tramp freighter or cog and leave the area. You may consider to level up with some treasure maps but they are very low quality. You may tame a bear(for fiber harvesting or treasure maps) or take an elephant or giraffe with you. But that's all you should do there and start leaving to the real Atlas world soon. Don't spent more than ~20 hours there. If somebody has choosen to play only in the R-Cave 4x4 servers you should lough about them. They are flexing with a Galleon... let them do so and lough about them... because... the portal is a 1 way ticket... if the ship leaves they can only get back nacket without ship. The harvest buildings are ugly but you don't need to worry about them. It's not an issue to harvest the resources around them. Some islands there have crude oil resource.... that's maybe worse to take with you to fire your gathering buildings in the future. All other resources you can most likely get every where else. It's recommended to get some gold and hire ~5 NPCs from freeport ... that will make it more easy to stear your ship and you have some crew for cannons to kill Ships of the Damned to get more NPC crew.
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