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  1. I play since Season 3 on PC and I grouped up with a bunch of Xbox One Players back in 2019. They where so happy that I was always able to rescue them if their game crashed permanently (PvP Server)... because i could kill them sleeping or carry their body away from our base or harbor. I needed 1 minute to drive out a ship for them... if they where lucky they could do it in 20-30 minutes without sinking the ship lol. They all left the game or switched to PC. Xbox was barely playable on PVE server with less structures and ships in render range. On PvP Server we claimed additional islands for the Xbox Players with reduced structures and defence and only 3-4 ships that they could play with only rubber banding movement and not a new screen after 30-50 seconds. As far I know the Series S is not even better than the One X so you need more performance and only way is to get a Series X. The Devs shouldn't even think about programming the game for low Xbox One or Series S. That's very rude from me to say it but it's the only solution that can work. I am not happpy with this because you pay more than triple the costs of the PC Players but the game is even not optimized for High End PCs. They need to fix bugs.... while they mostly add new stuff.Besides that they have to programm now 4 Xbox Versions for 4 different Xbox.... Edit: This post is not against the Xbox Players that I guess are more than 50% of the Playerbase of Atlas. Or other said i would expect to have about 50-80% of the PVE Players using Xbox... on PvP it's probably less than 10%, because you can't compete by any means due to technical restrictions of your hardware. Remeber a Series S is a hardware for <300€ .. a Series X for ~600-700€. If you buy a PC to play Atlas you have to pay minimum ~1200€ for low/medium requirements or much more if you buy a new graphics card with the high sales price right now.
  2. Good luck, you probably played more than 2 hours so you will not get your money back from steam. I started the first 15 hours in Atlas in the main menu because I could not enter official Servers... didn't get the money back... but played now more than 3000 hours... Sad for you that you also purchased the game on Xbox as well for the triple PC costs... lot's of money spend for discovering all those bugs. This bug on PC and official Server I never heard about. There was a time where you could be rolled back to Level 0 and loose all progress when crossing borders and had to create a new Pathfinder but this was a year ago...
  3. Sounds like a single player bug. You should have a look around for admin comands to check if some of them can force you back into the company. Or they may help you in another way. Single Player is buged and you will lose your stuff regularly due to crashes etc.
  4. You got it. Tickets are automaticaly solved because there is nobody at the end. Timers are bugged since the start of the new lawless claim tower system. Waiting long time for fix of this system(Or it's removal). You should stay away from those islands/grids with claimable lawless...
  5. @Safír unfortunately for you this is a game mechanic that is not working on PVE servers. It's called the "new" improved claim system for lawless. If you settle in this grids you have to claim some area with the land and sea claim tower to protect your settlement. Others can not build in this claimed area but next to it. If they build a claim tower close to yours it's possible the first claim circles size gets reduced... all structures inside change the owner. On PvP Server you can destroy the claim tower but on PVE you can't. If the other did steal your structures or if it's an accident you don't know if you not ask the person who build it. You will not get admin support for this and there is no way to report this. So bad luck for you. I suggest you search for a grid with old lawless where you do not need the claim towers. Africa Region has lots of this. For PVE this Claim System is pretty bad and can be abused against everybody who is new and does not know the mechanic. If you stay there you should claim as much area as possible around your settlement to make sure only you can build there and nobody can steal your structures. It's a great feature for PVE because you get enemy of every one around you instead of meeting nice people/neighbors to interact with in the game. It's even possible to steal others ships.(Or at least is was possible in the beginning of this claim feature -> don't know if they fixed it)
  6. Update tramp Freighter Speed number 3: I collected some more metall around the Atlas and with more ship levels I decided to put 3 cargos now. So first test of speed with 3 full cargos and additional weight in the ship resource box I had 7250/8200 weight which is 88% weight. Ship speed dropped down to 8-10 knots at 0-20% wind speed... so this is the minimum speed you will have if you go with 3 full cargos. The turning speed fully loaded is way better compared to the empty ship... it feels quite nice at this weight. At my home base I reduced the weight to have only the 3 full cargos. With a weight of 5500/8600 (ship Level 25)I got a speed of 13 knots with the lowest wind speed possible in the game. So with 3 Cargos Wind speed does acutally matter. It's still very fast compared to a Brigantine or even a Galleone with 3 Cargos. So to skill this ship full on weight you have the option to transport up to 3 cargos. Number 4 I highly recommend to not use seeing the speed drop from 2 to 3 which is about 10-13 knots slover in average. @ Devs: I once again want to point out that using the game mechanics like this nobody can understand what happens if you attach a cargo and how to use weight properly.... 2 cargos and some levels on weight and you have all the time 23 knots...
  7. You need only once to collect the Power Stones. THan you have them forever. So you can spawn the Kraken as often you want and you go there. To spawn the Kraken you have to be very close to the senter of the grid and the small area of the Kraken boss fight. So it's not affecting the complete grid.
  8. so here is my next update about the freigther ship speed. I used the ship to drive from Africa to South America about 5 grids distance in less than 30 minutes... this is hilarious. The ship ignores wind speed and has always full wind power in the sails if you turn them in wind direction at least. Average travel speed is 25 knots. I loaded 16k weight of cobalt into two of the cargos which are full than. That's about 23k cobalt. So I had now a ship weight of 4750/6200. My travel speed with two full cargos and 76% ship weight was 22-23 knots ... !!! As long you have green (handling) sails you keep this speed which means you can pretty much drive full against the wind... this handling sails on the ship have more wind angle than on the old ships some how... I entered trade wind and got speed up to "only" 25-26 knots... So this ship is loaded close to as fast as the trade wind but where ever you go. I skilled up to 7600 weight as you get every few minutes a ship level up just by the distance you drive. This changed the speed only about 1 knots in total... now i am pretty sure i can drive 20+ knots even with 3x full cargos... RIP transport Galleon...
  9. So here are the test results of the freighter ship speed: 1. The time to sink the ship when climbing the ladder encumbered with 16000 weight is about 60 seconds. So if you want to put resources into two cargos you need to be fast... otherwise this ship will be destroyed *muhahaha* 2. Speed with standard sails 1x large and 1x medium handling is 25 knots at about 70% wind speed -> with speed sails and a storm you may easy get faster than 30 knots. For this speed you need to drop all 4 cargo racks. 3. At 70% wind speed and config above but with all 4 cargos attached your speed will be about 15 knots. 4. With two cargos attached, 70% wind speed and those cargos are full weight you will go about 10-11 knots at a weight of 3550/4000. This pretty insane. YOu can increase the speed a lot if you spent lots of level into weight(each +200) 5. If you have 4 cargos attached and two fully loaded you will have 5 knots speed... so this config should be avoided. So the way to go is drop down two cargos and only use 2 of the 4. Than you have a 4000 weight ship which is much faster with two cargos than a Brigantine. A Galleon should be still faster but once skilled on weight a lot the freighter may gets faster due to it's insane empty speed. As far I tested I can't remove the cargo rack railings and I can't replace them with other railings. It always shows failure: No snap point for [...] So you can't add diving attachment, dingy, cannons, balista or catapult on this ship. If you drop cargos you can place a new one with the "old" cargo rack crafted and having it in your inventory. You can't replace a cargo on the rack with the cargo railing in your inventory. At least refilling the crago does not require anchored in shipyard. Below deck you can place cannon modules up to 4 of them. But standard ship has 10/12 module points. So If you place double cannon module it requires 1 additional point which means you can place two of those. Single gun ports require 3 points so you can't place those. Rowing oars showing attachable and require one point but i was not able to place them... they simply do not get attached. Biggest issue of this ship is like all modular ships a totaly bad turning speed. But good to know the handling sails bug is working. So if ship speed is 0 knots you fully turn the rudder and than hit keys "W" and command "fast sails down" at the same time and hold them. Ship speed will stay at 0 but you can turn faster. Be warned once you release one of the keys your sails are fully open and ship will start moving forward fast... some lost their ships by accident using this... Second biggest issue: Did I mention repair kits costs are way to high and the system of looking 5 seconds on that module to restore some HP is just silly. For the Devs(if this feedback raches you): I don't understand the new ship speeds at all... I mean it was fun to have the bug with invincible 50 knots sloops that couldn't turn at beginning of season 5... but now all modular ships get speed of 25-35 knots??????????
  10. The official Wiki is dead, but lots of information are stil correct there, at least if you want to find out names of resources. If you need an accurate map with tames and resources for each island check out this one: https://atlas.antihax.net/ If you need a taming and breeding calculator you may use this one: https://globy.dev/statCalc This game is a surival game so it's about making discoverys and learning by doing. You can spent lots of time figure out things. If you want to get the fast way to learn the game go on PvP Server and try to get into large companys with expirienced players. They will teach you tricks, bugs, exploits etc. You just need to be a trustable person and have fun playing with them. On PVE Server there are lots of players starting new or have not much expirience so it's most likely you will not find good answers there. But with some luck you may meet some expirienced guys like me who are testing new updates etc.
  11. you are sure you are in the right forum? This is "Atlas", a pirate themed game with ships and survival.
  12. @decoyy Nice video. It's a good summary of the patch. I have one remark about the tramp freighter. I can see it is buildable in my advanced shipyard without blue print. But both of my shipyards(also the large one for 10k gold) now show water is not deep enough after the patch. But i can build the freighter once i add all resources in the shipyard... so I guess large shipyard will still work too. The freighter has 265/4000 weight when empty level 0. I wonder how much of the 4x1600 weight cargos you can effectively use...>>>> 1? <<<< Sso the 1 module length Cog has double weight capacity 9000 then the longer freighter but no option to put a cargo railing on it. I expect every new Player will not understand the mechanic of the cargo racks or learn speed mechanics of old weight system ships and sails. Usually each cargo rack reduces the basic ship speed by something about 10-20%(don't remeber the correct value) and additionaly increases the ship weight as well. It can store 8000 weight reducing it to 1600 = 5:1. Will test the speed tomorrow with the basic sails... at least 1x large and 1x medium which is more than a Schooner. Compared to the Cogs single small sail .... well another topic XD
  13. Wow interesting Decoyy joins this forum to start discussion here. One of the most popular Atlas Youtuber with a special role in the Discord channel. Does this mean the Devs will show up here in the forum too or Decoyy even gets some kind of Community Manager position? Will watch the video after work.
  14. This is bad luck if your bed on the raft got destroyed while you restart the game. There is a reason this game is a survival game. THe beginning is realy harsh if you realy try to survive. After some time so you will learn to die and respawn, just make sure you have beds around. If you are crazy like me you try to not die and keep your food and vitamine in balance just for the fun of doing survival. If heat waves are an issue for you, now you can build a wonder to get permanent +20 fortitude buff. But just to let you know i even don't know after ~3000 hours Atlas how much fortitude you need to survive a heat wave with +50°C. But i play in Africa region now in Desert and I did not die there due to heat yet. I skilled 10 points in fortitude and wear the basic clothes for best heat protection. If you wear leather or plate armor you have more issues. Jump in the water and make you wet and build a shelter to stand under and wait the heat wave to end if it's going to kill you. With vitamin buff you have additional +20 fortitude. But i have 200 HP skilled so I can withstand the double amount of damage.
  15. It's not about whining. Lot's of Players here did write done their suggestions and feedback here for the past 2-3 years playing easy 2000+ hours the game. We got by fact completely ignored here and there is no Dev who reads here or even answer to any topic. This is a serious issue. There was a time where they even announced some "fake" comunity managers. @Chismebeard@Nami. Now you might think well there is a Dev replaying on Discord... but who cares about that spam chat channels? I did write there several times feedback can be found at the official forums collected over 3 years... response = 0. This Comunity Manager has to read every day thousands of Discord(Twitter, reddit... etc bull shit) messages with 95% spam in Discord to get 5% relevant feedback. His time could be spent much better by simply checking this forum. I agree with your opinion simply because you are new and you have to discover a good game with a huge world easy worth 1000 hours game play. But after that time passed you will figure out while all others Players who passed this stage are "whining" here. Simply because it could be so much better. After Xbox Launch update there was about 1 complete year no progress in the game. All Devs left to work on Ark Genesis. Season 3 was nearly 1 year without wipe and update. After that we got "new" Devs with no navigation as whitehawk has written. So the term early access is fine for you, but we support the game for years now with no response and updates that destroyed ship combat(barrels), realy worse loot tables for SotD in regards of ship planks, gun ports and sails... balance issues and all that stuff that matters... but we get new content that is mostly not working or finalized like the market and trade routes. If you are happy to get buildings that make meat to rotten meat... well.... If you are happy with modular ships that fall appart if a green SotD Gally hits you with one broad side... it's a feature, not a bug of course... 500 resources for 1 repair kit to fix 1500 HP in 5 seconds looking on that module... on PVE lot's of Players play the Broadsider simply because with 4 large sails you can drive 25 knots... but nobody fights with those lol. Cog got nerfed because it was to fast with 1 small sail... holy crap... small sails are for sloops only... or to add the small second Sail on the Shooner... medium sails are completely ignored in the game. So this is the tip of the Ice rock you can see out of the water... so please tell again we are whinning when you do not know anything about the game and did not read this forum before.
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