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  1. Well nothing more to say than just quit this game after 2000 hours. So much feedback that gets ignored. At least the Devs are up to do something again. But I will not play Atlas as a game tester for stupid ideas anymore. But the message let us know that Devs decided to test some features before releasing to the online servers... that's new and good. Even on private server i am not interessted on paying gold for ships... i like this game so much.... or better i liked how it was.... I can't motivate myself to grind that much for a shooner... i want to have a brig for the first 2 weeks and i want to have a farm galleon to collect what i need for legendary and mystical fighting brigs that i don't mind if i got sunk after having some fun on the seas. Leave the game is the only option they may understand. Hopefully they will do it to some playable game that can be released in the future.
  2. Well jeah, people are out on the seas busy with their farm galleons to collect the production of their outposts. They even don't need to stop for tames and they don't need to farm. So the waters will be crowded. Oh wait, you can send merchant ships that you don't need to drive yourself. It's an automization simulation game. But i also like the idea to combine the buildings when devs think that we should have the automated farming.
  3. You could just respekt your enemy to be that wise to build their base in the safest way possible. Still you can attack them there... puckles are ez destroyed with grenades. But also your enemy suffers of the game because they need to carry all their stuff up this mountain to protect it. That's what is broken about this game. But anyways it's a pirate game. Kill their ships and let them sit on their rock.
  4. that's at least the result that now the warehouse is collecting the fuels again(wood/thatch/coal/oil). The stack size of 1k is still not very nice for the fuels but at least it works now much better than after the last patch.
  5. My warehouse is now collecting fuels (wood thatch coal) from the farmhouses but there are no patch notes about that. Stack size in Farmhouse is still 1000 units. But farmhouses now run much longer again. Also i did not see fuels vanishing anymore when transferring into the fuel slot or out of it. Thank you Devs for fixing some bugs even without telling us. Still warehouse is limited to max connect 3 farmhouses. The Sea Forts Islands look much better than before and also shown on the maps now.
  6. Hopefully the Devs did not focus only on the trade system the last 2-3 weeks and also introduce a lot of bug fixes with the wipe. What about the issues with farmhouses? What about the issues with warehouses? What about the building radius for warehouses to let more players build one? Maybe a warhouse should collect only from your companys farmhouses and from the complete island? Is the warehouse limited to add only 3 farmhouses? What about warehouse collecting no wood and thatch and coal and oil that is not in the fuel slot? What about removing barrels from the game, or at least from gliders and cannons = only place it or throw with catapult. What about reducing the barrel damage fired from ships? What about barrels should explode in a fired cannon if they don't get removed from that? What about adjustments to the loot from SotD or treasures to reduce the rolls spread like mystical 100% damage cannon or mystical 110% shipyard? What about increased possibility to find large (handling) sails more than masterwork quality? Or find large shipyards from treasures? BPs are the thing that makes it valuable to collect all resources all over the Atlas. Make this valuable to hunt for the BPs and collect the mats. Also it's may necessary to decrease the BPs Power a little like damage cap to 175% instead of far more than 200. What about adding a +10 levels more to max ship Quality 200%? Who asked for this? Now OP ships from rare shipyards get even more OP. You ban companys for duping their best BPs? Why Players even think about finding ways to dupe? Because the loot system does not have enough value! Decrease the gap but let there be more drops for BPs and reduce the quality spread of the different qualitys. What about useless medium size sails? Maybe they need to be adjusted with a little more power and remove large sails from Shooner? Nobody needs medium sails BP drops right now. Also I wonder they ask for feedback about the new trading interface... and they don't realy get it here because i think the wipe announcement just let many quit playling. Why answering on such question when above things are not listened and answered either? I did not play the last two days. Again to the Devs: This game is great and the community likes the ships. They like the tames(cannon horses are annyoing and too fast). But the fix above and maybe a ship between Galleon and Brig would make it valuable playing again.
  7. I just remeber the start of the season 4 EU PvP. Log in after realease. Try to get on the freeport. Build your sloop and team up with your mades. Build a raft with a bed to collect teammates that start later and park it on freeport. Rush to the desired area for settling. Collect some floatsam and sunken treasure on the way to have the gold for the island ready.(one of you skills swimming skills) Than you rush farming. Build first shooner to send one out for taming if your island does not have enough tames. We got low horse, bear and giraffe on island. After 5 hours you may see the first enemy Players with their Galleon. Well, now you may not need rhino, giraffe or elephant any more for the start. But on PvP Farmhouses are to slow collecting. Also you can consider that a claimed island starts with Peacetime so you are safe for the first day. You can also change the peacetime to the end of it to have only short combat phase and than again peacetime. The second day will be depending on your company size and you neighbours plans and size. If you are lucky you are fine. The Gold requirement will change the 5 hours Galleon maybe to 6 hours(need to find good sunkens with sloop or/and shooner). If the tribe is large enough and gets a good islands with lots of resources thats the way to go.(you need coal, metal and a biome you can make alloy for amunition and cannons) Well hopefully you get coal as last season start those stones were messed up and just droped flint... To find ships on the shore to claim... no way this would be fair anyways. Don't play solo, this game is not meant to be played that way.
  8. You are wrong as this is no mod. It's a feature of the deck that you can place it in the "full" version or in the "empty" version. The empty version is better for customization but it will cost you more weight if you try close it and you may will not close it due to ship parts limit. For shooner you are right there is only this version for the upper deck. Considering the weight of 120kg you better don't place it on a shooner.
  9. I would like to see an ingame ranking/statistics system for a hole game server like the official PvP/PvE for companys. 1. Compay name 2. Player amount 3. Islands Claimed 4. Gold they own in total / wealth Points for gattering resources and collecting gold 5. maybe ships amount total owned 6. maybe enemy ships sunk(but that leads maybe to more offline raiding) or some kind of reward Points collected for Actions. Option would be to only count non anchored ships. Maybe also not count ships of a Company with less than 20% of your own company member amount(as an example). I think some of this points would be nice to know to keep Players focus on enemys of their own quality and ignore new Players/small tribes. It would be more competive on PvP to get up in some rankings. Ship fights on see would have some value than only the play itself and the risk of loosing your ship. You most not focus on that idea of only a wiped enemy is a good enemy... Just play the game with your enemy together having fun on both sides. Yes there is also option to abuse this against small Players to figure out where to steal gold very easy for example. This is not working with barrels shot from cannons. What do you think about this. Do you like to see statistics ingame? Maybe you whish to see some other rankings?
  10. oh lol i somehow did not read the hole announcement. I got directly navigated to the give aways and wonder about the less amount of information below that. I will read it now. Edit: Thx @Ranger1k Ok i see they posted a feedback about some issues with the map. Thumbs up Devs. Keep it going to answer. My concern with the changed farm and warhouse which leads to new bugs in my opinion was not mentioned. But they show pictures that show trade and make my former questions already answered. But there are some type of resources missing. Salt, mythos, sugar for example. Also Gold is not tradeable. Which means Players need to drive it themselfs which is obviuosly good thing as this transport can be interrupted in the standard way. Treasure Maps would be interesting goods to trade as well(but difficult in the first place) Also I rememer the trailer where is mentioned that Players can not be only pirates. They also could play as the Royal Marine force like a Police if they intended to do(If that ever was like this in history). But this noble Play will not happen on PvP. Maybe on a Roll Play Server. At least you don't have a choosen Faction for that. But i get little off topic. Delic tried the Police Station on Season 3 EU PvP at least... it got destoryed of course... but some nice stuff happened in Roll Play mode as police Officer Delic stopped some ships for control. PvP is just a total war destroy game in best case when enemy is offline.
  11. I think the most valuable exploit will be to trade with your second account in your second company from the island next to you or maybe from the grid next to you. You trade the same resources from one to the other 1:1 and vise versa. Meanwhile you collect the auto generated gold on the trade point. Of course you could also make this trades with your allies. Speaking about the trade 1:1? Will it be adjustable to trade for example 2:1 or 1:2 and what can you trade? Wood for Wood? Wood for Gold? Wood for everything? Just soem examples. So one thing is sure. The PvP companys will find every exploit(useable feature) possible to abuse this system. Considerung the last patch that broke the farm and warehouse with some crazy bugs this trade system will show us what the devs are capable to do. Let's see if they want the help of the comunity and if they can adress this thoughts here to test all this on a test server before going on the live servers. Maybe our wish comes true and they even answer or respond to this. MAGA no barrels
  12. Nobody complaining about the new max level for ships is now 60? You all like it because you have even more overpowered ships? Did anybody ask for this? Now it is 18 level difference between a common shipyard and the max one. Farmhouses are totaly broken right now. I placed 3 of them on an other island with warehouses and they collected less than 15K resources in total in 3 days! Only 4k of this are transfered to the warehouse... this is far away from their use before the patch... Did I mention the 3 Bugs i posted several times in the last patch notes? Like this it gets impossibel to build a ship everyday with those resources. Also Wood and Thatch are not transfered to the warehouse and the 1k stacks stop the farmhouses regularly.
  13. So again... none od the Devs or so called and self instrcuted community managers is able to answer on this posts questions? Today i talked to people in global chat and as i explained the Bugs of Farm and Warehouse they just thought the Devs intended to avoid warehouse collecting fuels that the farms produce... so the farm and warehouse was implemented to have easy farm of ship resources to get out on sea. But now you don't get wood and thatch collected and due to stacks issues the farm house stops way to often. I had to explain those guys that they wanted to add the fuel slot to make it controlable which fuel gets burned and that only this slot will not be transferred to the warehouse... sounds totaly simple but went completely wrong besides the fuel slot is working fine(only stacks issue when removing). Please let me know if somebody knows that one warehouse can only connect to 3 farmhouses? I have 5 in range. I also replaced the warehouse to make sure the first one wasn't buged somehow.
  14. Thank you for confirming the bugs. I don't get it how devs can add this new slot and they don't test it. it took me 20 minutes to find this 3 bugs while just playing... I mean you write some code and than say let's bring this patch out to the servers and see who we can troll? This little code is downbraked to some logical functions stupid easy. it seams like the once that change the code don't know what they doo besides adding the slot into the visualisation of the in game menu. @Devs: I am not mad about you, I just love the game and would like it very much if some basic stuff would just work.
  15. hi Neo please explain, you got ingame support or the failure just vanished after some time?
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