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  1. Hello all, I have seen ships with triangular sails and while they are sailing, the boom is on the opposite direction of what it should be. For example, if I am heading N, and the wind comes from the W, the boom should be on my starboard side. I understand that this is not a sailing simulator, but still, it is kind of awkward.
  2. Hello all, So on my third exit from the Free Port, (it was my third because I keep forgetting the ladder ) I saw a couple of SOTD (Ships of the Damned), and I managed to avoid them. At some point I spot another one and while I was perfoming evasive maneuvers, two more spawned a little bit too close. As you can all imagine it was a matter of seconds before my beautiful ship sunk, and I was in the water getting eaten by sharks. So I am just saying maybe, just maybe, these guys should spawn a little less? I am new to the game so If I am missing something, please enligten me. Cheers to all and you all have a blast you scurvy seadogs!!
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