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  1. modular ships sink time increased... hopefully this includes the bug fix of instantly sinking ships when a tile get to 0 HP? Patch kit costs reduced by 50%... nice but a good value would be minimum 90-95%... or even better remove them and make legacy repair system! -> still useless to use modular ships... at this stage i would say the update and wipe is a fail. A Fire Elemental Boss... seriously have you ever tried to kill a common fire elemental? I wonder which weapon can do damage versus those beasts? A cyclope you can shot in the eye and after the has a short period of increased damage taken... rockies are decent to kill with big explosions... but what do you use for a fire elemental? the only thing i never tested was a catapult with rocks... every other thing he is just loughing about and burns you to hell... So Hydras and Dragon remain and gain you the Power Stones... so new boss loot we have to figure out what it is? XP? that was removed from Hdyra, Dragon, Yeti.... maybe gold or Blue Prints?
  2. When the server is full with 150 players all can't play because of 2-3 seconds rubber banding anyways. I am not an afraid player, indeed i was one of those who played battlefield(3) with 100:1(jet/chopper/tank) stats in the past and so was the cause for others to join my team... but that's most likely 10 years ago now and my skill reduced as well as those games changed(bf 3 to bf4 chopper compared for example). This said i don't play PvP as it is to hardcore for me and makes me ill in real life because i can't handle the toxic "raiders" kids nowadays. I like the teamwork aspect of this game but building up takes weeks or month and loosing just a single day... even if you have peacetime you have to protect it for 9 hours a day... after work and so on.
  3. sorry, my base decayed because i did not log in anymore. Cursed wood you may have to go to central ocean and find the spots to harvest it. I never tried this because in Africa i did not find those areas. Not interested in that kind of new building stuff. https://atlas.antihax.net/ use this linked map to find resources you can't find yourself. It shows every island with tames and resources.
  4. While you are right that large companies can stomp every body into the ground and do so your suggestion will not work. If 20 players join a server on a boat and only 5 can enter you exclude 15 players from playing. They can not log in - because their body is in a caped server. Unless their mates kill them they are doomed. The only option the Devs have is to implement peacetimers or some kind of offline protection that some players do not like as well. Also this is difficult because it's a global server with 24h different time zones. This game is based on Ark, so unfortunately in my opinion the land and base combat focus is to high and there is to less benefit of sea fights. Land bases and harbors should be pretty safe in order to let people feel confident their ship will go down in a sea battle and not by a random stranger while they are offline. Single players on official PvP have some disadvantage of course. I learned this myself long time ago and joined some crew, helped others to join and succeeded with this and met some nice people. But as the playerbase has some unfriendly exploiters the large companies face some real issues with recruting strangers. So very much issues ocure because of the players themselfes simply do not (all) play in a fair way. You can't compare a 24/7 (survival/building) game that goes 3-4 month with a 30 minutes round based ego shooter...
  5. This happens sometiems if your crouched for example or made some action while your character is in any kind of animation. Usualy the best option is to kill yourself with drowning or stamina loss. After respawn you should be fine again.
  6. Single Player has this issues as it is not really supported. You may safe your safe files after each gaming session to have your own backup. The data is local on your PC. If it is crashed you most likely have to start over.
  7. a crash every grid change it's maybe Xbox related. Unfortunately there is no help for you. It's the status of the current game. With common gaming PCs the grid change is handled in a few seconds without crash. You where fooled at this point to buy the game on Xbox (One S/X or even the new Series S/X) It may get better in the future but some would say they lost hopes. Otherwise they anounced to make the full game lounge by end of the year. They did not tell if it is this year but it may be.
  8. Will you add the ability to use deck swivels for modular ships? We will be adding additional modular railings in the next few patches. A Modular railing with swivels is planned to be included. I wonder about the feedback from the "PvP" community on discord about this... railings with swivels faceing to the sea to shoot fire on other ships at close range? Go to PvP server and have a look how Players place their swivels on Deck of a Brigantine to secure it from being borded... on a modular your only protection against this is to hope that the enemy will hook the railing and face an issue that he can't climb over it... Your road map made me consider you change the modular ships that way you can build wood structures and swivels + cannons on it... but this proofs it wrong... So tomorrow is patch day... I made sure my PvE base is running the last month by joining the server once a week and unanchor all ships for a moment... It's also sad that you don't consider to change the islands... it would be appreciuated to have islands with a "harbor" bay with a decent whater depth. Small Islands are great, but who will play on them (PvP) if every peace of it can be shot by a mortar ship for example? Also I suggested to lower most of the high mountains of islands... they are of no use besides having very safe bases up there with lots of effort to get your resources up there. Reduce their height to the current defence structure building restriction... they can still be defended. Yes, the islands may not look that unique anymore but for the game play it will be a lot better. I hope you will fix the modular ships most hated bug -> the auto destroy once a modul gets to 0 HP and there is most likely more damage hiting this structure or it receives splash damage... somewhere in this points your ship scuttles... And hopefully the new patch will change the repair system of modulars back to old one with resources... that would make the ships playable... even with their low turning speed.
  9. As I understand you do not have a Series X, but a One X which is old. All others points of you, you are simply right... they took your money and it's mutch more you pay for the Xbox game than the PC steam version... which was on a lawest price of 3.99€ sold once. But this said you had only 2 hours of time to test if you like to get your money back^^ *fair* You can just hope that some time in the future they will make the game playable on the Series X at least... don't expect to have it run smooth on the Series S or One X ever. Yes the specs of the series X are not that bad... but the game is not optimized for Xbox and has lots of bugs before adressing this most likely.
  10. well I guess to waste your time playing a video game... but I feel you. It's a great game to build stuff but to loose it is way to easy and unexpected^^ You should try PvP xD
  11. The hole thread is based on old ship levels.(common was max 42, with 200% quality 52) The standard ship level was changed +8 to level 50 some time ago(~1,5-2 years i would guess now) Every 10% of additional ship quality from the ship yard will give you 1 extra level = 200% -> Lvl 60. The ship quality is based on the structure buff of the shipyard, independent if it is mystical or other quality. Of course you need a mystical BP for the max structure HP buff to get 200% quality. The HP of the shpyard is not 1:1 the quality. For level 60 ships/200% quality you need a BP somewhere about 210-215% and a craft bonus roll(~10-15% inteligence max + dolphin + crow) to reach around 225%. I am no crafter so it's maybe 5% more or less.
  12. If you play in a claimable lawless area you have to build a claim tower to increase the auto decay time... Otherwise it's only 12 or 24 hours... don't know because I refuse to play in this regions of course.... because you loose your base or somebody claims half of it with a claim tower playced next to yours... they steal your ships with sea claim towers and all those stuff... you may call this offline raid PVE(/P) system. Or a trolling Dev.
  13. Last Thursday, it was the 24th of March they did a server restart of the official PVE server for maintenence reason only it said ingame.(europe time in the evening) It fixed a lot of things, like not respawing resources and it make whale respawn. For example i was able to kill 4 spearm whales finaly in antarctica polar regions... so most whales will be dead until next restart unfortunately... i found no blue whales so this quest i will not be able to fullfill in the near future. The issues with Xbox are some others... and if you bough a brand new Xbox one X -> It's a very old Xbox that's barely able to play Atlas... only if there is the clear map without other players building a massive base or have lots of ships etc... i started playing on PC with Season 3 and release of Xbox crossplay and i was the hero for all my Xbox friends because they needed me to play... like getting them out of the base... bring their ships out of the harbor.... rescue them when game crash... stearing their ship when they have a grid change... so it never was better with Xbox One X. They all abandoned the game or bought a PC. Well they did not fix lots of issues with the(4 different One S/X & Series S/X) Xbox versions of the game.... but remember it's not fixed or improved for PC as well.
  14. well there are lots of new players around on the PVE servers. But most players obviously are simply holding up their small base. I for myself just do some patch testing every time they release something(in regards to ships). As they gave us a new roadmap i wonder what they can make out of it. A wipe wouldn't be great because I would need to grind to have a base again to test around, collect resources an such. It's appreciated that they do bug fixing in small steps. If they make the modular ships worth playing in the future with fixing auto destroy bug and change the repair system it can get better.
  15. desync is a problem that occurse some times and you solve it by suiciding as mentioned.(drown/ eat poop) It was also a bug when bed teleporting while you crouched... but that bug was mentioned to be fixed. If you can't connect with the primal_BP issue you should first try not to click rejoin and go for manual server join. You have to choose a rookie cove server and it will redirect you after a short unable to que message to the correct server. If this does not work you may try to use a VPN service to conect to internet which solves the connection issue in some cases. Sometimes it's mentioned that you should delete the loading screen video... but that was in 2019 and may not be the issue anymore if your PC is quite decent.
  16. Your decision to settle in Africa is quite good because there you have "old" lawless without claim towers. At least in H8/G8 where i have settled. You only need to reset the decay timer every 9-10 days so basicaly 1 times a week and unanchor your ships and move them a few meters as well. That your base disappear is quite a strange bug that shouldn't happen. Maybe you build it on pillars that disappeared some how? It can be some snakes or lions hunting your tames and destroy a critical foundation. Also it could be possible somebody kited a SotD next to your base and manage to let it fire on your structures... never tried this so i don't know if it realy works. So quite weird that you lost parts of your base on official PVE server? When you need Baers I suggest to go in the cold regions as there are lot more and the chances better to get high level tames.
  17. Misc Modular ships sinking time has been slowed by 50% Modular ship speeds have been adjusted to be more inline with the legacy ships So after testing one more day... I still did not find a Pegasus BP after ~40 shipwrecks looted. Spend the half day on a Brig and found a Broadsider Masterwork BP so I changed and tested that one with also Masterwork modules. The firepower of this ship is quite decent and you can take out SotD Galleons quite easy. I fast leveled to 30+ and had 228% resistance and 152% damage skilled with gun port modules 134% damage and 145% HP. But before testing this ship in Golden Age versus high Level SotD I enqoutered another green/yellow group to see what happens if modules get damaged to leakage or even down to 0 HP. Well surprise: The ship is down to the bottom of the sea... again the 0 HP module bug strikes in and sinks a healthy ship from 100 HP to 0 in a second... gg So obviuosly even more than a year after they released the majestic kraken and I posted this bug with that first modular ship it's still in the game and now in all modular ships! Tried to post this on Discord but my post got deleted there... well... I also send a bug report now... time will show what will happen. Modular ships remain unplayable as long you don't consider it will sink anyways on it's first journey once you start a fight with them. here a link to my feedback from 2021...
  18. Try to not use the "rejoin" function in the main menu and join the server manualy by choosing a server in rookie cove. It will re direct you to where you had been after a short message unable to querry server invite. If the server you crashed is offline or not working you are doomed of course. PvP Servers restart daily but the PVE servers don't have daily restarts as far I know. The issue from mercenary is obiouly a bug caused by the update. Usually all this onnection issues are game/server issues and not caused by the client. But I had issues as well in the past which I was able to solve by using VPN internet connection because sometimes it looks like some providers ports or something don't work with Atlas official servers as well. Do not uninstall and reinstall the game. If game repair does not work the issue is not the game data.
  19. I still don't understand the way the Devs build the new modular ships. It's nice to have now a tames transport ship where you can store the tames into countainers. I wonder if this will work with sea creatures as well, like dolphins. Did we ask for this ship? Maybe not. Did we ask for a storage module to have a work around to the tames on Deck that glitch off while crossing grids or nowadays at every portal... I crossed 2 portals and there was like 20-30 tames next to each on the PVE servers... all waiting for their death. One company lost like 15 tamed/breaded Bears at a portal... Please consider the module for tames or fix the spawn points when you send NPCs or tames on the deck. I work around this currently by moving them on ship only using "follow". On the carrack NPCs spawn in the cabine for example... and tames can't get through those small doors. The costs of the modular ships are quite cheap witch is nice, but why you put the "find BP" obstackle in for this new transport ship? Harrier, Mortar and Broadsider I understand this... but for a transport ship? I dived 15 shipwrecks and did not get a ship BP. I only get stupid BPs for wodden and stone doors/gateways. Playerbase long time asked for fixing the loot tables and balance the power. You find way to much useless garbage you drop off which you never will build anyways. You reduced the ship speed of at least the Carrak and the Tramp Freighter I tested slightly. Both can still easy drive around the 20 knots with Carrack 3x large handling sail(8points =3x 2,7) and the tramp freighter with 1x large and 1x medium weight sail. The Carrak has now small, medium and large handling sail when build so you need to replace two sails. Position of the sails is not correctly shown on the wind icon. The ship speeds are now at least not permanently like you are in trade wind, but still way faster than legacy ships. I think the wind behavior of the sails is also a little different. Tramp freighter feels quite decent with the weight sails... it's like you have handling sails. Speed only drops drasticaly if you drive straight against the wind... with 3 full cargos you go still around 14-17 knots. Which most handling light war Brigs will not be able to follow. The turning rate is not changed which is still a realy big disadvantage of this ships... you barely can stear them. Best way is still the bug abuse when standing still, turning full ruther and than press slow and fast sails up at the same time. Please consider to change the repair system of modulars back to legacy system... would make those ships playable. I will not test fighting most likely with those ships so it's maybe nice to see the damage now... but still not fun... so no testing of this. Modular ships sink rate increase is a good thing I guess. Hopefully this also include the fixed bug that a module with 0 HP could destroy and sink the hole ship at once. keep up the bug fixes, it's welcome. New portals storm looks nice but I managed to drive through one of them and did not get transfered... so it's more difficult to hit the right spot now.... obviusly it took me 3 minutes to turn the tramp freighter for a next try. At least i did not loose the bear and bull i had on the tramp freighter deck. If this is fixed or if i just had luck i don't know. The wonder content I don't care about.
  20. You can gain gold with the market and trading... I have now 250k + gold just logging in once a week to reset timers and empty warehouse and sometimes doing some stuff in game like testing changed ship speeds. Your issue most likely is that you did not delete and replace your market after they screwed it with the patch. Obviuosly it took me some days to find new trading partners... but after I invited all possible markets I have now 8 trade routes running very well. No need to do the nerfed treasure maps even 5x gold is activated. My biggest issue right now is to get silk fibre... you can get it only from trees in the central ocen on a high mountain... I farmed like all 100+ trees on that island and got 6k silk in 1,5 hours. Thankfully somebody had build a staircase to get up there. So building mystical it's better to spend time in getting submarine and collecting seaweed. All other resources are no issue for me in africa. Harvesting Bamboo is some work too with a baer because you need to drop very much hemp doing this... I did not had the giraffe with me but my bull did not collect bamboo anymore. Just needed to farm some stone and metall with a short journey. Tramp freighter is still very fast even using the weight sails as long you have green wind in your sails and only use 3 of the 4 cargos. This said, your shipyard will never build a ship and it will not be fixed. Try another one. Or just have fun with ship level 50 which is still good compared to season 1-4 with level 40. So depending on your view on things you already have a "mystical" common ship.
  21. Once again Blackwood map is now 3 years old and never updated or finished(at that time of the game). It's pretty obvious that trading will not work on this map. Stop playing Blackwood.... that's my advise.
  22. Da gibts es vermutlich keine Hilfe. Xbox hatte schon immer Probleme... und mit den neuen Series X scheint es trotz mehr Leistung auch an der mangelnden Programmierung des Spiels zu scheitern. Alle die ich mit Xbox im Spiel kennen gelernt habe sind auf PC umgestiegen.
  23. It's not allowed of course but you will not get ingame support from Admins on official servers. Your only option is to ask the "enemy" to remove them. On PVE you have no option to destroy them. Be nice to others and make friends. Some parts of the community are just toxic.
  24. You throw it out of your inventory with simply discarding it. Be aware eggs breeding can be difficult and need a very balanced temperated room. Eggs will only breed while beeing dropped on the ground. In your inventory it will only spoil. You can stop the breeding at any time and put the egg in preserving bag for example. Eating an egg probably happened to everybody. Hookbacks eggs wich you get from trading in the Warehouse you can't breed. They simply disappear.
  25. Sorry, I don't want to spend much time on this topic as this is discussed in this forum like 20-30x. In short: Some external Developer designed this map but did not finish the project. For single player Grape Shot bought this Blackwood map but did not finish it as well. So fish in the Ocean are missing but some are somewhere in lakes on the island. The hole map is buged and it#s a shame this is sold yor years now as a free DLC.
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