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  1. =MGC=Ranger

    Why own an Island ?

    Why own an Island? Not worth it anymore if you are in a company less than 20 players. We had a claim prewipe and it was awesome. Now since there is no building requirements, We sail around and make small bases on every isle and resource gather all over. Sail from isle to isle. In ways its more fun than having a claim, but having a claim and building trading docks and a nice castle was awesome too. Now our main base is in lawless and its been good (until recent foundation spammers ghetto'ed up the isle).
  2. =MGC=Ranger


    L11 has crazy amounts of hemp. H5 bonabalt isle has copper, crystals and nitride, and J10 has honey.
  3. Yup, I build on stilts over water. Never had a tame die since. Also has the added benefit of not affecting resources. Only ramps to doors.
  4. =MGC=Ranger

    An observation about Golden Age Ruins.

    H6 G.A.R has several groups of SOTD. almost impossible to pass there are so many. I have to pass through there to get to metal on H5 and man, there are a crapload of em and they all bunch together. One group had atleast 12 with 4 galleons (including a red one). I barely escaped lol
  5. =MGC=Ranger

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    I had a Company called The Free Masons build a large boatyard Sideways right in front of my base and boat dock, now I cant get to my dock or base with my boat lol..Ridiculous. J11.
  6. =MGC=Ranger

    MAY mega update , wipe again ?

    Well said bro!
  7. They changed the claim system for whiners who were too lazy to sail for a claim when the game came out. After waiting a month and not sailing more than 2 tiles in each direction, they spam complained the forums and discord so bad they took away the old system completely and came up with utter crap system rather than just limiting each company to 5 flags. So, those of us who built a ship asap, got out and sailed and searched isle after isle and found a claim, built it up and made great strides lost everything. Pretty much sums it up.
  8. =MGC=Ranger

    MAY mega update , wipe again ?

    Full emo? Lol, no Ive been gaming too long to give a crap about 1 game. Just in case the Dev actually reads the post, letting them know another wipe will cost them even more players (as if there are many left anyways). You may want to actually read when was posted though because they did NOT eliminate the possibility of a wipe, just stated it is not "planned". Judging by the devs actions so far with the game, something somewhere will go wrong and the deadline will be pushed at least 3 times lol
  9. =MGC=Ranger

    MAY mega update , wipe again ?

    They wipe again this soon andcthe game is done. I'll delete it and walk away
  10. =MGC=Ranger

    Great Big Thank You @ Grapeshot

    Congrats on wrecking what could have been a good game. The people applauding you are the very very few that actually got a claim this time. the new claim system is garbage. You should have limited claims to 5 flags and called it a day. The blown deadlines and long wait for the wipe really killed the player base. Holding off NA PVE made it worse. Thanks for being so inept you missed every single deadline you shot for. The reviews of your game are indicative of your work ethic. Good job for blowing a perfectly good game!
  11. =MGC=Ranger

    Remove the PvE Claim System

    Well, I used to but since they completely F'ed the game, I don't bother anymore. This must be a recent change since we did test and it was costing 20%. Thanks for being a douchebag though, every forum needs one and you fit it pretty well.
  12. =MGC=Ranger

    Tenant and taxes

    Dunno, but 3 of us did the same thing in lawless and claimed at 20% tax and there was a 20% loss. We even verified exactly 20% loss with a calculator. This is on PVE EU (since NA wasnt out we started on EU). We also had a base on an unclaimed Isle and once it got claimed at 20% tax, we had a loss (which is why we decided to test it in the first place). This is what made us leave the island and go to a lawless. Its fine, W/E we decided paying gold every day for a claim wasnt worth it anyways, but the whole design of the claim system is complete crap and not very well thought out.
  13. =MGC=Ranger

    Claim vs Lawless

    Exactly what we are doing! Being a small company it really is the only way to roll. This is incorrect or the devs screwed up. We tested it and indeed on a claim with a 20% tax, there is a 20% difference when gathering resources.
  14. =MGC=Ranger

    Tenant and taxes

    No, the resource gathering is taxed. So if I were to chop 100 wood, I get 80, land owner gets 20. We checked and there is indeed a difference between lawless and taxed areas.