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  1. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    What time will you be on? We are parked at your base an3d can meet you any time eastern time between 5 and 10 pm tonight.
  2. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    we are at your base.
  3. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    Ok, we will start the journey!
  4. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    Where do we come to get one?
  5. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    how much?
  6. =MGC=Ranger

    Free ships and tames

    Sorry, this was prewipe #2.
  7. =MGC=Ranger

    Stuck Bear any help

    Ive changed their follow to shortest and then whistle for them to follow me. Worked a few times for me
  8. =MGC=Ranger

    Free ships and tames

    EU PVE
  9. =MGC=Ranger

    Free ships and tames

    Well, Ive gotten my time out of this game, but with the changes (none for the good) and the limited player interaction, the game has ran its course. My main base is on the western coast of Surfil Penninsula in H7. There is a galleon and a Schooner available, countless resources from all over the game, and several tames . Like 6 or more bears, several very high level (breeders). Several Elephants (some breeders), 2 giraffes (a breeder too), wolves, cows, etc. In L11 I have an outpost with several bears there as well and a Schooner. In M7 There is a brig with a bear, tiger, and a cow. All of this is free for the taking! Thanks and best wishes! Ranger
  10. Yup, I second this. Servers log EVERYTHING. Just need to know where to look and anyone who set up the servers will certainly know how to check the logfiles. I realize you are just relaying the message, but I gotta say how messed up it is that they do not support their own game on their own website. "go to discord" shouldn't be the answer if the dev is actually supporting their own game, especially since its an EA game. Not everyone wants to go to discord and try to get answers. The official website "should" be the place for it. The devs should be paying attention to their own site and anything less is just pure laziness and lack of support. I doubt anyone is surprised, their poor support and knee jerk reactions to issues has pretty much put a nail in the coffin of this game. They can add all the content they want. If they keep jacking up the game with poorly thought out solutions they will continue to lose players. As it is there aren't enough players to sustain the costs of the servers. With every stupid change, they come a bit closer to the failure of Atlas.
  11. =MGC=Ranger

    When should we just pull the plug

    Yeah thats where I am at now. They made it so players have to get on every few days or else lose their stuff. Eventually Ill get tired of the chores and just let it all go. With all the changes the Devs have done (mostly bad changes too), I don't see the game surviving to its full release. I have sailed from one end of the EU PVE server to the other and rarely see anyone. Game has become nothing more than chores every few days to keep up.
  12. =MGC=Ranger

    Water barrels not working

    Yeah my base is on H7, desert. Ive had barrels on my Galleon for weeks and they never lose water as long as I keep em closed.
  13. =MGC=Ranger

    So what did you accomplish over 4x?

    Unfortunately, I had company in town and missed out completely.
  14. =MGC=Ranger

    Can I get a Southerly Wind in N6 please..

    The wind shifts like 20 degrees every hour and a half in a clock wise motion. Ive had the issue where I log on at 6 est, off at 10est and never catch the wind lol. Boat just sitting and waiting. Ive had to stay up late on the weekends to catch the right wind to get home. Worse part? When you are on you way back and hit a storm that shifts the wind on you! I havent seen it where it doesn't shift so maybe its just bad timing? EDIT: Im in N4 now (or was last nite) and the wind was changing there.
  15. Yeah maybe mow a few lawns and save up for it. Problem is not you keeping up with the changes in the forums as much as it is your suggestions. You make suggestions based on a game you have no idea how it works. You have opinions based on nothing. If you havent actually played the game, you cant possibly have an informed opinion. You are just regurgitating other peoples opinions. I understand reading up, but man your 2k posts in what 6 months? For a game you have never played? Thats a bit unstable. Some would call it trolling.