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  1. =MGC=Ranger

    Water barrels not working

    Yeah my base is on H7, desert. Ive had barrels on my Galleon for weeks and they never lose water as long as I keep em closed.
  2. =MGC=Ranger

    So what did you accomplish over 4x?

    Unfortunately, I had company in town and missed out completely.
  3. =MGC=Ranger

    Can I get a Southerly Wind in N6 please..

    The wind shifts like 20 degrees every hour and a half in a clock wise motion. Ive had the issue where I log on at 6 est, off at 10est and never catch the wind lol. Boat just sitting and waiting. Ive had to stay up late on the weekends to catch the right wind to get home. Worse part? When you are on you way back and hit a storm that shifts the wind on you! I havent seen it where it doesn't shift so maybe its just bad timing? EDIT: Im in N4 now (or was last nite) and the wind was changing there.
  4. Yeah maybe mow a few lawns and save up for it. Problem is not you keeping up with the changes in the forums as much as it is your suggestions. You make suggestions based on a game you have no idea how it works. You have opinions based on nothing. If you havent actually played the game, you cant possibly have an informed opinion. You are just regurgitating other peoples opinions. I understand reading up, but man your 2k posts in what 6 months? For a game you have never played? Thats a bit unstable. Some would call it trolling.
  5. Carnivores will eat salted meat? Didnt know! That would be a little helpful lol..Thanks bud!
  6. Console. Explains everything, thanks.
  7. Since you contributed $0 dollars to the game, dont own the game, and contribute nothing but troll posts, you should not be here. You have no reason to be here in any way. You are a fungus. This is not a country, this is a forum to discuss a product purchased. Period. BTW, WTF does gays and abortions have to do with a video game? You need to go away.
  8. Well our community MGC are primarily FPS based. So most of my clanmates are playing BF V or COD (PubG too) atm. We started with 12 in this game, but with the first 2 months of issues and then the wipe some went back to the other games. Now being summer, there aren't too many left getting on regularly. I too have a pretty busy summer and cant get on every day or so, hence the post. At least in Ark, the food would hold for 5 or so days. A simple tweak to the code and it would improve the experience for smaller companies. There are many more smaller companies playing than megas from what I see, but thats just my observation.
  9. Dude, no offense but all you do in pretty much every post is complain. Sorry, but dude its all the time. You even reply negatively. We all have our complaints, and airing them is good., But constant complaining over every detail is just getting ridiculous. Quite frankly, I am surprised you are around my age, basically on par life wise too. Posts like yours are normally traits of the 19 yr old with the Bernie sticker wearing the same underwear for 3 days. My apologies if I did misread the age, but regardless the message is still the same. Relax on hating everything. Every once in a while throw in a post that is positive or helpful. Realist, again BUY THE GAME forum troll.
  10. For Gods sake another Martyn Atlas bashing post? Say it isn't so haha.. Martyn once again you post up some crap. Dude quit playing the damn game already. All you do is bitch about every inch of the game. For your GF Realist, BUY THE DAMN GAME BEFORE POSTING!!! You dont even play the game bro. STFU already bro, you are a forum Troll. Once you own the game, then speak. Until you do, please, for everyones sake. STFU and disappear. You have almost 2,000 posts AND YOU DONT EVEN OWN THE GAME. Go away kid. Both of you douchebags need to get a life. Leave your moms basement and get a clue. I cant possibly be the only one tired of both of your annoying posts.
  11. Hello, it seems as if the decay rate for food and berries in both troughs and larders is not very good. As it is now, if a player doesnt log in every 3 days, his tames and NPC's are out of food. Having it so I dont have to feed everyone all the time would make it easier for smaller companies and solo players. Either than or devise a new end game feeder that keeps the food for 7 days real time would be great. Allow some of us smaller companies a chance to go on vacation without worrying about losing our tames/NPC's. Thank you!
  12. =MGC=Ranger

    More points for sailing?

    Sailing points are almost nil. I realize discovery points and boosted xp discovering new gives you more, but the hours upon hours of sailing produces pretty much nothing. Sailing for hours each day, after a week I see no difference in points. What would it take to get that boosted for those of us who sail all over? It makes it counter productive to sail around if you cannot rank up from sailing. Dodging SOTD fleet with a fully loaded Galleon is NOT easy especially when they spawn out of nowhere lol. How about a little love for the sailors in the game?
  13. =MGC=Ranger

    Claimable Lowless islands!?

    which patch allows you to claim lawless? I cant see it in patch notes
  14. =MGC=Ranger

    Remember when it was fun..

    HAHAHA Well played SIR!!!! Lol, Realist is nothing but a troll. Dude never even played the game yet is more active in the forums than 95% of players! Both need to get out of their moms basement more lol
  15. =MGC=Ranger

    Remember when it was fun..

    Seems to me the OP has issues with the game. Every post by him is negative towards the game. Martyn, if you have so many issues with the game you feel the need to continuously post how bad it is, maybe find a different game? Either you just like to hear yourself complain or you want others to wallow in your misery. Are you a lonely housewife or something? lol.