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  1. =MGC=Ranger

    People left the game ?

    Im seeing a trend here where people who didnt get land are the ones flaming here saying those who got land were huge zurg companies who pushed out the little guy. I call bullsh%40- on that. I was part of a small 3 man company who had a total of 5 claims. Never pushed anyone around, always helped my neighbors. Now because of a bunch of whiney millennials who didnt get their participation trophy with no effort cried loudly so the Dev did what they wanted. Now little companies like mine who weren't lazy trash afraid to leave the lawless now lost everything we worked for. Without claims, there will be no resources since it will be either a foundation spam or people will build right where the resources are. See with a claim system and the bank, keeping resources available to other players was paramount. If you overbuilt your claim, you got no taxes. Kept the server clean. Now it will be a free for all mess. Its going to basically turn every isle into a spammed slum of random buildings and scrubs building all over the place. Before with the claim, it wasnt easy to build bases all over the game and if you sailed for resources, you had to sail to your home port, dump your bounty and go back out. Now, just fast travel to one of your 500 bases you spammed all over the game. The Devs listened to the extremely vocal minority. I've even seen some forum trolls who dont even play the game posting up. My feeling is you left the game, eat sh%* you left. The rest of us who pushed through the server crashes, the OP animals, the bugs, etc. are getting screwed by some lazy trolls. I will also say Since the announcement of the wipe I have given up on my base and tames and just started sailing and NOT ONE SINGLE person I have talked to in 50+ servers are happy about the loss of claims. As I said, it is my belief it is a very vocal minority. This was a bad decision that will pretty much kill the future of this game. I know myself I put a fraction of the time I used to. Think the game is a mess now? Wait until the thousands of landowners that lost their land become griefers. Think the lawless areas had foundation spams? Pfft, you havent seen nothin yet.
  2. =MGC=Ranger

    PvE claims change - natural selection at it's finest

    Absolutely the best comment (and truthful) comment I've seen. New World is releasing their alpha as we speak and I imagine the player count is going to nose dive once it starts to pick up. My buddy already got his download finished, so its not like its weeks away. The first round of emails were done around 7 est tonight.
  3. =MGC=Ranger

    People left the game ?

    When the heck did that poll go up? Never saw it and I was watching the forums all the time before the announcement. I do question the 80% number since, well lets face it 80% of all statistics are made up on the spot. I think a 5 flag limit per player is fair and is what they should have done. No flags is going to be a disaster will change the building dynamic of the game. I enjoy the building aspect of the game, but if I do play after the wipe, Ill most likely stick to the seas. trying to build will be like ark. some schmuck will come in and build right where the best resources are and keep them from spawning or worse, build blocking you in. This will end up as Ark part 2 with the spamming too. I left and went unofficial in Ark because of all of it. These changes come at really bad timing too. Bunch of new games coming out.
  4. =MGC=Ranger

    Am I losing all my work?

    WTF does this have to do with anything at all? I have been gaming since well before that (dial up days). As for my parents, well my father has been dead before the internet was invented and my mother's last PC was a commodore 64. Some of us are not millenials living in our parents basement. I bet my daughter is older than half the posters on this site. If we knew there was a wipe coming, it would have been a different story. To the people saying "its EA, its expected", thats complete bull$$*(@. They didnt wipe Ark and its the same Dev so no, its not expected. As stated Ive played many EA, Alpha and Beta and never saw a wipe. I would be happier to lose my character stats and rank then the work put it to make a trading port at our island. I wont bother posting again since its pointless. Now what is to stop all of us who are pissed about losing our land from spamming every isle we can find with foundations? Yep, let the griefing begin.
  5. =MGC=Ranger

    Am I losing all my work?

    Exactly my point, thank you. 400 hours in game when you are a responsible adult with a family is a huge dedication. I expected changes in the game, sure. I did not expect a complete reboot nor in the many, many games I have Alpha'd, beta'd and played as EA (ark as well) I have never had to start from scratch. I would like to add the 350+ im at now is since day 1. I didnt walk away from the game, I stuck it out. Though the week long bugged out servers to the OP crocs.. 350 game hours when you are married, with a career and kids, home, etc. is a huge amount of time to have wiped away. Sure, I had fun playing, it would be more fun if I didnt have to completely start over. To answer this dude "For the people saying that their time has been wasted because of the upcoming wipe, I have a question: Would your time still be wasted if you stopped playing and, while you were gone, all your buildings were gone? If you say no to this, then you're just proving that you're whining to whine." No, because I am well aware that If I do not login by a certain time, my stuff is going to decay. If I fail to do that and I know I need to do it, well then no I wouldnt be mad because it would be MY fault since I did not act. The Dev wiping out the game is something we have no control over so thats why its upsetting. I made it a point to login daily regardless of whats going on IRL to ensure my hard work would remain. Having it taken with no regard is why we are upset. Think what you want, but for me, I am not happy about my time being wasted.
  6. =MGC=Ranger

    Am I losing all my work?

    OK, so you rage quit because you couldn't find land and now those of us who did and are pissed shouldn't rage quit? Ofcourse youre coming back to the game. They made is so everyone gets a participation trophy at the expense of us who did put effort into the game. Its easy to have the "if you dont like it leave" attitude when you rage quit a game rather than actually putting any effort in. Sorry, those of us who did play since day 1 through the crashes, the bugs, the snakes glitching through walls, the gators spawing inside a house, gators chasing your raft out to sea, etc. are going to be pissed. Exactly correct. People who put no effort in, whined like a bunch of SJW's about it being unfair they cant find land in 20 minutes are getting what they wanted. Leveling the playing field by screwing over the people who pushed through and succeeded. Socialism indeed. Will I keep playing? Dunno, I was pretty mad last night. If I do, itll be strictly on a boat. Land is useless now. Until of course Amazon's New World comes out.
  7. =MGC=Ranger

    Am I losing all my work?

    Guess Im done with this game then, oh well. I sailed for weeks to find a claimed piece of land, worked my ass off to build what I had. It was a great game while it lasted. Thank god I only paid 20 bucks for it.
  8. =MGC=Ranger

    Am I losing all my work?

    Im reading there is a server wipe, are they completely wiping the game? Like Im losing my land and 300 hours labor?
  9. =MGC=Ranger

    Server wipe

    Yup. They wipe the server, we move to one of the many games of this type coming out. Way too much time and effort in to start over.
  10. =MGC=Ranger

    Galleon turn radius is HORRIBLE!

    Every single person told u the same thing yet you continue to argue. You are obviously younger and lack maturity to recognize when you are in the wrong. You speak of trolls in your OP, but it sounds as if you don't know what that is since clearly you are a forums troll responding to every post telling the same thing. Best wishes
  11. Can someone answer if itll fit through s large wood as well? Curious
  12. =MGC=Ranger

    STOP the waterclaim overlap bug!

    Addressing problems, yes. Whining about every aspect no. Reporting bugs, yes. Crying that a galleon turn radius is slower than a Briggs, no. See the difference? Glitches and issues are one thing. Whining about every aspect that should be reasonably expected ( like the biggest boat in the game having a huge turn radius should be expected). Stupid non issues like this take away from real addressable issues with an early release. Just reminder about the story of the boy who cried wolf....
  13. =MGC=Ranger

    STOP the waterclaim overlap bug!

    No offense bud, but every post I see you put up is crying about the game and the mechanics. If you have that many complaints, try a different game. Atlas is not your speed.
  14. =MGC=Ranger

    Galleon turn radius is HORRIBLE!

    Expecting a galleon to turn like a schooner is like expecting s Ford f350 diesel to turn as fast as a Porsche. Like other have stated, it's the biggest ship in the game and will handle as such.
  15. Just a note to thank all the great players I have met throughout my travels. I have met people who have just literally given me the shirt off their back. One person gave me a set of pigs, another blueprints, and one person, gave me blueprints and a BEAR!!! Everyone I have met throughout my travels has just been the nicest people. Thanks to all of you who are gracious with your fellow players! To the gentleman who gave me the bear, that was a very selfless gift. Thank you. That beautiful bear lasted all of one day before a alpha cobra broke through my fence, then climbed a 2 high wall and glitched through my wall and killed all of my animals while I was out working. Players may be great, but man is this game glitchy and unfair sometimes. So if you help out your fellow man, this shout out is to you. Thanks for making this game bearable (pun intended haha)