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  1. =MGC=Ranger


    yeah they do. I put in a ticket and in a few days it was resolved.
  2. =MGC=Ranger

    pve NA PVE Razor tooth eggs

    No longer available, sorry bud. We are taking a break so we let our razortooths go. They should be claimable. They are in H7 surfil Penninsula set on roam and aggressive lol. When I logged out last, they had everything dead on the isle including buzzards haha
  3. =MGC=Ranger

    Island owners and island spam

    Udo is right, every Isle we go to that has public pens, we use them. Trust me, no one wants to build a structure just to tame, but if you dont have anything public, we will build it. As a land owner, cant you destroy within the first 24 hrs? Unless theres been a change, you should be able to remove stuff within the first 24 hours. Also, Udo is correct again in land owners would abuse the demolish anytime feature. Without a doubt.
  4. =MGC=Ranger

    Can you build on mountains tops near gem nodes?

    build a staircase
  5. =MGC=Ranger

    Abandoned ship in our base

    Was the guys name Jay E Are Kay OFF from Kyle Kyle Company? These schmucks came to our area and were blocking our dock and when we asked them politely to move so we could use our dock, they said no and were complete a holes and threatened to do this exact thing. They even put a bed by us so they could return to do this. There is a raft that someone docked on our dock and left it here weeks ago. Cant get rid of it and no decay timer. Any suggestions?
  6. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    Yup, you already met up with my buddy! Thanks for everything brother and let us know when you have a female and we will be back! My buddys steam ID is j3beefcake and mine is ranger92998
  7. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    What time will you be on? We are parked at your base an3d can meet you any time eastern time between 5 and 10 pm tonight.
  8. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    we are at your base.
  9. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    Ok, we will start the journey!
  10. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    Where do we come to get one?
  11. =MGC=Ranger

    LTB Razortooth Eggs

    how much?
  12. =MGC=Ranger

    Free ships and tames

    Sorry, this was prewipe #2.
  13. =MGC=Ranger

    Stuck Bear any help

    Ive changed their follow to shortest and then whistle for them to follow me. Worked a few times for me
  14. =MGC=Ranger

    Free ships and tames

    EU PVE
  15. =MGC=Ranger

    Free ships and tames

    Well, Ive gotten my time out of this game, but with the changes (none for the good) and the limited player interaction, the game has ran its course. My main base is on the western coast of Surfil Penninsula in H7. There is a galleon and a Schooner available, countless resources from all over the game, and several tames . Like 6 or more bears, several very high level (breeders). Several Elephants (some breeders), 2 giraffes (a breeder too), wolves, cows, etc. In L11 I have an outpost with several bears there as well and a Schooner. In M7 There is a brig with a bear, tiger, and a cow. All of this is free for the taking! Thanks and best wishes! Ranger